Maureen then there's this version...
Maureen even The Butthole Surfers were moved to cover it...
Maureen Because Joe Darling was right.
Maureen The legacy lives on. Yes, that line really is "I put the cunt in country"
Maureen Stumbled across "Kurt Cobain: About a Son" on Sundance. Just caught the end. Good job Azerrad. This song's a cover, but his voice...
Maureen David Sims may be a total dick, but he sure was a great bass player.
Maureen Really great bass player. But yes, you know, a total...
Maureen Guess he wasn't any more a dick than I was a bitch. And he taught me about GK amps, Swing Bass 66, &15" guitar speakers in bass cabinets. Thx David
Maureen maureen@applehead - couldn't find the album version, but my guess is that you like this, too. Thanks for the @'s!
Maureen Saturday Night: A day and night rife with new technology and a side of Mayo. @DAnieL knows what the mayo is for.
Maureen My band covered this song. Richard Carpenter said it was his favorite on the tribute album. Sonic Youth took Superstar from us so we said fuck it.
Maureen I don't care how gay anyone thinks this is, I fucking love this song. Seen the Jayhawks come up thru Mpls. way back. Go Gary - great words, voice.
TheFix @csuspect. We love that David Allen Coe song. Here's another NSFW one...
Maureen @jozay How many great lines can there be in one song? Gotta wait for it though, just like I waited for you today, so patiently, right?
Maureen Anyone ever been to The Bluegrass Inn on Lower Broad?
Maureen @you know who you are, all of you
Maureen After reading Bob Lefsetz about unsung heroes...Cheap Trick for sure.
Maureen @jeff Things are good, thanks. Had fun Sunday meeting Gavin Rossdale courtesy of Albini who recorded Bush's 2nd album. Excellent solo show!


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Maureen @jeff - yes, Lolla was crazy - try to imagine going on right AFTER Rage...and sharing the portable tour showers with the bus drivers.
Maureen One of my all time favorite songs, though I doubt most people can stand Leonard Cohen...
Maureen This song helped me stop hyperventilating just now. It can also make you start hyperventilating.

CowsHeave Ho

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ZachsMind When I found that previous work by Waits, I had been looking for this. Those of you who skipped that one? This one's FUNNY. Something for everybody.
Maureen Pigfuck: a term derisively applied by a rock critic about punk music that arose from the American underground in the '80s. Killdozer is on tour! Go!


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TheRealClint I just like this song for the Dice Clay cuts...
Maureen This was on the first album I stole from my sister's room, then I took Led Zep from a brother & Cheap Trick from another sister-the rest is history.
Maureen more sibling influence

Misty Mountain Hop

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Maureen OK, this isn't the exact version I was looking for, but you get the idea.
Maureen @jozay I just really couldn't help it.
rolirolex Gab sogar mal einen Club in der Nordhessisch-Sibirien-Provinz die so hieß
Maureen @jozay Just something to start your day out on a positive note.
Maureen First tour I was ever on. God I was naive.


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finestsuit my introduction to this man was in the 80's with higher love. "booo!" *thumbs down*... but now, older and wiser, i know his younger years. *thumbs up*
finestsuit i did not know that @sudaca70 maynard respects DEVO + paz respects maynard + paz is from argentina = argentina is ok with me. :-)


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Maureen An impactful song since I heard the first few notes in "The Piano."
Maureen see what I mean?


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mmemaledicta no capt crunch malts at Carl's Jr. No mac n cheesers. no more mango tang. All these things I love, and when they're discontinued... (JK o_0)
Maureen @jeff I think they're on tour again - I missed them in Chicago damn it.
jeff Hey Blipland! There's an actual bona fide rock star on Blip RIGHT NOW... = @Maureen - stop being a maux faux! Good to see u here.
finestsuit this one was lead into by the last one... and together they speak of things we all need to know. none of us should understand it in the same way...


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Maureen @jeff - NOT rock star-a punk-rock has-been! Here's the worst Babes song ever, a cover granted. We were kind of kidding but put it on the record anyway
Maureen Song with best lyrics ever, e.g., We're gonna live in Nashville / and I'll make a career / out of writing sad songs / and gettin' paid by the tear...
howdystranger tambem beberia uma caixa de voce! ;-)
musicRmemories Listening to this song one question wonders through my head:when love is gone can it come back? If anybody out there has the answer send me a BLIP...
Maureen I really did know these guys WHEN. We're talking playing for tips on Lower Broad in Nashville. Can't make their show tonight in Chicago, damn it.
Maureen First saw this guy on Tom Morello's tour--son of Waylon Jennings and Jessie Colter. Great voice + his girlfriend is that hot chick from the Sopranos.
Maureen I have had this record since I stole it from my sister's room. I love this song, I don't care how queer you think it is.
Maureen I am wondering why I live in the suburbs.
CaseyContrarian In my head, and that's just fine
SpencerHill Reminds me of girl who broke my heart 20 yrs ago. (reblip)
SpencerHill I just finished reading Deliverance - James Dickie got the disappearing South right. (reblip)

Primus - Dueling Banjos (Original)

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SpencerHill My favorite scene from House is when he needs to examine Mira Sorvino naked over the internet and he plays this on his pc
Maureen @jeff what the f*** are you doing?
Maureen @Chris oh to be the cream. this song is just begging to have the lyrics mis-translated.
fisherprice heard last night at Cocktail Lounge. Shazam works well...
SerginhOliveira essa musica era um lembra pular na piscina...rsrs
Camilah Hey Jimi! I mean.....Hey Joe ! ;~)) (reblip)
Maureen first heard this on a cassette tape my friend Jim made for me. On the other side was Big Black's "Lungs" EP. Formative.
anamcraveiro it's such a beautiful day. let's listen to some really depressing music.
Maureen an oft-overlooked band with Mac from The Jesus Lizard on drums...
Maureen holy shit I forgot I had this album and used to play it over and over... (reblip)
Voxetta "In the pines, in the pines where the sun never shines"
Maureen a very gentle hate song by a great band, this one with drummer Grant Hart on lead vocals.
Maureen Steve Albini and a 4-track recorder - the beginning of greatness.

big black - 03 - dead billy

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Maureen Richard Carpenter said it was his favorite cover on the Carpenters compilation--our way of saying f*** you to Sonic Youth for insisting on "Superstar"
howdystranger @Valent: I have no desire to go to the metal...the further I go to rock direction is punk...but thanks anyway ;-)
Maureen the jesus christ superstar batman punk rock theme song if there ever was one..and I don't believe there was.


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MikeTrap Snow started is Sudbury. Maybe some Joni Mitchell in order... (reblip)
tomQ i won't go into it--one of my favorites . . .
stevetuf Zep - old but good - always. - it's always good @Anniepooh (reblip)
stevetuf Another New Yorker.... wrote and sang some really great tunes... mainly in the 70s...
vento gooooooood morning!!have you all a great day :)
stevetuf I always love hearing this one...
stevetuf They really do have some great blips on here, don't they? Thanks to @QueenJaneApproximately and @organicsue for props and reblips! :)))))
Maureen I never saw Slint live. But I'm lucky to know Brian Paulson who engineered this record and whom I will always worship for this masterpiece. (reblip)
JostelHason This one goes to the girls of FUZZ.. much love Jostel
nickg we dont need your war machines
Clark_Griswold DressedLikeLumberjacks. OversizedFlannels&ThreadbareJeans OvrThermalUnderwearMghtHavLookedOkOnMales,ButOnWomen? ThanksKurt
crowjane The acadamy of "sexucation"...circa late 70'sish
LaKarune Gotta upload some more Babes in Toyland one of these days. But not today.
lovemusic R|B @herika :: Don McLean – Vincent :: One beautiful song. (reblip)
elocio Led Zeppelin – The Rain Song
elocio Led Zeppelin - When The Levy Breaks

Led Zeppelin - When The Levy Breaks

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elocio Led Zeppelin – Dazed And Confused
jvs Leonard Cohen - Who By Fire
elocio David Bowie – Joe The Lion
elocio David Bowie – Helden
elocio Lynard Skynard – Simple Man
thesoundandfury In a mad world only the mad are sane.
buba808 hands down the best true hip hop group ever
GregariousMisanthrope When you die, will you be missed? Will you leave anything behind of substance? Will you have mattered? Do you ever stop to even wonder?
charlied This song always makes me feel good
elocio Indeed @BlondeUniverse Rage Against the Machine – No Shelter (reblip)
mdf111 Big Star... maybe the best rock band (almost) no one ever heard of.
DubFreakz aka Zack de la Rocha, Jon Philip Theodore
HoWi was looking for Martha Wainwright's exceedingly great cover of The Traitor, but had to make do with one of LC's best lyrics.
juxtapeer vi@princesschristina. >>Damone:Dina, can you honestly tell me that you forgot the magnetism of Robin Zander or the charisma of Rick Nielsen? (reblip)
Houdinial This is just so gorgeous - an elderly homeless man set to music - disturbingly profound and beautiful - I had to reblip... (reblip)
Maureen This guy grows on you, more slowly than, say, Neil Young, but more quickly than the Butthole Surfers.
Maureen for someone in minneapolis...

CowsHeave Ho

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Maureen Someone asked me, "Who is Ralph Stanley?"
Maureen Just saw Brokeback Mountain. Again. That movie has a way of changing song paradigms. For instance this one - like Goodfellas did for the Stones.
Maureen Going to see my buddy play drums tomorrow at a 4th of July Smash Mouth gig. Happy for him, happy to see him play again. Us old people can still rock.
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