SherriJackson No offense to Jeff Buckley, but Jamie's version of this song... just... puuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
raeioul from The Darjeeling Limited ... this time tomorrow by the kinks :)
Figgywithit He is overtaking Ryan Adams as my favorite songwriter. And that's saying something.
Figgywithit the loudest produced album of the year according to Rolling Stone.
Saeru Not much Jonatha on Blip, but I heard this for the 1st time & it's nice.
lorisgirl I'll probably never call you, write you a letter or see you in person
somewhatvoluble I may watch Grey's Anatomy in a minute to kill time. I really like this song (it's from a Grey's episode).
vida_mama cover by The bird and the bee~quite lovely
brausen hahaha Não dá pra passar sem o Lionel, certo?

Lionel Ritchie - Hello

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Soniamonia you are one in a million and i love you so lets watch the flowers grow
Figgywithit @rkmonkey The most honest love song since Flight of the Concordes "The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room". (reblip)
thechrisgriffin You were my sun, you were my earth, but you didn't know all the ways I loved you, no..."
JimmyHook @LilCav68 "Volare" was on my Mafioso exam. But to get board-certified, I had to whack this deadbeat bookie with a board. Get it? Roll eyes now... ;)
paeix B.....................................................................

CSSArt Bitch

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rpOliveira Don't be afraid of letting go.
paeix thanx___________________________________________________ from@Yedna (reblip)
paeix thanx___________________________________________________ from@Mozy ... it is good.. (reblip)
MeeJong RB @Figgywithit {A song for all the in-shape folks blipping today.} lmao (reblip)
yamamiya strange japanese JPOP repartry :) Ayaka - Mikazuki
lausen Good morning, everyone!!!! Nothing like starting the day with the beautiful Eva Cassidy: What a wonderful world =)
JimmyHook The most underrated band to come out of the 90's. Gomez – Blue Moon Rising
somewhatvoluble Quite a few things have changed on blip since I was here last (January 8th).
stevetuf These guys really knew how to play....
yamamiya last song; Fujiya & Miyagi - Pussyfooting thanks ARIGATO:) merci obligato
xeeshticka I've been feeling nauseated all day long. Sigh...

Sarah Russel You Are

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joka Porque ouvi isso em algum lugar hoje e ficou na minha cabeça.
ObadiahParker we will be adding news an free media titbits here from all that is Obadiah Parker. Please join us...
ObadiahParker This cover of #Trouble by #Coldplay was on my e.p. The Tip Jar vol.1 which thanks to you guys, allowed me to record the new album! (reblip)
ObadiahParker Here's a taster from the new album global release Summer 2009 - stay tuned folks - this wouldn't be happening without you! (reblip)
rachelbaker I always bop along to the beats in this song.
odeer this made me realize the one i loved had always been there and i was too blind.
beckyinthesky I'm gonna buy a gun and start a war, if you can tell me something worth fighting for...
DJHoboManda ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ This song is pure happiness.
Joan_Eliza Make.Feel.Act.Love.Give« Forget. Start Again...and Again« Enjoy L«
diptychal @scorpionkiss: and for you too habibi. Sweet dreams darling (reblip)
diptychal this is the kind of music i've taken to listening to while driving in the streets of Cairo. does wonders for road rage
diptychal thank you little cafe in cairo for introducing me to wonder that is Koop. I love!

Yael Naim Far Far

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diptychal I've had this one on repeat all morning...

Jeremy Camp- Beyond Measure

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CynDyn will use [song title] as my g'nite blip song. thanks to @weschicklit. (reblip)

Amanda Marshall-Beautiful Goodbye

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Stolen I'm not a rat, agent Kujan. @Nata

Cat PowerSay

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Nani1982 ..."and I stood at a distance to feel who you are, hiding myself in your eyes"... (reblip)
Atomik i hate that, sometimes its just too difficult to turn off the mind-hang in there, hun @nbztunes i have been sleeping terrible lately.i need some sleep (reblip)


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patchit rb@DJFrankie: "it also comes in an unremixed flavor..." (reblip)
Ninooo bending melting. Alpha – A Perfect End

AlphaA Perfect End

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Nata mmmhmm @InKiostroBianco: "@Nata and this can be lullaby for two.." (reblip)

Cocteau Twins ; Pandora

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juandoso @nataliavivas: "be my unicorn... I'll chase all the dragons" (reblip)

Little LoveAaron

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winggirl there's nothing to say, there's no words, we're not talking anyhow....oh you're unbelievable!
InKiostroBlack @Nata ღღღ

Devics-A Secret Message To You

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inouez skins 4x05 - Found the way to understand the things I'm learning. Found the way to understand the time you're burning.
compere : "Blossoms are scattered by the wind and the wind cares nothing, but blossoms of the heart no wind can touch." -Yoshida Kenko (reblip)
Model_Daughters @DJMJPW: [Natalie Imbruglia - Leave Me Alone] "smouldering angry chick song" (reblip)
paraboschi words they don't mean much without some action. they just don't hold up without compassion.

01 Is Anything Wrong

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Happy Alone, Earlimart

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Mysterymix Procession moves on, the shouting is over Praise to the glory of loved ones now gone Talking aloud as they sit round their table ...
hanabi rb@NaaTC: "@sweetmagnolia: "a beautiful treasure..."" (reblip)

Nina Simone If You Knew

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aquaflush inspired by @Nata

Umbrellas: The City Lights

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gingers_island *whispers* I will love you for a Thousand Years (reblip)
paraboschi @ladycatlady: "[only requirement is you must dance to this one] @paraboschi" done :) (reblip)
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