dr0ck Heard this at the stadium yesterday.. just had to play it again

jimmy buffett - IF YOU LIKE PINA COLADA

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dr0ck My momma loves this song, and its her birthday so here ya go mom!
dr0ck Thanks to my sis for introducing me to this band


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dr0ck Time to slow it down and take some stress off the old back...
dr0ck One of their best! Makes ya search your soul:) (reblip)
LadySarcasm is kind of faded, but I feel alright
LadySarcasm declares it party time up in here!
dr0ck cause everyone needs some ben folds in their life

Ben Folds Five - Rockin The Suburbs

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KatKittyDJ Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Peggy LeeFever

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dr0ck this song goes out to all my great listeners!
dr0ck something about this song that just soothes the soul
LuvEE Her voice is golden. How come she isn't more popular?
LuvEE Because Lloyd Dobbler (Say Anything) is my boyfriend.

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

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LuvEE Gorgeous cover of a Don Henley classic! (reblip)
LuvEE Perfect and beautiful and so chill :)


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LuvEE BWAHAHA! Love this! Take THAT, Britney!
LuvEE Holy crap, this shizz takes me BAAAACK! ;) (reblip)
LuvEE "Cattle prod the oyster ditch with the lap rocket." Doesn't get better than a song about euphemisms for sex. ;)
LuvEE Good music is timeless. Example number 1.
kencasey @lilwldchld [Oh, there you are. Hi. :-) ]I've been singing this all day... (reblip)
LuvEE Hope Sandoval's vocals are like honey in this song.
LuvEE That bass line always slays me.
LuvEE "Believe me when I say that I got somethin' for his punk ass." (reblip)

Oasis - Champagne Supernova

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Lirak probably their best song...


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dr0ck Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song (reblip)
LuvEE You're right, @lirak - one of their best songs. (reblip)


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LuvEE This song always makes me smile for some reason. Thanks @br0ck! (reblip)
LuvEE HELL YEAH! Thank you, BB! So ROCKward. @manyafandom (reblip)


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LuvEE Thanks @Lirak! Something about his voice is so very Jeff Buckley-ish. (reblip)
LuvEE Another female who's not ashamed to admit diggin' this song. ;)
LuvEE Another kick-arse Prodigy piece!
LuvEE Because every playlist needs a little Lenny.
LuvEE In the words of my bud, C, "Long live Everlast!"
LuvEE I love this song, too. Thanks @dr0ck! You're officially my go-to DJ here. :) (reblip)
LuvEE Old school, but still pretty cool.
LuvEE Whoa. This song used to be epic! Still very cool.
LuvEE On an 80's kick now. DD used to be the shizz, right? (reblip)
LuvEE Yes! Yaz's dance tracks are STILL hot.


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dr0ck Don't really know why but just had to...
LuvEE I had no idea that ABC had SO MANY good songs! This is just one of many.

ABCBe Near Me

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dr0ck @clyderandall this song is the one that cures me of other songs that get stuck in my head
dr0ck @kcluvv seriously how are we so musically similar?
LuvEE @dr0ck 'Tis why I'm always stalking your Blips. You've got GREAT songs on your list.
dr0ck Been up for some Pink Floyd action for awhile now
LuvEE Patti Smyth was ahead of her time and her vocals are just AMAZING!
Joleesa i know ive dreamed you a sin & a lie i have my freedom i dont have much time faith has been broken tears must be cried lets do some livg after we die
DoubleG72 I'm a sucka for a female British accent....
DoubleG72 Great Song...saw them open for stellastar* - what a concert!!


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dr0ck @mandongwaves not sure man but i grew up in the 90's fo sho!
LuvEE My buddy, @DoubleG72 is killin' me with such good music. Add him as a fave - he's a total Music Pimp! *LOL* (reblip)


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LuvEE I *heart* this mash-up. Blip it. Add it to your playlist. Rock it. Thanks again (and again) @DoubleG72 (reblip)
dr0ck @SpinningDiscs ahh nice man thanks! dude this band is the reason I learned how to play the bass guitar (reblip)
TiaJSpinDaWreckords Starting with this one the next 10 are the songs I can listen to over and over and over again....I love this re-make!!! #1 :)
LuvEE So smooth. All I need now is a hammock and some sea breeze.
Joleesa sometimes the world is dark & i just cant see with these demons surround all around to bring me down to negativity but I believe yes I believe...
Joleesa you know im such a fool for you you got me wrapped around your finger... (reblip)
DoubleG72 Great song ...IMO live version is a bit better (but the Blip of that song has too many drops).
JMuse Because they make me happy and think of LA. Miss the boys.
thatgirlmegan so watch your step cause if i do you'll need a miracle
LuvEE Love Goldfrapp's electronica beats!
LuvEE Thanks to my @emmyems for this one! Keep feeding me your UK tracks, BB! I gobble them up!
LuvEE So many good Marmaduke songs! Hard to pick one to Blip!
Joleesa but you make everything alright when you hold and squeeze me tight...
LuvEE One of my favorite bands, EVAH! Saw them in concert last year and they're still just as good as ever.
FPonTheDL @tsarnick Because I know you looooooooooove this song lmao
LuvEE Still an anthem - in my book. Love it now as much as I did waaaay back then...
LuvEE A-ha! Just the song I was looking for! Dexy's 'Eileen'.
LuvEE His Purple Badness is an 80's staple, don'tcha think? Get ready for the Prince flood as I just opened the floodgates...
LuvEE Ungh! Prince Rogers Nelson...MARRY ME!


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LuvEE One of his most controversial songs (WHAT?! Nah. *LOL*)
LuvEE Did any of you dress-up as Boy George for Halloween in the 80's?

Culture Club - Time (Clock Of The Heart)

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LuvEE While I don't care for Madge's music anymore, everything she cranked out in the 80's had that Midas touch.
LuvEE Takin' ya back. Yeah, the 90's had some damn good music. I wish I could go back.
LuvEE I adore this song. My mama says it's because I was conceived to this song (eewwww!) - or at least she thinks so - sorry, TMI, I know! *LOL*
LuvEE Off to dreamland with Robert Plant and The Honeydrippers. I <3 this song!
LuvEE Aimee Mann and 'Til Tuesday...this was an 80's staple!


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LuvEE Something about this song that's so timeless. It's maybe the hundredth time I've heard it and I enjoy it just the same each time.
LuvEE Still an insanely good dance track!

Animotion - Obsession

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LuvEE This song always makes me smile in a wicked way.
LuvEE Starting off the day with a sexy little jam from the goodness of Jill Scott.
LuvEE My fave JS song! This blip's for my pal @DoubleG72 who recently popped his Jill Scott cherry. ;)
LuvEE SO talented! Wish she'd get more recognition as her voice is absolutely stellar.
DoubleG72 A smooth sound to start the day with some coffee.
LuvEE One of the finest from The Goddess herself. SO smooth.
LuvEE Beautiful, beautiful song. It got played out on the radio, it but never lost it's magic for me.
LuvEE A sexy Jazz interpretation of Tevin Campbell's hit by the uber talented Kirk Whalum.
DoubleG72 Another great cover from the "kings"...Eat your heart out Dean Martin ;-p
DoubleG72 OH..HELL...YES..... @kcluvv - Right Back at you...My Ol' Skool Track of the day! ....and it's in Philly Yo!
DoubleG72 Before the Fresh Prince made the sound ubiquitous with "Summertime"...The "gang" brought the madness ;-)
showmeprotools It's okay to be a one-hit wonder when the hits are this big. This is over 20 years old and it's still as catchy as ever.
LuvEE Because every good playlist needs a little INXS.
LuvEE Berlin, dude! Same people who sang that Take My Breath Away song? I hadn't put 2 & 2 together, but I really dig this tune.


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DoubleG72 Nice selection @kcluvv !! ...Great beats! Makes me wanna get up and dance. (reblip)
LuvEE It's the only Sophie B. Hawkins song I know, but DAMN, it's still just as hot as ever.


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LuvEE "I know what boys like, boys like, boys like...ME," That's for Kitty and The Bee. ;-)
LuvEE Takin' ya back. Hey, Erasure had a buncha good songs back in their heyday.
LuvEE A bit o' Trance from ATB to get the day started.
LuvEE "Shake your tambourine, go and get ya-self a whistle..."


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LuvEE Another fly groove from Thievery Corporation. LOVE!
LuvEE A naughty little jam from Jason Mraz. Yup, the same dude who writes and sings all those cute songs...he's got some *RAWR!* in him, for sure! ;-)
hollywilli Should probably go on volume 2...
LuvEE Oooh! YES. TY (forgot who I RB'd from, sorry!) (reblip)
LuvEE Just some of the goodness that is Thom Yorke.
mrrowe8 wasn't a big fan but this one rocks"pictures of you"
LuvEE "Guys, you know you betta watch out..." One of LH's greatest.
LuvEE This is one SEXY effin' song! LOVE IT.
LuvEE I can play this all day in my iPod and never tire of it.
LuvEE Very cool jam, great beat, can't help but wanna dance.
LuvEE This song is sampled a lot, used in commercials, etc, but it's still a GREAT piece. A staple of the 90's in my opinion. <3
LuvEE Super catchy little tune. This song is totally cool.
LuvEE This one goes in my all-time-top-5. Seriously.

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

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LuvEE Yup, you know that you snapped your fingers to this song, back in the day...
LuvEE C'mon, you know that you too bobbed your head to this song back in the 90's... ;-)
LuvEE From back in the day, when the Fugees were the shizz...
LuvEE One of the Wilson sisters' finest!


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LuvEE Serious toe-tapping song...hell, I wanna dance to it!
LuvEE A true talent. No matter what kinda crazy she pulls - her talent is genuine.
LuvEE My favorite Amy Winehouse song. Beautiful!
Joleesa ★one of my favorites!★ ...It took so long, for me to realize how strong your heart is and all this time, my mind was working in strange ways... (reblip)
LuvEE Yup, you read right. Bette Midler. And her cover is better than The Stones' version, in my opinion.
LuvEE I <3 Portishead!They've been around for over 10 years and their music was so ahead of it's time back when they started and still is now.
LuvEE Amazing tracks, great beats, haunting lyrics...Massive Attack should be in a category of it's own.
LuvEE Downtempo electronica with a haunting dance beat. Gotta sit back and savor the experience.
LuvEE What say you to a bit o' electronic dance tracks? I'm in the mood.
LuvEE Oh yeah, this one always gets me to move.
LuvEE Ooooh! "Don't stop, don't stop the beat!"
LuvEE Oh yeah...needing to fill the gap with a bit o' funk.
LuvEE Hells yes! Instant, get-up-off-your-seat and dance! Raise your hand if you remember roller-skating to this song...*LOL*
LuvEE And on that note..."Last call for alcohol!" *LOL* Actually, I'm calling it a day and leaving you with this funky little tune. Enjoy.
LuvEE Ready to get your Friday party on?
LuvEE My ALL TIME favorite band. "Just a castaway...an island lost at sea..."
mrrowe8 lets stay in the memory mode while its clear, C&C Music Factory – Here We Go
mrrowe8 and the #1 riff of ALL TIME anyone wanna fight on this 1 ,Purple Haze
LuvEE "Music is my boyfriend..." Right, @DoubleG72? I know you can understand. ;-)
LuvEE Rock with a bit o' reggae influence all nicely bundled in a New Wave sound in the midst of an 80's hair rock revolution. Brilliant.
LuvEE Man! This is a toe-tapper for sure and don't even dare pretend it isn't. *LOL*
LuvEE Ah. LOVED him, once, many moons ago. He wasn't just another pretty face and actually had a buncha great tunes.
LuvEE More goodness from the uber-talented Wilson sisters.


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LuvEE An old (but KICK ASS) progressive rock track.

RushTom Sawyer

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LuvEE The Offspring has so many good tracks under their belt but this one's a classic with the 70's-punk influenced sound.
LuvEE Damn, too bad they fell apart. Blink rocks!
LuvEE First heard them on the Reality Bites soundtrack and have loved them ever since.
LuvEE And this one, I simply adore. His biggest [and maybe ONLY] hit, but he hit it outta the ballpark for me.
LuvEE Perfect addition to the playlist, right, @DoubleG72?
LuvEE Love the subtle Ska style of this song and beats.
LuvEE Diggin' the distorted guitar sound and the almost understated vocals of this track.
LuvEE There's almost a haunting quality to this track that really draws me in.
LuvEE Because I'm currently sitting at a beachside bar, Blippin' with my friends, I'm in the mood for some Smooth Jazz goodness. Be jealous, peeps! :-P
LuvEE Love her accent and this tune is just so damn catchy and beachy-feelin'.
LuvEE "Yeah! Are you diggin' on me? I'm diggin' on you now, baby..." Mmmm, yeah.
LuvEE Signing off for a bit and leaving you with some John Legend indulgence. This man's got a serious handle on that soul revival thing!
ememmyem Love the klaxons &this another slick cover from them.. <3the english tones coming through on a US Urban track sexily incongruent
LuvEE Just 'cause it rocks, dude.
LuvEE Damn it! Why didn't my parents name me 'Amanda'? *LOL*


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LuvEE Had to reblip it cause my pal @ememmyem digs it and she's the one that got me hooked on it. Bitch. *mwah!* (reblip)
LuvEE This is a simple testament that good music transcends time.
LuvEE Courtesy of mah girl, @ememmyem...zank u, dahlink! (reblip)
Bracus72 Classic tune. Made greater by Robert Plant. Man, that guy can sing!.
Bracus72 A true hip hop classic! Just good fun and dancin'! Doowutchyalike!
LuvEE Don't know why this song came to mind, but it always makes me feel good when it does. Maybe cause I'm "pissin' the night away?"
FPonTheDL @RPatZHood... Whoa no wait not what I want to say....This isn't me!
Joleesa And my arms need someone Someone to enfold To keep me warm when Mondays and Tuesdays grow cold Love for all my life to have and to hold...
LuvEE @FPDJ1: Aaaww, sweet! Lovely, lovely song. Makes me smile everytime I hear it. Thanks! (reblip)
LuvEE Ya know, Lynyrd had many good songs in their heyday, not JUST Sweet Home Alabama.
LuvEE Oh hell, I heard this song yesterday and KNEW that I had to blip it. KS was the king of slay back in the day.
LuvEE Mmmm, yeah. Shake it, just a little.
LuvEE Meow, meow...do you have a secret lover? I know that YOU do.
LuvEE Too bad he fell off the face of the earth. He had some pretty tight jams in the 90's.
LuvEE <3 Ah...j'adore cette chanson. <3
LuvEE Heard this song while driving yesterday and just had to bring it back on blip.
LuvEE @DoubleG72: "Cool Song........'nuff said... " AGREED. Hey @OIPEm...what do you think of this tune? ;-) (reblip)
LuvEE @OIPEm: Thank you, my loverly! It made me fall in love with Jonny, too. (reblip)
LuvEE @OIPEm: One last reblip from my Meow-Meow. I <3 the Stereophonics and wish they'd get more credit in the States. (reblip)
LuvEE Because all things JB are golden. Believe it.

Lover, you should've come over

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LuvEE This dude had a couple of good songs long ago, this was deffo one of them.
LuvEE A bit o' "Gunter glieben glauchen globen,"...saw them in a small concert last year. Still rockin'!
LuvEE This one's for my personal Guitar Hero who adores this song and plays it amazingly well.
LuvEE Mmhmm...this song will probably outlive Rod himself for ages.
LuvEE Dude, I'm HATING the YT links that Blip added on here. The songs choke because of it! Get rid of them, Blip. Please!
LuvEE Takin' ya back. 1980-what? Who cares. I danced my ass off to this track back then, still dancing to it now.
LuvEE A little Debbie Harry with a funky dance beat from waaaay back in my club kid days on South Beach.
LuvEE Do YOU need a theme song, sweetie? ;-)
LuvEE Just came across this one accidentally, but just HAD TO blip it!

Mystikal Shake Ya Ass

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LuvEE Long live Michael Hutchence...
LuvEE Reblipping it because I wanna go to sleep with this beauty in mind. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jonny and this song. <3 (reblip)
LuvEE Cameo's funk is all kinds of intoxicating.


| play
LuvEE Just heard this on Pandora and had to add it for my Blippers.
LuvEE Wow, this takes me back. South Beach, circa 1989, maybe? Tres-cool.


| play
LuvEE I totally remember being 15 or 16, ditching school, laying out on the beach, and blasting Sweet Sensation from our radio. Good times.
LuvEE Okay, raise your hand if you rollerskated to this song...*raises hand*

Planet Rock Soul Sonic Force

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LuvEE @DoubleG72: "Only one word to describe this song....SMOOOOTTHH!" Great choice, DG! I agree, so I'm reblipping it. (reblip)


| play
LuvEE @westham999: TY! Reblipping cause I <3 this track too. (reblip)
LuvEE I have thing for ATB. Everything cranked out is golden for me.
DoubleG72 This woman kicks-ass...I know of no other artist that is so smooth & sensual on EVERY...TRACK! TY @showmeprotools (reblip)

Sade Lover's Rock

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LuvEE J'adore cette chanson. Reminds me of Franz, though. (reblip)
LuvEE @ememmyem: "@kcluvv: Travis...somehow makes me think of the Git and I... <3 you K" *Mwah!* Right back atcha, BB! (reblip)


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LuvEE @DJLavinator: Along the same vein...a bit o' psychadelic DZ to get blood pumping. And since you're a 'Cool Kid' on Blip, I thought it appropriate. ;)

DZBe Cool

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LuvEE Because music ain't music without a little SRV in it. Thanks for the reminder, B!
LuvEE And a little KWS, since I started things of with SRV (his mentor).
LuvEE One last Jonny tune, I promise! I love Blues and this track brings it!
LuvEE Just caught your Blip list, @OneA - you've got some great tracks there! (reblip)
DJWillRoc great for a wedding. I usually like to get on the mic and say something like " hey u fuckin saps here a diddy for ya" they like that.....
LuvEE One of my top 10's...Jonny Lang. So incredibly talented!
LuvEE I'm in the mood for a little Lisa Lisa...
westham999 @kcluvv ~~ try this....Ercola Feat Daniella – Every Word (Wendel Kos Radio Edit)
LuvEE Great song to work out to. It's on replay on my daily runs.
turbolax here's anotha great song to work out to! @kcluvv Great song to work out to. It's on replay on my daily runs.


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turbolax @kcluvv here's anotha great one to work out to!!

KoRn- Here To Stay

| play
LuvEE J'adore cette chanson! Had to play it - getting amped up for later today. It's a GOOD day. *evil grin*

BT Simply Being Loved (Somnambulist)

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LuvEE Lil' Weezy sure gets my blood pumping with this song. His songs are always so naughty and fun.
LuvEE Good morning Blippers & Tweeties! How about a happy-tappy tune to get your morning rollin' along?
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