Matericia Haven't heard this song since I saw the cartoon when I was a child
craigz One more from I'm Not There - this being one of Yo La Tengo's contributions.
Matericia Here's your Apple a Day - Shadowboxer by Fiona
Matericia Practicing passage meditation for yoga teacher training. Learning how to dream all my troubles away
Matericia ~~~I want to make something beautiful ~~~ Sinead
Matericia I want to rock your gypsy soul Into The Mystic - Van Morrison
Matericia @rrogers Thanks for this...The Psychedelic Furs – Pretty In Pink (reblip)
maira_araujo so get your leather leather leather on on on on on \o/


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Matericia We used to joke about this being the wedding song for a certain short lived marriage. Patsy Cline - Crazy
Matericia @LekaCid: Thanks I was looking for this! I am so over my head. The Fray (reblip)
Matericia For all the mommas out there. Happy Mother's Day! Paul Simon She Loves Me Like A Rock (reblip)
RobertoWolvie @Matericia: Hello from São Paulo, Matericia. This one is for you.
Matericia For all those away from home. Via con Dios! This must be the place ~ talking heads.
Matericia I really do like metal music. If I Only had a Heart. Tin Man
sianwin @vknutt: "Sounds like you have a top family @Matericia ... enjoy this one on your mothers day!" classssic (reblip)
bluemountain bom dia @loganzito @newNEWwave @nicavieira aqui em Portugal o dia da mãe é celebrado no primeiro domingo de Maio, foi no dia 3 ;)
Matericia ~~ To Sing for You ~~ Thanks to Donovan for cheering me up!
Matericia If there's one rule to this game, gotta name it ~ Be Cool ~ Joni Mitchell
Matericia Time to be the heroine of my very own day. Hope same. Life's too short not to make it great. ~ Heroine ~
Matericia Patti Smith singing ~ You Light Up My Life ~ on Kids Are People, Too!! "I see myself 50,000 ways"

Patti Smith "You Light Up My Life" on "Kids Are People Too"

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2fast4u Average White Band - <Above Average Song> Pick Up The Pieces
Matericia "They call it Stormy Monday but Tuesday's just as bad." #musicmonday Lou Rawls wows the crowd.
Matericia @soundmangroupie: "I now have my favorite Rifles tune on here thanks to youtube!" (reblip)
Matericia I wanna spread love everyday. Do you feel great or just ok? ~ Wake up! ~Lemon

LemonWake up!

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Matericia Signing off. Have a happy day.
Matericia This is a Missy Elliott one time exclusive. DJ please Pick up your phone I'm on the request line
Matericia Not seeing, by the way, that they're really fearing the world inside of them.
Matericia His wife announced his death on her Facebook page saying, “Sky has passed over and Ya Ho Wha is waiting for him at the gate. He will soon be home..."
Matericia "This is radio clash using audio ammunition. This is radio clash, can we get that world to listen?" #truth @judi: "RB @Zarabeth (reblip)
Matericia K, no one took me up on my offer of props for tweeting congress. I can only give 3 props at a time anyway : (
Matericia Bye now. Radio Radio Elvis Costello for @AtheDJ


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Matericia "You can do what God wants you to do instead of what sick society wants you to do."
Intriguingds Nice! Haven't Heard This One In A While :) @TropicsZ4 The Tubes – She's a Beauty (reblip)
Intriguingds Are You Hanging With The Girls Today? Hmm? :) @golfnovels A classic tune! Corinne Bailey Rae – Put Your Records On (reblip)
Matericia Lady Don't Mind - Talking Heads I love this song. Haven't heard it since I lost the album in one of the moves. I don't mind.
Matericia "Everything's up and nothing's down! Everything's so right, nothing could be wrong!" Thank you kindly to @CHaDmAn (reblip)
elinejv James Brown-Get up Offa That Thing

James Brown-Get up Offa That Thing

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Matericia I think we've coined a new blip phrase "Fanfreakingtastic!" @Dancer12 @matriax@nawlinswoman @mitrovix (reblip)
Matericia This one's from music encyclopedia @shanti45 who says "Hi blipstars!" when he's not a goal post for street football in the UK (reblip)
Matericia It's been a long time coming. It's been a long time gone. @shanti45@JendeMen@mserven@AtheDJ@dautaz@Millroy@DjLx44@Gypsylynn@californiamade@matriax

Crosby Stills Nash A Long Time Gone Woodstock 1969

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angiece RB @DJGidgetBates>thanks - that hits the spot just right . . hope u feel better soon! (reblip)
Matericia “I would rather feel things in extreme than not at all.” - Bonnie Raitt
Matericia Bye, children. Be good and let's make it a great day! Love, M
Matericia OK, shows over. 'twas fun! thanks @Mr_Steve for this song and for @Garrett_The_K for being my 1,079th listener 1,079 is one of my favorite numbers :) (reblip)
Matericia I trust we're all feeling groovy? Excellent! I now return you to your regular programming..... bye! (reblip)
Matericia I used to work for big pharma on a drug to help nausea from chemo. Ooncologists smoked like chimneys outside the conferences, it was remarkable.
Matericia Sweet @SimpleJim: "Hello DJ's ..... Oasis .... Champagne Supernova >>>" (reblip)

Champagne Supernova

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victomlinson Have a listen to Etta James!

"Crazy Baldhead" Bob Marley, Live London England

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Matericia "My dad still doesn`t understand why people are paying me to walk their dogs. America is a very positive country. " - Cesar Millan
sswayze because knowledge is power! - yes it is, it's a magic number -
Matericia Fox Noise, Fucks News, Fixed News, GOP TV, the Word of Jesus, Our Leader's Glorious Official Republican Government News Network, Fox News @shoq
Intriguingds @ivan_filios < Hey Ivan How R U? While My Guitar Gently Weeps ~ George Harrison
Matericia TOO FUNNY! The Governator of Cali-for-nia Schwarzenegger Burning For You workout!
evablue on the cusp of #cheezey. would make an awesome me first and the gimme gimme cover song though.
kundunphei rb☆@Hobbit1206☆ "@Matericia" ♦·♦·♦·♦·Fever♦·♦·♦·♦· (reblip)

Peggy LeeFever

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Matericia Don't let the soul suckin' jerks get you down.
Matericia "We gave them a fight," Joe Torre said. "They just wouldn't back down. They kept going. They are certainly a better team."
Matericia My favorite version Can't Take My Eyes Off You is by Englebert Humperdinck @dickadcock

Can't Take My Eyes Off You Engelbert Humperdinck

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Matericia To the United Nations Climate Change Convention in Copenhagen this December 2009. Cooperate to deliver on greenhouse gas reductions, plz. thx
Matericia The Flaming Lips – Bohemian Rhapsody
Matericia Hot Chocolate – You Sexy Thing
Matericia Where the rubber meets the road, in between my toes. David Byrne and Dizzie Rascal – Toe Jam
Matericia Yo! Very cool! @djwttw: "for *stellar* music & info, follow Blipstar >>> @Matericia." (reblip)
Matericia For Mr. and Mrs. @DependableSkeleton who celebrated 9 years on marriage on Halloween.
Matericia POST = People_Objectives_Strategy_Technology
cdub lean forward slightly - look straight at the speaker - and listen with a sparkle in your eye ...
Matericia I heard this through the blip grapevine from @cabrochette Kaiser Chiefs - I Heard It Through The Grapevine[ (reblip)
Matericia Yeah! Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! – The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth
Matericia Another great sister act. The Breeders-Saints

The Breeders-Saints

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aprildax You dont know what love is you just do as your told (Hah.)

The White Stripes-You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You're Told)

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Matericia Gun rights groups have given more than $17 million to federal candidates and party committees since 1989 The Breeders – Happiness Is a Warm Gun
Matericia Brahms – Lullaby And Goodnight. May we all have a pleasant night sleep.
sswayze yet another -

A Day in the Life

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Matericia I'm going to start celebrating Good Riddance Day where you shred bad news, letters, pictures of last year. The Black Hollies via @SabriESC (reblip)
Matericia "Everyday Should Be A Holiday" I concur @AutoCasual: "rb@wahwahwah: "it really should." Dandy Warhols Music Video (reblip)

"Everyday Should Be A Holiday" Dandy Warhols Music Video

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77ozzie song - it's 4 in the morning....NY is cold like where I am living..." (reblip)
Matericia The President promised a "forceful, bipartisan response" in Congress to "repair the damage that has been done." @WhiteHouse@BarackObama
Matericia If morning joggers knew how tempting they looked to morning motorists, they would stay home and do sit-ups. ~Rita Rudner
Matericia Going out to my favorite intellectual @sammythemc #nowplaying Meat Puppets – Sam

Meat PuppetsSam

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Matericia Hey Mr. Music... thanks for reblipping : ) @dubian: "Bob Marley - Rainbow Country #TrenchtownTuesday #selectaschoice" (reblip)
Matericia She danced beautifully to this song, too! Quite a existential moment for me. #nowplaying Kansas – Dust in the Wind
Matericia This is in memory of my father John J. McKernan, Jr. WWII veteran, GI Bill 4 college, NYC executive, 50 years of marriage and 5 grateful daughters
Matericia I love old performance films of favorites. To see them actually sing the songs is a treat. thx@Larry_Joe: "The Hollies~The Air That I Breathe. Enjoy!" (reblip)

"Too Many People" By Paul McCartney

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SOcaM The Xx - Crystalized

The xx Crystalized

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Matericia This Is To Mother You - Sinead O'Connor – Happy Mother's Day! #iheartmom
Matericia rocks the world! great job today blipjays : )
Matericia Thank you very kindly! rb@lilocalynch: "Thanks to you @Matericia and @STEVENDOES ! A warm welcome and peace!" (reblip)
Matericia Modern schools keep the kids inside too much. My children affectionately call school "prison".
Matericia This is my current favorite song thanks to @tonyfromphilly
Matericia delicious~ thank you kindly @greentrees: "continental breakfast for @Matericia" (reblip)
Matericia Nobody sees us alone out here among the stars / In these metal ways / In these metal days. Brian Eno – No One Receiving - 1977
Matericia You wonder how I can keep my huge family shod? I'm a Zappos VIP! #nowplaying OPP – Naughty By Nature
Somebody2Love vi @BunnyHoney "@DeAnn: "Check our our official Blip is Hip dj's and show calendar at"" (reblip)
MissDiggity something to sustain me during the next 1.5 hours of meetings
Matericia Roger that. Digital Radio Rocks! Over and out. @RadioFreeIllinois: "Rage Against The Machine – The Ghost Of Tom Joad via@SpinningDiscs (reblip)
Matericia Ah, my beloved monster! Thank you!@rock2monster: LiberalVictory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting~Napoleon Hill Luv ya!" (reblip)
ambit LOLOL I'm listening to him whine now!@Matericia: "The Glenn Beck Thing (Remixed) @StopBeck" (reblip)
avivajazz TY! Glad you liked it! @globalgrande: "♫@avivajazz: TY! @AnaAustria: via @avivajazz: Mísia – Fado do Retorno II / RB @andsometimeswhy: ":) @avivajazz" (reblip)
Matericia ;^) rb @greentrees: "you're gonna eat a bowl of chow mein and be hungry real soon. I predict. @ Matericia "I predict a riot"" (reblip)
Angelitos55 thank you for your and raising psych!@Matericia: "With all these innuendoes... The Cars Bye Love..happy 2011! (reblip)
Matericia It really said "Your dedication is truly appreciated." Words are important. // TOM TOM CLUB – Wordy Rappinghood

dandy livingston-suzanne beware of the devil

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HD BT feat Kirsty Hawkshaw A Million Stars best vocal trance 2010, Hubble deep field video

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Matericia Cashing in on the Bill of Rights #Walker #SolidarityWI #wiunion The Clash – This Is Radio Clash
BattLady Awe TYVM ;) RB @Matericia: "Dear @BattLady I read about Battboy, bless him, & admire what u @EastTNChildrens #Radiothon (reblip)
CosmicSprite On da straight n narrow way!! @alexparr "Helps to keep you on the straight and narrow!! :)) @CosmicSprite: "Good advice from Clapton-Tell the Truth"
thedigitalbee54 ''' People than were a very strong people with a very strong will,and took a great deal of pain from others that weren't so nice... God Blessed Them "
Matericia Dancing at the Jefferson Memorial as reported by RussiaToday #nowplaying Foster The People – Call It What You Want
Matericia rb&ty@Greenfields47: "TY "Don Henley – Sit Down You're Rocking The Boat" (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach @pecusita Also, I'm addicted to social music experience that Blip provides. I'll try Spotify when I want to listen to stuff I haven't vetted for blip.
GimmeSomeJohn Serra Pelada Philip Glass Powaqqatsi #Hopi life in transition life #NP #brasil
Matericia Kudos and props <<bowing>> can't treat it lightly @RatatatPat: "-and then there's this one #wheredoIcomeUPwithTHIS? @Matericia" (reblip)

Brian Eno live. The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch

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Matericia You can't run away from yourself

Gene Kelly-Dancing With Myself

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BobOstwald Cans or speakers? ;-)@FOGGIELOANER: "brought the complete Stax/volt singles here@backtoback @Matericia @scotlandlover @VinylHuntress @me @KarmaShanti" (reblip)

Booker T & The MG's Mar Keys Philly Dog

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Matericia Lemon - Personal Revolution <PROPS-n-KUDOS>>@Lemon: "With this song I reached the 3rd position in the NL Indie Chart earlier this year:)" (reblip)
Matericia For you, Mateys! Pink Floyd – The Dark Side Of The Moon (complete A side, with lyrics)
Matericia Farm to City! Real Farmers Real Food! #Philly @FlinnDc Paul Simon Parsley Sage Rosemary on Muppet Show

Paul Simon al Muppet Show!!!

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Patti Smith Within You Without You

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Matericia For me, the lame part of the Sixties was the political part, the social part. The real part was the spiritual part. Jerry Garcia

The Grateful Dead * 1966 *

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Matericia Ātman (आत्मन्) is a Sanskrit word that means 'self'. In Hindu philosophy, it refers to one's true self beyond identification with phenomena.

AtmanPath of Love

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Matericia ---- BREAKER 1-9 ---- STOP GETTING TATTOOS ---- ROGER THAT? ---- OVER --- Groucho Marx – Lydia the Tattooed Lady

Foo Fighters- Planet Claire Live in NYC with Fred Schneider

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Matericia Mark Your Calendars for Protest #ALEC Meeting November 28-30, 2012 Grand Hyatt Washington 1000 H Street, NW Washington, D.C. 20001


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Matericia Cooling Breath for Hot Flashes : D It works! @musecrossing: "rb@c3p0: "blip" [:-) More like a relief from hot flashes :-) (reblip)
JacoLovesMusic Ja! :) rb@FrankvRoosendaal: "rb:)@JacoLovesMusic: "Beethoven - 9th"" (reblip)

An Die Freude (Ode To Joy) W/ Lyrics

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Matericia Right Wing Pigeons - They don't give a damn about you or me / They just buy guns and watch TV
rachidkas TY!@MottKorn: "~|~ Your Song ~ Elton John ~\\~ @r: ~//~ Elton John – Your Song ~|~" (reblip)
TBFKA Collingwood go into the AFL grand final beating Hawthorn by three points

Collingwood Magpies Club Song (With Lyrics)

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ragtimerebecca @neilvalla: "everybody knows my name At the recreation center" (reblip)


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Matericia Talking Heads – What A Day That Was
Matericia For the homeless blonde kid in the white plastic glasses and red beard. #OccupyPhilly Bette Midler sings God Help The Outcasts
Matericia Word on the tweet: Some are drawn to #OccupyPhilly just to talk with other people, maybe make a friend. Harry Nilsson Mr. Richland's Favorite Song/One

Harry Nilsson-"Mr. Richland's Favorite Song/One" (1971) (1/7)

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SGMan Thanks for putting in the time..iz worf it!@dawnie22: "Finally found 1 that played.. UGH... 'Just A Singer' -MB-" (reblip)
Matericia Yo La Tengo – Tried So Hard

Anne Bancroft Chanteuse

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Matericia It's the economics of supply and demand and only the 1% is allowed to make demands around here.
Else thank you, you are so generous ;))) @D_Space_Cadet: "U are~~@Else" (reblip)
Matericia Yo! @Philly311 @RichNegrin @Michalel_Nutter WE Found a HOME for 5 Occupy/Camp Liberty HOMELESS. No thanks to YOU. #OccupyPhilly
Matericia I'm glad I took typing in high school.
Matericia My horoscope for January 12, 2012: Your words are likely to flow smoothly, Tricia, and you will certainly not have any shortage of things to say

CameoWord Up!

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Matericia It's 7:48 AM on Saturday January 14, 2012! Greetings from #NewPhiladelphia! Good Morning ~ Dandys
Matericia @OccupyPhilly @ProjectHOME Thomas Papineau, 47 is sleeping on a steam grate in Center City Paul Simon- Homeless

Paul Simon- Homeless

| play

Led Zeppelin Over the hills and far away with lyrics

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Matericia Look what i found! EELS Get Ur Freak On LIVE

EELS Get Ur Freak On LIVE

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Matericia Merlot goes well with Roast Chicken in my #kitchen
Matericia Dear Little Lion Man, I'm not your mother. Grow up. Thanks.
Matericia This is for Bonnie Brittney Byrd. She's in jail for being homeless. She calls me everyday. I tell her to write and draw and remember she has rights!

The Byrds Eight Miles High (Remastered)

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Matericia @OccupyPhilly This is for Jerry Stanton. #CampLiberty helped him find a group home. He feels lucky. Home – David Byrne and Brian Eno
Matericia Yosemite Sam For Tom Papineau #Homeless for 10 years. Thanks to #CampLiberty he's got his own apartment, a haircut, and wire rimmed glasses.
Matericia For Charisse Baldwin. Thanks to #CampLiberty she's reunited with her family in Dover, DE after 1 year of being #homeless in #Philly with epilepsy

Don't take it personal(just one of them days)-Monica

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Matericia This is for the #Bottomliners #Occupy #ows #oplh #OccupyIndyHall Brian Eno – Bottomliners (Another Day On Earth)
Matericia Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania That's where I'm going (someday, hopefully very far in the future) Section Y #realestate

Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Tropicsz4 Got to Be Real, Cheryl Lynn
Matericia On my own little yoga mat....

In My Own Little Corner _ Leslie Ann Warren

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Capt. Jean Luc Picard, USS Enterprize

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Matericia I'm coming up on my 3 year blippinversary, my 6,700th listener and my 26,000th blip. I've enjoyed every song! : ) Thanks @Kioni

M83 'Midnight City' Official video

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De_Ann music's a great experience!

U2 Elevation Live At Slane Castle

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Matericia Luscious Jackson – Nervous Breakthrough - Electric Honey ha ha "Nervous Breakthrough" is the Theme of the Day!!
Matericia This morning, FiveThirtyEight, gives Barack Obama an eighty percent chance of winning the November election. #OBAMA – We Will Never Give Up
Matericia My son is a former USMC Sergeant stationed in Falujah in 2007. GI Bill paid for Penn State where he graduated 6th in his class. Getting married on Sat

My favorite Marine Corps Cadence

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Matericia @Lisamr333 Hey, Lisa! Do You Wanna Funk?

Sylvester Do You Wanna Funk Disco 80's Music Video

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Matericia Ommmmm Rudra Yamala (Chandi) sung by Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath

Rudra Yamala (Chandi) sung by Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath ~

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Matericia Meditation and Yoga for 30 minutes a day #mydaily30 15/15 or 20/10 or 10/'s YOUR...or MY Daily 30. Spread the word and please use the hashtag
Matericia @killerswp Thank you! I'm heading out on the highway. Cheers! // rb Born to be wild – Steppenwolf (reblip)
Matericia Hey @killerswp ~ I had the idea that you could make money as a Paperback Writer!

Paperback Writer The Beatles Color Film

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Matericia Ok, folks. Show's over. I leave you with this.... I'm Left, Your Right, She's Gone (Elvis 1955)

I'm Left, Your Right, She's Gone (Elvis 1955) ELVIS @ HOT SHOTS

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Matericia There's no excuse for the young people not knowing who the heroes and heroines are or were. Nina Simone // My Sweet Lord + Today Is A Killer
Matericia I am grateful to be An American Rebel Girl! Occupy Sisterhood Solidarity @indigojourney @OccupyFreedomLA @sabsbrach @wows #CodePink
Matericia When St. Catherine was fastened to the wheel, the wheel broke, its spikes flying off and killing some of the onlookers. She was then beheaded.

Thème de Catherine (Vivre pour vivre)

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MrsASoprano He's one of the great ones for sure. @NaturalDancer: "My favorite angry folk song! rb@MrsA there grinning... #BobDylan"" (reblip)

Bob Dylan Positively 4th Street subtitulada en español e inglés

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Beautiful Hail Holy Queen (Salve Regina)

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John Lennon "Love" (Single Edit-1982)

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Matericia "FIND OUT 'Everything goes against me.' 'Who is this _me_ you speak about?' 'I don't know.' 'Find out, and nothing will go against you.'"
Matericia I think one's feelings waste themselves in words; they ought all to be distilled into actions, and into actions which bring results. Flo Nightingale

Top 40 Hits Of 1941 11 Jimmy Dorsey My Sister And I

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juanitamoose John Waters was sitting behind me @ the April YLT & Beach House show in Baltimore. [Yo La Tengo – Nothing To Hide] @cubbymendoza, @spacey_boy, @Catoon

Bjork & PJ Harvey perform 'I Can't Get No Satisfaction' | BRIT Awards 1994

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Lemon Have a great #FunkFriday Blipstas. I'm Funky: I recently bought me some tickets for The Headhunters' upcoming gig in Amsterdam :)
SpinninSara amen! RB@backtoback: "WA State sorry for your loss, Chicago sorry to hear of crash, Malaysia maybe you'll get closure soon, batten dow east coast ! (reblip)

"Bridge over Troubled Water" Simon & Garfunkel

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