MixMasterEddie Hey @Clark_Griswold we can drive on over to AIG and see if we can have talk with those a people a stealing our tax money.
MixMasterEddie Madonna – Vogue (Single Version)
MixMasterEddie C+C Music Factory – Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
MixMasterEddie Everybody Everybody - Black Box feat. Martha Wash
MixMasterEddie I had boots with the fur and whole club was lookin' at me I hit the flo' (I hit the flo') Next thing you know I got low low low low low low low low
MixMasterEddie I press trigger, I don't press people button
MixMasterEddie Be Mine. Who wouldn't just look at me. I'm dam sexy.

RobynBe Mine!

| play
MixMasterEddie Hi Barbie. Do you wanna go for a ride? Sure Ken!

Aqua - Barbie Girl

| play
MixMasterEddie Weeek week weeeeek wee wee weeek wiki wiki wiki weemix (reblip)
MixMasterEddie I'm a model you know what I mean. I'm 2 sexy for my shirt too sexy for my shirt. I'm 2 sexy for your party & too sexy for my car too sexy for my car.


| play
MixMasterEddie I guess I should have known by the way you parked your car sideways that it wouldn't last.. (reblip)
MixMasterEddie Hey @Clark_Griswold AIG Execs are bunch of Material Girls.
MixMasterEddie Michael Jackson vs Blackstreet – No Billie Jean diggity
MixMasterEddie michael_jackson_kanye_west-billie_jean_2008


| play
MixMasterEddie Workin' all week 9 to 5 for my money So when the weekend comes I go get live with the honey


| play
MixMasterEddie is the king of rock!


| play
MixMasterEddie EfthimiadisSays:Love photographyLovCandyCantDecideIfUareA SaintOrADevil4DoingThis http://www.flickr.com/photos/8763834@N02/2964475355/in/photostream/
MixMasterEddie wee wee wee wiki wiki wiki weemix the rolling stones – gimme shelter
MixMasterEddie Coldplay – Viva La Vida (Telemitry Remix)
MixMasterEddie wants da ya think im sexy

Do Ya Think Im Sexy

| play
MixMasterEddie thinks @CrookedPenguin 's find is off the hook. Nice! (reblip)

Gimme Freaks (Rolling Stones vs. Moguai & Tocadisco)

| play
MixMasterEddie is poison running through her veins.
MixMasterEddie TaNkS fOr ThE PrOpS @AskDrDing! Like this song, I never get stale and I'm crackalackin'

ACDC - She Shook Me All Night Long(Remix featuring Bon Jovi, Metallica, Nirvana, Def Leppard, Van Halen, and Guns N' Roses)

| play
MixMasterEddie (Too True!) @MixMasterEddie Hey @Clark_Griswold AIG Execs are bunch of Material Girls. (reblip)
MixMasterEddie @MixMasterEddie Because Disco is NOT dead--it's just in a slight coma. (reblip)
MixMasterEddie is one of the boys of summer. Great wee wee wiki wiki wemix @LSUeeyore (reblip)
MixMasterEddie I have one thing to say... you better work.
MixMasterEddie http://tinyurl.com/cchzyq Leaving PCs on overnight csts $2.8B a year! OnTheOtherHand, 15min. PCbootUpTimexWorker's lost productivity = buy a mac. :)
MixMasterEddie has seen the difference and it's getting better all the time.
MixMasterEddie wants to know if you can feel what I am feeling?
MixMasterEddie I got your letter From the postman Just the other day So I decided To blip this song Just to let you know Exactly the way I feel
MixMasterEddie was dreaming when I wrote this...


| play
MixMasterEddie likes big butts and I can not lie that whn a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist & a round thing in your face You get sprung, wanna pull up tough
MixMasterEddie "Stamp this on the new cover sheet for the TPS reports". -> http://tinyurl.com/conkhm Join the party @MixMasterEddie :)
MixMasterEddie Went2aParty&WhatDid I C?TheGirlsWereWearingLeatherSkirts&cThruJeans I AskedThe @MixMasterEddie ToTellMeWhatWasGoingOnHeSaidFreestylesHavingaFreakAThon
MixMasterEddie "This song makes you wish you were an Otolaryngologist doesn't it?" Join the party @MixMasterEddie 's
MixMasterEddie "uWavingThatBottleOfGoose. ThsSngIsn'tAboutU. It'sAboutSuperstars. You know, those people who didn't have 2 buy 3 bottles 2 get in." @MixMasterEddie
MixMasterEddie All right stop collaborate and listen @iamb and @MixMasterEddie are back with their brand new invention! (reblip)
MixMasterEddie @MixMasterEddie is smooth like Barry. @SingingButler how about a little more salt&pepper... @DjVaricool, @zaglady, @DeAnn, @DJYourMama, @rammerplex (reblip)


| play
MixMasterEddie @MixMaster Eddie likes to party The @MixMasterEddie bus is coming And everybodys jumping New york to san fransisco An intercity disco
MixMasterEddie @MixMasterEddie is a sharp dressed man and making fans as I blip this tune. Join the party @MixMasterEddie
MixMasterEddie Chicago here comes the rain and snow again. Ugh when is it going to end? via @MixMasterEddie
MixMasterEddie dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dundun dun dundundun dun dun dun dun dun dun dund Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep party is over @MixMasterEddie s
MixMasterEddie This is going out to all of you Chicago White Sox Fans!!! Yeah baby! @Clark_Griswold @clarkgriswld appreciate the sexiest twitter comment Clark.
MixMasterEddie umm @clarkgriswld @Clark_Griswold you are in a land of confusion. Nice pictures of the White Sox opener http://tr.im/ip3n
MixMasterEddie Thanks @Simchabe for the song 'What a man'


| play
MixMasterEddie @Clark_Griswold @clarkgriswld @nickdshow just got paid and it's Friday night...
MixMasterEddie @clarkgriswld you are not going to have all the fun! Don't Stop Believing by Journey! @NHLBlackhawks CREDIT goes to: @thomasehardt Go Hawks!
MixMasterEddie Congrats goes out to @AngelaFleege who won 2 tickets to go see the #Blackhawks win tonight! By picking their playoffs theme.

Bee Gees-You should be dancing

| play

Yvonne Elliman If I Can't Have You

| play

Don't Leave Me This Way- Thelma Houston

| play
LAbeatjunkie @homielvrfriend (i love this song!)

slum villageclimax

| play

Frank-n-Dank- Take Dem Clothes Off (Prod. by J Dilla)

| play

Jay Dee-Don,t Cha Know (Erykah Badu-Soulquarian remix)

| play

Slum Village~Beej N Dem

| play
CanadianClassic JDiggz-Make It Hot


| play
CanadianClassic Overnight Classic &TI-Whatever You Like Remix. For All Of My Listeners
CanadianClassic Of course im gonna reblip. i dont think its possible to get sick of this track :) @ZOEBOE (reblip)
CanadianClassic Black milk ft. sean price & pharoahe Monch-The Matrix
CanadianClassic Alias Donmillion ft. poster boy-poster girl. @ZOEBOE @co3z you might enjoy this

Alias Donmillion Feat. Poster Boy

| play
CanadianClassic Red wings owned the pens last night. Hopefully they take game two tonight. This is for all the red wings fans. Go Wings Go!!!!! Wings win series in 6

Detroit Red Wings Song

| play
CanadianClassic Orlando magic will beat the lakers. Go Magic Go!!!!!

Orlando Magic Superhero

| play
CanadianClassic Awesome track. l really like the beat. Thanks for this one! :) @ZOEBOE (reblip)

De La Ghetto & Mavado- Come Out And See {HD}

| play
CanadianClassic $hamrock-Fly Away

Fly Away- $hamrock

| play
CanadianClassic By The Way-Red Hot Chili Peppers

By the way Red Hot Chili Peppers

| play
CanadianClassic Mantis ft. JD Era-One For The Money Remix

Track 20

| play
CanadianClassic Memphis bleek ft. akon-never forget me remix
CanadianClassic Ja Rule ft. fat joe & jadakiss-new york
CanadianClassic Baby ft. rick ross,young jeezy,lil wayne,dj khaled,cool&dre-hundred million dollars
CanadianClassic Kanye west ft. young jeezy-amazing
CanadianClassic willy northpole ft. b.o.b-hood dreamer

Willy Northpole feat B.o.B "Hood Dreamer"

| play
CanadianClassic Definitely one of my fav songs so far this year. Tru-Paz-Young Nation
CanadianClassic im out for now.gonna go watch game 2 of wings/pens series.Good night&Thx @ZOEBOE @FiFiKaboom @pita4l and all djs who gave props and sent replies.
CanadianClassic Wings take game two 3-1. Go wings go!!!. on for a bit Hello @ZOEBOE @pita4l and all the other favs
CanadianClassic gonna head to sleep since im not feeling so great.Hope everyone had a great weekend.Good night @ZOEBOE @pita4l &everyone else :). see you all 2morrow
CanadianClassic Famous-aint no use. Can this day get any worse?

FamousAin't No Use

| play
CanadianClassic kanye west-heartless. alot of problems with school and work. how is everything with you? @ZOEBOE
CanadianClassic Big Thanks :) @ZOEBOE: "For you @DJTalent. Cookies & apple juice make me feel better after a rough day ;)" (reblip)
CanadianClassic Trinity chris ft. Blessed-In The Streets
CanadianClassic Got nothing else to do. might as well blip some more. whats up @Flow
CanadianClassic Classified-anybody listening. hows it going @pita4l
CanadianClassic Looking forward to left for dead 2. still waiting to play resident evil 5.i should get my xbox by friday or saturday. next monday the latest @Flow
CanadianClassic Famous ft. trinity chris-big man tings
CanadianClassic classified-see the truth.Im good thanks :) @pita4l Welcome back online @ZOEBOE Got alot going on tonight so it might take a while to reply to replies
CanadianClassic Classified-No Mistakes. Heres one for two of my fav djs @ZOEBOE & @pita4l
CanadianClassic one of my all time fav songs. TI-My Type

T.I.My Type

| play
CanadianClassic awesome lupe track. Big thanks for this one :)@pita4l: "don't know if this is ur area but for my fav. dj@DJTalent" (reblip)

Lupe FiascoSwitch

| play
CanadianClassic k-west-champion. Thanks! @Ad_C

kanye west champion

| play
CanadianClassic Serani-No Games

Serani "No Games"

| play
CanadianClassic The Outro.Thanks to all djs who sent replies and gave props and special thanks to the favs @ZOEBOE @pita4l @Vinha @Flow @Ad_C Good Night Everyone! =)
MiriamMaayan @MahoganyGirl: "Bobby Brown "Every Little Step..." " I dig this song (reblip)
shortygal Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue
CanadianClassic Yes im finally back.been practicing a lot since we are one game away from winning the league title.Hello&Thanks @ZOEBOE @Vinha @pita4l @Ad_C @DaLady
CanadianClassic busta rhymes ft. eminem-ill hurt you. whats your gamertag? @Flow
CanadianClassic Serani-No Games. Been busy with hockey yet other then that everything's good :).how is everything with you? @ZOEBOE

Serani "No Games"

| play
CanadianClassic Sean kingston ft. juelz sanatana & Elan-Theres Nothin
CanadianClassic The Dey ft. Timbaland-Get The Feeling
CanadianClassic My Fav Remix Of All Time. Shakira ft. Wyclef &Kvase-Hips Dont Lie Remix
CanadianClassic Lupe Fiasco-Conflict Diamonds

Lupe Fiasco -Conflict Diamonds

| play
CanadianClassic Another fav remix for all of my listeners. Lupe fiasco & The Gorillaz-Happy Industries/Feel Good Inc.
CanadianClassic 8 mile freestyle-lupe fiasco. of course i will :) @ZOEBOE

8mile freestyle Lupe Fiasco

| play
CanadianClassic one of Eminem's best songs.thanks @pita4l for this one :) (reblip)
CanadianClassic Classified-find out. one of the best songs ever made for the favs @ZOEBOE @pita4l @Vinha @vinny2jays @DaLady @dj_kwame @DolceMeta @DHS @Flow @Ad_C

ClassifiedFind Out

| play
CanadianClassic One of my fav beats. Black Milk ft. Pharoahe Monch &Sean Price-The Matrix
CanadianClassic Wordburglar-cream of wheat

Wordburglar- Cream of Wheat

| play
CanadianClassic Im out for now. got a few things to do. see you all later :)

Karl Wolf "Africa"

| play
CanadianClassic Gotta head out for a bit. This Ones for @pita4l & @DaLady Be Back Later
CanadianClassic Lupe fiasco ft. The Gorillaz-Happy Industries/Feel Good Inc. Game six is on sunday @DaLady
CanadianClassic Im out for tonight. Hope you have a great weekend&good night @DaLady @pita4l and all of my other listeners. See you all tomorrow :).
CanadianClassic Lets start with some ti. TI Ft. Akon-Hero. Hello @ all my listeners. hope you're having a great day

T.I. ft AkonHero

| play
CanadianClassic TI-Hurt


| play
CanadianClassic Akon-Dont matter

Akon "Don't Matter"

| play

Muddy Waters plays "Manish Boy"

| play

Gin N Juice cover: Redneck Version

| play
DjAlfy @RnBE: "702 – Where My Girls At ~ @MJMusicSidelinePass thx 4 the props!" (reblip)
DjAlfy I miss you Soo much still Aaliyah! RIP @RnBE: "Aaliyah – If Your Girl Only Knew ~ @MimiMcc thx 4 the props!" (reblip)
DjAlfy @RnBE: "Case ft Foxy Brown And Mary J Blige-Touch Me Tease Me ~ @Singersweetie @DjAlfy @MimiMcc @MJMusicSidelinePass " (reblip)

Case ft Foxy Brown And Mary J Blige-Touch Me Tease Me(Plus Lyrics)

| play
DjAlfy hhaha i love this song @RnBE: "En Vogue – Lies" (reblip)

En VogueLies

| play
DjAlfy @ChadWarren Did you know the fat boys have a new single out?! And a new cd coming out this year?! :) (reblip)
DjAlfy Great tune! cant keep up with you lol @RnBE: "112 f. Notorious BIG, Mase – Only You [remix]~ @DjAlfy :-) @joechapman @ffluxx thx 4 the props!" (reblip)
DjAlfy sigh Akon is a troublemaker this song fits! (reblip)
DjAlfy YEA I'm gone daddy gone and Twitters a fag for having limits lmao Blip has it's act together though (reblip)

Carly Simon "Thats The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be"

| play
gad821 @misterpain: "but... but..." (reblip)

Sergio Mendes Brazil 66 Goin' Out of my Head

| play

All I want is You-Juno Soundtrack-Song&Lyrics-

| play
CanadianClassic Juvenile-Rodeo

Juvenile Rodeo

| play
CanadianClassic Karl Wolf-Africa

Karl Wolf "Africa"

| play
CanadianClassic Unfortunately this song wasnt on the album. TI-A Better Day

T I A Better Day Paper Trail

| play
CanadianClassic Lazarus-Enemy And I

LAZARUS "Enemy and I"

| play
CanadianClassic jd era-paper chase. lol i play hockey in my city league&we won our league title on sunday :). Wings will win the cup tonight @pita4l

JD EraPaper Chase

| play
CanadianClassic i had to reblip this since its my fav game track. Thanks @pita4l for this one (reblip)
CanadianClassic Why dont you want the wings to win tonight? & Thanks @Thnikkaman
CanadianClassic Makes sense.Reminds me of how much hate the toronto maple leafs. it was a tough season for the avs this year. @Thnikkaman
CanadianClassic Gotta agree. you guys got great offense but your defense and goal tending needs improvement. you'll do much better this year @Thnikkaman
CanadianClassic im out for now. thanks @ all djs who gave props and sent replies. see you all later :)

Serani "No Games"

| play
CelesteCastello pink - get this party started (reblip)

pink get this party started

| play

illa J "Sounds Like Love" feat. Debi Nova

| play
gad821 @letcialeme: "Other version to your blip...:)!@gad821 "thank you I was having trouble finding it (reblip)


| play

Age of Aquarius

| play

Mack the Knife Sung by Lotte Lenya

| play

kieron rowley doing a cover of 'Mack The Knife' from the three penny opera

| play

hey hey! we're the monkees!

| play

Townes Van Zandt-If I Needed You from Austin Pickers 1984

| play

Stay by Lisa Loeb

| play

Goodnight Irene-Leadbelly

| play
thaisypecsen Amo essa muié.

Waiting For Tonight- Jennifer Lopez

| play
thaisypecsen TÔ viada e assumo!!!!!!!!! TÔ viada.

I Will Survive

| play
thaisypecsen Nossa, q vídeo legal. Nunca tinha visto.
thaisypecsen Esse é o melhor clipe do Michael, na minha opinião. Ele estava na fase mais bonita e a música é a mais foda.
thaisypecsen Caraio! Era isso q eu queria ouvir agoraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (reblip)
thaisypecsen Será possível q esse clipe não ta aqui? Afe. Vou almoçar!


| play
thaisypecsen Essa músicaaaa é foda ao vivooo

O RappaMe Deixa

| play
gad821 @Cyad: "WHOA!"thx (reblip)

Wilson Picket rare "Mustang Sally"

| play
gad821 @Cyad: "@ladyboru: can't help but reblip that one. Too good. thx! :)" Some people have indeed called me Maurice (reblip)
thaisypecsen Interpol comanda

Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down

| play
thaisypecsen Sono, muito sono.

Jennifer Lopez --- Play

| play
thaisypecsen uuhuhuhu

War What is it good for absolutely nothing!

| play
thaisypecsen @paulahanser saudade master cara. não recebi o seu link de som no twitter, diz indisponível. (reblip)
thaisypecsen Nossa, ouve essa amiga. As regravações de Pedro e Thiago andam me perseguindo hahaha @paulahanser (reblip)

Chantal Kreviazuk Time lyrics

| play

John Mayer- I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)

| play
thaisypecsen @meuiaiameuioio quando ouço essas músicas DA GENTE eu lembro de ti! (L)

sandra de sá bye bye tristeza

| play
gad821 @RadioFreeIllinois: "in SPITE OF US...YOU LIVIN RIGHT?"One of my all-time favorites (reblip)

You must be Daddy's Little Pumpkin John Prine

| play

Old Cape Cod/Patti Page

| play
gad821 @zeinoun: "Music hour at work - accepting all requests :)" (reblip)
CanadianClassic Classified ft. Chad Hatcher-All About You
CanadianClassic TI-A Better Day

T.I- A Better Day

| play
CanadianClassic Big Kuntry-Next Shit. Yeah it was a great season. gonna start to play in a new league in a few weeks. how was your trip? @ZOEBOE
CanadianClassic Cadence weapon-sharks. Im gonna try but the chances of me making pro are pretty slim lol :) @ZOEBOE

Cadence Weapon "Sharks"

| play
CanadianClassic Flipsyde-When It Was Good. @Vinha You might enjoy this
thaisypecsen óclinhos brega, mas a voz perfeita. e a barriga em dia, go paula toller.


| play
thaisypecsen Simpatizei com o menininho que fala primeiro, parece o Jack Black. Enfim.

Panic At The Disco -I Write Sins Not Tragedies

| play
thaisypecsen @cmerigo E o que dizer de Wilson's Heart? *_* (reblip)
thaisypecsen Adoro te mandar essas músicas boas @danibuarque! RB now!
thaisypecsen Trust

Makes Me Wonder (With lyrics and song)-Maroon 5

| play

the kinks all day and all of the night

| play
gad821 hope 3rd time is a charm


| play


| play

Bob marley-I shot the sherriff

| play
gad821 @cjh: "Hoffe, du bist gelenkig!!@shadow7777: "Mambo Nr 5=MAKE´S GOOD MOOD IF U WANT IT OR NOT:-)"" (reblip)

Mambo Nr 5

| play

Help-Beatles song+lyrics

| play
gad821 Let's do this right.

Knocking on Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan

| play
DjAlfy In through time with out a dime, I've admired you Erykah, bless and thank you, a diamond in the sky, all the way up so high! (reblip)
DjAlfy Wow I love the guitar on this it's so great
gad821 @cjh: "Ronan Keating - When You Say Nothing At All" (reblip)

Sarah McLachlan Lilith Fair ( Building A Mystery )

| play
DjAlfy @RCSoul: "A blast from the past. How many people remember this song?" (reblip)

Sagat "Funk Dat"

| play
DjAlfy Sup this for erry one i kno!!!

Rugged n Raw / I'm Broke and Proud

| play
thaisypecsen Música nova

Lá vem o Negão

| play

raul seixas maluco beleza

| play
thaisypecsen Bosque do papa com neve.


| play
DjAlfy @Nalora: "Dobie Grey ~ Drift Away " (reblip)

Dobie Grey ~ Drift Away (Official Video HIGH QUALITY)

| play
DjAlfy @StyleMiSia: "Xxxplosive! The music behind this shit is GENIUS!" << Agreed (reblip)
DjAlfy i forgot how much i like this band ~*~* DANCIN ~*~* (reblip)
thaisypecsen Agora notei que esse Do it Klar é a a versão em alguma língua de Do it well!
DjAlfy Great tune @Mia__Cavallo: "The Roots - Break you off (leaving you on that note for a nap *hugs*)" (reblip)
DjAlfy @Up2DaRack: "To someone who is pretty fly for a white gal. All right, I know it doesn't rhyme. :-P" (reblip)
DjAlfy @DjAlfy: "@Up2DaRack: "To someone who is pretty fly for a white gal. All right, I know it doesn't rhyme. :-P"" << How'd he/she know THanx lmao (reblip)
DjAlfy Men I know the code for "Lets just stay home and cuddle" is i dont wanna be seen in public with you.. fuck off and learn this song!

Rugged n Raw / I'm Broke and Proud

| play
DjAlfy Because the last one failed epically :D

Down to the River to Pray

| play
DjAlfy To all my broke biches

Rugged n Raw / I'm Broke and Proud

| play
thaisypecsen Tinha esquecido como esse cara é feio.

creed-With Arms Wide Open

| play
thaisypecsen Comassim Robbie Williams? Eu achava q era o Bublé! Jurava.

Robbie Williams- Beyond The Sea (From Finding Nemo) with lyrics

| play
MRL Paul McCartney And Wings - Band on the Run (reblip)

Survivor Burning Heart

| play

biquini cavadao tedio

| play
MRL Canned Heat - Let's Work Together (reblip)

Matthew Wilder- Break My Stride

| play
MRL Tegan & Sara - City Girl (Acoustic) (reblip)
thaisypecsen @maia_reinhardt é saudade da gente, isso! Vai passar dia 03/07 ;)

luisa mandou um beijo {anselmo}

| play
MRL David gray it's not easy to be me (reblip)

David gray it's not easy to be me

| play
thaisypecsen Acordar às 5:40 da manhã faz com que o dia renda. Até demais. (reblip)
thaisypecsen Mto boa essa música

Macy GrayI Try

| play