BlueWaverlies whoop whoop. check out my shiny new "50" badge. thanks listeners!
rico great hepcat instrumental

HepcatThe Spins

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rico the monkey was doing the latest dance craze
julierthanyou oh what a lovely sound...oh how it shakes the ground...
stoopeck glad about the good times we had.
pianzi @Mattynabib, thanks for the funk.


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SOcaM "...Go--go--go--go dancer's busy showin' off her chest She don't know what she's doin' but she tries to do her best..."
rico laurel aitken under the guise of king horror
rubikoO Pizzicato Five – It's a Beautiful Day
amberchagrined You're not big, you're not clever

Lily AllenNot Big

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onceacurmudgeon this is the only bristols song on blip? for shame....
JJDJ Paul Simon – Loves Me Like A Rock\ for my listeners, I loves you like a rock!
avivajazz Steve Reich | Nagoya Marimbas
swilson The Smithereens - A Girl Like You ... Somehow, I managed to use 100 credits tonight... there must be some good blipping goin' on.
Delfin (PC) @sarah__o blipou essa, mas não dei reblip pra consertar essa tag horrorosa. Mas dei props ;) Because whatever Lola wants, Lola gets. ;{)
AlyG hahahahah yessss i forgot about this. i loveit.
ternoman something light for a cool and breezy afternoon.when did this come out- 83? They got away with it too!
Mattynabib And to sign off - Shivaree... Goodnight Moon.
DJPuddin While I'd love to think this song is about me, it ain't. But it's amazing nonetheless.
speedyconkiwi yay yay yay almost done!!! where's the vacuum cleaner???!?!?!!!!
Mattynabib Despite many people's complaints, I *like* this disco sound of this one - Kevin Barnes is awesome! (Of Montreal)
rico leggo mi shirt!


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Mattynabib Need to blip this fantastic tune again... so good!
libertina I'll never understand this way of thinking/feeling. Okay, actually I do. But I wish I hadn't experienced it...
Mattynabib Another piece of twisted fun from Jonathan Coulton. This guy is almost as prolific as @glenncase!
Mattynabib @puddlesplasher - A most unusal Sting cut for you to help make everything alright (from the Brimstone and Treacle soundtrack)
Mattynabib @Nelsonspal: One of my favorite Scofield tunes off one of his best album (IMHO) - a buddy of mine is the keyboardist here.
Mattynabib A little nut gem, from the Melodians.
JimmyHook The Cadillacs – Speedo (blip.up) (reblip)
avivajazz Joe Pass – Stella by Starlight // @Flying_Roundhouse, Thanks for your explanation on what @TradeTunes was seeing (or not seeing) and why...
avivajazz Taj Mahal – Mercedes Benz // rb@kgodden // Thanks for blipping Taj! (reblip)
Mattynabib Another of the great TV theme songs of all time - Quincy Jones with Sanford and Son!
Mattynabib @YoginianneJ: Good one - almost anything off of Nellie McKay's fantastic debut double album (ballsy) is gold. (reblip)
CliffordAnderson I was so happy to find this after hearing it on college radio 25 years ago. Now it's one of Lyric's faves.
Mattynabib In honor of Sonia Sotomayor - a great semi-forgotten classic!
popr333 @Mattynabib @kbuechu might find this amusing, compliments of @joechapman (reblip)

basketball jones orig. 1975 animated

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Three Dead Trolls In A Baggie Every OS Sucks

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Mattynabib @morganh nice one! The only song I like better off this EP is the title song, Twistin' By The Pool! (reblip)
Mattynabib Well, it's no longer morning, but it IS my first blip of the day, as once was my custom. Good "morning" everyone!
Mattynabib popr333 And if you enjoy Bad Manners and novelty, you might really enjoy this little freaky story that is quite out of character for them.
Mattynabib @popr333 And in that same vein... "This is the story of the hare who lost his spectacles" (after the weird ballet video intro). Also out of character

The Hare who lost his spectacles

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JosieMK Yet another, "Classic"....this time, by Coltrane. :-)

Giant Steps

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Mattynabib Another great SNZ tune, this time with a cool video alongside that I've never seen!
Mattynabib - say hello to Sacrebleu!

01 Sacrebleu - Shine

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drawonthewalls I need a cigarette after this mashup, it's that good.... and I don't even smoke. (MGMT vs DaftPunk vs Fanta4) (reblip)
onceacurmudgeon and another for @hannahbeck8

Til Tuesday "Voices Carry"

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stena [The Flaming Lips – If I Only Had A Brain]... it must be around here somewhere... going to go have a look-see; brb.
avivajazz Thaddeus Hillary – Bojangles Rag
avivajazz Thaddeus Hillary – Tom Tom Swing
avivajazz Thaddeus Hillary – Dance Floor Shakedown Combo
Mattynabib Shatner and Rollins together - need I say any more? This song is genius... like a beatnik heavy metal rant.
TWBuddha An exercise in self-indulgence...


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popr333 vi@ratface thx 4 the silliness- which makes me think of @Mattynabib (reblip)
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