MusicIsMySoul3 [Kate Voegele - Wish You Were] I try to teach my heart not to want things it can't have. ~ #HappyBirthday Alice Walker #quote
manlyman Sometimes it's just a "matter of trust" :) @MusicIsMySoul
MusicIsMySoul3 the itinerary would be Scotland, Ireland, Greece, Italy...just to start & someday with Howie Day in the background singing Collide...Cabo (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 listen to what they say before the song starts - that's why I love these guys.
MusicIsMySoul3 sometimes things are not meant to be but "You were the first, you'll be the last" - gotta work - keep it playing! tks for listening @rsmac@SunnyAlyC
MusicIsMySoul3 let's put some gas in the car and just drive....anywhere.
MusicIsMySoul3 all of the things that I want to say just aren't coming out right
MusicIsMySoul3 I wanna wake up where you are I won't say anything at all So why don't you slide Yeah we're gonna let it slide

Goo Goo Dolls Slide (Oxygen Custom Concert)

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Nickelback-Id Come For You (Music video with Lyrics!!) [THE REAL SONG]

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MusicIsMySoul3 nobody on the road, nobody on the beach...hey great time to go and avoid the traffic!
MusicIsMySoul3 If I could reach the stars I'd give one to you
MusicIsMySoul3 Good Morning to everyone - keep this in your heart & especially for my long time (not old) friends @lilkit and @manlyman
MusicIsMySoul3 @lilkit we can tell them we want to hear the broken parts - it's up to them to tell us and pray they will.
MusicIsMySoul3 check out the orchestra in this video
MusicIsMySoul3 And if I had those golden dreams of my yesterdays

Bad Company feel like making love

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MusicIsMySoul3 "stone" - rather an appropriate description of what happens to your brain! Common sense kicked to the curb :) but what a high :)
MusicIsMySoul3 So I’ll taste every moment and live it out loud
MusicIsMySoul3 Me too - thanks! rb@godsnightshift: "just love casting crowns music" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 Tell me .....

Jason Mraz -I'm Yours (live)

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MusicIsMySoul3 I love this song @lilkit - you know I do - and we will ~BigHug~ (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 My 15 year old (as of today) said - this is a GREAT song Mom - add it...he's got such great musical taste :)

Fall For You Lyrics [ Secondhand Serenade]

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MusicIsMySoul3 great song! I'm ♥'ing blip over pandora now! rb@StreamingMimi: "Cake – Love You Madly" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 There's just no rhyme or reason - great song! rb@kolorize: " ☼Savage Garden – I knew I loved you☼ you make me smile..thank you" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 "But where were they going without ever knowing the way?" good night all - heard this on the way home - a fav I wanted to share

Fastball- The Way (with lyrics)

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MusicIsMySoul3 movie soundtrack "Across The Universe" All My Loving - Jim Sturgess
MusicIsMySoul3 Boy you sure took me for a ride And even now I sit and wonder why that when I think of you I stop myself from crying I just can't waste my time
MusicIsMySoul3 "Just what the truth is I can't say anymore" - great video from '67
MusicIsMySoul3 "I knew that I would now so good, so good, I got you! " - there is just no way to translate the JB scream!
MusicIsMySoul3 "You see it's all clear you were meant to be here " - tks - been awhile since I've heard this! rb@scotlandlover (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 ♥ it ♥ it ♥ it rb@PaddyH: "PRINCE ft LENNY KRAVITZ - AMERICAN WOMAN" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 "What about now? What about today? What if you're making me all that I was meant to be? " rb@2fast4u: "Daughtry – What About Now " (reblip)


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MusicIsMySoul3 "I knew that it was now or never those were the best days of my life " - this is a GREAT live performance :) - tks 4 p's @Liana_B_Nanas
MusicIsMySoul3 "I have never let anything have this much control over me" - thus ends my morning drive to work...& now must do so. I'm still listening to the spins!
MusicIsMySoul3 "I've been waiting for a girl like you to come into my life" (I've been here all along) - have a good beach run @tinadiggsit tks for p's @flinndc
MusicIsMySoul3 "All my roads, They lead to you I just can't turn and walk away " gr8 song tks! rb@kolorize@Kspez (maybe I shouldn't listen while I work? Distracted!) (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 SRV - just another auto RB! @StreamingMimi: "OOPs for you. Thanks so much for yours! @SimpleJim: "SRV ... So Excited ......."" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 That reminds me - I need to rent last seasons CSI & get caught up! rb@scotlandlover: "off for a bit :) " (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 Great song - been too long! rb@TropicsZ4: "Happy Friday, Great Song @jet333: "The Marshall Tucker Band – "Heard It in a Love Song""" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 out of p's 4 you - this is my FAVORITE Creed song - people have 2 leave the room so I can turn it up :) rb@scotlandlover...rb @TheLenzyme (reblip)

creed-With Arms Wide Open

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scotlandlover love some ELP rb @mrojas: "rb@JODYGIRL162: "@DJEmpire1 "TY@Flying_Roundhouse TO MY NEW LISTENERS, SO GLAD WE CAN HEAR WHAT EACH OTHER LISTENS TO (reblip)

Emerson Lake and Palmer - Welcome Back My Friends

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scotlandlover yes,i'd rather have wine....rb @mrojas: "ok baby, I like wine also... let's together... Cheers!! ;) @desyslava: "Thanks for all p`s and Cheers again (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 I was "re-introduced" to ARS recently - nice getting reacquainted ;) rb@SimpleJim: "Hello again DJ's Atlanta Rhythm Section .. So Into You ((()))" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 ugh - outta props for you, but since I was going to rb you anyway... :) rb@SimpleJim: "Berlin .. Take My Breath Away" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 'Our lives have come between us"-ty4 p's, rb's & listening! @rsmac @Dancer12 @Bujio @alfonvaina @ frankenstrat @rsmac: been awhile & I so ♥ this song!
MusicIsMySoul3 "Cause she's still preoccupied with 19, 19, 1985" Give a listen if u've never heard it & listen again if u have - it'll get u moving & get a laugh 2:)
MusicIsMySoul3 "The whole damn world is just as obsessed with who‘s the best dressed and who‘s having sex" - another BFS song that WILL get u moving!
MusicIsMySoul3 Colbie Caillat is great! rb@Bujio: "#everydaymusic | Colbie Caillat - Falling For You | RB @blackgrapes | Love = Everything." (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 "You can never get enough enough of this stuff it's Friday I'm in love" (on the soundtrack of one of my fav movies 50 First Dates)
MusicIsMySoul3 "I want to make you laugh. Mess up my bed with me, kick off the covers I'm waiting." I hope you have enjoyed the songs from "Last Kiss"
MusicIsMySoul3 "A smile, there you were and I was gone. I always will remember how I felt that day. A feeling indescribable to me" ty @CajunGypsy@texman2@pillpushera
MusicIsMySoul3 "On this perfect day, nothing's standing in my way" - don't let anything stand in your way! Wow - Day 10 for tks again @manlyman 4 telling me!
MusicIsMySoul3 Speak no feeling, no I don't believe you. You don't care a bit. You don't care a bit.
MusicIsMySoul3 "When you're dreaming with a broken heart...The waking up is the hardest part" rb@mizdemeanor (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 Chasing dreams that just passed by. Broken dreams, I'm just too late
MusicIsMySoul3 "Break another little piece of my heart now baby" gm & ty2 @RadioFreeBoston @libbyspins @flinndc
MusicIsMySoul3 "And you ask me what I want this year and I try to make this kind and clear just a chance that maybe we'll find better days" ♥ this song! rb@xxAligxx (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 "I have a tendency to wear my mind on my sleeve" gm & ty2 @tedleew @ricardosj @lilkit & u got it @davidf :) having fun yet? gm @StreamingMimi
MusicIsMySoul3 "And I'm steady but I'm starting to shake and I don't know how much more I can take" ty2 @michellelynn69 @JeromeShaw
MusicIsMySoul3 "Cryin' on the corner, waitin' in the rain. I swear I'll never, ever wait again." thank you for props @BklynDooWopper @djaces29
MusicIsMySoul3 When the truths of love are planted firm, they won't be hard to find
MusicIsMySoul3 how about years? I kill on Guitar Hero with this one:) rb@CooperHarris: "Nirvana - Heart-Shaped Box" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 GR8! "I get by with a little help from my friends" rb@DJVelocitygirl: "Rb vi@blackgrapes: "*What a TRIP!* ◈◈◈Joe Cocker Live at Woodstock 1969◈◈◈"" (reblip)

Joe Cocker Live at Woodstock 1969

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MusicIsMySoul3 "Four that wanna own me, two that wanna stone me, one says shes a friend of mine" ty2 @tuatara@gizmolep@RisingAngel@bigoldiefreak@kolorize@gpharley
MusicIsMySoul3 "But what I really want to know is are you gonna go my way? " Excellent! choice yourself! rb@Jungstir: "Nice choice@MusicIsMySoul" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 "Fall on me, tell me everything you want me to be, forever with you forever in me, ever the same" ty for props @flinndc @CooperHarris @artlinkgallery
MusicIsMySoul3 "How can you say you miss my lovin, when you never needed it?" (Music from High Fidelity) tks 4 p's @JCovington @T_DeBarros @jimmyether @Popplagiwest
MusicIsMySoul3 nice drums & horns ty 4 p's @ JODYGIRL162 @MysticEclipse - I'm getting very sleepy & will continue later - good night 2 ev1-have a wonderful evening!
MusicIsMySoul3 Thank goodness - someone else not ashamed to admit to Barry! 2 thumbs up! rb @Serendipityone rb@StreamingMimi: "Barry Manilow – I Write The Songs""" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 I've gotta be honest I've been waiting for you all my life.
MusicIsMySoul3 I am everything you want. I am everything you need. I am everything inside of you.
MusicIsMySoul3 me 2 - I "get" this: "bleed just to know I'm alive" rb@mapex_drummer: "This is my GGD of all time. RB@Edainsmom: "I just want you to know who I am""" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 "You mess with'll see a man get mean" - always have to RB SRV @manlyman: "Blues For Breakfast" Monday - you are my "pride and joy"!" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 "miss you dearly - can you hear me on your cloud?" ♥ this - tks for blipping - rb@steveking: Lenny Kravitz - Calling All Angels (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 there is freedom within: rb@2fast4u: "rb luv for @Edainsmom: "If its hard to do...then Don't Dream It's Over--Crowded House " (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 Santana & Chad - what a beautiful combination :D - OOPS for you rb@MarcusDeSouza: "Santana – Into The Night (Ft. Chad Kroeger)" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 Happy Birthday Jon Schneck, American August 18, 1981 (Relient K, Audio Adrenaline) ty4p's @sheryonstone@texman2@DJ_MULE @ChadThomas@OVERLAND
JodyGirl162 "THXS FRIENDS@ForFlavour@mrojas@Figgywithit@DJEmpire1 @Flying_Roundhouse TO MY NEW LISTENERS, SO GLAD WE CAN HEAR WHAT EACH OTHER LISTENS TOO. (reblip)

Emerson Lake and Palmer - Welcome Back My Friends

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MusicIsMySoul3 Wow - that took my breath away! ty rb@IchBinDave: "stimmt überein @frau_one: "@giesebrecht Mein Gott, ist das ein schöner Song..... Wow. THX :)"" (reblip)

Love of My Life

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MusicIsMySoul3 Happy Birthday Everlast (aka Erik Schrody) August 18, 1969 - this is theme song to one of my favorite TV shows "Saving Grace
MusicIsMySoul3 ♥ this song & ♥ Boston ty! rb@MysticEclipse: "Welcome to @Rickbischoff, @AmericanDeviant and props to @MusicIsMySoul, @zakksama and @EnterChaos. L8r." (reblip)

Boston-More Than A Feeling

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MusicIsMySoul3 "I want to get away"! OOPS 4u @Shaman777 (reblip)

Lenny Kravitz "Fly Away"

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MusicIsMySoul3 wow - I really liked this rb@cesarlincoln: "LUNATIC SOUL – LUNATIC SOUL" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 "Was it something I said or something I did? Did my words not come out right?" ♥ this one ♥

Poison Every Rose Has Its Thorn (video oficial)

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MusicIsMySoul3 Thank you - I do need to be reminded of how to breathe sometimes ;) rb@2fast4u: "So this is a way, that I say I need You" (reblip)
kolorize THANK YOU..NICE..@Jalapeno: "High On You.." (reblip)
TruthandJustice That's right U baby...take me home tonight...nights R cold...lights R dark...but I see Ur my little baby...stay D night baby...
MusicIsMySoul3 I say it's gr8 2 b in ♥ on Friday:) OOPs 4 u rb@scotlandlover rb@PaulCwalina:Good morning@patita:morning friends :D here cold & rainy but it's Friday (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 "I will serve You, I will give You everything" !♥! Jeremy's version of this song
MusicIsMySoul3 I wasn't a girl in love with Elvis - but love his voice & music - and this song ;) rb@2fast4u: "Elvis Presley – I Can't Help Falling In Love With You" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 "for being my eyes when I couldn't see; for parting my lips when I couldn't breathe" rb@cisum35 (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 been years since I heard this - forgot how intense it was...think I need a cool rag for my forehead! rb @2fast4u: "Depeche Mode - I Want You Now " (reblip)

Depeche Mode - I Want You Now

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MusicIsMySoul3 *♥* this song - hope springs eternal ;) rb@2fast4u: "What if you're making me all that I was meant to be?" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 Happy Birthday Dean DeLeo 8-23-1961 (Stone Temple Pilots) "If I were to die this mornin' would you tell me things that you wouldn't have?"
MusicIsMySoul3 Good night everyone - thank you for all the great songs & ty for listening, props, replies & rb's....sweet dreams!
MusicIsMySoul3 "Let our souls be undressed and show the world we mean what we say" - Everyone have a great Sunday! Time for finalizing school supplies & clothes...
MusicIsMySoul3 "I’m entrusted with a gift that I can’t hide. Revive my heart, revive my mind"
StreamingMimi TY for this RB! @scotlandlover: "rb @StreamingMimi: "Sting – My One And Only Love"" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 Happy Birthday Jimi Jamison, 8-23-1951 (Survivor)
MusicIsMySoul3 *!♥!* this - "Cause I still believe there's something left for you and me" OOPs 4 u rb@PaddyH: "thanks ~ @sammi_x " (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 For Dad's & their daughters "if i am your princess then daddy you are the king of the world"
MusicIsMySoul3 "There's just so many things that I can't touch, I'm torn" - this was a new one for me - goes on my playlist!
MusicIsMySoul3 "You're waiting here for someone else to break you from the inside, you've been so composed"

Matchbox Twenty- Soul (Live at Philip's Arena)

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MusicIsMySoul3 "our godforsaken right to be loved" ^p's^ & amen! rb@manlyman: "hope you all are enjoying listening to the music as much as I enjoy playing it..." (reblip)

Jason Mraz -I'm Yours (live)

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MusicIsMySoul3 more MDT "If I could reach the stars I'd give 'em all to you" - speaking of stars, congrats on your 50 star @manlyman
MusicIsMySoul3 what a girl wants 2 hear ;) rb@SpinninSara@psabq@headphone: "But I love you best Its not something that I say in jest cause you're different, girl" (reblip)
Tropicsz4 Matchbox 20- Real World Lyrics

Matchbox 20- Real World Lyrics

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2fast4u Savage Garden – I Knew I Loved You
MusicIsMySoul3 "Tonight we dance I leave my life in your hands we take the floor Nothing is forbidden anymore" - need a fan and a little ice...Muy Caliente!
MusicIsMySoul3 I know the feeling...@scotlandlover: "Got my mind set on blip but gotta do some tasks that requre focus so BBL....:-) " (reblip)
milkfish Thanks @b_s_lynn @tubilino @barnburner @MusicIsMySoul and any other repliers I have missed ( lacks the mojo to email me notification!)
manlyman Thank you everybody for listening this morning. Thanks to all my new Listeners and 4 all the Props! "I Gotta Run"! Tomorrow is "Ladies Day Wednesday"!
MusicIsMySoul3 "You are the earth beneath my feet, you are my gravity. Cause lately I've been tired and uninspired." ty DJ's @frankenstrat @PeaceDiva @CooperHarris
MusicIsMySoul3 it's over, just for tonight...sweet dreams to all the great DJ's & thanks for all the great new music you've exposed me to - music heaven!
EnterChaos Thankyou:)@TheShyOne: "Thks@acanuckfan: "╚» ωєℓ¢σмє 2 @winukomi & тниχ 4 тнє ρяσρѕ @dvdsea @annarani @erichharvey «╝"" (reblip)

Evanesence-Going Under

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MusicIsMySoul3 Happy Birthday Jimmy Rushing 8-26-1901 - 6-8-1972 (featured vocalist of Count Basie's Orchestra from 1935 to 1948) - See you after morning drive time.
MusicIsMySoul3 *♥♥♥* you @lilkit - hope to c u soon!:20 years ago today, we started our life together...never thought it'd end so soon...miss you always...shine on.. (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 Last of MDT: "I'm sleeping with myself tonight. Saved in time, thank God my musics still alive" ty DJ's @PazzoRagazzo @JDS442 @NicoleVSanchez
MusicIsMySoul3 "There's so much left to learn, and no one left to fight. I wanna hold you high and steal your pain" Really ♥ the 2 together - rb@caporal_chief (reblip)

Seether ft. Amy Lee of Evanesence-Broken

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MusicIsMySoul3 WOW I almost can't breathe after that song - I hope you can be someday if you are not @countrygirl1WV: "sometimes you just cant BE with your soulmate" (reblip)

Natasha bedingfield- Soulmate

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MusicIsMySoul3 # 1 9-25 10-2-1976 - I still love this song and turn it up loud. One of my proudest accomplishments is that my children have 70's on their ipods!
scotlandlover "listen while I play".... rb @Jeffie: "The Lemon Pipers – "Green Tambourine" (winter, 1968)" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 *sigh* time 2 get head out of clouds :) rb@NicoleVSanchez: "do you mind if I borrow this one? ;-) @AJLaDiva: ~ I'm Falling Even More In Love With You~ (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 Yes @IchBinDave - & co-wrote & produced several songs & dated Gwen - she wrote this about their breakup. "I really feel I'm losing my best friend"
MusicIsMySoul3 had not heard this one *♥* - W♥W - "And I said to myself It doesn't get better than this No, it doesn't get better than this And it did, it did"

Brad Paisley- It Did

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MusicIsMySoul3 awwww *sniff - tissues* *sigh* rb@StreamingMimi: "This is nice. Tom Jones – Without Love There Is Nothing" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 As I pulled in, this ended my MDT so I'm going to go finish up my websites "like a champ" - hope to pop in at lunch! ty @Kohmahts @dcychan @maryushka
MusicIsMySoul3 WOW @NicoleVSanchez what an amazing song...I was working and listening and suddenly my heart was in my beautiful (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 "From yesterday, it's coming! From yesterday, the fear! From yesterday, it calls him but he doesn't want to read the message here"
MusicIsMySoul3 "How did I become so obnoxious? What is it with you that makes me act like this?" ty DJs @ivan_filios @StreamingMimi @manlyman @RisingAngel
MusicIsMySoul3 "Dig if you will the picture of you and I engaged in a kiss" rb@manlyman rb@Matericia: "The Dove Dove, both love and spirit..." (reblip)
Tropicsz4 Boy Meets Girl – Waiting For A Star To Fall
MusicIsMySoul3 cause my mind reading skills are nil @manlyman via rb@2fast4u: "I wanna know what you're thinking" (reblip)

Information Society- Whats On Your Mind (Pure Energy)

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scotlandlover TY :-) rb @D_Doyle: "Billy Joel - Tell Her About It...many thanks (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 But my dreams they aren't as empty as my conscience seems to be. I have hours, only lonely, my love is vengeance that's never free
MusicIsMySoul3 When my fist clenches, crack it open before I use it and lose my cool. When I smile, tell me some bad news before I laugh and act like a fool.
FineNGood @DirtyUrine: "what's up bro? @docstimulas: "Queensryche – Walk in the Shadows "" I walk in the shadows every day (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 Happy Bday Danny Seraphine 8-28-1948 "Even though you're far away, you're on my mind" tyDJs @COKaraokeDiva @scotlandlover@Time2Burn @blackgrapes@megg
MusicIsMySoul3 Happy Bday John Perkins 8-28-1931 (Crew Cuts) - dang I *♥* this! "If you would let me spend my whole life lovin' you Life could be a dream sweetheart"
MusicIsMySoul3 Happy Bday Shania Twain 8-28-1965 "The best thing about being a woman is the prerogative to have a little fun and... oh, oh, oh, go totally crazy"
MusicIsMySoul3 oh - this is a good live one! rb@docstimulas: "Eddie Money – Baby Hold On - @MusicIsMySoul" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 WOW! @flinndc: "This one (still breathing) @MusicIsMySoul ALL DJ's what song takes your breath away @scotlandlover @flinndc @manlyman @tinadiggsit" (reblip)

Truly Madly Deeply By Savage Garden (HQ Sound)

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MusicIsMySoul3 WOW-There comes a time in everyone's life when all you can see are the years passing by & I have made up my mind that those days are gone rb@manlyman (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 You & me both Avril, let me know if you figure it out rb@Eclecticjams: "Chill out....." (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 "Be amazed, at the friends, you have here on your trip" (they must be blippers) rb@scotlandlover rb @whiskeyrose7 (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 "What if we could put our lives on hold and meet somewhere inside of the world I would meet you Would you meet me? On a park bench" rb@muzicmajic (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 ty for sharing@countrygirl1WV - I need to get more tissues from the store! @manlyman @MusicIsMySoul this is the song that takes my breath away" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 ♥ this acoustic version - I'm not crazy I'm just a little unwell - rb@PaddyH: "Hey Lynn :) @Gypsylyn How's your day been? " (reblip)
FineNGood Yeah This time I'm 'a let it all come out This time I'm 'a stand up and shout I'm 'a do things my way It's my way My way, or the highway
manlyman Never saw this before- If there's a dry eye after watching this, something's wrong. To those fighting cancer - our thoughts and prayers go out to you!
BLUESBOOGIE rb thx LoriAnn @PS1968!The Guess Who – No Time (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 feeling "blue" today - "I should be loved by you, that I know is true but I can't breathe when you’re around!"
MusicIsMySoul3 This is GREAT! Rock concert movement #1: The basic head-bob. Ready. Go. Rock concert movement #2: The one-armed fist pump. Ready. Go.
MusicIsMySoul3 "I wanna hear your heartbeat, share your dreams when you're asleep" this is sweet :)
MusicIsMySoul3 I had a dream & saw your face That night you took me 2 a place a million voices they demand 2 sacrifice my loving heart. ty4p's @Dancer12@tinadiggsit
adbert [Carly Simon – You're So Vain] You probably think this song is about you @MusicIsMySoul? HAHAHA! ;-) (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 ^p's^ & ^5 - and thru our silliness we love the music rb@adbert: "[Whitesnake – Is This Love?] Love is being stupid together, HAHAHA!" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 Happy Birthday Charles Colbert 8-30-1944 - WOW can't remember the last time I heard this! tyDJs @bradysbeau@Dancer12 @Unpredictable @manlyman@cisum35
MusicIsMySoul3 The son & I are going to have chili cheese tater tots "Open up and start revealing Trust in me my heart and soul I need you to show me your soul"
MusicIsMySoul3 Congrats on your 100th listener @manlyman :) - Here is one of my favorite Bon Jovi songs to mark the occasion...
MusicIsMySoul3 I know that we can't be together but, I just like to dream It's so strange the way our paths have crossed ty DJs @JendeMen @gpharley @manlyman @ladypn
MusicIsMySoul3 WOW *blush* & TY & Nice Pick!! rb@docstimulas: "my Sunday sing a long song - oh congrats to an awesome lady and a class act @MusicIsMySoul for 250!" (reblip)
FineNGood The things that I've loved the things that I've lost The things I've held sacred that I've dropped I don't want to learn what I'll need to forget
MusicIsMySoul3 rb@AutumnPerception rb@cisum35 rb@ladypn: "Never could get it unless you were fed it & now you're here & you don't know why..." (reblip)
flinndc Phenomenal rb @olgaduarte: "@rguimaslima -Olá boa noite!Tudo bem?:)" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 I find the map and draw a straight line over rivers, farms and state lines The distance from 'A' to where you'd be It's only finger-lengths that I see
MusicIsMySoul3 Happy Bday Dann Hume 9-1-1987 "And if you never had my heart I would've never called you back " tyDJs @Time2Burn @mark_till @manlyman @DarylJames
MusicIsMySoul3 Happy B-day Natalie Bassingthwaighte 9-1-1975 tyDJs "I'm Breathing In Pieces Just Tasting The Feeling" @norkaman@CarouselAmbrah @manlyman@DarylJames
MusicIsMySoul3 and here we are, on the best day of our lives. and it's a go, let's make it last, so cheers you all to that, 'cause this moments never comin' back.

FM Static- Moment Of Truth

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MusicIsMySoul3 *I believe* Not exactly the version I heard - but along w/my coffee I'm awake now! ty DJs @docstimulas@Mysterymix @jimmybradley@TropicsZ4 @Dancer12
MusicIsMySoul3 "I'm falling apart I'm barely breathing with a broken heart that's still beating" *♥* this song - took awhile not to need tissues when I'd hear it.
MusicIsMySoul3 this voice - wow! "When you're weary, feeling small, when tears are in your eyes, I will dry them all. I'm on your side" on the road - see you soon!

Charlotte Church bridge over troubled water

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MusicIsMySoul3 Happy Bday Joseph Trohman 9-1-1984 "& Sugar we're going down swinging I'll be your number one with a bullet A loaded God complex cock it and pull it"
MusicIsMySoul3 OOPs for you @countrygirl1WV - had not heard this...what a great song - hit me right in the heart :) (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 "My walk had purpose, my steps were quick and light and I held firm to what I felt was right." ty DJs @jimmybradley@ramboswife @Dr_Wes@countrygirl1WV
MusicIsMySoul3 I confirmed what I always knew today when I looked at my playlist & want to thank blip for allowing me to express my inner music Schizophrenia ;)
MusicIsMySoul3 I just listened 4 the first time the other day - I'm hooked rb@twinklelilkatie: "I can't get enough of this." (reblip)

Stay by Lisa Loeb

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MusicIsMySoul3 We've waited so long, waited so long. I've got two tickets to paradise, won't you pack your bags, we'll leave tonight ty DJS @dawnie22@manlyman @SDUBB
MusicIsMySoul3 I was dreaming We were sleeping And you held me tight to keep believing Don't upset Me I won't let you Fall into a space that's empty
MusicIsMySoul3 Someone like you and all you know and how you speak Countless lovers under cover of the street
MusicIsMySoul3 To my fellow green eyed DJ's - let me rephrase that - DJ's with green eyes ;)

Coldplay-Green Eyes

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MusicIsMySoul3 it is NOT - you just gotta work on polishing the filter :) rb@countrygirl1WV: "I'm a very trusting of my bad qualities these days....." (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 This is excellent! rb@DJDreamy: "Wish I Could Fly ✈ Roxette {video} Thanks for the ReBlips, Props ♡ Replies BBL ... " (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 So @AtheDJ is it no hair now or then? Does Peter count :)
MusicIsMySoul3 For @AtheDJ & No Hair Thursday + a list for you ( good morning @Dancer12
MusicIsMySoul3 Love who you love and say that you do. Hold on as tight as they'll let you. Love who you love. GM DJs @scotlandlover@manlyman @countrygirl1WV@2fast4u
MusicIsMySoul3 rb@ShannonGrissom: "the honesty's too much...@SpinninSara: "~~Dan Hill – Sometimes When We Touch~~"" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 MDT#5: "We live happily ever trapped if you just save my life Run and tell the angels that everything is all right" TY DJs @emei@manlyman@SpinninSara
MusicIsMySoul3 I'll slide them in next 2 my Kutless rb@MysticEclipse: "Christian rock band from Albany, OR. Similar 2 SKILLET. @ForFlavour@Kohmahts@sunshinemaker_7 (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 MDT#9: *♥* "I can't find, oh the right romantic line but see me once and see the way I feel Don't discard me just because you think I mean you harm"
MusicIsMySoul3 MDT#10: "What is this feeling taking over Thinking no one could open the door Surprise it’s time to feel what’s real" ty DJs @lisa_michele @cjh @joe61
MusicIsMySoul3 I *♥* this! had never heard it - really cool video too! ty & rb@HermannSantiago (reblip)
FineNGood Oh baby don't you know I suffer? Oh baby can you hear me moan? You caught me under false pretenses How long before you let me go?
MusicIsMySoul3 STORY of my life:) - off to the football game & halftime show:) have a great evening all! rb@rsmac: "Annie Lennox – Waiting In Vain" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 I REALLY like the way Elvis does this @Time2Burn For@anonymoose Happy Friday! I've decided to blip covers today. Got any good ones? Let me know!
MusicIsMySoul3 Buddy Miles 9-5-1947-2-26-2008 - drummer for Jimmi Hendrix - interesting life -
MusicIsMySoul3 I've been with you such a long time You're my sunshine and I want you to know that my feelings are true I really love you Oh you're my best friend
MusicIsMySoul3 You never heard my song before The music was too loud But now I think you hear me well For now we both know how No star can light our way
MusicIsMySoul3 I seem to be what I'm not (you see) I'm wearing my heart like a crown pretending that you're still around tyDJs @Turbolax @Dancer12 @FreakinFrog

Queen-The Great Pretender

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MusicIsMySoul3 Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go round - I always loved this song - so here's to all my fellow ladies who are not "teeny" :)
MusicIsMySoul3 Torn between the lover and the love you leave behind You're headed for disaster 'cos you never read the signs Too much love will kill you every time
MusicIsMySoul3 really ♥ing your blips 2day rb@CooperHarris: "I won't let you down So please don't give me up Because I would really, really love to stick around" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 I could give up all my life for just one kiss I would surely die if you dismiss me from your love You take my breath away
MusicIsMySoul3 Happy Birthday CeCe Peniston 9-6-69 "Through pain tears and heartache We see our love can't last It's time for new beginnings can't live in the past "
MusicIsMySoul3 sometimes running is all you can do rb@NicoleVSanchez: "@TropicsZ4: "RB @blackgrapes: "✈✈✈A Flock Of Seagulls – I Ran✈✈✈""" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 Is my timing that flawed, our respect run so dry? Yet there's still this appeal that we've kept through our lives Love, love will tear us apart again
MusicIsMySoul3 ♥ this - ty OOPs4u rb@paulostudio2002: "Wherever You Will Go – The Calling............." (reblip)
FineNGood You better catch me when I fall I'm on my roller skates Cause any ole way that I fall I land in your arms even though it's wrong
paulisded "Things I want to tell you - how you make me feel" [Paul Westerberg - Things
arcticarab {arctic monkeys - baby i'm yours!} can't get enough of this cover of the classic!
MrsASoprano 'nite Annie - see ya soon@AnnieLicious: "Night friends :)" (reblip)

As I Lay Me Down To Sleep by Sophie B. Hawkins (with Lyrics)

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Isaac7985 An okay song by Katy Perry becomes an amazing song when sung by an Ukrainian polka band.
MusicIsMySoul3 rb@realtyman: "@SgtMac: "Billy Ray Cyrus - "Some Gave All" Remembering those who gave all for our Liberty on this Labor Day #MilitaryMon"" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 Happy Birthday Paul McCoy 9-7-1981 "And all in all I know it's you that always pulls me through If you reach deep inside you’ll see my heart is true"
MusicIsMySoul3 My eyes are finally dry & this oldie but goodie popped in my head - I've got the Blue Man Group Head Bob starting...feel free to join in...
MusicIsMySoul3 TY! Now I know who did this! rb@Dancer12:@CathyCdesigns:Truth is I am done pretending Too much time too long defending You and I are done pretending (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 love GGD's - always seem to say just what I need to hear rb @DaisyDee rb@NomOnNewton rb@FieryWolfLeah: (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 Colonel Sanders 9-9-1890 - 12-16-1980 (founder of KFC) U know I like my chicken fried Cold beer on a Friday night A pair of jeans that fit just right
MusicIsMySoul3 ♥ this ty - OOPS4u rb@busylizzy: "In The Arms Of an Angel – Sarah McLaughlin" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 wow - woke me up - been long time since I heard this rb@WebGyver: Thanks 4 the hoochie koos (i.e., props) ==> Good stuff in your playlist ==> @JGDemas (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 Take a look at me What do you see? You think you know the pain in my life You think you know the pain in my eyes How could you know?
MusicIsMySoul3 ending it with Bob - you guys have fun *without me* I've got to head on out to handbell practice...thanks for the music during the day ;)
MusicIsMySoul3 Everyone knows I'm in over my head over my head. With eight seconds left in overtime she's on your mind, she's on your mind
MusicIsMySoul3 "Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends We're so glad you could attend come inside, come inside" ty DJs @whoizat515@caporal_chief@kiddo84
MusicIsMySoul3 Happy Birthday Pat Mastelotto 9-10-1955 - SO *♥* this "Somewhere between the soul and soft machine Is where I find myself again."
MusicIsMySoul3 Happy Bday Robin Goodridge 9-10-1965 (formerly of Bush) "We are not afraid to turn another page because we know these things they happen for a reason"

Stone Gods- Start of Something Official Video

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MusicIsMySoul3 Hiram Bullock 9-11-1955 - 7-25-2008 - Hiram Bullock with Stevie Ray Vaughan "I'm Stranded"

Hiram Bullock with Stevie Ray Vaughan

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MusicIsMySoul3 Happy B-day Tommy Shaw (Styx) 9-11-1953 - okay - while looking found this with REO & this is my new theme song & they sounded GR8! :) - Styx song L8R
MusicIsMySoul3 MDT#6 Oh, sleep and dream that's all I crave I travel far across the milky way To my master I become a slave til' we meet again some other day
MusicIsMySoul3 MDT#8 #griffin *♥*Two strangers learn to fall in love again I get the joy of rediscovering you*♥* ty DJs @h2theeidi @flinndc @manlyman @docstimulas


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MusicIsMySoul3 #griffin So I'm going home, back to the place where I belong, and where your love has always been enough for me.
MusicIsMySoul3 #griffin What were the things you wanted for yourself Teenage ambitions you remember well

Heat of the Moment-with Lyrics

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DaisyDee hey! yes I was a kama'aina.. just moved away last year.. miss my home :( @chickenkatsu: "G'nite all! TY 4 Ps/Rs/RBs!" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 *♥* this GR8 loss "I will know deep in my heart the only dream that mattered had come true. In this life I was loved by you" rb@DaisyDee:@chickenkatsu (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 "I don't know why you mean that much to me You don't know what it feels like lovin' you" - direct hit - ouch! rb@TheLenzyme: "cause time can't lose" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 I don't want to know! rb@docstimulas: "Night Ranger – Don't Tell Me You Love Me - old school - um my school lol " (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 #griffin But I've got to get a move on with my life It's time to be a big girl now, and big girls don't cry
MusicIsMySoul3 MDT#2 Change the colors of the sky and open up to the ways you made me feel alive, the ways I loved you. For all the things that never died
MusicIsMySoul3 Yes, I was - with my fingers in my ears - I calm down with this one & regain a bit of sanity :) rb@docstimulas are u singing it loud too ? lol ;-)
MusicIsMySoul3 "kinda cute the way you poisoned my coffee just a little each day...I gotta funny feeling you don't love me anymore" YA THINK!
MusicIsMySoul3 That's why I keep a cool rag handy :) rb@PaddyH: "Elvis Presley - Fever (ah, HELL yeah!)" (reblip)

Elvis PresleyFever

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MusicIsMySoul3 sometimes..yes @PaddyH: Its a Fire truck you need not a 'cool rag' (I've heard the passion in your blips) Hope you're havin a good night my friend :) (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 blip so well :) rb@StreamingMimi: "James Morrison – Nothing Ever Hurt Like You" (reblip)
BruceC Let's not worry about the rain. Let's just walk between those raindrops. @MusicIsMySoul @jmbuckingham @leahita @sharonhayes

Donald Fagen Walk Between the Raindrops South Beach Miami

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MusicIsMySoul3 Excellent!! I *♥* "Foo"! rb@Eclecticjams: "O.K.I just listened to this version.I do like it DS. BTW You are a Music Maniac.rb@docstimulas " (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 #griffin I get nightmares I hate to sleep alone I need some company a guardian angel To keep me warm when the cold winds blow

Eddie Money-take me home tonight

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Stevie Ray Vaughan(SRV)-Life Without You

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DJDreamy Boogie Oogie Oogie❥A Taste Of Honey ❣Flashback ...

A Taste Of Honey: Boogie Oogie Oogie

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MusicIsMySoul3 Thank you - had not heard this rb@docstimulas "for @MusicIsMySoul you are one of my favorite blippers keep it up your gonna be a huge blip queen =)" (reblip)

Collective Soul Home_09 World I Know

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Flying_Roundhouse Peter Gabriel – That Voice Again ~ "what I carry in my heart brings us so close or so far apart ~ only love can make love" G'nite @broadwayg & @all
MusicIsMySoul3 Happy Bday Gerry Beckley 9-12-1952 "U stare like there's no tomorrow & you'll know what I'm thinking of Right before your eyes I fall in love with u"
MusicIsMySoul3 If she is a wench, just a sexy shirt I think :) @SimpleJim: "Just Curious, does a pirates bride wear an eye patch also ?? @Gypsylyn (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 "The secret of your beauty and the mystery of your soul I've been searching for in everyone I meet" rb@digitpt (reblip)
FineNGood rb @Bubbly3: "Creed – With Arms Wide Open (Strings) " (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 in the EXCELLENT film Butterfly Effect "Hold up Hold on Don't be scared You'll never change what's been and gone May your smile shine on"
MusicIsMySoul3 so true and ♥ this song. Like you read my mind :) rb@texman2: "lots of Precious folks on blifm @backtoback: "good night?"" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 rb@DoctaMike: "Rb @dautaz: (I Know) I'm Losing You - Rare Earth" (reblip)

(I Know) I'm Losing You-Rare Earth-1970

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MusicIsMySoul3 "Sometimes it's hard to know when you've got it Sometimes it's perfectly clear" rb@Dancer12 (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 Perfect! The dreams were wild - woke up exhausted! :) rb@Eclecticjams: "The strangest things happen....Morning all..." (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 Happy Birthday Ben Folds 9-12-1966 "Sometimes everything you've ever wanted floats above He's sticking out his tongue and laughing"
MusicIsMySoul3 rb@NicoleVSanchez: "Vic came home w/ all these songs he wanted me to blip, they choke him up" (reblip)

Lonestar-I'm Already There

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MusicIsMySoul3 Everlast is awesome rb@docstimulas: "this kicks butt thanks man @SevenTenths - Everlast – Blinded By The Sun-" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 "What a shame we all became such fragile, broken things A memory remains just a tiny spark" rb@EnterChaos (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 "when I lay me to rest I want to go to the place that's the best" rb@AtheDJ (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 rb@CooperHarris: "...took the wrong direction Well I admit I might have missed a sign or two I ran a light past your affection at humiliation Avenue" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 rb@cisum35: "for being my eyes when I couldn't see; for parting my lips when I couldn't breathe" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 rb@rerkaizen: "cause I love the way you say good morning .. and you take me the way I am" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 rb@2fast4u: "But it's too late, too late, too late Too late for love" #griffin (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 rb'ing some of my favorite blips rb@StreamingMimi: "Gladys Knight & The Pips - You're the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me" (reblip)

You're the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me

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MusicIsMySoul3 "Can't you feel the music all around you Flashing lights but love can fill your mind" rb@Alanise (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 rb@AtheDJ: Love this! Thanks! rb@djunicorn1960: if you love phil collins!! watch this! it shows you how awesome drummer he really is!! thanks! xoxox (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 rb@kolorize: "And I know I’ve told you many times before that I’ve found a love that’s truly touched my soul " (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 rb@DonJames: "Summer in the late 70s - what else can you say?" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 rb@scotlandlover: "rb @SeanMurphy: "@AliMurphy @Kspez: "If i traded it all, if I gave it all away for one thing...""" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 rb@BunnyHop: ":) beautiful voice, beautiful song, nice pick!@2fast4u: "♥"" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 rb@TechnoJava: "Hello @MikeGackler and welcome to the Techno Journey! and many thanks for the rb!!! :)"" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 not sleeping *sigh* again... rb@manlyman: "if you'll have me :)" (reblip)

Jason Mraz -I'm Yours (live)

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MusicIsMySoul3 rb@Tsauro: "one of my faves vi@Suzed: "Nobody know just how it feels today...Nobody sees how our hearts break..."" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 rb@chickenkatsu: "I do! Keep 'em coming! @hotbeans: "Who wants to hear some oldies?"" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 rb@ThePaulWolf: "*turns on the ipod player, starts kissing you deeply, moves and shuts the door*" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 "Well all I really wanna do is love you A kind much closer than friends use. But I still can't say it after all we've been through" rb@twinklelilkatie (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 OOPs4u (LONG time ago!) rb@lisa_michele: "Take it on the run BBL, perhaps. :-)" (reblip)
makinloverite @nbztunes: "got 3 hours sleep..going to try to sleep a little longer...> xoxo me" maybe 1 hr..hospitals...thx 4 tunes (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 "I never should have let you get to me Never should have let you bring me down" Oh YEAH! ty@frankenstrat: "reminded me of this 1 :)" +@StreamingMimi (reblip)
digitpt Leonard Cohen – A Thousand Kisses Deep :)
rock2monster @Shae101: I've Been Loving You Too Long~ monstermannia~ we should just go on our honeymoon and forget about the entire dating experience~" (reblip)
manlyman If you don't do it on your own, then...
manlyman Love Will Keep Us Alive - And If Not, I'm A Great Cook :)
MusicIsMySoul3 working on that 2 @docstimulas: "this is my lullaby - by changing the directions of my sails i can reach any destination...something like that..." (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 "I felt he found my letters and read each one out loud" from playlist of @rock2monster rb@digitpt "Killing Me Softly With His Song" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 I was not real familiar with them b4 blip - REALLY like the music & Amy rocks!: from the playlist of @storylet: "thanks @daihard (via @sandraew)" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 Happy B-day Ed King 9-14-1949 (eerie same bday @ Steve Gaines, Ed's replacement) Co-wrote Sweet Home Alabama ty DJs @carlnat@lisa_michele @bradysbeau
MusicIsMySoul3 Oh nice...hadn't heard this in a long time! ty rb@BLUESBOOGIE: "rb THX @S4W2E0D: BLUESBOOGIE " (reblip)
FineNGood Satellites gone Up to the skies Thing like that drive me Out of my mind
MusicIsMySoul3 I'm never going to get thru these birthdays if you keep this up! rb@Time2Burn: "Finger Eleven – I'll Keep Your Memory Vague" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 made me look rb@Time2Burn: "Goodnight same to you @rockchalk75: G N! Have a great Monday and Thanks! :) @SuperSpaceAngel @matriax @Time2Burn " (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 Happy Bday Craig Montoya 9-14-1970 "I say I love you but I really don't know you" ty DJs @theantirockstar@DeAnn @S4W2E0D@liquidjumper @psabq@matriax
MusicIsMySoul3 Happy Birthday Jeff Loomis 9-14-1971 "Nothing is final and no one is real Pray for tomorrow and find your empty still Nothing"
MusicIsMySoul3 I've just learned of several sad things that happened this weekend. Prayers are with families. This beautiful song helps when I'm sad. C u all L8r
MusicIsMySoul3 MDT#8 "Our eyes wander for help Prayers that need no answer now I'm tired of who I am You were my greatest mistake I fell in love with your sin"

The Feel Good Drag by Anberlin (music and lyrics)

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MusicIsMySoul3 Never get tired of hearing this & the reminder @docstimulas: "Nickelback – If Today Was Your Last Day - each day is a gift not a given right." (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 MDT#1: "And the same black line that was drawn on you was drawn on me and now its drawn me in..."
MusicIsMySoul3 MDT#6 2 much time thinking about everything that went wrong I cry my eyes out every time I hear ur song I hope this path brings me back where I belong

everlast lonely road

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MusicIsMySoul3 MDT#4 (an eternal fav) "Let it lift you off the ground. Starry eyes, and love is all around us. I can take you if you want to go."
MusicIsMySoul3 MDT#2: "I don't want your love to break me down I don't want your love so turn it around! Your rhythm is the power to move me"
Tropicsz4 The Romantics-What I Like About You

The Romantics-What I Like About You

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MusicIsMySoul3 fits my mood yesterday...*eyes closed for flash back* rb@DirtyUrine: "awesome pick! ~ @AmyisImaginary: "That's right, here's where the talking ends!"" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 "leaving the dentist song" I like it ;) "And I can share this with you the feel I'm on top again, baby that's got everything to do with you"
MusicIsMySoul3 *sigh* @EnterChaos: "You are very welcome sweetie:)@nbztunes: thank you for the props..:)"" (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 I guess now we're enemies You'll make love to me with your fingers crossed When we do it depending on chemistry to make us free, yeah
MusicIsMySoul3 "When all hope is gone, I know that you can carry on. We're gonna see the world out, I'll hold you 'til the hurt is gone." rb@DaisyDee: rb@Chari_S (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 I could take you home on the midnight train again. I could make an offer you cant refuse. Whatever you want. Whatever you like. Whatever you say.