Madayar Heard the unplugged version today - nearly forgot this song existed! My favourite for about a year of my life.
Madayar There's this girl I don't know...
Madayar Never a frown with Golden Brown
Madayar Welcome to the House of Fun!
Madayar For a very long time this song was me. And I was this song.
Madayar Jump, jump, jump! Baggy trousers! Baggy trousers! Oh the fun we had!
Madayar I don't. Still, I adore. Silently. From the sideline.
Madayar There's a blog called "Madayar's Madness". It's not me. It's ABOUT me! Mad world...
Madayar Great movie. Good song. Nice place to live.

ACDC - Sin city

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Madayar Having fun out there?

ACDCRiff Raff

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Madayar Relax. Nothing really matters.
Madayar The secret how to win about every game on the Nintendo Wii:
Madayar More More More More More old school!
Madayar Gotta love men at work.

Third world Reggae ambassador

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Madayar The Album: O mare familie (One Big Family) The Song: Mai Vrei? (You want more?) I wish I could get it. It's romanian. Can't find it here.

Mai Vrei SISU & PUYA

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Madayar @sinistra_blache Any news on our bunkers?
Madayar @Jentern Hey there, wonderful. How's life down the rock street?
Madayar Gotta love your danish models.
Madayar You got Poison to perform at our wedding? - We're Cyanide, a loving tribute to Poison - we need a ride home!
Madayar OH! (to all the girls that make me think this)
Madayar @khali_blache And you know why!
Madayar @Jentern Hey, how are you doing? Long time no hear. You're not on Twitter?
Madayar I just like her! I like her acting, I like what I know about her and I wish we were friends and I sound terribly naive so here's this @kirstendunst
Madayar Dedicated @khali_blache. She knows why. She truly does.
Madayar For @khali_blache. Out of various reasons.
Madayar The City of Angels has it's own holy men!
Madayar Somehow this just sprung into my mind...
Madayar Be british. Be english. Go nuts over football results.


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Madayar Pity there's nearly no jukeboxes anymore...
Madayar Anti-Ana songs were written FIRST!
Madayar Nice for Mentris. Mentris - Tetris in your head.
Madayar This is how a German single dreams. Speaking of which: Good night!
Madayar Mental Tetris is now officially declared "Mentris". No relation to "mentos". Also: It's okay to lose in Mentris. I say so. And I invented it!


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Madayar This was the music playing while I played Tetris in my mind. And was losing. How can you lose mental Tetris?!?


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Madayar Best love song I can think of in modern times. It expresses what I feel then.
Madayar For @blue_rose : MY song. This is how it feels to be me.
Madayar Steve Martin just rips off Peter Finch, doesn't he?
Madayar Sometimes I'd love to just lie back in a lawn chair and listen to that nonsense music for a while...well, I'm tired.
Madayar Guess what I just saw?

03- Kung Fu Fighting - Bus Stop Ft Carl Douglas

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Madayar Bring out the moon.


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Madayar Dance, @khali_blache, dance! Pound the floor with your feet! Your grace is our strength.
Madayar Midsommar is not so far away! Dance, you heathenly gobs!

Herr Mannelig

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Madayar All aboard! It's midnight, new day about to launch!
Madayar Some traditions are

Herr Mannelig

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Madayar Once a night this just has to be.
Madayar Time to greet the night appropriately.
Madayar If you never had a woman who you could thank for, you still have to trade in your soul to find her...


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Madayar You're somewhere out there.
Madayar °:][:° Nothing really matters
Madayar Watch the video. Nowadays not even Gay Pride Parades go that far. Hehe. Good song, anyways.
Madayar Remembering a girl. Introduced me to this. And others. Miss her. Time will weaken the pain. Never the memory.
Madayar Da-dadadada-dadada-dadadada-dadadadada-dadadada!
Madayar I didn't do it. Nobody saw me do it. You can't proove anything!
Madayar Favourite season. Still have to survive the summer.
Madayar One of the first songs I EVER heard from them.
Madayar This is how the day feels so far. Practical Joke.
Madayar 60 years of the Republic! Raise your pints!
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