MapleLeaves sorry, just one more. it was far to funky to wait.
MapleLeaves yeah!!! who else wants to dance to this?!
MapleLeaves and now, a catchy tune from a pair of truly talented musicians.
MapleLeaves okay everyone, time to dance and sing along.
MapleLeaves YES! Andre Benjamin! Bring the electrofunk! (also, i hear peanut butter and jelly sandwiches aren't the only thing kelis makes well)
MapleLeaves you can slowly fold and mold my mind.
MapleLeaves oh biggie, what won't you do...


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MapleLeaves probably more energy in you than me right now... (reblip)
MapleLeaves OHHHHHH!!!! I thought you said maple leaves! What a delightful misunderstanding! (his lyrics are so ridiculous)
MapleLeaves great track from a great band. not surprising.
MapleLeaves how many of us decided in our youth on a policy of truth?
MapleLeaves so funkily catchy, especially the intertwining vocals towards the end. I like every part if this song. What a talented musician.
MapleLeaves love his lyrics and delivery. i ought to listen to more of him.
Radiobread mmmm Voodoo Child (Slight Return) / Sunshine Of Your Love - Jimi Hendrix..
MapleLeaves just had to blip this gem, in all of it's original darkened glory.
MapleLeaves loved this genre of music during the 90's. This is one of the better tracks to emerge from that scene.
MapleLeaves man, the guitar throughout this song is so good it almost hurts.
MapleLeaves funny and fast, Busta's one of my favorite MC's.


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MapleLeaves a very talented group. It shows on this track.
MapleLeaves @alicia_: "Ahhh, try to be still while listening to this. IT WON'T HAPPEN." absolutely. Biz Markie's delivery is so gritty. (reblip)
MapleLeaves i think it's hilarious he was accused of rape... nobody saw that comin' huh?

(02) shake ya ass

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MapleLeaves the most widely palatable off his solo release. Very catchy.
MapleLeaves one of my favorite song names
MapleLeaves couldn't stop thinking about this song today.
MapleLeaves Outkast's verses: spectacular All other verses: rubbish
MapleLeaves what a great ending to a great album.
MapleLeaves yeah, don't you flan in the face!
MapleLeaves haha, find me in my field of grass... indeed.
MapleLeaves YES!!! i think of all the covers I've found today, this is by far the most rewarding. enjoy everybody.


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worldisphat [Barrett Strong – Money (That's What I Want)] (reblip)
MapleLeaves @dcsn keep up the Pittsburgh love man, we gotta prove we're more than beer-guts, bad accents, and pollution.
MapleLeaves YES!!! can't describe how happy i am now that i've found this! Birds & Batteries covering Neil Young... just wait till the drums come in @alicia_

01 Heart Of Gold

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MapleLeaves i seem to always be in the mood for this dude...
MapleLeaves the lyrics are just one of many reasons to dig this track.
MapleLeaves this song scrambled my brain the first time i heard it. i just wanted to hear it louder, and for it never to stop. rb@nemesisurchin (reblip)
MapleLeaves come on little rabbit...
MapleLeaves nice! couldn't find this other than searching for the CD it was on... "Verve Remixed"... tasty old-school tracks that got a modern twist.
MapleLeaves oh hell yes. I'm so excited this video is on here, i don't know what to do with myself. pure genius.
MapleLeaves i've played this for myself at least 50 times in the past week... enjoy.
MapleLeaves great audio of a great cover. speaking of sexy voices.... #coversthatdontsuck
GarlandGrey AIR cover // Also, that song that was in The Virgin Suicides... COME GET IT Emo girls! // rb@Franimal @ecniv (reblip)

Phoenix plays "Playground Love"

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MapleLeaves when there weren't any parties, sometimes she'd party with townies.
MapleLeaves i just want four walls and adobe slabs for my girls.
waj @MapleLeaves always had a soft spot for this version...fits into the current anti valentine theme as well (!)
MapleLeaves HOLY SHIT THIS WAS FILMED IN PITTSBURGH. 5 sweet guitars, harmonies, and one hilarious unnecessary gypsy dancer. @irishvan @gophmeister @Alicia


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newNEWwave Hello @all. Heard this...Got Shivers...Had to blip it. All work and no blip is making me a dull boy.
MapleLeaves thank god for elliott smith. he gave poignant voice to the underlying angst that plagues anybody who's paying attention.


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westham999 Marvin Gaye v Radiohead – Sexual High ~ Mashup Sweetness ~ (reblip)
MapleLeaves interesting remix @nastysurprise72 oddly soulful in an electonically blippy sort of way. (reblip)
MapleLeaves i'd like to get over you... (anyone else think it's incredibly sexy that she plays the bass for this song?)
MapleLeaves how incredible is it that he plays live sets with the flaming lips from time to time?
MapleLeaves can it be?! all 7 of their early videos back to back?!! after sifting through SO many covers these are a sight for sore eyes.
MapleLeaves every particle of my being melted the first time i listened to this. rb@gonequiet (reblip)
MapleLeaves boy, i'd sure like to check these guys out live...
MapleLeaves seems like more of a cover than a remix... darn good either way. (reblip)
MapleLeaves nice one. rb@badtemperedzombie: "my favourite little cheery offering from Mr Yorke et al" (reblip)
MapleLeaves i need to have listened to this 50 times already. excellent stuff. rb@DesertLily vi@nastysurprise72 (reblip)
MapleLeaves amazing acoustic version.

I Am Trying To Break Your Heart opening credits

| play
MapleLeaves i believe i shall. g'night all... i'm going to go to sleep and let this wash all over me.
christianrokk @mediajorgenyc: "The Notorious B.I.G. Ft Neneh Cherry – Buddy X (Unrealesed)" (reblip)
MapleLeaves i know... mashups have gotten tired, but this works surprisingly well... i'd venture that it even sounds classy.
MapleLeaves damn right.

Holland, 1945 by Neutral Milk Hotel

| play
MapleLeaves ha. alright... once you get past the choral intro (which is actually pretty sweet) enjoy the original goodness.

Danger Mouse And Jemini Ghetto Pop Life & intro

| play
MapleLeaves this video might be my favorite ever.
MapleLeaves this video is incredible.


| play
MapleLeaves found this and it's too good not to share. a little jammy, but what else would you expect from bonnaroo.
MapleLeaves thanks for getting my back like chiroprac everyone... 3000 props! whooo!
MapleLeaves an incredible adaptation of "moonchild" by king crimson. these guys know their stuff.

DovesM62 Song

| play

The Apples in stereo "Energy" Directed by Elijah Wood

| play
MapleLeaves man, i keep forgetting how much i love this track. i need to stop doing that...
MapleLeaves alright! i love this sound... bring on the emergence of the electro-funk party-pop scene!

Aqueduct "Hardcore Days / Softcore Nights" HQ

| play
MapleLeaves rb@Shelbirdy @handstamp: "I don't care if i lose listeners... this remix is so worth it." i completely agree. (reblip)
MapleLeaves fantastic cover. @rkmonkey: "i dig the lips... the stripes vid nearly gave me a seizure rb@MarcusDeSouza" their shows are so incredible. (reblip)
MapleLeaves @Nymph: "I love this video for too many reasons to list. (& music itself of course)" i completely agree. well put. (reblip)
tubilino Maps

Rogue Wave "Maps" (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

| play
MapleLeaves okay, enough for now kiddos. thanks for listening, have a pleasant evening.
MapleLeaves ... i'll probably be doing the exact same thing i'm doing right now...
MapleLeaves one of my favorite biggie flows ever. its tough to say whether i like this or the original better.
elliott425 Ladies and gentlemen Elliott relation.
MapleLeaves holy crap, i'm completely floored by how awesome this is. i'm definitely looking forward to getting to know this band. a million thanks to @SergeStray (reblip)
MapleLeaves *sigh*

Sharon Van Etten sings "For You" at The Apartment

| play
MapleLeaves dude, if you like that one @DLOC, wait till you get a load of this. smooth as silk on a baby's cheek.
MapleLeaves k, last one. this video makes me happy. (couldn't find it on blip, i guess it's new)
MapleLeaves this is great! @Nymph: "zap.. (geek theme)" (reblip)

Suburban Kids with Biblical Names "Loop duplicate my heart"

| play
MapleLeaves this is so sweet. what are these guys, 17?!
nastysurprise @MDJMER Here's another one I found last week. I forgot who it was that turned me onto these. Another blipper from Michigan. Was it you?
BarryJive rb @lalagator: "rb @Deoxy" oh I love both of these (reblip)

Bon Iver & Bowerbirds "Lovin's for Fools"

| play
MapleLeaves how's this for a beautiful track?
MapleLeaves whoa man, i totally forgot about this alternate version... i used to listen to this all the time, it was on a looser b-side i think... sooo good.
MapleLeaves bring the yorke anyway @scound: "What I don't have to worry about since my laptop speakers are so crappy!" (reblip)
MapleLeaves what is this?

Where's Jesus?

| play
MapleLeaves had to hear the simple piano version.
MapleLeaves come on baby, play me something like "here comes the sun" (she's pretty hot)

Gimme Sympathy [Official Music Video]

| play
MapleLeaves ladies and gentlemen, MF Doom... i DIG this MC.
MapleLeaves and here he is folks, the legend himself on the keys... he may not look like much, but underneath that afro lurks unparalleled creative genius. dig.

Gnarls Barkley Live From The Astoria 2- Part 1- Charity Case

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noiseAnnoys83 rb@HermanBlume: That's interesting. Dev Banhart is doing remixes these days. (reblip)
PunkBroc @axefield @MapleLeaves (Howlin' Mad lives on in our hearts) (reblip)

Sealab 2021 Aguas do Marco

| play
MapleLeaves got to have kaya now, for the rain is falling. one of my favorite tracks to toke to... INFINITELY better than the other version. infinitely.
MapleLeaves amazing version of a creepily catchy song. rb@shutterfire (reblip)
MapleLeaves i couldn't more enamored with the treasure trove of acoustic versions he's done from the tracks on Modern Guilt.
MapleLeaves good evening blippers. i just got pulled over on my way home, and narrowly avoided a terrible situation. this song was my soundtrack. thanks jónsi.

Jónsi -- Tornado(Go Quiet Acoustic Version)

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MapleLeaves still haven't heard this enough. tried to buy his album today, my local record store was sold out. good for him. (reblip)

Arcade Fire- Sprawl II (Tommie Sunshine's Quaalude Edit)

| play

Nick Drake Parasite

| play
MapleLeaves hooray for music! thanks to my listeners! much love to musicians and appreciators everywhere! huzzah for an international music sharing community!

Alex Winston | Locomotive | A Take Away Show

| play
SoMuch Thanks :) ...Is three times too much for this in one day? @jfgill
MapleLeaves whoah... rb@SoMuch didn't know this was out there... what a collaboration... (reblip)

Frightened Rabbit Backyard Skulls BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge 2013

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