Mozy Wish they had a show coming to the 604
Mozy @CanuckBlondie, this one's for you, listen in longer than the acoustic part at the beginning, it's a great song
Mozy @Kiwi05 has this song stuck in my head. love it though. Lupe is fantastic
Cheezer Maxeen was featured on the soundtrack to my summer before junior year.
Mozy If you're into west coast rap, some real lyrics about life now that Obama is in the White House
Mozy This is the perfect wind down song to my day, really mellow, just rad.
lyteforce Why is it that when you mention the West to the TO media (and NHL head office), they immediately think Will Smith?
Mozy And this is how i finish writing two 1000 word essays and aiming to finish before midnight. 95 minutes to start and finish essay #2. me ftw!
Mozy I could go for a summer BBQ in my backyard right now. Summer can't come soon enough. Can't wait for some long nights into the wee hours of the summer.
Mozy This is how you bring in the home stretch of an essay. Pool Party ftw! (reblip)
Mozy I love it when people take the old and make it new. This song is a crazy wicked mix up.
Mozy For some reason no one else likes KG, I for one love him. A great mellow down mood for the evening, I'm going to end my blipping on this note at least

Kenny GG-Bop

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GhostGum @mozy19 I think you'll enjoy this track! RATM remixed by one of my Fav DJ's.
Mozy The weekend is coming!

ThunderheistJerk It

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Mozy @CHRLN uh uh uh, gah gah gah , aha aha aha, what what what what, on your mark ready set lets go! (yes i know all the lyrics to this)
Mozy @CHRLN 90s the age of the Boy Band, oh how it was a good era

LFOSummer Girls

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Mozy I could watch this movie over, and over, and over again. And over and over as many times as it takes me to reach 140 characters. But seriously I could
Mozy @CHRLN Don't Speak, I know just what you're thinking
Mozy @lyteforce got me thinking about this when he blipped "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" been stuck in my head since, love it!
Mozy @CHRLN the only way I can compete with Will is Will, I couldn't resist (and i really want to listen to it :P)
Mozy Movie Music Trivia Time - Figure this out and you have the answer to my favourite movie ever. (thanks @TidyCat for originally blipping it) (reblip)
CHRLN @Mozy19 The 3 kings of 90's boy band...wild guess?


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Mozy @CHRLN one hit wonder for the win! this has to score me BIG 90s music war points.
Mozy @CHRLN I see your Tupac, and throw at you one of the greatest black power songs ever written. Why did 50 cent have to survive 9 bullets and Tupac die?


| play
Mozy @CHRLN This is to make up for the reblip. Accident I swear, I'm not running out of musical ammo at all.
Mozy I step off the train, I'm walking down your street again, past your door, but you don't live there anymore.

Chumbawumba - Tubthuumper

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CHRLN @mozy19 You know you wanna dance right now :)
CHRLN @Mozy Time to bow down to the awesome that is...


| play
CHRLN @mozy19 90's huh? Let's bring out the big guns then, shall we? :)

TLCNo Scrubs

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CHRLN @mozy19 @Mozy Wow. Kudos. Take this, suckah.
CHRLN @Mozy19 It was between this and Get Jiggy Wit It. This won 'cause Eva Mendes was in the music vid.
CHRLN @Mozy19 Way to step your game up. Remember this? I know you do ;)


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CHRLN @Mozy19 Man all of these songs remind me of the sun...
CHRLN @Mozy19 Ma$e, before he became a pastor :P

MaseFeel So Good

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CHRLN @Mozy19 Bullworth, FTW.


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Mozy Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King could walk. Martin Luther King walked so Obama could run. Obama ran so we can all fly.
Mozy With this, I bid you all good night. Perhaps I'll see you all tomorrow. Night twitterverse.
Mozy I can't get no sleep.

Faithless - Insomnia

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Mozy This is what happens when you're craving some Journey
Mozy Another Guitar Hero classic.

SuperbusRadio song

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Mozy This first of many awesome blips from J5
miguesme Supertramp – The Logical Song
Mozy Well, the Canucks game now has this song stuck in my head
Mozy High school she was the girl that made me hula hoop around the gym. (reblip)
Mozy @CHRLN - Back to the 90s groove. I know you'll be shakin' to this one ;) (reblip)
Mozy I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller

Skee-LoI Wish

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Mozy @CHRLN I just have to meet that with this, there was a bunch others i had to pick between, Brass Monkey, and Fight for your Right in particular
acontece Reblip @compulsivo: Música Nerd, Abertura do Seriado "Chuck" - Short Skirt, Long Jacket – Cake (reblip)
Mozy Listening to the Scatman, there's never a bad time.
Mozy @CHRLN add this to the 90s mix. @GhostGum, you remember this?
Mozy Great remix of the Scatman. Have I mentioned how much I love remixes?
Mozy @hummingbird604 this one goes to you because you're the first person I thought of when I started playing it.

MikaGrace Kelly

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VictorGischler I just heard this song on a Family Guy rerun.


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Mozy @snowboardexpert here is the other version. they're really similar, the whole premise behind this irks me though.

Jai Ho (PCD Remix)

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Mozy Would love to see these guys live (reblip)
Mozy Twitterverse, good night all, I'm going to fall asleep to thoughts of flying to the moon. See you all tomorrow!
tefo Zaankoku na tenshi no tesis! KAraoKe ParTy!

Evangelion - Zankoku Na Tenshi No Teize (TV

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Mozy Dance all night, we gonna dance all night (reblip)

Nick Cave - Into My Arms

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Mozy This goes out to all my twitter friends, what a great song!
Mozy GM Place needs to get more active during games, maybe this would help them. Go Canucks GO! (reblip)
Mozy This song rocks my socks! Can't believe it's on here! (reblip)
Marketplicity Does anybody know if they are writing any new material?
Mozy Raising a little hell with customer service ftw!
Marketplicity Does it get better than Rage's first album?
Mozy This one is for @TristenPelton in anticipation of hitting up the Shark Club for tonights game (reblip)

Reel Big FishBeer

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Mozy Making it work, takes a little longer.
Mama I wanted you to know I love the way you laugh ... soundtrack - d.e.b.s

Seether ft Amy Lee - Broken

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CHRLN @mozy19 @LWPatrick for my two 90's princes :)
Mozy Can never have too much Savage Garden in your life (reblip)
lyteforce @Mozy19 @CHRLN @LWPatrick Just remember that while you blip off.. we'll always be there.
Mozy Will Smith is real. I appreciate that. This goes out to @SandiHockeyMom and @Dani3boyz and their kids. You can probably relate to it more than I can
Mozy Another 90s off song - @CHRLN wouldnt be the 90s without this woman. love this song. sing along. :)
Mozy How many times have I said remixes are awesome? Loved the original, love this (reblip)

KornWord Up!

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SandiLincoln best "gongshow" hockey song ever!!
Kiwi05 @Mozy19 Mutemath are great - especially live! So good :-)


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GhostGum I haven't been able to tweet all day so i'm doing it up big for the 90's! @mozy19 @chrIn
Mozy @CHRLN @LWPatrick - Quality old school baby!
Mozy @CHRLN @LWPatrick - wouldn't be the 90s without this. Today is gonna be the day that they're gonna throw it back to you


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waterlilylily because I accidentaly pulled a thread on my glove and now its coming a part. awesome.
Mozy Man, I really want to watch this right now, maybe I'll do that while I work. I know I=lame
Mozy I could just listen to The Beat 94.5 - OR I could make my own playlists on blip. Yeah, think I'll do that.
Mozy Time to get something to eat before I call in for my meeting
CityGirl912 This song has been stuck in my head since last night ... Paramore - Misery Business
Mozy @CHRLN @LWPatrick - I'm embarrassed to say we've missed this one. Party hard, like its 1990!
Mozy The weather outside right now just screams pool party.
pedrocarrillo salto a las Islas de la vieja Europa
Mozy @CHRLN @LWPatrick, havent heard much from you guys, but I realized we missed a very important part of the last decade. Enjoy :)
Mozy @CHRLN I hate to blow your mind and your dreams, But Superman's Dead (that was my attempt at a witty twit for a song to our 90s jam fest)
Mozy It's nice and sunny outside today, makes me want to go out, but I also really want a mellow Sunday. Going to take'er easy. Enjoy.
Mozy There isn't anyone home right now. That's fine.
Mozy Ladies and Gentleman please, would you bring your attention to me.
Mozy The Hives were cool, then came Hot Hot Heat.
bensta56 im late with getting this stuck in my head (reblip)
Kiwi05 The current #Canucks form makes me want to celebrate :-)
Mozy @CHRLN @LWPatrick - If you're alone and need a friend, just come along and take my hand.
Samskeyti : Come sit next to me, pour yourself some tea, just like Grandma made when we couldn't find sleep.
CHRLN @mozy19 - I miss DC. "Ladies leave your man at home..."
Mozy @CHRLN @LWPatrick You have to tell me I win with this. How can I not win with this? I LOVE this song.
CHRLN @LWPatrick @mozy19 - Haha I will admit it, I love this song.
Mozy Kool and the Gang rocked. I think it's hilarious that they've come back together and now include some of the kids of the original members. (reblip)
Mozy This isn't the LMFAO song I was looking for, but it'll do.
Mozy Techno-hop? Is that a music genre?
Mozy I've got a hunger twisting my stomach into knots.
Mozy Solaar has that mellow groove I dig.
LaKarune @paeix made me do it (they don't credit M.I.A. but she's the voice, of course)
Mozy Solaar reminds me of Jurassic 5. Both rawk!

MC SolaarTournicoti

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Mozy Canucks are going to Lala land so this song is pretty fitting. Getting amped for tonights Canucks game, lets go boys in blue, just giv'er. Go Canucks! (reblip)
Mozy @CHRLN - hype hype hype, pump it up!
CHRLN @mozy19 "If you could read my mind love, what a tale my thoughts would tell"


| play
Mozy Canucks and Kings Part II - Friday, It's going down.
ladypn I answered in an earlier blip, @ZachsMind... not a noble, just an average girl. ;)


| play
Mozy @Jfavreau This ones just for you. "Put your hands up for Detroit, I love this city" - and with that, I bid you all good night twitterverse.
Mozy Time to kick start my morning! Good morning everyone!
Mozy She said lets change our luck, this night is all we've got
Mozy They have DDR music on Blip but they don't have other more important relevant music?

DDRDream a Dream

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Mozy We're the hottest in the world right now, just touched down in London town! (reblip)
Mozy THIS is the AMAZING song. Goes out to @CHRLN @LWPatrick @keslerftw @claudgrrl and @benjaminluk (blip somehow blipped the wrong song before. Sorry.

Dead PrezHip-hop

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adbert [Vengaboys – Movin' Around] Con ese nombre, podrían haber sido superhéroes. Pero eran lo más b*******do que había sobre la faz de la Tierra. *\o
Mozy @Kato66 this is my favourite of the three Around the World songs
Mozy @LWPatrick @CHRLN Her name is Noel, I've had dreams about her. (for some reason I think it's been already blipped... #musicfail?) (reblip)
Bandit Mother Fucker! This song was playing on my way to the store, in the store, on my way home from the store. It's gonna be in my head for days.

PinkSo What

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Mozy @blue_raven and @sfucanucker this is for you. The only thing that makes Savage Garden better is, well take a listen :)
Mozy Apparently this was written as a legitimate apology. Either way, great song, reminds me of @CHRLN for some reason. :P (reblip)

OutkastMs Jackson

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Mozy I'm pretty sure this is the only song of theirs I like. Maybe I just need to listen to more of them? Audioslave - Revelations
Mozy @CHRLN this is a sick song, not sure if you can handle it.


| play
GhostGum I do believe this was Jeff O'Neils number one choice for a new Canucks Intro Song, I couldn't agree more haha


| play
Mozy @Smillavanilla This goes out to my newest twitter friend, toi.


| play
Mozy @CHRLN here's to a productive Saturday and a song that will always be true and legit. RIP.


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Mozy @sugarwilla this one is ESPECIALLY for you. ;)

Britney SpearsToxic

| play
Mozy Heard this song in Rockband, definitely one of my new favs. This goes to @Kiwi05 and @blue_raven two awesome ladies in New Zealand. (reblip)

The Go Gos - We Got The Beat

| play
Mozy @Kiwi05 if you liked the original by Lupe listen to this, I love it twice as much as the original, and I loved the original a lot!
Mozy @Kiwi05 and now before I got to bed I leave you with this since you have just discovered Lupe! Good night!
Mozy Every Canucks game leads to Hysteria


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Mozy I get around. No seriously, thats the name of the song. I'm serious. Pfft, fine don't believe me, just listen to it. (reblip)
Mozy I love the Volkswagen commercial with this song.
CHRLN @mozy19 - This is for reuiniting me with S Club *draws a "S" in the air*
CHRLN @mozy19 Let's test the waters. Wu Tang never disappoints.
CHRLN @mozy19 Since you brought out the local flavour...
Mozy @CHRLN I got introduced to the most amazing hip hop and rap this summer, gotta throw a shout out to Australia, I'm taking this international
Mozy @CHRLN mixin' it up with the new school and the old, holler at Lil Wayne and bow down. He's the new school Dre. Everything he touches turns to gold.
Mozy I love this song and all the covers that almost everyone seems to have done of this song. Take on me! (reblip)

A-HATake On Me

| play
sh0kr0k "If you listen more than once you'll hear jokes you missed the first time through." Remember the Animaniacs video for this song? LOL! Thanks @Albedo (reblip)
Mozy This goes out to my two favourite hockey moms @SandiHockeyMom and @Dani3boyz - I'm still waiting for you guys to come for the Olympics!

EARLYBIRD - Whitney Houston vs Cindy Lauper 'Girls just wanna dance with somebody'

| play
Mozy Wow, I am embarrassed that I haven't blipped any of these guys yet. God, gotta get on that! @CHRLN not part of our rapbattle, but shout out to ya! (reblip)
Mozy @CHRLN this is one of my favourite songs, one of these day's I'll be able to properly c-walk to it. Enjoy (I'm surprised blip has it and Twisten dont)
CHRLN @mozy19 Reblipping myself. This song makes biking cool. Love hearing this beat driving.
CHRLN @mozy19 Adding The Clipse to Flashing Lights just makes a good thing better.
CHRLN @mozy19 You can take the entire CC album then :) I love the horns in this song. Lovelovelove.

Jay-ZRoc Boys

| play
Mozy @CHRLN night homie, I can't stay up much longer, let's continue this tomorrow, I leave you with this. One day I want to make it.
Kiwi05 What's wrong with me? I am going crazy :-0 :-)


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Mozy No matter how hard you try you can't stop us now.
Mozy Summer's here, and the time is right, for fighting in the streat boy.
Mozy @wiredmusician @LWPatrick @CHRLN @sugarwilla Morning Music fiends. Zees ees pour toi.

Hollywood Undead- Bitches

| play
Mozy Only Kanye can turn "wife" into a verb. I can't get enough of this song. @CHRLN @wiredmusician @timubial
Mozy #foreignmusicthursda Does Australian count as non-english? Epic music video too. @CityGirl912 @kdmurray @hummingbird604 @erin_gee @Kiwi05.
Mozy The Best of the Best. #foreignmusicthursday @erin_gee @kdmurray @Kiwi05 @hummingbird605 @CityGirl912


| play
Mozy Super Mash Bros are my newest addiction. Brilliant mix. @CHRLN @wiredmusician @CityGirl912

Super Mash Bros D G A F L Y F

| play
Mozy Another Mash Bros mix. It just gets better as it goes on. @sugarwilla @CityGirl912
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