Greenie bit of a genera jump...


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ZOEBOE @Performalosophos have you heard this remix?? It's awesome when you can play it loud at home in the dark (ok, maybe I just think so ;) )...
bauxine7 a song to die to..."fljotavik" by sigur ros

Sigur Rós-Fljótavík

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republicofjenn 'ello monday, let's get to it.


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MissM773 this song makes me smiiiiiiiiiiile.

The GrouchBreath

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flavytcha my imaculate dream, made breath and skin, I´ve been waiting for your sight...

Duran Duran-Come Undone

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Soul 4 Real-Candy Rain

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Greenie Le Tigre – Fake French

Le TigreFake French

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classified- Oh Canada

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Warren G-Smokin me out

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Coldplay-The Scientist (Acoustic)

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immaculate23 Uh oh, I'm on a roll haha...u can never wrong with Bob, Bob Marely that is
Setzerknight But the universe is just an empty space
Reavel @Reavel: "Just heard this and well I had to blip it. MUST... Shout to New Zealand in the Pakuranga area." (reblip)

Puddle of MudBlurry

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Bakojo Ok blippies ... I'm gonna get smoovie woovie on ya for a min (reblip)

Rainy Night in Georgia -- Brook Benton

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Greenie Pacific Division – Wake Up (prod. Haircut)
MissM773 awwww yea!

Method Man & Redman "City Lights" feat. UGK

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MGMT "electric feel" video

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MissM773 can never get enough of this beat.
aaronwinborn @loki666: "For now we are you young, let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we see......." (reblip)
jimmybones from eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
Up2DaRack @ocdchick: "I remember when no one knew what this song was about. Or maybe everyone knew - except me." They say if you don't stop, you may go blind! (reblip)
jsuarezm And it really makes me wonder...
ZOEBOE played this yesterday. :} it's worth playin again.
HERDE Hot, humid shout 2 new listeners@jay-Tea@PorkChopJones @Gram985...thx's!

Warren g "I Need A Light" Big Dore Remix-Dirty

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SenDodge Dedicated to Governor Mark Sanford.
dochugo @sandyriverside those are all good product ideas! now i understand why hello kitty's first lucrative product was the "shoulder" massager
chrispaxman power rangers huh? maybe we need to get you to ->


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Matokokepa0516 for Callie

Tommy James & the Shondells-Crimson and Clover

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rosyblue Cat Power covers WONDERWALL, nice cover! :)

Cat PowerWonderwall

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CanadianClassic Gotta head out for a few hours. Hope you have a great day @ZOEBOE @pita4l @DHS @MsButterworth See you all later

SHAUN BOOTHE 'Music Man' ft. AMANDA DIVA (Official Video)

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bendrix IfThisTrackCouldFly iTWouldHoverOverThe Cafe Del Mar Landscape - hands on hips - chin up - as the people bow to their new leader. DAMN Good=> rb@LYRIC (reblip)
Flow keepin it rollin, rollin, rollin...

Jackie ChainRollin'

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MissM773 yeaaaaa~! this one makes me feel all good and tingly.
MissM773 this song will always be in my top ten.

Pnau 'Embrace'

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MissM773 I always loved this song. I remember my boyfriend at the time made fun of me for it- how can you not love it though! Am still feeling the loss of MJ.
MissM773 just bought this album and freakin love it!!!


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ZOEBOE very NICE! RB@ita___thedjcat and for you dubs er I mean loves..@Corts @THX3 and @solid_au and I think @MANOTAS feels the dub love too (reblip)

Dub & RunClassical

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LeToya Luckett "NO MORE" Original Mix

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J2ad @Atomik Not too much. Just a lot of static & silence. Gonna probably fall asleep blipping. How bout you?
J2ad Rb @westham999 I was just listening to this on the car ride home from work. This song is following me! (reblip)

Never Tear Us Apart - INXS

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MissM773 @J2ad thanks for playing this song. i so needed it right now. (reblip)
annalise Soundtrack to the dreams I have after I hit the snooze bar.
MissM773 nice! @comuch: "♪The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson" (reblip)

Ray J "SEXY CAN I" Uncensored ft. Yung Berg

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MissM773 probably my favorite janet.

Janet Jackson "Let's Wait Awhile" (Official)

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MissM773 "a tree hugger? not in these clothes!!" love this one.
MissM773 can't believe how many people have covered this song. surely annie must be one of the best.
MissM773 gimme some a that...

N.A.S.A. "Hip Hop" (feat. KRS-One, Fatlip, & Slim Kid Tre)

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MissM773 whatever comes up comes out. we don't put our hands over our mouth. RSE!

Live Your Life- T.I (feat.) Rihanna + Lyrics!

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whatever you like- T.I

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MissM773 morning blippers!! i missed you so.
MissM773 this track groooooves.

The CoupHeven Tonite

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N.A.S.A. "Way Down" (feat. RZA, Barbie Hatch, & John Frusciante)

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Michael Jackson- Human Nature

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MissM773 I've never heard anything else by her but I always loved this song @Bdarealist: "She was even around long enough to be on the radar." (reblip)
MissM773 @Bdarealist you've inspired me to check out her other stuff - thanks! :)

LaurneaRun Away

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MissM773 i used to play this song over and over and over until i effed up the tape =)
MissM773 @Mafkeez... too many to have an ultimate favorite but this one is very near the top for me! :)

Grizzly Bear "Two Weeks"

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MissM773 I just discovered this song. lovin it!!

Kyle AndrewsSushi

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MissM773 Dear Chicago - I love you :)

Huey Lewis - Happy To Be Stuck With You 1

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MissM773 I likes! @vinny2jays: "Going pure random - stream of blips for a bit...." (reblip)
Ryankenstein one of my top 2 favorite bands ever...
Bdarealist "I'm living in the forest of a dream...I know the night is not as it would seem."
perditus "Have some brandy, sing me a song, something soft & low." (RB @mister_e) (reblip)
MissM773 nice @dj_kwame: "Alexander O'Neal – If You Were Here Tonight" (reblip)
MissM773 YES!!!!! thats it, thank you! It was killin me @Bdarealist: "@MissM773 this song sampled Alexander o neal "if You Were Here Tonight"" (reblip)
MissM773 anyone remember this jam?


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MissM773 they cut me off too! :) another nice blip @Jazzzyone: "The Human League – Human (reblip)

Raheem Devaughn "Believe"

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MissM773 I've never heard this - thanks! @Jazzzyone: "ODB Feat Coko (?) - Sussudio (Please give it a chance @Reads4Pleasure lol)" (reblip)


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GarrettTheK That woman who works hard for the money ain't got nothing on this dame.
MissM773 nice! @Jazzzyone: "#catchypop Kristinia DeBarge – Goodbye (Daughter of James DeBarge from THAT DeBarge) (reblip)
MissM773 nice! @daretoeatapeach: "Sorry to reblip Imeem but I can't resist Sheena Easton! Nice track @Erzuliet." (reblip)

Sheena EastonStrut

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MissM773 my favorite black sheep song!
MissM773 I like the piano on this...also was just reading that blue scholars hired duck down to market them. a partnering of two nice indie labels.

Blue Scholars "Coffee And Snow" Music Video HQ

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crop_rotation @crop_rotation: "@elliott425: "I can only assume they're talking about french kissing."" (reblip)
MissM773 nice version of stressed out. always was one of my favorite Tribe songs.
MissM773 Black Moon – This Goes Out to You feat. Steele
MissM773 cant get enough camp lo! ever!

Camp LoLumdi

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MissM773 I'm slightly addicted to this single.
DareToEatAPeach Not yet. I haven't suckered someone into going with me yet. @workerbee: "@ daretoeatapeach: did you get your treasure Island ticket yet? I got mine." (reblip)
MissM773 @DJTerribleTee you are playin some of my old faves - keep em comin! =) (reblip)
MissM773 yeaaa west side! haha @lawofgravity: "WEST COAST WEDNESDAY: MC Eiht "Streiht Up Menace" (reblip)
MissM773 oh man, I almost forgot about N2Deep.

N2Deep-Back To The Hotel

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MissM773 this is real nice. thanks for playin! @hiphoppinhobo: "i love just a little bit of organ" (reblip)
MissM773 this song makes me SMILE.

The GrouchBreath

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honeygirl i was gonna blip this to u... ur reading my mind again ;)@CargoCulte:@honeygirl This blip is overdue! @SevenTenths Have things cooled down up north? (reblip)
MissM773 cool cover indeed! @TakeFive: "John Mayer - Free Fallin`,,,Cool Cover,,," (reblip)
MissM773 nice @dj_AM: "more dancing around the office tunes" (reblip)
MissM773 great song @gogodevo: ":)" (reblip)

Hear You Me- Jimmy Eat World

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MissM773 nice blip!! @DJBiggL: "Box Tops ~ I'm Your Puppet" (reblip)
MissM773 Outerspace – Silence ft. Vinnie Paz
MissM773 The Clipse – Dopeman

The ClipseDopeman

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m2ederson Another one of my new favorites!


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MissM773 Still – Frankie J

StillFrankie J

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MissM773 Handsome Boy Modeling School – The Truth
MissM773 indeed! @Mix_Mix: "Nice version of Prince's Sinead O'connor song!@MissM773 @Jazzzyone : NOTHING can take away these blues!" (reblip)
MissM773 soul 4 real! :) @RnBE @DJLOPZ

Soul 4 Real- Every Little Thing I Do

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MissM773 Kenn Starr – If (Ft. Talib Kweli & Asheru)
MissM773 Somobe – Long Days (Feat. Shadow Pilot)
MissM773 Tanya Morgan – Never Enough (Crazy Love)
MissM773 oh I loooove this. thanks for sharing! @MsButterworth: "@MissM773 it would be a tie with this one, love them both equally" (reblip)
MissM773 A-Trak feat. Little Brother – Step Off (Dirty)
MissM773 Jay Dee ft. Hodge Podge & Lacks – It's Like That @ChuckFlavas
DJLOPZ one of my fav Jake One cuts...listen to the story its sick...@GinaDunc
MissM773 nice! @JayC: "If everyone else had my eyes Then, who I am wouldn’t be a surprise" (reblip)

Innocent Man (feat. Mark Morrison)

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MissM773 Rapper Big Pooh – Move

Rapper Big PoohMove

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MissM773 Nikka Costa – So Have I for You
MissM773 L.E.G.A.C.Y. – ...I'm a Star (Featuring Chaundon, Median, & Joe Scudda)
MissM773 Musiq Soulchild – For the night
MissM773 Gang Starr – Royalty

Gang StarrRoyalty

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MissM773 yay! i found my guys song/video on here! "when the revolution comes will you rise or run" loooove me some power struggle. =)

Never Give You Up -by Raphael Saadiq feat. Stevie Wonder and C.J. Hilton

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itsRamel Cassie feat. Diddy – Must Be Love
MissM773 such a nice find @DJLOPZ!!!! Had you heard of these guys before?
MissM773 I like treats! :) @DJLOPZ: "@MissM773 one of my treats today..." (reblip)

Jneiro JarelBreathin'

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MissM773 nice! @Funkytarubuddha: "Don't let money change ya.... la de da da de da " (reblip)
Yan new blue scholars EP OOF! out today, check it
MissM773 amp went a little techno on this track.

Zion IAntenna

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MissM773 she rocked this song at lollapalooza. such a great show! ahhhh I wish I could go back....
MissM773 I really like this! @Jazzzyone: "listening to Melanie Fiona - U Stop My Heart (RB @Jazzzyone) Samples "Venus" by Frankie Avalon" (reblip)
MissM773 Marco Polo feat. Masta Ace – Nostalgia
MissM773 The Primeridian – Hang on [Nicolay Remix]
Bakojo It was love at first sight, know question, it was@sakapfet: "I knew baby..." (reblip)
MissM773 oh shit. I think this one might be a daily blip. hot. @vmessy you heard this yet?
MissM773 surprised to find this one on here...
MissM773 listen to this siiiiick dilla beat! Guilty said he recorded this (among a few others not yet released) before his passing... HOT!
MissM773 Skyzoo – They Don't Want It (Feat. Torae, Yatta Barz, Zeqway Prod. by J Dilla)
aktovoir "Any man who knows a thing knows he knows not a damn thing at all" @MissM773 didn't know this song was on this album. thanks. I'm out
itsRamel Trey Songz – Love Lost
DebJ "Ray Charles – "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning" (reblip)
DJLOPZ @FatalSe7en: "The Heliocentrics – Before I Die feat. Guilty Simpson"=> (reblip)


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MissM773 lucky me!! thanks :) @usin420: "Some little dragon for @MissM773" (reblip)
MissM773 oh my! I just happened to run into this one... I used to LOVE this song!
Stay19 Time to go get a Christmas tree in Santa Cruz<><>Sweeet! Cheers.

Uh Huh HerExplode

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Nujabes and Shing02 Luv Sic pt.3

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MissM773 @aktovoir wake up and come blip with us! :)

LinaWake Up

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MissM773 damn this songs so good i have to reblip my own song! :) (reblip)

The Blak Roc Project featuring Mos Def produced by The Black Keys On The Vista

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MissM773 @aktovoir... your persistence won't piss me off... i think its cute! we'll see how well it works tho ;)

Hi-Tek So Tired

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KD1 Raheem Devaughn – " You " Trish Trish I see you boo

Raheem DevaughnYou

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Si*sé The Truth

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Si*Sé "TheChain" Video

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MissM773 love this one right now.
caryseen if u haven't heard this before, definitely give it a listen. it's pretty much my favourite cure cover lately... the brunettes - lovesong (the cure) (reblip)
MissM773 somewhere... where I dont exactly know.
MissM773 hey! ;) hope youre having a charming saturday... @TheRealFLUIDITY: "Spearhead – Say Hey Ft. Cherine Anderson" (reblip)
LESarahJ this one made me think of my LO a lot for how gentle and nice he is to me, though he's not normally like that. i'm not difficult to please.
MissM773 props x20!@JAE82: "CunninLynguists feat Phonte & Witchdoctor-Yellow Lines #CL #Phonte @DangerDrew @MissM773 "Love all the CL Love" : )" (reblip)
MissM773 damn! lets call last nights mission a SUCCESS ;) @aktovoir: "@ZOEBOE@MissM773" (reblip)


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bstretch #nowplaying Eric Roberson f. Lalah Hathaway – Dealing #music #real
Snuffpuppy Somethin' For the People - My Love is the Shh


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MissM773 new Musab video... I'm diggin it. @DangerDrew @jambands @aktovoir


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MandyMo i was looking for this thanks@Lady_Lindsay: "RB @lindzellzz: "it is this kind of night. beautiful song, and classic movie moment."" (reblip)
LynnSunshine ThanksFlo:)@Dancer12: "Nite, Sweet dreams, TY, RB@LynnSunshine TY Flo,GN,Kisses@Dancer12 Flo, short 4 florence nightengale (reblip)
MissM773 excellent! thank you :)) @DangerDrew: "Here's a little something in return ;) @MissM773" (reblip)