melikissblue "Phaeleh - Isolate" Luxurious lullabies swallow me whole. Good night my pretties. (reblip)


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MedeaVIII im really into sexy music right now

Hooverphonic ::: 2Wicky

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MedeaVIII @melikissblue: ""Phaeleh - Isolate" Luxurious lullabies swallow me whole. Good night my pretties." hell yeeaahhh... good stuff! <3 (reblip)


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MedeaVIII this one gets me going everytime!
MedeaVIII fucking hell!! i fucking LOVE this mix!! "throw some D's on that bitch!"
MedeaVIII the bitches all love me cause im fucking Caspa...

Caspa-Rubber Chicken

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MedeaVIII just cause ive missed this guy like 3 times already...
melikissblue My skin is black metallic underneath all this alabaster.
melikissblue @Axedolly23: "ummm." <-- Yummm! This is deicious :)~ (reblip)
Laurent_Fintoni Why do you look pon me in this fashion? Why do you stare without taking any action?
bendrix Hip Hop 101 - If U love hip hop then all tracks from the Black Star album should be reblipped. U have a deep hip hop soul sistah=> rb@Karuna (reblip)

vex-d kanyon-kinky

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bendrix No BUT I'm feelN tha easterns & gal at end ;) => rb@ZOEBOE:"You guys hear much of Coolooloosh. I'm a loving their eastern sounds @Karuna #bendrix" (reblip)

Mira Awad with Coolooloosh -Just Won't Stop

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bendrix YO @1001queen thanks for this joint. Its truly iLL!!! I think these kats=> @ZOEBOE @djilo @Flow @bduubz @steno @Karuna will dig this track (reblip)
bendrix Agreed this song does have a portishead-ish vibe. Very cool thanx for this eva=> rb@evablue: "@bendrix i think you'll like this montreal band. (reblip)


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minDwells this guys on tour right now with the glitch mob, and daddy kev.
squidbrain I don't know why this song works as well as it does. Can you imagine Toby Keith singing these lyrics? Not sexy at all, is it? (reblip)


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melikissblue An adorable gift to me, that I now pass on to you! Good "night" my babies. <3
melikissblue @MEDEAVIII - oh you are baby... every time I look at you.
minDwells god i love this place, even though i haven't been in a while.


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bendrix When I blip... I am deliberate. So when U read my words & hear that track I want U to breathe it in deeply. I appreciate your words :) => @ZOEBOE


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melikissblue Is it saturday yet??? xoxoxo great tune!! Dark dark dark dank
melikissblue @MEDEAVIII @ComputerNationRadio@Mike_Mongoose @WIGSTA @Miee this blew me away the first time I heard it. It's a headspace thing!! haha!! Africa!
ComputerNationRadio @28appple_chic I'm doing great. It's raining like madness today. Yourself??
Mike_Mongoose Thanks for listening @hardcoreharves - Here, have a rather disgusting dubstep tune.
WIGSTA rb@markwelby: these 2 are a good mix (reblip)
ZOEBOE @solid_au: "hey @ZOEBOE are these guys SF dubsteppas?" < I know Roommate is! :} (reblip)
melikissblue @MEDEAVIII @WIGSTA @Mike_Mongoose "Now I will demonstrate what having sex with a dead body might sound like...WOMP WOMP WOMP!"
WIGSTA @melikissblue: "that's the darkest shit I've ever heard!!! I have to hear it again. rb@WIGSTA: I know pretty good hey (reblip)
WIGSTA The Widdler – High Grade (Dark Dubstep)
OptimusPoptimus coffee - check, awesome dnb mix - check. this could be a beatiful day!
MedeaVIII im diggin it! @Miee: "@shouxing: had to take a dubstep minute and play this one. nice find!" (reblip)
melikissblue Woke up with this dancing in my head... good morning my pretties!! @ZOEBOE @phlat_ @MEDEAVIII (reblip)
WIGSTA @MEDEAVIII: What sweet music they make.............
ZOEBOE Time for bed. Here's a little dubstep lullaby for ya'll to HEER on my way out.. :} Pleasant dreams to you all...
CorpseToe Dance in da sickness!!!

Boregore One Step Ahead

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bendrix I love the fact that this Japanese sistah actually sounds as soulful as a Sistah. Yukimi is waaaaay up on my cherished artist list @MEDEAVIII @LYRIC (reblip)

Hird - I Love You My Hope

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bendrix Hey guess what??? I actually never heard this & I feelz it. So now U R my teacher=> rb@Shukitty: "@squidbrain whatchu think? @bendrix introduced me" (reblip)


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pavolo trovo rifugio in questa e buonanotte

Adagio in G minor by Albinoni

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bendrix 34 of 100 Memorable Blips - Thanks @piratejenny on 7/21/09 - Absolutely SICK!!! Sounds like Tricky vs Goldfrapp - (MissU2& iToldUaboutThis @Blippo :) (reblip)
MedeaVIII wowwww..... this sounds like an Autumn day. <3
MedeaVIII amazing

billie holiday_dont explain

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BiggL Need to chillax before "the madness" resumes...2 days, I'm dreading it like hell...

LunizPlaya Hata

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bendrix Female Portuguese vocals are amazling. This is a new upload - I was looking for a Brazilian who could translate for me & CHOSE U :) => @MONIKKA
MedeaVIII <3 this song so much!! but I never knew who remixed it! thanks for blippin!! @Kingsofdabeatz: "Billie Holiday – Don't Explain (Dzihan & Kamien Remix) (reblip)
aktovoir Glad you like it. I'm diggin in the net finding some gemz. @DJLOPZ: "Very nice track dude. Me likey@aktovoir" (reblip)

NUMAADS "NOW" VIDEO w/ Robot Koch Remix

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Emiliana Torini Jungle Drum

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MedeaVIII @2Tall: "rb@tikal: "im feelin feelins!" love this tune" (reblip)
MedeaVIII I love the beats you blip!! -> @2Tall: "Modu – Spread the smile #MedeaVIII @forze @MZLIZA > welcome new listener" (reblip)
2Tall Up, Bustle And Out – Emerald Alley > @cecci @MsNikkiPixel >welcome new listener
2Tall INSTANT RB@oracle2024: "@2Tall>eastern gold" > pass to @droolius @MedeaVIII <<< she loves NASHA as much as i do :) (reblip)


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2Tall rb@Hachimon: "@2Tall" > the E was so much better in the late 90s........ (reblip)
LaKarune Cover 1992: this is the first one I heard @MedeaVIII

Jeru The Damaja-Me Or The Papes(Remix Dirty)

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MedeaVIII PHAT was the perfect word! ty! @2Tall: "rb@droolius: "phat!@basementaljack passing on to @2Tall@Sensa111@MedeaVIII" .>> This really is Dope!!" (reblip)
MedeaVIII <3! @bendrix: "I've been away for like 4 months. its REALLY nice to be received by yawl, here's my Thank U track to U 4=>@sheryonstone @Chickee @djilo (reblip)

Devashish Dey Asheem Chowdhury

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2Tall TΞX•RΞC – Duky - Let Me Take You (Tex-Rec Remix) @MedeaVIII
2Tall Seba – Forever


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Lambchop scary stuff..let's get the smurf outa here!!!
die_Kalte @obz: "is that available in a pill?" - we only sell that in suppositories (reblip)

Amanda Blank- Leaving You Behind [Ft.Lykke Li]

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die_Kalte rb@Carmilla: "Needs you like she needs her pills to tell her that the world's okay." (reblip)
die_Kalte @faithlesshaze :) you seem to be pretty unlucky with those? :\
ZOEBOE Well I hope they enjoy the piano and guitar and don't keep you up late night with their "practicing." have a good night! rb->@Corts (reblip)

WYS!002 b1: Peter Pixzel "Play it by Heart" Paul Brtschitsch Remix

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MissM773 oh me oh my... its dillafriday and its been too long. Thanks for the reminder! :) @IronJ146: "...and one for #DillaFriday" (reblip)

HISD "Lando" Video (

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ZOEBOE Off to Reno this weekend. Let's hope lady luck is on my side! Hiya @ladypn @bdubbz @bendrix @LaKarune
DJFrankie @wejazz Let's just say now I understand why they made a video like this. They're kind of low-energy performers. I still like the music.

Fujiya & Miyagi Ankle Injuries

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HaLaN Leviticus – The Burial (Logistics Remix) | :DDD a big yesssss!!!
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