Lunaladee Perfect, thank you so much <3 (rb) @Surreality: "Coil – "Are You Shivering?" Some "moon music" and a big hello hug for @Lunaladee!" (reblip)
Lunaladee blip, the gift that keeps on giving :) @waybackmachine:"kelw! @frazil:"again! @Lunaladee:another rb@JanetSEyre:"Love this song, too much :D @Lunaladee (reblip)

The Smashing Pumpkins - Galapogos

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Lunaladee Thank you, I appreciate that @PyrettaBlaze: "@Lunaladee Thinking of you and sending much reiki <3" (reblip)
Lunaladee 10 yrs later, I'm still hooked on this one, lol @Surreality
Lunaladee from my heart to yours, thank you. RB@Surreality:"@Lunaladee: Wishing to show you the beauty of your own spirit. May the Goddess light up your night." (reblip)
Lunaladee i love Inkubus Sukkubus, vampires, and erotica, so -- reblip @Alfea: "@ReadySetBlink: "Inkubus Sukkubus – Vampyre Erotica"" (reblip)
Lunaladee did you party?? :) rb@mountainhero (reblip)

Schandmaul Walpurgisnacht YEHA!!!

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Lunaladee @gabrielcorpse: "The Gathering – The May Song RB @bloodymaryjoe" perfect! (reblip)
Lunaladee @GiliOhayon: "@Lunaladee: "Swans... Cranes... flying through the 'Particles and Waves' of light... rb@Totengrber: "rb@Carmilla""" (reblip)
Lunaladee @Totengrber: "@Lunaladee: "so good..."and if i comprehend this moment i know we'll live again" rb@Totengrber"" (reblip)

Swans Killing for Company

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Lunaladee "The music and voices are all around us." @Faddic: "Shake dreams from your hair :) rb@Lunaladee: "hello "my pretty child" :) "" (reblip)
Lunaladee @Carmilla: "Coz it is. And from midnight it's Beltane. Celebrate spring." But of course *you* would note Walpurgisnacht.. Meet you on Brocken Mt. :) (reblip)

Pluto Drive

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Lunaladee "troubleSchmuble" @ducks2007:"without comment rb@Lunaladee:"rb@mimidancer:"if i am lucky!" Sometimes a girl has to take matters into her own hands" (reblip)

Tonight She Comes (The Cars)

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Lunaladee it's not cool to blip him you know (but i forget why) @ducks2007: "rb @Lunaladee: "*great*! RB@Lambiexx"" (reblip)
Lunaladee Goodnight, fellow-lover of sad and beautiful music, thanks for sharing. Pleasant dreams :) rb@LiveHeart13 (reblip)

Mists of Avalon Loreena Mckennit The Mystics Dream

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Lunaladee thx 4 the help! this is a fav, so soulful RB@Naestopaz:"now its gonna be a mission to make sure every version I've heard u have too Cheers! @Lunaladee (reblip)
Lunaladee email filter didn't catch top-prop report, it was in spam. A special song... thank you so much @Totengrber @ducks2007 @frazil @atank @LiveHeart13

neutral - song of shadow and its dream (lunaladee)

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Lunaladee uh huh @ducks2007: "I am NOT stalking, he claimed... @Lunaladee: "...i see you joined blip *1 day after me!* coincidence?? ;) rb@ ducks2007" (reblip)
Lunaladee *4* props & a reblip for this :) @MasterPimpBerrySlim: "I guess it's a creepy spring *Mark Burgess & The Sons of God – Façades by Glass in E minor*" (reblip)
Lunaladee nice pick! @tetsuo: "@GrimLuxuria" --- G'day, Blippers (reblip)

We Fell To Earth 'The Double'

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ducks2007 how sad but true - I'm happy ur back... sigh @Lunaladee
Faddic I heard it from u :) you blipped it couple of times, "Killer" lyrics! rb@ImJustBlue: "Have you heard this one..special to me.. Lyrics are beautiful.." (reblip)
Lunaladee franka potente- believe (run lola run – movie soundtrack) Running off to watch Lola run... she's so very good at it! Goodnight again, for real :)
Lunaladee "just like a ghost, you keep following me" ...a ghost, or a stalker ;) @ducks2007 Nice avatar, btw. Sex-change?
Lunaladee god this is glorious @ducks2007: "rb @DarkElephant: "TY @TarinnAdaria: "The Crüxshadows – Memorare""" (reblip)
Lunaladee weekend plans? hope it's a great one, however you spend it @MojaveMini @Naestopaz
Lunaladee this is wonderful, thank you so much. (rb)@Faddic: "My deepest sorrows for your loss, sending you love, transcending peace & beams of light @Lunaladee (reblip)
Lunaladee finished painting butterflies? (rb)@Carmilla (reblip)
Lunaladee yes... rb @Surreality: "Sara Lov – "My body is a cage" I adore this. @Lunaladee" (reblip)
Lunaladee Hello Blipkins. 'downer alert' But Lynn Canfield's haunting vocals are worth it. (I am so thrilled to finally be able to UL songs to blip)

Area - Tunnel

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Lunaladee 3 props and a reblip @MmePaulita: "A Perfect Circle – When The Levee Breaks" (reblip)
Lunaladee the one i usually send is no longer available :( <3 @psymox @SentimentalJo @Surreality

The One I Love by Rosie Thomas, 10/24/07

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Lunaladee @RRicco: @Lunaladee; I joined blip b/c music is my 'perfect drug', a harmless addiction ;) And also as an escape from sev. doses of harsh reality... (reblip)
Lunaladee you're way too young to be a bucket-kicker, but this is a great song ;) <3 @greyskiesblack
Lunaladee you've no idea how much i love this band - more than VAST?? ;) rb@Elecktra: "Hola dears,have a nice day Carmilla TotengrberLunaladee PenelopeVintage.. (reblip)
Lunaladee @gypsysoul_as_ever: debrah6: @Nsibai: "Liquid Mind – Lullaby for Grown-ups (Luna, The Moon)" too pretty to save until bedtime (reblip)
Lunaladee ha, interesting timing, this coming along just now... rb@AirighNamBeist (reblip)
Lunaladee rb@MojaveMini: "The Lovetones – The Sound & The Fury ...and i'm never gonna be the way that you want me..." (reblip)
Lunaladee @Carmilla: "@Lunaladee: "eat cake. remember: 'stressed' spelled backwards is DESSERTS :D @greyskiesblack: "happy bday! @camdalamb: "me April 27th"""" (reblip)
Lunaladee rb@sribler; "We're kissing the lips of strangers, we're hugging whoever next we meet...oh life I love you, to my bones" @ all the lonely people ;) (reblip)
Lunaladee @PyrettaBlaze:"TY <3 @Lunaladee: industrial blip-luv @Totengrber kiddo84 Surreality Carmilla TinyTania PenelopeVintage greyskiesblack fun4lilli frazil (reblip)
Lunaladee @Totengrber: "sometimes i can't fall asleep you lie beside me and i weep dancing shadown on the wall onceyou caught me ... now i fall" (reblip)

Now I Fall

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Lunaladee seriously, isn't this nice?i love it @ducks2007:"u won't dance with me unless it's a polka? let's pretend we're french and dance like this! @Lunaladee (reblip)
Lunaladee YES! atta boy!!! @ducks2007: "LOL how true, so I quit trying to focus and blip anything that catches my fancy from the last 600 years... @Lunaladee" (reblip)
Lunaladee love this. don't see it often, not like VAST et al, lol. nice... rb@proxility: ""Low Red Moon, how can you, sleep like a baby?"" (reblip)

Belly Low Red Moon

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Lunaladee i do now ;) thanx, nice! love hearing new (to me) stuff -- rb@Hedgehog: "Know this brazilian band? @Lunaladee" (reblip)
Lunaladee one must strive to surpass previous achievements ;) rb@MojaveMini: "...Waving Hello!!! to... @Lunaladee ...just hitting my new low...again!!! ;))" (reblip)
Lunaladee I began the day with this, think I'll end with it too... an excellent cover of this beautiful song. Goodnight, Blipkids. Thanks for sharing.
Lunaladee ty :) I've been blipping for 14 hours, think I need a nap, lol... goodnight @LiveHeart13: ""<3"@Lunaladee: "rb@anatos: "☾""" (reblip)

VastOne More Day

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Lunaladee I learn of so many beautiful songs from you, thank you - rb@Coffeenuts: "AA Bondy – I Can See the Pines are Dancing" (reblip)
Lunaladee I'm in love with 17 hippies, even the stinkin' ones :D @droolius (reblip)

17 HIPPIES Jovano Jovanke

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Lunaladee @greyskiesblack: "rb@Surreality: "Autumn - "Seconds": This is the 90s American band (There are several bands with this name)"" (reblip)

Autumn: "Seconds"

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Lunaladee (from their "All Beauty is Sad" album) @LiveHeart13

Ophelia's Dream-all beauty is gone.wmv

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Lunaladee "Mesh – Self Healing Lie"
Lunaladee hey, i'm cryin' a river here, buddy, *excuse me* ;) @droolius: "the fact that u said...lmao@Lunaladee (reblip)
Lunaladee "Diana Krall – Cry Me A River"
Lunaladee Natalie Merchant – My Skin
Lunaladee @frazil: "Any Day Now (they never make a bad album) @Surreality: "The Legendary Pink Dots – "Waiting For The Cloud""" (reblip)
Lunaladee new to me, love it -- rb@mario21ic: "Una muy buena banda.. xD!" (reblip)
Lunaladee rb@StrawberryToast: "another one of those bands / songs that just haunts you.. (agreed) "unless my soul reacts..the whole world may collapse"" (reblip)
Lunaladee wish there was an instant reblip key -- rb@sabragirl (reblip)

Ego LikenessWeave

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Lunaladee "The Magnetic Fields – The Dreaming Moon" And what a gorgeous moon it is tonight. Goodnight, Blipland. Thanks for sharing. <3
Lunaladee :) @PenelopeVintage:Loves it! :D @Lunaladee: "RB@ horspu: "Great Song!Awesome voice!@PenelopeVintage -kinda feel like when you 1st sent QueenAdreena (reblip)
Lunaladee RB@Grey_Wolf (a welcome-new-listener rb, even tho' you threatened to kill me the other night(!) :P (reblip)

The Charlatans UK-My Beautiful Friend

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Lunaladee @ducks2007: "rb @Lunaladee" --been there, but decided to... (wait, it's coming...) (reblip)
Lunaladee @PenelopeVintage:"Great minds think alike! rb@JanetSEyre: "LOL, you were gonna blip it & me & @PenelopeVintage blipped it simultaneously?! @fun4lilli" (reblip)
Lunaladee oh this is sooo pleasant! rb@raquelrita: "ok ok. i better go" (reblip)
Lunaladee "The Protagonist – The End" ☾ the end ☽
Lunaladee ♪ the lonely kiss we never shared hangs in the air between our hearts and spellbound i sit watching silence weave a path through our hearts ♪
Lunaladee "Six Organs of Admittance – Hum a Silent Prayer"
Lunaladee ♪ let's fly above the creek of life, like the dragonflies ♫
Lunaladee "sleep then, with the incense of orchids around you" Stone Breath instead of Poets ;) @Eclecticist
Lunaladee "Our God Weeps – When You Were a Tree"
Lunaladee "Stone Breath – The Strength to Face the Stars Above" ...thank you @Faddic
Coffeenuts You Are This Perfect

Petracovich You Are This Perfect

| play
Lunaladee ty @neomystery_kid, we ღ you too ; )

nitin sawhney- fragile wind

| play
Lunaladee ღ rb@DarkLady: "dEUS – Nothing Really Ends" (reblip)

BRIGITTE "La Vengeance d'une Louve"

| play
Lunaladee "Neutral – Song Of Shadow And Its Dream"
Lunaladee "The Protagonist – Song of Innocence"

"Pour ton sourire" de Jorane

| play
Lunaladee ☾ Goodnight, DJs, thanks for sharing ☆
Lunaladee "Imperia - Angelchild" ღ @Vix_Rock


| play
Lunaladee yvw, and many thanks to you, m'dear @bytera
Lunaladee Decoryah - She Wept in the Woods

Поздняя осень

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Lunaladee "Backworld – Bed of Stone" ...perhaps why sleep eludes? lol @sir_edward_ross


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mnemosine the right soundtrack for this rainy day (reblip)

I Draw Slow : Swans (a live recording)

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Smugglers Cellar Sessions 8: Benjamin Folke Thomas

| play
Lunaladee well this just shifted my mood from moody-mellow to laid-back-trippy-mellow :) thx, I needed that!! <3 @jennyleepenny: "Hiya, @Lunaladee. ^_^" (reblip)
Lunaladee the next best thing to Nick :))

Crime & the City Solution -- Six Bells Chime

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Lunaladee humanimal [destroying] planet...
koiheart My Cat's A Stargazer – ... Morning Swell ....
Lunaladee nah, it's our pond&farm :) And wow to this song!! thx, g'day :) @FOGGIELOANER: "in the Adirondacks? @Lunaladee ... random blip, but this kid can play" (reblip)
Lunaladee <3 rb@Vix_Rock: "Dionysus – Hymn To The Dying EP TRAILER. For Those Who Are Looking forward to the Album Please Watch Our Albums Trailer.. #MyBand" (reblip)
Lunaladee I think it's happening.. hello@Vix_Rock: "Sun Devoured Earth – And We Disappear (2012)" (rb) (reblip)
Lunaladee ♥ song&video both, and all of you, too, lol :) great weekend, ƑƦİƐɳĐƧ @zoja01 @DjLerica @DarkLady @PenelopeVintage @Stregaserena
Lunaladee every time I see your avi this song comes to mind @rafaelladm
Lunaladee breaking wind @sir_edward_ross (this is actually really good quartet)

The Breaking Winds: Fireflies

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Lunaladee Rosie Thomas - These friends of mine ✮★ Goodnight @LL, thanks for sharing ☆✯

Rosie Thomas-These friends of mine

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Lunaladee Marissa Nadler – "Baby, I Will Leave You In The Morning"
Lunaladee Over the Rhine - Firefly ✦ know? @Coffeenuts


| play
Lunaladee ╰☆Calla εїз Fear of Fireflies☆╮

Cloudy Now (Blackfied cover/collaboration)

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Lunaladee an infinite string of ღღღ's for this: Orplid – "Abendlich rauscht schon der Wald" ~~ Goodnight, @LL. Thanks for sharing. ~~
Lunaladee Antimatter – The Weight Of The World
Lunaladee ღღღ Svafnir – Return of misery
Lunaladee always thought this was an exceptional song, too @fxp123 @StreamingMimi
Lunaladee LACUNA COIL – Spellbound (Performance Version)
Lunaladee Edenbridge – Perennial Dreams
Lunaladee Leaves' Eyes – Mourning Tree (The Delightful Crimea)
Lunaladee Theatre of Tragedy – Venus
Lunaladee "Kari Rueslatten – Som Av Meg" (mygoth but this is beautiful)
Lunaladee Kari Rueslatten – The Shadowchant (HQ)
Lunaladee After Forever – Cry With A Smile
Lunaladee PAIN – Follow Me feat. Anette Olzon (Nightwish)
Lunaladee Mizar brought this to mind... based on the epic Finnish poem @sparask @ducks2007 @DJVioletSea

Mary Newton Kalevala music video

| play
Lunaladee beautiful music, brutal & chilling video! rb@sparask: "@ducks2007: "@Lunaladee: "@sparask: "@DJVioletSea the balkan version of time time time" (reblip)
Lunaladee Blind Guardian – Harvest of Sorrow (Acoustic)
Lunaladee Sonata Arctica – The Misery
Lunaladee Lacrimosa – Not every pain hurts (subtitulado)
Lunaladee The 3rd and the Mortal - Shaman

the 3rd and the Mortal- Shaman

| play
Lunaladee "Lullacry – Unchain Me"

LullacryUnchain Me

| play
Lunaladee "Magica -All waters have the colour of drowning"

Magica -All waters have the colour of drowning-

| play
Lunaladee "OCTAVIA SPERATI : Moonlit"


| play
Lunaladee "Nemesa – Angel in the Dark"
Lunaladee "Era Nocturna – Beautiful Death"
Lunaladee yvw. His "Aria" cd is truly one of my favorites... amazing... rb@gabrielcorpse: "Thanks so much ladies @Lunaladee @tender13" (reblip)
Lunaladee very lovely, tyvm - rb@FOGGIELOANER: "lovely song, enjoy the ride rb @scotlandlover @ Daeflyn @Lunaladee @ avivao @ oldblindog @ pajaritos @ ladypn" (reblip)
Lunaladee "NEMO – Anette Olzon & Tarja Turunen duet"
Lunaladee After Forever With Sharon Den Adel – Beyond me
Lunaladee Epica – Cry For The Moon
Lunaladee Lunatica – Hymn


| play
Lunaladee i adore this D/V and love this song, thank you so much ♥ rb @AutumnPerception: "@Lunaladee this blip is for you." (reblip)


| play
Lunaladee there are so many good covers of this beautiful Beckett/Buckley song.This Mortal Coil/Cocteau Twins' and this one are esp. good, I think. @Coffeenuts
Lunaladee "Nick Drake – Day Is Done" hopefully it is; TakeTwo at trying to sleep... see you later... much later, i hope ;)

'Dark Iniseoghian' ~ Deanta

| play
Lunaladee ☠Halloween☠ is now drawing near...but this is too beautiful to save 'til Yule @anatos @micoy @calispel @FOGGIELOANER @SabineWe @DJVioletSea
Lunaladee Off to (re)watch "Pan's Labyrinth". Goodnight, Everyone...thanks for sharing ☽
Lunaladee ok, well then, here is the backup version... @Carmilla, this video is kind of cool, but that other one was amazing. Thanks for having introduced it :)
Lunaladee "gothminister march of the dead" // heya :) thanx for the rbs & add @Marsel_Garsone
Lunaladee "KINGDOM OF GOD – DEAD SKELETONS" // ♥ ☠ @Carmilla @Totengrber @droolius :) // thanks for the add :) @JaneEyre & @torino
Lunaladee yay dropbox! finally able to add this, my fav. Star Industry :)) TY @Elecktra @Surreality // welcome @SOcaM & @BJPR, thanx!
Lunaladee ♥ rb@calispel: "for @Lunaladee thank you :)) translation: my soul is sorrowful even unto death (would also be fitting: sadness is my animating force)" (reblip)
Lunaladee wow again! rb@roberthaverly: "It's not often that a video and song are complimentary to each other in creativity, ambiance, and obscurity." (reblip)
Lunaladee "Bloody Woods – Green Flower Pool" This began playing... I can't find the DJ, sorry! (Please let me know if you blipped it.) This is gorgeous!
Lunaladee One of my fav. songs ever! ❤ @Surreality @calispel // tyvm for the add @bytera @fun4lilli @lafnalot @Makaaberi

FaunEgil Saga

| play
Lunaladee "Pagan Altar – March of the Dead" // welcome @Johnny_2_Mates & @joegande, thanx!
Lunaladee The Moors ~"The Hunter" // Thanks for the add @burzinski & @theOldPika

The Moors ~"The Hunter" Official Music Video (1998) Pagan )O(

| play
Lunaladee 'encouraged by' ;) @Naestopaz ♥ & ty @fun4lilli JanetSEyre @xSDOx // And Welcome @DJUNIVERSAL & @jordan1507 thanks for listening

Backworld - Magick Is Love [lunaladee]

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Lunaladee wonderful, music and video -- rb @singout: "Dustin O'Halloran-Opus 23" // Goodnight, Blipland (reblip)

Dustin O'Halloran Opus 23 video

| play
Lunaladee so nice -- rb@LiveHeart13 "The Moon's a Harsh Mistress – Joan Baez" (reblip)
Lunaladee Welcome & ty @blipstarz @ihrtuvm_ @Ebeel @sasosketa @wtque // Many New Listeners aren't showing up in blip-emails; I apologize if i've missed anyone.

Peter Murphy - Let Me Love You [lunaladee]

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BluJulius a glorious way to start the my top ten (reblip)

The Impossible Duet: Handel-Halvorsen Passacaglia for Cello and Violin

| play
Lunaladee wonderful, ty! @burzinski: "@Lunaladee thanks for rb @Carmilla... Here is a new one... played half an hour ago... out on an EP nov, the 15th ;)" (reblip)
Lunaladee another beautiful Mary Newton song // I hope you're feeling better @LiveHeart13 // 'just hello' @diabolikgene

Mary Newton Kalevala music video

| play

Mary Newton Song Of The Siren Video

| play
Lunaladee heh, the incredible 'bongsters' were good, but this is stellar ;) <3 @droolius: "inspired by>>> @dkline89<<< for @Lunaladee (reblip)
Lunaladee damn...make that *you're* not 'your' (sorry, but i've got this obsessive need to correct my errors...) About this song/band: caution: addictive!

The Czars, Drug

| play
Lunaladee everyday should be Halloween(!) ~ for all my fellow Children of the Night
Lunaladee not comparing bands, but that last one made me think of this one...

Russian Circles "Death Rides A Horse"

| play
Lunaladee Hello! not going to save the best for last, but rather begin with it! **WOW**
Lunaladee one of their very best, i think...
Lunaladee sweeeet! "metaphysical rock" should be a genre... Thanks for listening, it's been magickal ;)
Lunaladee such a great goth rock band...
Lunaladee sweet sweet Margo, what a way w/ songs! ty & rb@gypsybug (reblip)
Lunaladee lol, i've blipped this a couple of times, got no response, but who cares, it's great, so here it comes again ;) rb@michelg (reblip)
Lunaladee "Wish I was old and a little sentimental..." ~ been there, done that; can I be young & disaffected again? thx @beaglescout @SavageAdvance @lovemusic

Porcupine Tree Normal

| play
Lunaladee this & Joan Osborne's "Crazy Baby" are my drunk-on-my-ass-cryin'-my-eyes-out-at-3AM songs ~ @Dawnrazor

Inga Liljestrom "Film Noir"

| play
Lunaladee listened to this repeatedly for maybe an hour when i 1st heard it... ty@Coffeenuts
Lunaladee :) rb@Coffeenuts: "nu2me,gr8reply,thx @Lunaladee: Ivoux – 'Rusalka' / Frozen (reblip)
Lunaladee damn there are a *lot* of awesome German bands.(well this one hails from Norway, too) ty @Fid3Lys @SocialDeception @DesertLily @Faddic @dabnotu
Lunaladee nice! rb@harmony60: "hi...This is just Beautiful..tysvm. :-))) @TidyCat: "harmony60 Twelve Girls Band – Freedom =^..^="" (reblip)
Lunaladee hauntingly beautiful ~perhaps it will lull me & help me catch a bit of elusive sleep (which even my herbal 'sleep cocktail' hasn't been doing of late}


| play

Dead Flowers~Keith Richards~Willie Nelson and Friends 2002

| play
Lunaladee 'to sleep, perchance to dream'...of monsters, lol ~ headin' back to bed to try it again... G'night!
Lunaladee wonderful, sultry voice... ~ rb@Olga, via?? (reblip)
Lunaladee this is awesome! great song, & the video is mesmerizing... nice! ty & rb@SkyeCebh (reblip)
Lunaladee listening & rb'ing ~a pleasant start on this snowy Sunday. Which is 'The Fairest of the Seasons'? -whichever is upon us, each possesses its own magic! (reblip)
Lunaladee of the hundreds of songs i consider favorites, these lyrics are, i think, the most beautiful ~incredible! *ty*@Eclecticist @FOGGIELOANER @LUSCIOUSDDJA
Lunaladee beauty & sadness, entwined... thank you for listening & sharing @PyrettaBlaze @greyskiesblack @GothTinkerbell @CynDyn @toxiferous


| play
Lunaladee such a sublime melancholy ~ many thanks for many props & rbs @Totengrber and @Dawnrazor
Lunaladee extraordinary prog rock band out of Poland; excellent song... ty & rb@Superjudge29 (reblip)
Lunaladee 'ladies & gentlemen, in the Starlight Lounge this evening...' ~ "dark parlour & classical piano, haunting lyrics & seductive style" ~ rb@toxiferous (reblip)

Jill Tracy- Extraordinary

| play
Lunaladee oh sure, now it's stuck in my head too ;) rb@OrangeHairband: "@marijaanadj I'm ALWAYS humming the bass in this song!" (reblip)
Tsauro 1st time I saw this band was playing live just a bit ago on the Craig Ferguson show. Blew me away.
Lunaladee a lively little number, excellent, i think! :) thanx ~ @Carmilla @ladypn @LUSCIOUSDDJA

AQUARELL pyro-mahncke german Folk-Rock instr. with rare fotos from the band

| play
Lunaladee ha, speaking of songs that stay w/ you long after they've ended... absolutely *LOVE* this! "!!!!!!!!" indeed ;) rb@Hypatia: "!!!!!!!!!" (reblip)
Lunaladee rb@IrishVampire: "@IrishVampire_: "Moonlight is said to turn some people into strange creatures to drive others mad. "Moon Baby" -Godsmack"" (reblip)
Lunaladee somber & atmospheric... luv it tho i don't know what they're saying (i hope it's nothing bad!) *ty* @atibbs2292 @jrkuczunjr @ahuvag

Libana-Lo Yisa Goy

| play
Lunaladee lyrics worth playing close attention to...

Society by Eddie Vedder ! This song is GREAT !!

| play
Lunaladee poignant lyrics, beautiful song... wonderfully melancholy

The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum

| play
Lunaladee hauntingly beautiful...

Nature And Organisation "To You"

| play

Love And Rockets- Haunted (When The Minutes Drag )

| play
Lunaladee such a great movie!

Ginger Snaps {Death Of It All}

| play
Lunaladee everything about it is beautiful...

Entre Moi Et Mon Amin (radio edit)

| play

Qntal "Von Den Elben"

| play


| play

ATB & Heather Nova ~ "Feel you like a river"

| play


| play
Lunaladee Excellent band, beautiful song, gorgeous photography
Lunaladee Admittedly, i am not a fan of country music. this song is one of the few exceptions...

John Anderson: Seminole wind

| play

Luscious Redhead Dark As Love

| play
Lunaladee This one is for you, Surreality, with gratitude... xx

Decoryah...Fall-Dark Waters (W/Lyrics)

| play

Arcane Sun We Stood With Time

| play
Lunaladee a side-project of Battery... amazing vocals
Lunaladee fiercely beautiful, song & voice & photos

'Dark Iniseoghian' ~ Deanta

| play
Lunaladee soft grey late day light.Snow has just begun falling, tiny flakes settling on an already-white landscape. i think this music was written on such a day

Solitude -Original Composition-

| play
Lunaladee "We have a big heart for melancholia — sadness is beautiful. The blue side of life is where we are as persons and as artists." ~Tenhi
Lunaladee these lyrics always get to me...

No Grace by Goblin Market

| play
Lunaladee Pink Floyd cover... exceptional singer (from October Project), excellent song
Lunaladee strange little clip... i'm gonna go to hell for sending this shit :-/ altho' i guess one must believe in hell to go there, lol :-P
Lunaladee that last one was cut short, guess the Door's Spanish Caravan ran outa gas enroute to the Spanish Castle ;) rb@GimmeSomeTruth (reblip)

Din Fiv: Through the Looking Glass

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Diorama "Leaving Hollywood"

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Strawberry Switchblade- Who Knows What Love Is

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Lunaladee a mellow one from this German pagan metal band...
Lunaladee And when you stare too long into the abyss, the abyss stares back into you. -Frederick Nietzsche

forgotten (the gathering)

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Russian Circles "Death Rides A Horse"

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Model_Daughters Music Go Music – Thousand Crazy Nights // such a great song
Lunaladee @skunk63: "RB@DJ_Princess_Airoyea_Aurora: "I quiver with an-ti-ci-pation@glitterdream: "I recommend seeing him live~"" (reblip)


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Riverdogs ~ Shadow Of You

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BluJulius hey i'll take all the attention you are willing to give ,<3 & Xz@Lunaladee: "@droolius: ever since that ZW, whenever i see a vid i <3 i think of u. (reblip)

Rykarda Parasol: Hannah Leah: Reaper on Ice

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Shivers by The Witches with Nick Cave

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Lunaladee Johnny Hollow "Gone" one of my very first blips :)@CommodoreCreazil (reblip)


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Lunaladee love all 3, nice! rb@Sibyll: "and the 3rd and last one for today - Video again by Kliz9 - Music by me AND again....Mr. Rickman *höhö*" (reblip)

The Potions Master-Alan Rickman-Severus Snape

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Lunaladee oh i love this guy! solo & w/ Madrugada. what a great voice -- ty & rb@josien01: "Sivert Høyem – Into The Sea"; <3 @TinyTania and @Surreality (reblip)
Lunaladee <3 @Alfea: "→ rb@Lunaladee: "love this (and 99% of everything else you blip) rb@PyrettaBlaze: "Switchblade Symphony – Witches"" (reblip)
gabrielcorpse Le Triste Sire – Le Viatique
mountainhero wonderful indeed rb @Lunaladee: "this is wonderful... ty to both @mountainhero: and "rb @weltschmerz"" (reblip)
Lunaladee rb @Eclecticist: "Amazing range, Amazing voice......gorgeous song" wow!!! (reblip)
Lunaladee will you pls contact me 2moro (same id everywhere) - & no, you won't need to play, lol, just want to explain something @Totengrber GN :) (reblip)
Lunaladee 'strange color blue' ;) @Totengrber & @mountainhero (i really do love this guy!)
Lunaladee <3 "Madrugada – Love's Institution" <3
Lunaladee i love this band! rb@CommodoreCreazil: "We're broadcasting across the Fifth City in our usual devious-and-somewhat-tipsy fashion tonight. #ebz" (reblip)
Lunaladee @skunk63: "F&TM at RB@anatos:"rb@Carmilla:"Probably still my favourite F&TM track, tho the new album is bloody excellent" (reblip)

Faith and the muse- Sparks

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Lunaladee "I believe right now if i could i would swallow you whole" @Carmilla @Totengrber @xxnowheregirl
Lunaladee i love your (band's) music, and i can honestly say i love every song you blip. thanks for sharing @darkrider1
Lunaladee Dead Can Dance – "Cantara"
Lunaladee oh alright, i'll force myself to reblip this one :D rb@LiveHeart13: "@Lunaladee" (reblip)

The Sisters Of Mercy Jolene

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Lunaladee 5nites in a row @11PM things come to a halt Almost impossible to blip. Cable? too impatient, see you tomor. Goodnight. BTW, this is GREAT!!!
Lunaladee one of many favs. by them @PyrettaBlaze "L'ame Immortelle – Seelensturm [unreleased 1996]"
Lunaladee tyvm rb@Darksheer: "with eng sub...I had to look far for@Lunaladee @Totengrber @micoy @sabragirl @Carmilla's very wonderful" yes it is (reblip)
Lunaladee "well I live with snakes and lizards and other things that go bump in the night cos to me everyday is halloween" :D rb@micoy (reblip)
Lunaladee cool! just logged on & saw this @Totengrber: "@fun4lilli: "Love to the artist@Totengrber: "rb@n3cr0phelia" cover of in strict confidence :D &thanks!" (reblip)
Lunaladee i can't RB this from you, but thank you very much, it's excellent @MasterPimpBerrySlim

Justin Sullivan-Ghost Train

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Model_Daughters Rose Kemp - Fire in the Garden (which I cannot find on any of her albums, despite what wik says - I have them all)

fire in the garden

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Lunaladee @ForlornHope: "...we hurt ourselves and we will do it again... rb @Elecktra: "@rafaelladm: "rb @das_z3d""" (reblip)
Lunaladee @Totengrber: "rb@fun4lilli: "reblip —>@storylet: "Placebo – Meds""" --real meds, no placebos, please (reblip)
Lunaladee @Totengrber: "rb@Lunaladee: "i wanted to rb your mixes before heading out... will you please blip Industrial Love & Medusa again? rb@Totengrber"" (reblip)
Lunaladee omg, i truly *am* LOL over this, these guys are a riot! :) rb@FOGGIELOANER: "some modern polka for you @Lunaladee" (reblip)

Polkaholics on Chic-A-Go-Go

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Lunaladee of course your blip made me think of this one, love the vid... @renothespinner
Lunaladee hm, well looky here... rb@renothespinner: "Luna - Season Of The Witch" (reblip)
Lunaladee lmao! really, i'm trying to laugh it off; you're helping, thx for that @ducks2007:"no reason to flatter u - make fun, yes, flatter, no :) @Lunaladee" (reblip)

WarLow Rider

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Lunaladee <3 @AutumnPerception: @Lunaladee " It's not about props it's about inspiration" - Not going anywhere ;) and for me it's all about the *music* (reblip)
Lunaladee i love this group, seldom see them blipped, nice! @zoja01: "HI TY :)@ZONE: Fox Woman.....are you a fox or a woman he asks : o ...@zoja01 (reblip)

Hedningarna Räven Fox Woman

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Lunaladee rb@gilvanblight: "Awesome found the vid. Much Music Power Hour Flashback Time!" (reblip)
Lunaladee rb@Faddic; "so why do we keep up this charade, how do we tell apart the time to leave from the time to wait ...tell me where do we draw the line" (reblip)
Lunaladee *waves back* and runs ;) @Carmilla: "*waves* @Lunaladee: "more industrial-strength blip-luv (rb)@Totengrber @PyrettaBlaze @Carmilla @PenelopeVintage"" (reblip)


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Lunaladee 'I Love Every Waving Thing' -- you & you & you (and even her lovely little bit of a lisp :) bbl *waves bye*
Lunaladee The song is "My Lost Lenore" by Tristiana, w/ video from NIN's "Perfect Drug" (which i think works really well) -- Goodnight, Blipkins --
Lunaladee not alone there @Carmilla: "@darkrider1 Love it. I was beginning to wonder whether I was the only one who dug Morthem Vade Art." (reblip)
Lunaladee DOH!!! @anatos: "rb @Grey_Wolf: "@Carmilla: "@Lunaladee: "DOH!!!!!!! rb@octoberland: "@Lunaladee - let me help you out with that one :) (reblip)
Lunaladee @ducks2007: "rb @anatos: "The Knife – Silent Shout" -- i'm speechless too. btw, ty for all the rb's but *really* isn't necessary :) Just have fun... (reblip)
Lunaladee ditto lol @ducks2007:yea, I end up RB like crazy, but I don't know how else to acknowledge many DJs @Lunaladee "well this is easy, just rb rb rb@micoy (reblip)
Simchabe Holy, moley, me, oh my **Love this song!
Epicrates #oneword = awesome...nite @jennyleepenny more to go 4me also
madchengeist Geeking out on my Death Knight and Hunter, going through coffee withdrawals & avoiding the ghetto yard sale from neighbors

Rose Mcgowan-Two against the world

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Saturnine It was the west of times, it was the blurst of times.
Lunaladee <3 @kiddo84:"hehe this is sweet :) toolisima: "yummy indeed...never heard it before, thanks again! SomeMoSir: "so effin yummy.listen loud.listen often (reblip)
PenelopeVintage Love love love her voice ~ Girl in a Coma - Their Cell
renothespinner Special Thnx 2 >@Lunaladee: Bones / My Ghost by Glass Pear (reblip)

Bones / My Ghost by Glass Pear

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Lunaladee learning. do have whip :D @ducks2007: "speak german and have a whip? maybe... @Lunaladee: "hey! @ducks2007: "love a woman speaking german, w/ a whip (reblip)
Lunaladee and *she* is always right, so listen up, mister ;) @ducks2007: "rb @Totengrber: "rb@zoja01: ":)) (reblip)

The Cramps ~ She Said

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Lu_She cool Russian band. Let the magic begin.)
leffi333 my lullaby pick for the night. a singer from telemark, norway and a singer from lahore, pakistan. the traditional tune is from the county where I live
Lunaladee rb@SweetAmmonia: "Mad Season – Long Gone Day" One for you, m'dear @Surreality Missing you, hoping you're well (reblip)
Loud_Dog Wish this tune were longer, a scorcher.
willcampideli RB@Angie74: "HURT -- Rapture -- Acoustic" (reblip)

HURT "Rapture" (acoustic session @ EMI)

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Lunaladee @SabineWe - perhaps you know: Greg. Chant stimulates the production of natural opiates by the hypothalamus - aural valium, lol, no Rx necessary ;)
Lunaladee will leave you with some Heavenly Bodies... bbl... thanx, new listeners: @RainStorms @jenan
Lunaladee "Hate the Day" (not really, just like the night much more) Hello & thx to new listeners @evsite @AudreyLipburn @josien01
Lunaladee "Stars" ~ thanks, new listeners @Janet_Eyre @Loba_Negra @metheeDeeJay
Lunaladee <3 "Calling the Sun" <3 {an interesting, somewhat 'uneven' tempo at times} TY new listeners @DougOntrack @zoolaring @RobbinLynn
Lunaladee "Give Me Light" - hello, new listeners... thanx @BombshellSoljer @ARSCHLECKER @SuperSpaceAngel {i really love this band/song}
Lunaladee "Everyday is Like Sunday" -except Mondays, they're a unique beast. Thanx, new listeners @DJVioletSea @martijntuinhof
Lunaladee enough "Stupid Questions" ~ thanx again @Totengrber

New Model Army- Stupid Questions

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Lunaladee rb@Totengrber: "rb@MarianitaG: "Flesh Field – Compulsive Betrayal.@Totengrber" he used to be in AOL Goth chat with A23 back in the day..heh" (reblip)
Lunaladee rb@SabineWe:"In some hrs I get up early to go & visit Canterbury & the cathedral w 45 persons. I lived 2x in that nice historic town to learn English" (reblip)
Lunaladee I think Tanita has one of the best female voices.Wanted to reply w/ Wendy Wall song (couldn't find any) she has an awesome voice too. rb@IreneRencsi (reblip)

Tanita Tikaram -Twist in my sobriety

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Lunaladee listening/rb'ing/replying: a fav. 'drug song' :) reply@Kiltweaver

The Czars, Drug

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Lunaladee listening/rb'ing/replying: rb@Unaturalsoul: "WeLikeTheSame...@Lunaladee" My folder of faves has over 2000 songs but truly this is #aforeverfavorite (reblip)
Lunaladee listening/rb'ing/replying: <3 this rb@Totengrber: "@TinyTania Who really drove those snakes out of Ireland?"" Thx & welcome @pureofheart1 (reblip)

The Moors ~"The Hunter" Official Music Video (1998) Pagan )O(

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Lunaladee i can't begin to express how much i LOVE this! spent hrs this eve trying to UL more of their songs, no luck :( @Totengrber @PyrettaBlaze @Carmilla

Swans of Avon-Alive

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Lunaladee i'm Type A, but this will do nicely ~ rb@Dawnrazor: "A little Type O" (reblip)

Type O Negative-Be My Druidess

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Lunaladee thx & rb@vix_rock: "#Opeth – Closure."\m/" (reblip)


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Lunaladee rb@SocialDeception: "rb@Lunaladee: "damn there are a *lot* of awesome German bands. "" (reblip)
Lunaladee {8 yrs of parochial school... i've had that urge...} G'day @GothTinkerbell @frazil @darkrider1: that 'manly goth' sound ;)
Lunaladee "L'assassin", then "Rage"... actually in a laid-back mood, just really like these songs ;) Hello @Fid3Lys @SkyeCebh @a0k
Lunaladee inspired by your I.S. blip ~ couldn't find "Danse Vampyre", here's my 2nd choice @Surreality

Hecq: I Am You

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Lunaladee i just counted prps from you today (thx!)... seriously, how do you do it? rb@Totengrber: "rb@Carmilla" (reblip)
Lunaladee this is, imo, a perfect goth rock song ~ ty @DJC2; hello, new listeners: @renegadegirl @PurePositivism @SaveAnni
Lunaladee this always makes me smile... great song for this gloomy Monday ~ rb@Rhiarti; thanx 'new listener' (& earliest blip-friend) @Eclecticist (reblip)

Nick Cave The Mercy Seat (the best version i've ever heard!)

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Lunaladee great great find! 3 props & a rb@MrVisions: "Wow whats been kept hidden in those film lockers all these years" (reblip)

DP Sweet Child in Time

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Love and Rockets - Yin and Yang (The Flowerpot Man)

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Lunaladee J.Navarrete's Lullaby; Comptines...; Tallis; the chant; ~put me in the mood for headphones&Stereo instead of computer for a while. TY & Goodnight, All
Lunaladee "Do You Love Me?" - like the siblings i never had... rb@Totengrber: "rb@SisterSymphony: "@anatos: "rb @DJVioletSea""" (reblip)
Lunaladee greetz & rb@jong: "Jump, Little Children – Cathedrals" (this is a 'wow!' song); Hello & welcome @Air_rapupo @catiaFM @nufctj @pixelmongress (reblip)
Surreality Guitaro – "Aced Faced on the Scene" RB @curatEar (reblip)
Lunaladee a forgotten 'wow', thank you RB @Surreality: "Gravenhurst – "Nicole"" (reblip)


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heyjude408 @Lunaladee: You're right this is an "achingly beautiful piece" (reblip)
Lunaladee Sublime. From except. same-title film re: St.Francis -the extraordinary lover of animals. Dedicated to four of my beloved pets who were killed today.

Brother Sun Sister Moon.wmv

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Lunaladee "'take me in your arms, i need to rest" Thank you for a day filled with 'wows!' - so much great music, thank you. Goodnight, Blipkins <3
Lunaladee and again, simply because it's so very fine, and Sam sings the hell out of it!!! (reblip)

Sam BrownStop

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Lunaladee thanx & a rb@SKySWiM: "Band of Skulls – Stun Me All Wonderful"; Thank you @AMaZeiN (reblip)
Lunaladee thank you, from 'the other side of the world' :) rb@sunside; prop-thanx to some faraway blip-friends @SabineWe @sparask @edurrosa @zoja01 @Swieber (reblip)