I Stand Corrected-Vampire Weekend

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Alpha Blondy Sebe Allah Y'E

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MissLalala @foxy_kida Hi honey! Listen this 1: I love it .... A lot :)


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MissLalala I love this cover tx bb :)@mark_till: "@MissLalala: "The Veronicas - Uprising (muse cover acoustic)"" (reblip)
SSSIXXX @Shukitty: "@melodyofyourlife this is awesome, Mr. E should cover everything in the world. =p" (reblip)
MissLalala Tksss :o) Love it !!!@mz_rocko: "sooo much good music passing through - yaaayy - TY @ll blippers!!!" (reblip)
MissLalala ACDC~You shook me all night long...
MissLalala Merci nice 1*smooch*@mark_till: "@MissLalala_ As long as you are doing these have this 1...Me First And The Gimme Gimmes ~ Somewhere over the rainbow" (reblip)

Me First And The Gimme Gimmes ~ Somewhere over the rainbow

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MissLalala Love it !@hpseaton: "Now @mz_rocko you know my Tegan and Sara addiction, so this reply should come as no surprise!" (reblip)
MissLalala FOO !!!@sooze27: "Nice acoustic version... ty & rb@bytera: "Foo Fighters — Times Like These | #acoustic"" (reblip)
MissLalala YAY!!!! California.....@mark_till: "rb @DirtyUrine: "Kings Of Leon – California Waiting !!"" (reblip)
MissLalala Porcupine Tree ~~ Lazarus...

Porcupine Tree - Lazarus

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MissLalala Porcupine Tree ~~ Open Car @DirtyUrine Tksssssssss :o)

Porcupine Tree Open Car

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MissLalala I love that 1... Chees boyzzz!!!@hpseaton: "@MissLalala_ it was a toss up between this tune and the Judas Priest one for @Schoork's birthday lol" (reblip)
MissLalala Tks sweetie! Love Guns N'Roses :) @DirtyUrine @MissLalala_ Slash is the geetarist w/ the funny tophat! This was back when he played w/ Guns N' Roses!" (reblip)
MissLalala Chickenfoot :o) for my excellent teacher!!! I LOVE it \m/ @DirtyUrine
MissLalala Porcupine Tree ~~Halo @DirtyUrine... I find it :o)

Porcupine Tree ........ Halo

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MissLalala "I'm Free...To do what I want... Any Old Time... " :D (reblip)
Schoork Billy Idol – White Wedding unplugged
MissLalala Hmmmm California sun... (reblip)

Big B (ft. Scott Russo)- Sinner (with LYRICS)

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MissLalala Open book... Oh oh oh...
MissLalala Leaves in the river... Great Sea Wolf :) (reblip)
MissLalala Tksssss :))@patita: "morning cherrie :D sha la la la la la la la song for you :D @MissLalala" (reblip)
MissLalala Gone woman... Later gators xxx rb@spacespencer (reblip)

Eels | Gone Man

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MissLalala Fucking pigs:D @DirtyUrine Represents the top of the social ladder that manipulate the rest of society and encourage them to be competitive&cutthroat" (reblip)
MissLalala Great 1 Tksss Mr King!!! @BlipKing (reblip)

KURT COBAIN (Let It Die-Foo Fighters)

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MissLalala When the man comes around.... Johnny Cash
MissLalala "There's just one thing that's getting in the way, when we go up to bed, u're just no good... u're supposed to care, u're never make me scream..." :D
MissLalala You don't know what love is... No no no... White Stripes

The White Stripes-You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You're Told)

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MissLalala Hiya its FRIDAY sweetie!!!! And u know? Friday I'm IN LOOOOOOOVE :D @foxy_kida
MissLalala Aerosmith - Last Child (MTV Unplugged) (reblip)

Aerosmith Last Child MTV Unplugged (Video)

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MissLalala If we kissed.... (reblip)

If we kissed-Fiona Apple

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MissLalala Yesss!!! She's sooo cute!@kobiswim: "Lily Allen – Everybody's Changing(Keane Cover) #cover" (reblip)
MissLalala Guns N'Roses ~~ November Rain (acoustic)
MissLalala RB!!!! @tyrelassie: "Thin Lizzy – Whiskey In The Jar..love the guitar in this record amazing have a wee listen :) enjoy !!1" (reblip)
MissLalala "Munfords And Son ~ Awake My Soul" (reblip)
MissLalala Patiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! I was waiting for ya... Boys are back in town..."*winkz*@patita (reblip)
Louden Right on. Better late than never. These guys rock! @CMFlinn: "Its never too late! ;o) They r great!!@MissLalala_: "To me yes :( Don't know DAD! (reblip)
MissLalala You're the number one here!!!! @DirtyUrine: "Me or the song? lol RB @MissLalala_: "Tksss in my top 10! @DirtyUrine: "Nice pick! RB @MissLalala_... (reblip)
MissLalala Now she's back in the atmosphere, with drops of Jupiter in her hair, she acts like summer and walks like rain...
MissLalala Keane (U2 cover) ~ With or without you ...
MissLalala "I just want to be bad alright... Whats the matter?" LOL @hpseaton: "For you @MissLalala_ lol" (reblip)
MissLalala ACDC ~ You Shook Me All Night Long .... \m/ (available!!!)
MissLalala *Take ur hand and dance*@mark_till: "@MissLalala_ Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses (Make The Girl Dance Remix)" (reblip)
MissLalala YESSS =) awesome! @hpseaton: "@MissLalala_ is this one you were thinking of? @Veronique was nice enough to introduce me to it" (reblip)
Bimbler here u go @MissLalala_ ...Iron & Wine – The Devil Never Sleeps
MissLalala Joan Jett ~ I hate myself for loving you (reblip)
MissLalala Incubus ~~ Love Hurts (acoustic cover)
MissLalala Babyshambles ~~ Delivery...
MissLalala Tksss :) PS. Just 30 seconds? @OmeRoon: "30 Seconds To Mars – "Beautiful Lie" @MissLalala_ I even got 30 "seconds" for you ;-)" (reblip)
MissLalala Merci beaucoup :) Lov it *muah*@mark_till: "@MissLalala_ Best Of You - Stereophonics (Foo Fighters Cover)" (reblip)
MissLalala RB!!! @mark_till: "Fuck you, I won't blip what you tell me - Rage Against The Machine" (reblip)
MissLalala Green Day ~~ Give me Novocaine!!! Need a lot its fucking monday... (reblip)
MissLalala Morning both of U!!! One of my big Zepp fav :) @dcbizzy: "Definitely feeling the LZ this morning! @TropicsZ4..." (reblip)
MissLalala She's my cherry pie !!! Warrant ~~ Cherry Pie

Cherry PieWarrant

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MissLalala George Thorogood & The Destroyers – Bad To The Bone (reblip)
MissLalala Look at the stars look how they shine for you... And they're all yellow...
MissLalala Hiya sista ur new avi is awesome:) First step for the POWER!!! @JanetSEyre Rage Against The Machine – Take The Power Back (reblip)
MissLalala :o) @bytera: "...a bearded soul man haunted by nostalgia and lost innocence, memories that gather like a storm waiting to break... listen:" (reblip)
MissLalala "Te faire mourir de rire, aspirer tes soupirs, m'enfermer tout le jour, écrire des mots d'amour..." Rose – La liste

La ListeRose

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MissLalala ANTIZZZZZzzzzz BLIP <3 @La_Vera_Mahshid: "Oh, I see, so, it's not for me, whew :-D rb@Louden: "It is the medical term for not being able to sleep ;P (reblip)


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MissLalala Angus and Julia stone ~ For You
MissLalala RB!!! @mark_till: "Big B – Sinner feat. Scott Russo of Unwritten Law" (reblip)
MissLalala Cloud Machine ~ I'm not alone but I miss you...

I'm Not Alone But I Miss You

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MissLalala Tks mate *muah* @hpseaton: "Where oh where is the fabulous @MissLalala_? Some RHCP just for you, girl!" (reblip)
MissLalala Tks sweetie *muah* @fun4lilli: "Missy, you've got great taste in music. "@MissLalala_ Beautiful :) @fun4lilli: Holy crap this is fantastic... (reblip)
MissLalala The Eagles – Hotel California
insignificant__1 yes, i know.. that is why i will not be here anymore

Jeff Buckley "I Know It's Over"

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MissLalala Timber Timbre – Under Your Spell
MissLalala Make you feel my love.... Adele
MissLalala LOVE BLIP!!!! @Flying_Roundhouse: "Franz Ferdinand – Missing You (with lyrics)" (reblip)

The Doves Kingdom Of Rust (High Quality)

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MissLalala I like it!!!! @the_architect: "My favourite Happy Mondays song!" (reblip)
MissLalala For my sweet Agathe... Thriving Ivory – Angels on the moon(acoustic)
MissLalala Carolina Liar – Coming to terms
MissLalala Mumford & Sons -- I Gave You All

Mumford & Sons -- I Gave You All -- Video/Chords/Lyrics

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MissLalala The Pretty Reckless – "Miss Nothing" (Unplugged) AWESOMENESS....
MissLalala Yodelice – Maxim Nucci - Talk to Me - Les petits mouchoirs
MissLalala Python Lee Jackson aka Rod Stewart – In a Broken Dream
MissLalala Ane Brun - One more time............. Nite X

Ane Brun One more time

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MissLalala Supertramp – Aubade and I Am Not Like the Other Birds of Prey
MissLalala John Lee Hooker & Bonnie Rait – I'm in the Mood .... :D
MissLalala Pomplamoose - If You Think You Need Some Lovin.... via @Flying_Roundhouse (reblip)
MissLalala Was on the radio. Awesome cover! Donny Hathaway – Jealous Guy
MissLalala Linkin Park – "Iridescent" RB @lackadaisical: "SHOCKWAAAAAVEEEEE!!!" (reblip)
MissLalala Hiya gorgeous, Awesome avi :-)) n song! @RichieLeBon "I Told You Once" by Howler (reblip)

"I Told You Once" by Howler (official Video by So-TM)

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MissLalala Shinedown - One U2 cover acoustic.... via the great @DirtyUrine XOXO (reblip)

Shinedown - One U2 cover acoustic

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MissLalala Its wonderful wonderful!!!! ..... Paolo Conte – Via con me (It's Wonderful)
MissLalala I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For – U2 and Bruce Springsteen with Roy Bittan
MissLalala The Heavy - How You Like Me Now?.......................????? via @mark_till (reblip)
MissLalala The Offspring – The Kids Aren't Alright
MissLalala Tommy Emmanuel – House Of The Rising Sun (Acoustic) @Gotapulse beautiful cover... Enjoy!
MissLalala Awww :) @DJ_Danielle_: "Where'd U go??? I'm not gonna find another U EVER Sunshine!!! *hugs* @Miss_Lalala: "John Mayer – I'm Gonna Find Another You"" (reblip)
MissLalala Laws Feat. Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs – Runaway
MissLalala Fugees – Killing Me Softly
MissLalala *MUAAAH* @Unaturalsoul: "Click Click Bang Bang~~~~>...@MissLalala_"Miss Derringer - "Click Click (Bang Bang)" Triple X Records / Nickel & Dime Records (reblip)

Horace Andy "Ain't No Sunshine When She Gone"

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MissLalala Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song (acoustic live)
MissLalala TUUUUUNE!!! We Will Rock You – Queen
MissLalala Ray LaMontagne – I Still Care For You
MissLalala 1. All I Want For Christmas Is You – My Chemical Romance [ Punk Goes Christmas ] via @Hushed1 (reblip)
MissLalala All you need is love!!! All we need is LOVE LOVE LOVE Love is all we need...

All You Need Is Love

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MissLalala Life is Art :) @creativeness: "Live with passion, claim your pain, and shout your love. Bury your regret, fight your fear, and enjoy every moment." (reblip)
MissLalala The guy that says goodbye to you is out of his mind – Griffin House......... (reblip)
MissLalala Nite nite... xoxo @BlipKing: "Bombay Bicycle Club ----....fairytale lullaby...---- ;o]" (reblip)
MissLalala Happy blip :o) @Bimbler Franck Wilson ~ Do I love you (indeed I do) (reblip)
MissLalala Let's just kiss and say goodbye... *waves* G2G!!!

The Manhattans Let's Just Kiss And Say GoodBye

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MissLalala "Yeah, U made me feel shiney and new, like a virgin touched for the very first time..." cool cover
MissLalala CHERRY!!!! Its my cherry day :o) @LindyLuv: "cherry or cheery, darlin? RB@MissLalala_: "Porcupine Tree - Lazarus #cherrymood :o)"" (reblip)

Porcupine Tree - Lazarus

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MissLalala HAAAAAWT!!!! Oh lalalalalalala ....... @Schoork: "uhm.......................@CMFlinn" (reblip)
Stickinit @Time2Burn: "One of my fav covers! RB@ankita_gaur: "Deftones – Drive (Cars Cover)"" (reblip)
MissLalala MORNING!!!! California here we come :)) Phantom Planet – California
MissLalala WOW!

Artic Monkeys "Leave before the lights

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MissLalala Love Blip :-) from a lovely DJ!!!@JanetGish The Tallest Man on Earth - "Love Is All" (Official Music Video) (reblip)
MissLalala *MWAAAH* You too handsome ;P @creativeness: "*winks* Have a great day, girl! @MissLalala_" (reblip)

Dave Matthews Band- Crush

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MissLalala HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetness :D @Crimsonqueen Beatles-Happy-Birthday


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MissLalala Awesome!!! @TropicsZ4: "Marilyn Manson - Arma-God-Damn-Mother-Fuckin'-Geddon" (reblip)
MissLalala Over !!! @spacespencer: "// Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs - This Love Is Over" (reblip)
MissLalala LMAO Very gently please!!! @greentrees: "haha @patita "ops, what if we love you?? hehehehe @MissLalala_: "Seether - Fuck me like you hate me"" (reblip)
MissLalala William Fitzsimmons – Heartless
MissLalala Je n'ai pas peur de la route, faudra voir faut qu'on y goute, des méandres au creux des reins et tout ira bien... le vent nous portera.... Noir Desir
MissLalala "some will fall in love with life and drink it from a fountain that is pouring like an avalanche coming down the mountain" The Butthole Surfers-Pepper

The Butthole Surfers-Pepper (Lyrics)

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MissLalala Love them :) @funkyBP: "meant to RB this earlier, almost forgot @fxp123: "Iron & Wine - Freedom Hangs Like Heaven"" (reblip)
MissLalala Dinah Washington – Cry Me A River
MissLalala Last album.... Love it :) Nouvelle Vague & Vanessa Paradis – Week-end à Rome
MissLalala Marilyn Manson – What Goes Around Comes Back Around Acoustic
MissLalala Love it!!!! @the_architect: Love Cats ( The Cure ) – performed by Katie Melua & Mike Batt (reblip)
MissLalala Olle Nyman – Heart & Soul
MissLalala Weezer ft. Sara Bareilles – (If You're Wondering if I Want You To) I Want You To...
MissLalala LOUD!!! Ram Jam - Black Betty via @creativeness ;-) (reblip)

Ram Jam "Black Betty"

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MissLalala Alex Clare – Damn Your Eyes (Etta James Cover)
MissLalala Love – Foster The People
MissLalala Scala & Kolacny Brother – Creep ....................... X
MissLalala Nina Simone – I Put A Spell On You... Awesomeness <3
MissLalala Mickey Moonlight – We'll Meet Again (Feat. Marina Gasolina)
MissLalala In love with these guys... Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks (Acoustic)
MissLalala Matchbox Twenty – You Won't Be Mine
MissLalala Radical Face - 'Welcome Home'

Radical Face 'Welcome Home'

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MissLalala Olle Nyman - Heart & Soul..........LOVE Blip! via @elibur (reblip)
MissLalala Radiohead – House of Cards
MissLalala Kaiser Chiefs – If You Will Have Me
MissLalala MARS – Pump Up The Volume
MissLalala Good Feeling – Flo Rida / Levels - Avicii - TS Miller looping cover
RichieLeBon Hey fellow Blippers. Here's a Friday afternoon tune for you all.... rice & peas

'Say Hey (I Love You) by Michael Franti on Q TV

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