ManPanties Featuring the glamorous Amanda Lepore.
ManPanties Make sure you know how to use your power tools ladies n' gents.
ManPanties Ooooh you touch my ta la la... [That MOUSTACHE!]

Gunther-ding ding dong

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ManPanties Just a fish in the Atlantic.
ManPanties You'll just have to trust me that whatever she's saying is dirty as hell.
ManPanties Because they have electronic music in Canada, too.

fairmont gazebo dance house

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ManPanties And now for something completely different...
ManPanties Mommy, can I go out and kill tonight?
ManPanties Glitchy indie bootie musik for the new generation.
ManPanties MMMM HMM that's right

Fanny Pack "Cameltoe" Music Video (HQ) (+Lyrics)

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ManPanties The one the only Richie Hawtin ladies and gentlemen.
ManPanties That's an order, sonny.

Shake & Pop

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ManPanties This one's for the broke ass hos.

Dj Assault

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ManPanties EV Panic by Ra. Video by Ra. My babies? by Ra.


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ManPanties This song is by a Swedish artist and is about him and his friends kicking ass at an MMORPG. Cheesy techno loving dorks everywhere rejoice.


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ManPanties I wish the milk man would deliver my milk in the morning....

Aphex TwinMilk Man

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ManPanties My friends roommate has this gigantic cross tattooed on his back. When I asked why he said it was the cover of an album by some band called Justice.
ManPanties Good chill out music by Modeselektor and the Ghost of Thom Yorke Past.
ManPanties The best drag queen of our time.


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ManPanties We love cheesy upbeat club trax, don't we?

KlaasHow does it feel

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ManPanties Nice fx in this one. Sorta like being in an airport...


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ManPanties I like this video but am not sure if it is sending the right message to our kids...
ManPanties Featuring Duran Duran strapped to what look to be spits?
ManPanties Obey my demands. Trust my dog.


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ManPanties Tiny Japanese kid kickin' ass.
ManPanties I want to make love to a mannequin.
ManPanties A lovely hybrid of LA Rock by Vitalic and Hand to Phone by Adult.
ManPanties Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass by I-F (you are better off buying this one as the internet version is shite)


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ManPanties Modeselektor & Apparat is love.

ModeratA New Error

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ManPanties Yoko Ono & Blow Up In your face.

YOKO ONO & BLOW-UP "Every Man/Every Woman"

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ManPanties Mondays generally speaking have a significant lack of bootie shaking. Here is my small contribution.
ManPanties Daly City Records in the house!
ManPanties He was at an underground party. A rave.
ManPanties No idea what's going on in this video... but it is fairly awesome.
ManPanties Let's go to G Mart.

Bong-Ra '666MPH'

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ManPanties snap crackle and pop.


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ManPanties I really want to be the Aphex Twin teddy for Halloween some year...
ManPanties Pretty floaty in space type stuff.


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ManPanties Let's pretend we're bunny rabbits. Let's do it all day long.
ManPanties You put me in the magic position.
ManPanties Is she dancing on cocaine? Or is it just me...
ManPanties This video is like being inside of a kaleidoscope.
ManPanties Born to love and live for joy.
ManPanties Sandwiches sandwiches

Claws I want a sandwich

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ManPanties Have you had your breaks today?
ManPanties It was like they were meant to be together...
ManPanties We'll shine like stars.

Covenant Bullet (ellen allien 'flow mix')

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ManPanties Well, it's true.

barbara morgenstern: we're all gonna fucking die

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ManPanties Oh Covenant. I want to have your man babies...
ManPanties Hoovering your phonic. Daily.

"Shake The Disease" Hooverphonic

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ManPanties Gotta love old school Dracula. You know... ohne Winona Ryder's heaving bosom?
ManPanties What were the skies like when you were little?
ManPanties Put on my sneakers so I can show them.
ManPanties So what it is?

Coup de Foudre/Leonard de Leonard

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ManPanties t. raumshmiere - kinder


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ManPanties There's nothing quite like jello for energy.
ManPanties Quite a lovely track from Mr. Funke.
ManPanties Because some mornings only Duran Duran will do.
ManPanties I get it. I got it. I know it's good. It's the beat.
ManPanties Because we love anything that has the ding dong song in it.


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ManPanties Oh cute lil yellow muppet thing...

Mr. Oizo Flat Beat

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paul kalkbrenner absynthe

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ManPanties This is this.

Shadow Dancer-This Is This

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Speedy J-EDLX Tool (Chris Liebing Edit)

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Mount Sims "How We Do"

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Client : Drive

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Electrocute-I Need A Freak

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ManPanties Love this dance move...


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Saalschutz-leererer, inhaltsloserer Ausdruck (feat. stina galaxina)

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ManPanties Just in case any of you were wondering what my flat looks like...
ManPanties Shake dat ass! Show me what you workin' with!

egoexpress telefunken

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ManPanties beep beep boop.

plemo nitzpipp

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ManPanties So that's what plastic surgery is like...

MOTOR- Bleep #1

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ManPanties This is just weird enough to qualify.
ManPanties I hope that it is cozy.

DJ KozeEstrella

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ManPanties And this is what I did today.


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ManPanties I shop here all the time...
ManPanties Cheesy Elektro Liebt!

FPU- "Ocean Drive"

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ManPanties Looks like a nice... exercise machine.

my robot friend 'DEAD'

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Little Computer People orginal

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ManPanties How can one man have so many names? How can one man with so many names be so damn good?
ManPanties Music for your toys to dance to when you're not around.

Chris Clark / Baraka

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ManPanties great vid. great track. what more do you want?


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ManPanties Dedicated to the man of my dreams: steven seagal
ManPanties Rewind the track spin the record and take it back.


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ManPanties Another pretty one. It's a day for pretty things.
ManPanties reblipping a new version cuz the old is unavailable.
to01 für das reisen an sich, auch wenn es mit ankunft verbunden sein muss…
ManPanties Am loving this one lately.

Global Goon / Vatican Nitez

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ManPanties Everybody dance!


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ManPanties Like a record, baby. @ManaJunkie: "You spin me round" (reblip)

Dead or Alive You Spin Me Round

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ManPanties Everyone dance!

Stereo Total "Ich bin der Stricherjunge"

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aliizandra Anthony Green - Dear Child (I've Been Dying To Reach You) #musicmonday

new breath -KAP BAMBINO

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ManPanties Yah! @dochugo: "✰✰✰✰ // ❀favorites❀ @MissDiggity did you save 'god deliver us'. hahahaha funny stuff @DJFrankie" (reblip)
ManPanties Something to stare at / listen to the next time you're in a K hole.
ManPanties This seems only appropriate as I am ill today.
ManPanties This music video = fabulous
ManPanties Sometimes I have days like this...

DAT PoliticsThis Way

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ManPanties scary clown electro is a genre all to itself.

cobra killer: mund auf augen zu

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ManPanties Yeah break those Ikea glasses!
ManPanties Kablamo.

Ec8or Dynamite (better Quality)

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ManPanties I am a Cosmo Ho and I like alcohol.
ManPanties Warning this video contains strobe lighting.

MotormarkNote To Self

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ManPanties Apparently these ladies once released an EP entitled "Joan of Ass".
ManPanties Mommy, can I be Nic Endo when I grow up?

Nic EndoWhite Heat

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Felix Kubin "Hotel Supernova"

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in flagranti nonplusultra sex schon remix

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ManPanties Can't remember if I already blipped this... well, f*ck it.
ManPanties Girl has got some vocals, yall.

Chew LipsSolo

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ManPanties Because it's time for this now.

Jesse RoseWell Now

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ManPanties I'm seriously diggin' this pizza man.
ManPanties Just a typical Monday night... lying on the floor of some warehouse with glitter everywhere...
ManPanties Last one of the night kids. Enjoy.


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DE DE MOUSE / baby's star jam (PV)

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ManPanties Anything having to do with zombies is okay by me.

Designer DrugsZombies

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ManPanties Japonaise Tag (pt.2)

Rei HarakamiCape

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ManPanties I am pretty sure this title has absolutely nothing to do with drugs. And the video doesn't either.
ManPanties Retro rave out.

SymbolOne Everything Louder Then Everything Else

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JEAN NIPON "Lost In Music"

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LikeAnAngel hey @dronnoisseur --hope you're feeling better!

The CureCold

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sandyriverside @robotnik I heard you got Super Binary Code, now with 0,1, and 2!!!! Good time to switch up cars, the 2013 Volvos are going to be slick.
ManPanties Always liked this one.

LFO DemonBomb Club

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ManPanties I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass. And I'm all out of bubble gum.

Dj Floorclearer-They live

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ManPanties Criiiiipppplllleeee fiiiiight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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quorum [4007/5300] :: Have the courage to take your own thoughts seriously, for they will shape you. -- Albert Einstein
ManPanties big up to Koze 4 getting everyone to chill out in the creepiest way possible
ManPanties disco disco disco fun.

vitalic poison lips

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ManPanties Nice one! @djilo: "Mango & Kazusa – Sunahama" (reblip)
ManPanties My cup runneth over with cheesy spy films and indie rock? Thnx Daedelus.
ManPanties Party time is anytime and anytime is party time....
ManPanties oh honeys on da flo

Otto Von Shirach "Subatomic Disco Divas" Official Music Video

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ManPanties Hello u bleeping blippers

Jeff MillsHumana

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ManPanties If you ever wanted to learn how to be a graphic designer. Here you go.
ManPanties sounds like such a nice place...
ManPanties You must remember. You have a wife and children at home.
ManPanties Oh my goodness you are built in autotune!
ManPanties Seriously. No More Audio Ads.
ManPanties I know.. I've blipped it before.. but it's SO GOOD.


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