MarissaZofia You know you want to learn the dance to this song....

A.R. RahmanJai Ho

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MarissaZofia And all you see is where else you could be, when you're at home...
modernartrocks simple minds...from one of my favorite movies :)
MarissaZofia One of my all-time favorites!
TylerDaVideoGuy One of the best driving songs EVER. Put the top down...
MarissaZofia You should know this song if you watch Grey's Anatomy...
smartard vi@wayoutosphere...can you tell I'm excited about Star Trek? I'm a long and prosper:)
MarissaZofia This was on the most recent episode of One Tree Hill. It was a nice find. :]
MarissaZofia They didnt have the Tommie Sunshine Brooklyn Fire Retouch version from Snakes on a Plane, but that's ok, cause this song rocks no matter.
MarissaZofia One of my favorites...simple, but sweet.
MarissaZofia Havent listened to this one in a while, but was obsessed with it a couple years back. If you dont have this should.
MarissaZofia I believe this is what started my Frou Frou addiction some years back....

Frou FrouLet Go

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MarissaZofia This whole album is amazing. So I'll prob blip all the songs. Lol.
MarissaZofia This was my first favorite off their new album...
MarissaZofia Love this song...the transitions are amazing.
MarissaZofia I am a writer, writer of fictions...i am the heart that you call home...
MarissaZofia Favorite...and what got me hooked on the Stars.
MarissaZofia Love this song! So many great lyrics.... "they dont play me on the radio..." "love me like fireworks..."
olumi_day Grapevine Fires /// something is seriously wrong with blip's live feed on my end so I might not be see blips/replies soon enough.. :( (reblip)
MarissaZofia Didnt love Sam's Town very much, but I did love this song. Plus, love the line "he doesnt look a thing like Jesus"
MarissaZofia La la la, la la la, LA, LA, LA! Lol. <3 One of my favorite Shins songs.
MarissaZofia Another of my all-time favorites. Its so much fun singing to this song at the top of your lungs with girlfriends. Lol.
DoomSwitch Nice smooth bubbly upbeat chill song
MarissaZofia Similar to their song Destiny, but also completely different. Oh and apparently Sia does their vocals! I didnt know that...
MarissaZofia <3 This is like the classic of all classics. Lol. And awesome to sing along to.
MarissaZofia Thanks for the find! Love good ol' 80's bands. :] (reblip)

TotoStop Loving You

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MarissaZofia when things start splitting at the seams...
MarissaZofia Stumbled upon these guys a few days ago. They're from the Netherlands.
MarissaZofia LOVE Utada Hikaru. Give her a listen. And if you play Kingdom Hearts you may have already heard her song Simple and Clean.
MarissaZofia Was in "Never Been Kissed" and it's another fabulous song by the Cardigans.
MarissaZofia "She's the second best killer that i've ever seen..."
MarissaZofia "I want to go to Hawaii..." oh wait I'm already here. :]


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MarissaZofia Love Lily Allen, especially her most recent album. And this is a great song!

Lily AllenThe Fear

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MarissaZofia Oh how I love my oldies... :]

OMDIf You Leave

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MarissaZofia This song goes back to middle school. Lol. Love Linkin Park! (reblip)

Linkin ParkNumb

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MarissaZofia LOVE this song. The original is good, but this collab gives me goosebumps everytime.
MarissaZofia "Why do you build me up!?" Love singing really loudly to this. :] Obvious classic.
DancingPhoenix @MarZofKenVin if you liked A Million Pieces i think you'll like this one too. its my favorite of hers. (reblip)
MarissaZofia Love this song. I personally feel it's Linkin Parks best song yet.
MarissaZofia One of my all-time favorite songs thanks to my pops. (Whoops wrong holiday. lol) Great message, more people should listen to this song.
MarissaZofia Another great cardigans song. And i guess it sort of fits in with the Mother's Day theme in an odd way...just realized that.
MarissaZofia honey this is just an itch i have to scratch...
MarissaZofia Couldnt find Satellites, so this is the runner up.
MarissaZofia <3 this song. Used to sing along to it in my car back in high school. :]
MarissaZofia I feel like going a little mainstream today...
MarissaZofia well baby i surrender to the strawberry ice cream...
MarissaZofia Such a touching song. From "A Land Before Time," one of my favorite movies possibly ever.
MarissaZofia Hahaha, oh god this brings back some funny memories...

Boney M.Rasputin

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MarissaZofia One of the most awesome songs ever! If you need to get pumped for something i suggest this song...
cncooper Flashback - At a school dance in the 90's, awkwardly slow dancing

Edwin McCainI'll Be

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MarissaZofia "oh i just know there's something bigger out there..."
MarissaZofia Lol. I think I enjoy this song too much.

3oh!3Star Strukk

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MarissaZofia Yay, they finally have this song!


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arkept I wanna wake up where you are, I won't say anything at all.

Goo Goo DollsSlide

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MarissaZofia This song just makes me smile.... :] and want to dance.


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MarissaZofia Outback Steakhouse anyone? Lol. <3 these guys. "Let pretend we dont exist, lets pretend we're in Antarctica!"
MarissaZofia I am obsessed with this has such great lyrics. #musicmonday
MarissaZofia This song is just too funny and fun to dance to. :]

3oh!3Don't Trust Me

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victorfernando @ryanfellman: "Always rockin' Linkin Park on #musicmonday (FAINT!)" (reblip)

linkin park - faint

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MarissaZofia This is my new anthem. :] I'm obsessed...and I need to clean, and this is just about some of the best music to clean to.


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MarissaZofia Love this song. My other blip of it stopped playing, so i'm reblipping. :]
MarissaZofia Take a long hard look at yourself. How did you end up here?
MarissaZofia Really like her singing this. :]

Katy Perry Electric Feel Live Lounge Cover

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MarissaZofia Cant believe I'm blipping this, but I do actually like this song. Probably her only really good song.
MarissaZofia Everyone should start listening to these guys. They're an awesome Danish band! You might recognize the song from a TV commercial for Samsung.

The Blue Van "Silly Boy"

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MarissaZofia My other one stopped working. :[ I am loving this song...and I'm so excited for TF2!!
MarissaZofia Really like the piano cover! I wish I could play the piano that well!
MarissaZofia Not sure how I feel about Chris Brown being back in the entertainment industry so soon, but this song is beautiful and it is for MJ.
MarissaZofia A certain person turned me on to the Klaxons. Still getting a feel, but I definitely think I like this song.
MarissaZofia #musicmonday Loving this song. 99 times - Kate Voegele
MarissaZofia From the night to the light, all plans are golden in your hands

KlaxonsGolden Skans

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firefly1234 Fleetwood Mac - Dreams

Fleetwood MacDreams

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MarissaZofia I know she knows I'm not fond of asking...
gabimillers no lamento haberlos sacrificado en Lollapalooza porque Kevin Barnes no se encueró como acostumbra...
MarissaZofia I admit it, the Twilight soundtrack is really good. Lol.
MarissaZofia Mutemath also did the new version of the old Transformers song for the first movie. :]


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MarissaZofia Full Moon - The Black Ghosts (Another Twilight song. lol.)
MarissaZofia One of my new favorite songs. :] Anyone who hasnt heard of them should check out The Republic Tigers. Awesome band.
MarissaZofia The Submarines-Brightest Hour "Wandering through starry skies & when tomorrow's day arrives i'll be a moment closer to the brightest hour here w/ you"
MarissaZofia I'm really liking this band. So everyone should check 'em out!
MarissaZofia I was looking for the Brightest Hour Morgan Page Remix, but I guess Peace & Hate will do.
MarissaZofia Just another song by the Republic Tigers that I love!
MarissaZofia My blips of this always seem to stop working :(

Cobra Starship: Good Girls Go Bad Lyrics!

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MarissaZofia "Close your eyes and make believe"


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MarissaZofia Oldy, but a goody :] Love the music video.

Gravity by John Mayer

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MarissaZofia Cute boy in my French class suggested this song and band last semester. I think he may be my


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MarissaZofia I LOVE this part of Wall-E. Plus the music gives me chills...and makes me smile. :]
MarissaZofia I also love this song at the end of Wall-E. :] For some reason I'm really feeling this music right now.
MarissaZofia Really good song. Give it a chance and you may just end up loving it. :]
MarissaZofia This was the version I wanted in the first place...not the one by the Game. Lol.

Watcha say- Jason Derulo

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MarissaZofia Oh my goddd....possibly a new favorite! Thriller cover by @imogenheap!
MarissaZofia I've been on an Imogen kick lately...
MarissaZofia I want these guys to do a US Tour sooo badly!

Maximo Park - Our Velocity

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MarissaZofia I just LOVE imogen and everything she does. I think you might call it a Girl Crush!!
MarissaZofia Hide and Seek will always be my #1 favorite, but this may be my new #2...
MarissaZofia This is the song I thought was a Paramore song for the longest time.
MarissaZofia Great summary of what happened tonight... :]
MarissaZofia I like both this version and the Thievery Corporation remix. :]
MarissaZofia I think this will always be one of my favorite songs. Especially for singing loudly in groups or in the car. :]
MarissaZofia Yeah I blipped it. I actually like this song....
MarissaZofia Seeing these guys and PATD tonight at the Waikiki Shell!! Yay! :]
MarissaZofia Should be interesting to see an acoustic set by these guys.
MarissaZofia I think I'm obsessed with this song and this band now. Wish I'd seen them in concert. That would have been awesome. Their music is just so energetic.


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MarissaZofia Yeah I know it's a 180 from the last song. I guess you could say I'm eclectic. :]
MarissaZofia She is right in front of you.....

The FrayAll At Once

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MarissaZofia #musicmonday Was looking for a different song and stumbled upon this...
MarissaZofia One of my all-time favorite songs....


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MarissaZofia #MM One of the best music videos ever! Must have been so fun to make!


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MarissaZofia #MM The Kinks-All Day and All of the Night
MarissaZofia Time for a Change. Account name now MarissaZofia. "A Change is Gonna Come-Wayne Brady" <3 him. #MM
Aluciel ^_^

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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MarissaZofia I wish I was seeing @teganandsara in Vancouver BC on the 5th of January. :[
MarissaZofia I really want to watch The Boat That Rocked aka Pirate Radio again. // The Kinks - A Well Respected Man
Takesu2heaven === "Keane – The Frog Prince" === (reblip)

KeaneThe Frog Prince

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MarissaZofia The paper I'm writing is reminding me of Corrie.....and becoming increasingly hard to write. If there's a heaven, I hope she's happy there.


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MarissaZofia "the one with the empty looking eyes" Take Me To The Riot - Stars

Take Me To The Riot-Stars

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LMoosach smokey was right when he said michael sang this song better than him.
joe61 The Outfield – Your Love (Acoustic)
Takesu2heaven TY 4FMe @PStarDiva @TropicsZ4 Awesome song!" (reblip)

Steppenwolf- Magic Carpet ride

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MarissaZofia Nara - E.S. Posthumus

Nara by E.S. Posthumus

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MarissaZofia One of the weirdest music videos I've ever seen. A little creepy, but also very cool. Fever Ray - When I Grow Up

Fever Ray 'When I Grow Up'

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MarissaZofia I will always love Bing Crosby and White Christmas. So excited to see it at the 5th avenue theatre in Seattle this Christmas!
MarissaZofia "i feel you in my heart, i dont even know you" Tegan and Sara - Nineteen
MarissaZofia Tegan and Sara - The Cure from their new album Sainthood. I need a buddy to go see them in Vancouver BC Jan 5th! Who's interested?

Biffy Clyro Bubbles (NEW)

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MarissaZofia "I talk to God as much as I talk to Satan cause I want to hear both sides" Lol. I <3 Biffy. :]
MarissaZofia New favorite song for the time being. :]
asko_b ;-) @giesebrecht: "The Cardigans – Love Fool (Romeo&Juliet soundtrack)" (reblip)
MarissaZofia I've been obsessed with this song lately. Another great song by One Republic.
MarissaZofia I should be seeing them in Vancouver BC today, but I'm not.... :( It's back to Hawaii on Thurs though. :)
MarissaZofia And sometimes when you're on, you're really fucking on, and your friends they sing along, and they love you. :)
MarissaZofia Hello Seattle....I am a cold Seahorse. :)

Hello Seattle- Owl City

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MarissaZofia How have I not seen this before? My two loves: Ben and Jenny playing together! <3 <3 <3

ben gibbard jenny lewis nothing better seattle

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MarissaZofia <3 Techno Tegan and Sara. Who wouldnt love it? Haha.
MarissaZofia Cant believe this isnt in my playlist. I must have blipped it before though, because I love this song. :] Massive Attack - Teardrop
MarissaZofia Can anyone tell I'm in a mellow music mood?
MarissaZofia I always find great new music thanks to the SXSW Festival. Freelance Whales -- Generator ^ Second Floor
MarissaZofia #MM Band of Horses -- Island on the Coast
MarissaZofia I seriously think the Stars are my favorite band. It's always been Death Cab for Cutie, but I LOVE the Stars. So, I think they've finally won out.

05 Midnight Coward

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MarissaZofia at least one more in honor of old St Patty...
MarissaZofia I am officially addicted to this song. So good!! Keep making music @imogenheap

First Train Home

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MarissaZofia I am in love with Glee now that I've started watching it... :)
MarissaZofia "Some times in our lives we all have pain, we all have sorrow..."
MarissaZofia "You'll the best man I'll ever know, and I'm not letting you go...And you're gonna love me"
MarissaZofia I am in love with this new song by Colbie Caillat. :)
MarissaZofia love @montrealstars! So excited for their new album to come out June 22nd! Wish I'd been able to see them in Seattle.

StarsDead Hearts

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MarissaZofia Besides Sweet Disposition this is going to be my new obsession. Loving the lyrics!! Thank you @TheTemperTrap for great new music to listen to! :)
MarissaZofia My brother introduced me to this song and now I'm a little addicted. Plus the lyrics are pretty hilarious.

The xx Crystalized

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MarissaZofia @bebelabree: I was just listening to the original version of this song earlier today. Haha. <3 (reblip)
MarissaZofia "We Dont Want Your Body" - Stars This is my new song obsession. :)
MarissaZofia Thanks @bebelabree for this find! I'm liking it!

Neon TreesAnimal

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MarissaZofia Mumford & Sons - The Cave I am OBSESSED. Can they please come play our April concert here in Hawaii? PLEASE!
MarissaZofia I love Mumford & Sons! Finally bought their album Sigh No More today. :)
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