Mike Dunn So Let It Be House (REMIX)

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The First Choice- The Player

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Toshinori Kondo IMA "Tokyo Girl" Promo Clip

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Mysterymix perfection

Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswald 'Movement 8' (c2 Version)

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RabidGravy I love it when a track I never heard before and actually like comes along here :-) (reblip)
amphore Billie Holiday - I'm a Fool to Want You

Billie Holiday -"I'm a Fool to Want You"

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Lemon I'm kinda planning to expand my mind next weekend:)

Lonnie Liston Smith- Expansions

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toobad @toobad lazy self-reblip #5 "smoking, or non-smoking?" (reblip)
QuicksandRangero Hey, welcome & thx @Cassiette - you seem to be a great lover of dub techno, so am I, nice to have you here around :) (reblip)
klitoria @Stendhal: ....deep & sexy stuff...indeed my dear...thank you for introducing me to this....hugzzzzzzzz..... (reblip)
klitoria yes I can.....

Electric Rescue-Can I do it

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04 Minilogue - Space (Roland M. Dill Remix)

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Mysterymix !!!!!!

Tribute to Q.TARANTINO /Blonde redhead I STILL GET ROCKS OFF

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paisley Nirvana – Lithium (Dirty Funker Mix)
angiece RB @voraciousd: "Great version of this classic Pixies tune" (reblip)
klitoria rbl@thelema2009: ("cool...und du zahlst :-) @chiron08: )....da komm ich gerne mit..... (reblip)

histoire de faussaire georges brassens moustache et les petit français

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Popover @Popover: "anyone ever seen that twilight zone with the french song, its like that" (reblip)

Brazil by Terry Gilliam 1985

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Atomik Supermayer – Two Of Us

SupermayerTwo Of Us

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p_ferd Innervisions are giving away Âme's "Setsa" 2 promote the release of Dixon's forthcoming Temporary Secretary mix; http://bit.ly/GnOMs
p_ferd Vi@klitoria: "@Stendhal.....with love....." Ooooohhh and I love u & this :):):)! … Love is some Phat dope Shit. Wicked! ♥♥♥ (reblip)
paulastudio Thnx & hi :) rb@Atomik: "The Whitest Boy Alive – 1517 (Morgan Geist Remix)" (reblip)
Shaddy Will spin @ Mon Moniou tonite and just found this track to be played load....if you need guestlist, drop a tweet!
paulastudio Oh how beautiful- obrigada :) @CalMa: "Perché quello che conta è "come stai"" (reblip)

MogwaiGolden Porsche

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KushiQ But don´t forget the Sun Protection. @GR8FL you often made my BlipDay with some special Blips,happy Birthday!!@Blippo Hi&Thx for dis Information!

Motorbass "1980" Philippe 'Zdar' Cerboneschi & Etienne de Cr

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crowjane Hell I ain't no mind reader~~What Up~?~
Nematic @Telekon: "@Atomik: This video is from the British Sci-Fi series 'Sapphire and Steel.' The episode is called 'The Railway Station' and it." \/\/3rKZ;) (reblip)

Stockhausen 05 - Klavierstuck V

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chiron08 ✪ gegen die hitze hilft nur hot sugar candy zum lecken.. @tanzbunny
GR8FL I'll play with you @klitoria: "somebody likes to play with me.......??????????" (reblip)


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GR8FL thank you, my hero @tubilino: "FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!! Muackkk ;)" (reblip)
p_ferd Karma vi@tanzbunny: "☆" ;) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Love this! (reblip)

Andre WinterKarma

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p_ferd Vi@chiron08: nabend meister @chiron08 :) I dream a lot about flying when I'm awake … (reblip)
chiron08 ✪ so if you fly when you are awake ... @Stendhal
Inesobjetsmart was in a Perlon kinda mood. Or perhaps a Villalobos one...
ladypn originally self taught@Chopinforte, at 18 studied @McPhail Center. I never had ability or desire to become a concert pianist, just love the piano! (reblip)
psychedout King Britt ft 5 6 Media - Footsteps in the Dark rb@CynDyn - thanks for this - it's wonderful - reminded me of "Hello It's Me" from the Isley Bros... (reblip)
Gezzi47 Haven't seen this vid in years... Wow.
Leftfield I've really been a ghost this last week. Out of town guests and work are the culprits.
axefield ----haven't heard this in a while - a lil' scary - but it's one of my influences in liking grungy distorted sound.
FineNGood "I've been chased by a rain cloud I was lost and nearly drowned and kicked around But now I'm found and I won't run away" With much love to...
GR8FL good morning @Atomik... any special plans for this Saturday?
chiron08 ✪ thx, @Atomik, cheers "finishing my coffee here @brainboy, the sun is still not yet up and its ten til 7am. Even the sun is lazy today" (reblip)
LynnSunshine @a_l_e_x_e_i: "@chiron08: "✪ play for me ....love that tune again chiron...make me crazy!!! cheers" (reblip)
Tropicsz4 God Morning, This is nice, Thanks rb @Atomik: "for you @GR8FL, love this dub and song" (reblip)
GR8FL to all you beautiful blippers.... have a great day
QuicksandRangero Tx @G_r_e_g: "For all my german friends :o)" - very nice track though it is not very pleasant in german language to be called "Altes Kamuffel" ;) (reblip)
Faddic rb@shanti45: "I'd love to turn you on...." (reblip)

A Day in the Life

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TryphOrGekko vi @AlexAgore Hey! I'm back from Portsmouth and this totally invogorates me. (reblip)
paulastudio @Mysterymix u will like this 2 :)


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Stolen Saturday morning. On the way to Chicago. Tonight: Nine Inch Nails at the Aragon Ballroom. I want pancakes.
leaferi Need to go work out. Cheerio. (And my apologies for the mispelling @Mysterymix)
santamistura maybe is the best work that i have do, at least always we like + the last1right?? http://www.flickr.com/photos/illustrationspm/3867735198/sizes/l/
DublinDaithi @Mysterymix, who me or christian smith ?....Christian Smith orignally from sweden on bedrock label, along with all the amazing artists !
QuicksandRangero Let's Rave

My Bloody Valentine Glider EP Remixes (Andrew Weatherall)

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fabuleuxfab What's blipNBeer ? rb@daretoeatapeach I might play this again this Wed at BlipNBeer since Jer will be there and he's a Zero 7 fan. (reblip)
chiron08 guts nächtle.. @bumble_b: "danke @Ihno: "I was in love" die mischpultkatze geht nun ins körbchen und zählt schafe ;)" (reblip)
CargoCulte How you doing @MissM773?

Dj Krush feat.Mos Def-Shinjiro(Harsh Remix)

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xigli Thanks @Mysterymix / The Timewriter – Flicking Pages (Daniel Kyo Remix)
lwsrc my monthly hot chip remix blip. this time extremely phat!
ConejoHuracanPerlado so sad I can't blip today, got to work, 'll see you guys later :(

Senor Coconut Sweet Dreams

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djilo Superbass - Go to Pieces (Danny Freakazoid electro dub)
LaKarune Auto-prop, reblip rule in effect for Grace Jones (&Tricky!) RB@mouzaia: "música: la droga luminosa.Tricky & Grace Jones – Hurricane (Cradle to grave)" (reblip)
amphore via @curatEar ............. Schaltkreis Wassermann -- Lux (reblip)
SgtMac Monty Python - Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" Great advice! Gotta go! Thanks for Blips, RBs, Props & as always great company!

TheMFA _ The Difference it Makes (Superpitcher remix)

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manip_ no music... no life...

reboot- vandon

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AlmaDestin good night@Mysterymix we had the same song idea at the same moment! like it!
rock2monster "i really like what you have done with your hair...french braid??? congrats on 100!! you are a hero to the monster in the garden..."@Mysterymix (reblip)
Apple_chic here he comes that mighty mouse! :D
rock2monster @Mysterymix~ you rock the entire planet...from the rockgarden...your monster...with thanks... (reblip)


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estrogen sali @anjuscha habe heute joggenderweise auch gekniffen *g* ... bisch zwäg?
MyleneRenoir From their last album.

The OrbVuja De

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kaoruo rb@ainame: "4 hero – universal love" (reblip)

4 herouniversal love

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Mysterymix _____________________________
Mysterymix _________ for my sweeties

SCSI 9 Sweets and Love

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Mysterymix who 'd like to work with ? lol

mad professor "what's going on?" marvin gaye

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LabDJ [#BLIPFM] Modeselektor : The Dark Side of the Sun (Feat. Puppetmastaz)

Jackson Sisters "I Believe In Miracles"

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Gossip: Standing In The Way Of Control (Playgroup Remix)

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Mysterymix any tablas fans ?

Tabla Beat Science- Palmistry

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DubFreakz ❯❯❯❯❯❯❯❯ THURSDAY NIGHT MIX ❮❮❮❮❮❮❮❮❮❮❮❮❮❮❮❮❮❮
Voxetta Seal – A Change Is Gonna Come
Voxetta Karen Souza – Creep (Radiohead cover)
ucana422 @toobad: "mr toobad just logged in and realised it's his 1st Blip-Birthday today!!! :))" (reblip)

Sonic Youth doing Superstar by the Carpenters

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LynnSunshine beautiful@SoxObsessed: "love this song @PabloM: "Israel Kamakawiwo'ole Over The Rainbow"" (reblip)

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole Over The Rainbow

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Mysterymix Let's Make Love and Listen to "Death From Above" @speculoos
Mysterymix TV show recorded but never showed ! SXNI ;)


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lovely_london RB cool song haha @Mysterymix: "Never Gonna Give You Up, u look so good to me right now @BoChica@Atomik@busylizzy@lovely_london" (reblip)
chiron08 ✪ good idea.. @28apple_chic "Mmmmmmmm am thinking of white lines tonight! ;) So... missus. Yay or nay to haircut?" (reblip)
LynnSunshine Yes lets rb@OneAndOnlyZel: "It's an old GordonLightfoot she re-did~ TOTALLY different! @BohlianSunshine: "I think 1st song I blipped was this fave ~ " (reblip)
Mysterymix he said : his story .

Michael Jackson HIStory (The Ummah Main A Cappella)

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Jimi Hendrix & Curtis Knight GET OUT OF MY LIFE WOMAN 12-26-1965

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fabuleuxfab More club tunes !

Sidney Samson- Riverside (Original mix)

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OneAndOnlyZel RB @scotlandlover: "Good night..Thanks for all today! ..Sweet Dreams...:-) rb @carlnat: "@Time2Burn: @TheLenzyme" (reblip)
driczz thx rb @Atomik - this universe need more ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ and etc.... (reblip)

BJÖRK- you only live twice

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GR8FL I am ready for the 3-day weekend NOW... tell it to my bosses @YogaGeek @DependableSkeleton
DublinDaithi bummed this i the only one I can find on here, sucha great track but cant find full version

James Brown-Hot I Need To Be Loved Loved Loved

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Versh "Dreeeeeam, dream you're not/ Too late/ Sweeeeeeeeet road to somewhere else"
Mysterymix come on bring it on !@DJMWILL82 (reblip)

Rare 12' Version of "Don't Disturb This Groove"(Original Speed)

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Mysterymix Fingerclickin'good! @Uforia Thanks - (*-*)@TropicsZ4: "Hi, thanks..rb @klitoria:
Faddic Thanks... isn't it Anathema's new sound (Prog)is just fascinating? "..back down to earth.." rb@beyond_black_666 (reblip)


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Mysterymix ______BLIP.fm : Radios in Motion _____( whouaouh excellent ) @everythingispop (reblip)

My old flame...Sarah Vaughan

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klitoria Harald Blüchel aka Cosmic Baby....for me is one of the greatest composers of electronic music....he manages to evoke deep feelings and emotions in me
Mysterymix Not Over You; DC BAsehead/Playing with Toys check the whole album (hard to find) @klitoria@Faddic@Crwydryn@evablue@DrewBlood

Basehead "Not Over You"

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lasarina si lo penso anche io:P ora nanna eh @valledoro: "che bello !! @lasarina: "Tortoise ve s. UNKLE, “Bruise Blood” (reblip)
333ccd333 You're not alone @daretoeatapeach: His new employer could not pronounce his surname, so he changed it to DE FREITAS; http://ow.ly/obnB CC: @donnette ~ (reblip)
KushiQ @Blippo....Luke is so crazy funkoooohhh makes me starting my homestudio right now... let it roll BlipStarz... Bye have a freaky Day..
lunagalla Hello my friend! @Mysterymix

Delon & Dalcan - Friend [Boxer sport].mp3.rbs

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G_r_e_g Hard to wake up today...
Mysterymix thx ♃@mirismiris: "I need a freak, I really do.. " (reblip)

Electrocute-I Need A Freak

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Mysterymix ✈✈✈ @JohnTreby: "@blue73: "love the book, all about hopes, dreams, inspiration and freedom." @oh to be able to fly above the clouds." (reblip)
inadaequat happy landing +++ Falko Brocksieper - Autofahrmusik +++
eraser Nina Hagen Band – African Reggae
AbsoluteVenus Tito Puente – Afro Blue
spacespencer from excellent Maxinquaye.


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bthecat well...u started me off & I've been in ♥♥ with D for a while now.....@Faddic
RocketmanUSA John Lennon And The Plastic Ono Band – Instant Karma! (We All Shine On) ~ _★RocketmanUSA★

N/A:VARIANCE III (Marcel Dettmann edit) Sandwell District 014

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bthecat then this is the perfect track for u.....right up your rue@Mysterymix: "j'adore les gares et j' adore robert ! @bthecat" (reblip)
Mysterymix loves particles fx 2 /thx@bjerre: "One of the most beautiful videos I've seen in a long time" (reblip)

Tokyo Dance Trooper in Shibuya

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serifenlos 07/10 … Steffi – Panorama Bar Mix II …
klitoria need to see her kinky dancing again....hope you like it too my dear...@GR8FL....
Mysterymix @ the very beginning was The Sound §

OMMantra chant

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inadaequat schöne mörgen töne @rittinergomez @Mysterymix @WBRB @zustand @numblog +++ Slagsmålsklubben – The World Welcomes Fame +++
Mysterymix yep, just discovered this album, and already fond of it @QuicksandRangero

Marc RomboyElif

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Mysterymix We can play it safe, or play it cool, follow the leader, or make up all the rules, whatever you want, the choice is yours, So choose, §§§
Mysterymix Oops!... I Did It Again

Oops!... I Did It Again ('30s Style)

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Mysterymix I am adding and subtracting I'm controlling and composing By pressing down a special key, it plays a little melody I'm the operator with my ¤ ¤ ¤
Mysterymix _ pity on me Because I’m not half the man that I should be And I don’t blame you, you’ve had enough With all these empty promises and countless bluffs
Mysterymix The Difference it Makes / a lot ;) ciao@Atomik

TheMFA _ The Difference it Makes (Superpitcher remix)

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Mysterymix Monday Restate my assumptions Heaven and hell Do not exist Tuesday Restate my assumptions If you die you do so At your own risk Into the heart
DJBigHouse There is no modern mystery, no mystic chords of memory. There is no modern mystery, we’re making up our history.
Mysterymix ... Nothing changes under the sun ...

Blue StatesWalkabout

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Mysterymix #Audioslave § Nothing Left to Say but #Goodbye ...

Audioslave Nothing Left to Say but Goodbye

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Mysterymix #5mix The BPA – He's Frank (Slight Return) Feat. Iggy Pop
Mysterymix ➲ excellent choice my friend §@formalhaut: "@jarnokeim cheers, mate, likewise! in return KW meets UR for you." (reblip)
threebears Tool - Lateralus/Fibonacci Spiral ITA
Mysterymix #5mix #Peaches – Search and Destroy (Iggy Pop Cover) (War Child Heroes)
Mysterymix ₪ Thanks @ArianeNoelle: "used to be one of my favorite song. " (reblip)

David BowieTime

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Mysterymix Los Hermanos -Night Owls- Underground Resistance @Stendhal , last UR phenomenom

Los Hermanos -Night Owls- Underground Resistance

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formalhaut space is the place – see you there soon


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