nige Reggae bassline.

0810 - Maxi Priest - Close To You

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DownLow Connected - it's more than links
garciasales @trecker pra vc :P


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SoJo o yes she did

03 T Pain Apple bottom jeans

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michaelcraigjr Incredible lyrics to some seriously fast music. One of my fav groups of all, and definitely in the vocal jazz genre....
thisfullhouse Because, I like purple...okay?
pechini and his name is Bon, Simon Le Bon...
pechini ::I bless the rains down in Africa::


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ZachsMind Went to their 88 concert w/headache. Ppl were smokin weed 3 rows back. 2nd hand smoke don't help headaches, but I didn't care anymore. Good times.

ZZ Top - Legs

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jbradley One of my Fleetwood Mac faves!
ZachsMind Time is a form of measurement invented by mankind so we can tell one another when to meet for brunch. Beyond that, it's not real. Time doesn't exist.
SylvioMicelli Who Can It Be Now? – Men At Work... sunny sunday...
ZachsMind This is "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah" by Allan Sherman. If you search that in blip, the properly tagged mp3 is only 15 seconds long! I hate dat!

Track 01

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KellyOlexa Nice for a laid back Sunday.
LoopZilla Kashmir – Led Zeppelin
ray One of Coltrane's most requested tunes
ray This tune has Coltrane digging deep into the blues
Somerset08873 "Good night Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are." Jimmy Durante
Majere Ahh Mad World tambien me gusta mucho, pero esta version esta muy "movida" (reblip)
Somerset08873 ...stadium sized funk...I can never get enough of EWF. (reblip)
ThundRkat Queen...Bohemian Rhapsody...
pipercarter man oh man goodie mob outkast what great memories
sandraew You make me feel brand new - Stylistics
sandraew Mannish Boy - Muddy Waters (He's a man) Thanks @washingtonson (reblip)
RockinPRGirl Alex Band sings it better, plus he's pretty:


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primerx24 I kinda like this song. lol even if its PINK. (reblip)
SarahShoeMe Black? Again? Black is back!
SarahShoeMe Rosso/Red! I was making my dinner, italian food. Is almost ready, it smeels great!
ThundRkat "When I find him, I'll tell him..."
DJSID @goodguy76 thanks for props and comments on my tunes!
KingCampo It's Oh So Quiet – Bjork
ray @ejflavors ... this is off the hinges ... PPP took this Paul Simon cut and made into a killer track. just step off the back, Jack... (reblip)
ray Nice remix of this oldie but groovie ... Oh Sheila!
SarahShoeMe Makes me want to sail. And I never sailed in my life!
SarahShoeMe Can I have a taste of your ice cream?
Teech Classic instrumentals and scat type stuff
SarahShoeMe @gabarocha Acho que somos gente Funky-Samba então? :P
ThundRkat "Yeah...I love ya'll..." *winking*
ThundRkat "Blu Cantrell"

blu cantrell hit em up style (oops)

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purplesime Back to the early Motown days now. The last five minutes of Motown Hour.
DanTaylor Going out to an unnamed company in Vienna that's yet to pay my invoice dated 5 October 08. Where ma money?

Busta Rhymes - Where's My Money

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nutrishn Shall forever be linked to the VW commercial with the stinky chair.

TrioDa Da Da

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ray Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill break it down ...
ray So fresh and so clean clean ... jazzy version


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ray John Legend and Kanye West break it down ...
Somerset08873 Song still smokes! Here's the answer to what ever happened to Maxwell...


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bendrix FRESH!!! "All those suveniurs in my me ruining my soul" => @DMarie @mtlb @by_starla @davidwatts1978 @RonnieBebop @negapreta
keika saudades dos meu amigos que eu tirei do nada
Dutchgoodness Im getting closer to my dreams!


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threebears OK now you know how to be invisible ... but how can I pull a rabbit from a hat @AleBourg???
handofsky Caipirinha com pastel de dentro do meu Rayban…
bendrix @mmarys - Tricky is a one cool mutha F#$%a - I love his stuff. You know he and Bjork were an item some time ago. She learned a lot from him. (reblip)
bendrix Morcheeba = Great Music. here's 1 of 2 - of my fave tracks of theirs @ericats @threebears @Diordan @ThundRkat @RonnieBebop
bendrix WOW I can't believe I haven't blipped this yet. This an iLL a$$ track - @TheUnwelcomeGuest @puroglamour @threebears @Diordan @ThundRkat @RonnieBebop


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kts2oo1 @thebrownhornet: your parents have nutting but love for you, homey.
wsgbane Killin the assignment. On to the next.
RockinPRGirl I feel like it's time for a dance from the Sparta cheerleaders.
Vickingo American Pie – Don McLean...And good old boys were drinkin' whiskey and rye
Dutchgoodness ~~ <grin> time to dance~~had to re blip this! Thanks @heatherelias (reblip)
LaGioconda mais matinê, com este ex-jazzista (acreditem!) ~Scatman - Scatman John
LaGioconda esse era o grupo predileto de dance! ~Ace of Base, all that she wants
SarahShoeMe Now, something completely different. Lay back, close your eyes, calm yourself down. Sweet Julie always makes my day.
emi Living for the City – Stevie Wonder
Kim777 I love this, reminds me of my
HappyInBag Speaking of men with, um, legal issues, Mystikal is truly missed. This post-9/11 song is fierce. "Get back, Satan!"

Mystikal Bouncin' Back

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katy @RonnieBebop -Edie had a great album with Picture Perfect Morning. My fav from it is "Green" but not here so here's Tomorrow Comes :)
DareToEatAPeach " I ain't got the biggest breast-s-s, but I write all the best disses." Soooo great!
LadyHaYn Reminds me of when we saw Lupe on the Glow in the dark Tour....this song was bangin!
loudersoft This a dedication to my real crew, they know who, the ones that's true. (reblip)
tripbreaker I'm a man...I'm a man...I'm a man...I'm a man...I'm a man...I'm a man...I'm a man...I'm a man... who has no imagination at all.


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LadyHaYn Going out to Bully....hang in there braddah
LadyHaYn I don't know, it's jus the way I am

07 Eminem The Way I Am

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bendrix @Poulette - pssst I'm raiding your blip list... Its absolutely Yummy. I haven't heard this Its going in my playlist :) (reblip)
SquarerootZ Also uploaded this one cause there wasn't alot of The LuvBugz stuff here either...
CynDyn one of my thanks to @JLW i know who it is

Koop Summer Sun

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DareToEatAPeach @futurebiblehero If you are too drunk to dream, perhaps you are [song title] @evablue How did you get unsubscribed from my favorites? (reblip)
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