Missekatten missekatten kisses ♥ ♥ to @Stendhal, @Schnuchten


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HoWi ser frem til Benga på Vega

BENGASkunk Tip

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Missekatten @HoWi this track is for you -because you just reminded me that Benga is playing at Vega -Yeaaaahhhaaaa!


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Missekatten Yes I know- its a little annoying this track but its Fun !
Missekatten Miauw, I like it ! nice laidback dubstep via @BlzBob . (reblip)

BengaCrunked Up

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p_ferd ♥♥♥ Thx @ZONE ^_^ I'm working, layouts, book about danish primeministers. Blip'in around makes working on a Saturday last longer but more fun :)
HoWi is sad to hear the days of blipping may be over
Missekatten Cool- crazy-funky-techno - it must be played loud - You know it derserve it! Yes I'm still mad about it lol

m. mercersecrets

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Missekatten Elsker dette track- sender det med kærlige tanker & tak for sidst -det var vidunderligt at høre dig spille igen steen & så skønt at se dig perni


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HoWi misses Spain


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Missekatten Mmmiauw !...this dubstep track is divine.
EranRemez Jeg kan godt lide meget af det nye funk. Det er noget klamt stads og jeg kan godt lide det

Michael FakeschWire

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Sakena uhhhhh just a touch of love.....
Missekatten Now let's get down and dirty -yes please! lol @MahoganyGirl Jodeci Feat.Raekwon and Ghostface "Freekin You" Remix.. Sexy song right here... (reblip)
Missekatten Super ! .. to hear this track again Thank you @DrDisk But only if you really wanna. (reblip)
Missekatten Now i start bouncing ( ..sorry to say it -but Missy and Co didn't make me do 4 a long long time) but this track - yearhh finally!
DrDisk The bounce is strong in this one.

Xzibit - Multiply

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Missekatten via@dubstronica Banksyの作品集を観ながら。 (reblip)


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p_ferd Run into flowers ✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿ ✿✿✿✿✿✿✿ ✿✿✿✿✿✿ ✿✿✿✿✿ ✿✿✿✿ ✿✿✿ ✿✿ ✿ ✿✿✿✿✿
ABoyNamedSue I just had surgery more done to my right eye, and it is without a doubt the most nauseating feeling in the world. But kinda cool!


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p_ferd … vector graphics and robots!

tango doerell

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Missekatten I'm 4'ever hooked on -D'Angelo -He is the *R&B, neo-soul ..preeminent* The " Brown Sugar "album is superior!


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p_ferd Rb@Missekatten LOVE it ^_^ + U!!! [-an lovesong;Old favorite, a while way back:) -but I think its still works :) lol -try it out...an let me know :)] (reblip)
Sakena has played this before, but it's a classic imo <3
Missekatten Ohhh..Yearrrrrr first-rate, dirty beat -Via @danielbeattie for the DONK massif! (reblip)

Yung RoDonk Dat

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Missekatten ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
FDisk Best lyrics EVER !!!!

I Wanna Fuck You Dirty

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0922 - Joyce Sims - Come Into My Life

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taniasonnenfeld @Stendhal snakker med mig selv, haha, det sker oftere og oftere ;) og det virker vist ikke....

Theme from Ernest Borgnine

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Schnuchten vi@Stendhal - Mmmmmn så fint! Nice track from Denmark, from Mr Beattie and Mr Hansen … (reblip)
DJInkognegro Hottest opening 16 on a song since Biggie accidentally killed Craig Macks career on his own song
Missekatten LOVE it ! @Stendhal snakker med mig selv, haha, det sker oftere og oftere ;) og det virker vist ikke.... (reblip)

Theme from Ernest Borgnine

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DrDisk Heartbreaker for life - Murs a Bad Man!

MursBad Man!

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Missekatten Nice! @joshuakarjala: "@chrx2: "Et fave-track, jeg altid har synes manglede lidt flere beats."" (reblip)
p_ferd Hello ♥ Family Galaxy ^_^ @chiron08 @Missekatten (spinde spinde)☀
sunnysunnysunny rb @andhow: "Covers night, track 21 of n // Original by The Beach Boys" @Missekatten @kiddo84 @Karemelia @GR8FL :) (reblip)
Missekatten ♫ I ❤ it ! The flow and the sound!
p_ferd Thanks @chiron08 Cant give u anymore props 2day, but so nice!! (reblip)
Missekatten ♫ Sexy-Rock tune ...loose some close- and dance lol ♫ !
Missekatten Oh yes - now i feel like dancing Thx Rb@taniasonnenfeld: "keep on moving (►_◄)" (reblip)
DJInkognegro Going back to where is USED to lay my head.
DJInkognegro I almost wish i wasnt married JUST so i can say "Lets blow this lame n**** factry" ONE time. Almost. John and 3Stacks - Green Light
lub @bendrix, mos def is playing with his band & with black milk & with little brother on the montreux fest this july! i'm so excited!!!!!!!!!

mos def - Umi Says (Zero 7 Remix)

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RSDj ...lend me a spaceship. I´ll bring it right back...
lub hey @nuffced!!! how's all going? i'm all ko, like coming from the war & is all because king britt so reblipping this will help healing my wounds ;) (reblip)
ABoyNamedSue Louderbach is techno producer Troy Pierce and vocalist Gibby Miller and they are on a really dark and depressing tip, what´s not to like?
lub i love their last album! this track is crazy!!!!!!!!


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Missekatten Lovely sound! thx2 Rb Vi@toddkelley: ""Mono – Life In Mono" So underrated. (reblip)

MonoLife In Mono

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lub that's very close @bendrix!!! am sure you are gonna love the change.... & i'm gonna change the vibe of what i'm playing just 4 ya ;)
Missekatten ☺Sorry the guy - just can control his hands ☺ lol!
Missekatten ✿ this one is my Tejada favourite :) - it's sweet and mellow ✿ @taniasonnenfeld, @Sakena, @Stendhal
lub i'm done;) ciao blippers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Missekatten Lovely ! Thx2 Rb@lub: "no more........" (reblip)

J*DaveyNo More

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lub @Newmaidumosa you are making me remember my ex!!! hahahahahaha.................. (reblip)
p_ferd THX x XXX rb@KlausBoss: "Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-naaah-naaaah. I believe that Summer is right around the corner :)" My favorite track from 1993 (☀_☀)! (reblip)

Transform - Transformation

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Missekatten ♡ All-time favourite It's gives U- this "feeling so-Good-Disco feel" @cnimb, @MahoganyGirl,@Dj_Dj ,@tamikotaguchi, @DrDisk, @nath202 ♡Thx 2 ☛@fawaz (reblip)
Missekatten Ohhh yearhhh I'm LOVING IT ♫ ! @CHACA ❤❤❤❤❤☛Rb@fawaz: "Gold Gold :) (reblip)
Missekatten Wooow super track ✴ Rb@ABoyNamedSue: "Louderbach is techno producer Troy Pierce and vocalist Gibby Miller.... (reblip)
Dj_Dj great dubstep vi@lithium (reblip)


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chiron08 @pappwixe - wo steckst du denn die ganze Zeit.. ??? im chat biste auch nie..??
p_ferd Duckett – A Deep Sigh (ft. yamamiya)⠠ ⠑⠇⠭⠾⠿⠽⠫⠕⠌⠁✴⠠ ⠑⠇⠭⠾⠿⠽⠫⠕⠌⠁✴⠠ ⠑⠇⠭⠾⠿⠽⠫⠕⠌⠁✴⠠ ⠑⠇⠭⠾⠿⠽⠫⠕⠌⠁✴⠠ ⠑⠇⠭⠾⠿⠽⠫⠕⠌⠁✴⠠ ⠑⠇⠭⠾⠿⠽⠫⠕⠌⠁✴⠠ ⠑⠇⠭⠾⠿⠽⠫⠕⠌⠁✴
p_ferd ⠠ ⠑⠇⠭⠾⠿⠽⠫⠕⠌⠁✴⠠ ⠑⠇⠭⠾⠿⠽⠫⠕⠌⠁✴⠠ ⠑⠇⠭⠾⠿⠽⠫⠕⠌⠁✴⠠ ⠑⠇⠭⠾⠿⠽⠫⠕⠌⠁✴⠠ ⠑⠇⠭⠾⠿⠽⠫⠕⠌⠁✴⠠ ⠑⠇⠭⠾⠿⠽⠫⠕⠌⠁✴⠠ ⠑⠇⠭⠾⠿⠽⠫⠕⠌⠁✴
p_ferd Rb@MrKong Tak! @MeeJong This will cheer you up & day soon over :)! Do u think maybe the blips sometimes dont work cuz I'm in Europe & U in US? (reblip)


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p_ferd !♥(*_*)♥! … I'm in love … With this!
lub hello blippers!!! here's a looooooong, beautiful & particular track 2 start the weekend... electromanticism ;) @steno@bendrix@JillzWorth@MillzZ@KushiQ


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lub @imeeM I WANT MORE ALIF TREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CPT205 1_02

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Missekatten This track is so beautiful -just listen a bite-...mmmmMiauw @Stendhal

MiloshLeaving Samui

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Missekatten @Schnuchten ❚❚ ✿You are absolutely right "NoisyNice" -it's works like a Charm ❚❚ ✿ Rb@Dj_Dj: "this is noisy and nice!" (reblip)
Missekatten ➩❤♡Oh yes ..I do think this laidback-lovely track- needs some more loving ♡ lol ❚☛ @Dj_Dj, @taniasonnenfeldl, @dubstronica, @Stendhal, @ HoWi
Dj_Dj then I return the favour with this smooth dbstp-refix for you @Missekatten
Missekatten ♡ The Potency- the drive♡ Ihhh this track is Awsome!!..miauwww, @Dj_Dj ,@Stendhal, @HoWi ,@BlzBob
Missekatten ☀Sweet Thx ! ♥♡ ❤ ♡ so and sm♥♥th day ❚☛Right back at YA Miss Lovely!Lady , @Stendhal♡ ❤ ♡
chiron08 @klitoria .. so, von mir auch ein Geburtstag Ständchen...
Missekatten ❀❀☛♫ This track! - is for YOU (Dj_Dj )☚ I hope like it ! ,@Dj_Dj , ❀❀(...its just so Cool and simple )

Kaman LeungLacrimal

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chiron08 @pappwixe - guten morgen.. groovy monday
Missekatten ❤(☀_☀)❤ ♡This i absolutely one of my favorite POP SONG it is SO DIVINE ! So this one ♫ Its foryou☛❤, @pinkpolkadots,❤☚
Missekatten ❤ I Still LOVE it,mmm this track - and I love dancing to it❤ ,@Schnuchten, @Linnea, @hijklmn, nath202@DixieFox,@Persille,@fawaz, @sunnysunnysunny
Missekatten ❤ oh yearh...the lyrics in this tune ❤
Missekatten ❤(☀_☀)❤ I LOVE-LOVE LOVE IT! - THIS DIRTY BEAT ..OH YEARHHH! it makes me Bounce! ,@Dj_Dj ,@Wika ,@HoWi ,@MagnusWansche
Missekatten ❤(☀_☀)❤ THIS IS WHY I'M HOTT! lol.
Missekatten ❤(☀_☀)❤

Destiny's Child -perfect

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Missekatten ❤(☀_☀)❤ a loved and favored track - its definitely on my home play-list♥♥!!! ,@pinkpolkadots,@verawooten ,@cnimb, @MagnusWansche
Schnuchten What a lovely day!

Matthew Dear "Don and Sherri"

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Dj_Dj I will recieve this record in the mail in a couple of days!


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Missekatten RB @lub: "i'm done;) ciao blippers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (reblip)


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Missekatten ✿Oooh yes! it a favourite- It so beautiful! ✿❀❁ Thx to my sweetheart Rb@taniasonnenfeld: "still a favourite :)" (reblip)


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Linnea @Missekatten Evig kærlighed, kys og honningmader. Jeg elsker dig og tænker at det er for lang tid siden at katten er blevet fodret med stjerneskud :)
Missekatten Mit svar er ja tak du ved jo at missekatten elsker dig og hi hi Jahhh❚☛♫☛♡ Stjerneskud ,@Linnea
Missekatten ❤(☀_☀)❤ I LOVE THIS PRINCE TUNE 4 EVER
Schnuchten This is definitely the place to be! vi@Balder :) (reblip)

LawrencePlace to Be

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DrDisk When the theme kicks in I always drift away. Looooovely : )
p_ferd ❢ ❣ ❢ Liveset from FLYING LOTUS - Live on radio KPFK 90.7FM (01.30.09): Enjoy !<_❥! Kisses @Missekatten ❢ ❣ ❢


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p_ferd ❏☀❐☀❑☀❒ Think I'm developing a Flying Lotus addiction … 
Dj_Dj thank you for the nice Modeselector ft. Siriusmo track - heres a really nice track by the latter @nishita


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ABoyNamedSue Been working all day at the Distortion Hotel, and just as everybody is getting ready to party all night, well I´m so friggin tired.
DrDisk Sometimes you just have to walk and don't look back especially if the train you're riding hits somebody - sh*t really does happen.
Dj_Dj just submitted an order on this vinyl amongst others :D

Ed SoloAge of Dub

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taniasonnenfeld @JTB : Hi :) and you're welcome ♥


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p_ferd ❥❥❥ luomo – Tessio (Stimming Radio Mix) - Tessio ❥❥❥ @Missekatten :)❥
Dj_Dj a reply @danieldiver for all his dedications. this is a really nice remix made by a friend of mine. hope you'll enjoy it!
Missekatten ♩♪♫♬ dubstep♩♪♫♬ @Dj_Dj

UnitzWait a Minute

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ABoyNamedSue Gatto Fritto has been up to a lot of great stuff lately, filling up that weird wasteland between techno and disco.
Missekatten ❤(☀_☀)❤ = sexy dub kind of thing ❤
QuicksandRangero Dear listeners, after nearly 8 months I'm blipping now Blip # 4.000 - I choose a track by Robert Hood, big thx for the great time with all of you :)

Robert HoodHome (HQ)

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QuicksandRangero Down in the Lower Groundz / Hi @jtabz (welcome back in blipland) @shanti45 @PennyDreadfulsNightmare (belated) @anothercraze
ABoyNamedSue I don't want to feel like I don't have a future. I don't want to feel like it's an end of a summer. Let's not fall back to sleep like we used to.
taniasonnenfeld totally fine, taking a much needed break from work ;) and you? @Mysterymix (reblip)

Jake FairleyOshawa

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Missekatten ❤(☀_☀)❤ = JUst tjeck it out !!!!
p_ferd @thelema2009 I'm tired too :)) & it's quiet here in the streets after a long summer of busy partying, well not complete quiet, never is around here … (reblip)
p_ferd Via@klitoria: "...will never stop loving you...." Thx & the same right back @ ya', u blip-queen of good vibes :))) ♥♥♥ (reblip)
p_ferd Jon Hopkins – Light Through The Veins (Ewan Pearsons Downtown Lights Remix)
Missekatten °)✹ °✴) Loved it then and still do ....so therefore I just need to play it for you all!
chiron08 ✪ so, die hunde warten..


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Missekatten Miauw My Favorite Sasha Funke track ❤(☀_☀)❤ =Thx Vi@chiron08 (reblip)

Douglas Greed & Pascal Bideau- Down Here (Marek Hemmann Remix)

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