NatalieAkers Good battle song for going to work at my thankless job!
NatalieAkers Always a good one to improve the ol' mood!


| play
NatalieAkers She's definitely one to be admired!

Erykah BaduOn & On

| play
NatalieAkers "Dreams get lost never to be found again"


| play
NatalieAkers Fond high school memories attached to this song!
NatalieAkers Lived in San Antonio during this song's heyday! Still makes me think of Fiesta!
NatalieAkers This is one of those songs that can't get loud enough! First song I ever heard where I FELT the guitar!
NatalieAkers I think we're all the man in the box at some point!
NatalieAkers Thanks, had no idea this was out there! (reblip)
NatalieAkers Explains a lot! 'cept I'm not Amy...


| play
NatalieAkers Makes me wanna watch the movie all over again, Sex and the City... *awaits sequel*
NatalieAkers Southern Rap- They were fun live!

Nappy RootsGood Day

| play
NatalieAkers lots of Kentucky lyrics. I ball on a budget every day... grumbles. lol


| play
NatalieAkers underrated, but one of my faves
NatalieAkers Still rawks. *That's how hillbillies spell :-P*
NatalieAkers It gets stuck in my head. Don't hate!
NatalieAkers I try to think of the band as a whole, not just the a**hole. ha...
NatalieAkers Give them a listen if you haven't yet. Good stuff!
NatalieAkers Fun times! Stacey's Mom has got it goin' on!
NatalieAkers I think I was 3 that year until December...
NatalieAkers I miss when people had a pair.

Ice CubeNo Vaseline

| play
NatalieAkers Would never have heard of this otherwise, but glad I have now! @trent_reznor: OK, one last request I forgot! (reblip)
NatalieAkers sometimes just in the mood to swing!


| play
NatalieAkers LOVE "Baby It's Cold Outside..." Reminds me of the old fashioned pic of love I think all of us wish we had sometimes!
NatalieAkers I liked to tickle my daughter's ribs like she was a guitar during this when she was a baby! lol


| play
NatalieAkers I usually can't stand country, but there are a few exceptions, and here we go!
NatalieAkers Encouraging for country peeps living out of the ol' comfort zone!


| play


| play
NatalieAkers Nice choice: @ neverordinary (reblip)


| play
NatalieAkers No Woman No Cry

Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry(1)

| play
NatalieAkers Old school, but still a funny video to think of! Parents would be thankful if this was all their kids were doin' now!
NatalieAkers Loving this in my car now! Gotta prep for the NinJa tour!
NatalieAkers From GnR Lies. LOVED this growing up!
NatalieAkers You just can't skip Welcome to the Jungle.
NatalieAkers Patience. I need loads of that... One child is all I can handle for this very reason- but I LOVE her so!
NatalieAkers "Got a headache like a mother twice the price of my thrills..."
NatalieAkers Gotta peel the bi*ch off my back!
NatalieAkers Classic. It just is. "Get on the bus about 11.."
NatalieAkers Slash is awesome. "Loaded like a freight train!"
NatalieAkers Here I am, you're Rocket Queen! *riiight..*
NatalieAkers This is beautiful. Turned me on to a whole new world when it came out. I didn't like Sting until this one...

StingDesert Rose

| play
NatalieAkers "If I was your girl..." Used to dance my ass off to this back in the day.

Janet JacksonIf

| play
NatalieAkers In the beginning... at least the beginning in Eastern Kentucky... We were a lil' behind back there! "Just hit the east side of the LBC"

Warren GRegulate

| play
NatalieAkers "So wide you can't get around it... So low, you can't get under it..."
NatalieAkers If you haven't seen them live, you should. I've been to a lot of concerts but they are one of the few I'd watch again! They do not disappoint!

Nine Inch NailsWish

| play
NatalieAkers This rocked my little world the first time I heard it!

busheverything zen

| play
NatalieAkers Would you believe my mind has blocked the word "Bush" out so far that I was mindlessly scrolling down, thinking I hadn't found the song? Sad! lol

Bush - Glycerine

| play
NatalieAkers "Screamin', scratchin" Cinderella ROCKS

CinderellaShake Me

| play
NatalieAkers Loved the Water CD, underrated, but great!
NatalieAkers lol, "transportation of love. ha"
NatalieAkers Saw them back in 2000 with Poison, Cinderella, and Dokken! Hair metal=fun!
NatalieAkers Sometimes you just need a little Cinderella in your life! "Drivin' all night!"

Gypsy Road

| play
NatalieAkers Loved this one! Old TLC! RIP Left Eye!
NatalieAkers Loads of old memories attached to this one! Mostly my decision to chase waterfalls... :-)


| play
NatalieAkers Dated a few scrubs before James, too! So true of those before the hubby... "Just sits on his broke ass!"

TLCNo Scrubs

| play
NatalieAkers "Keep it on the downlow..." *Creep*


| play
NatalieAkers Holy sh*t! I forgot about this one! Good song for good times... "Don't worry about them haters, keep your nose up in the air."
NatalieAkers My thoughts in Massachusetts/Boston traffic...
NatalieAkers "I'm a movement by myself..." You're damn straight! :-P
NatalieAkers "Shake it like a Polaroid Picture." Who knew this song would be history b/c there is no more Polaroid!

OutkastHey Ya

| play
NatalieAkers Always reminds me of a college boyfriend...This song was in heavy rotation that year!
NatalieAkers Sit still during this song. I DARE YOU!
NatalieAkers I first saw this on THE BOX-Music Television YOU Control... Anyone else remember that?


| play
NatalieAkers People still quote this one a lot! "Two Turn Tables and a Microphone."

BeckWhere It's At

| play
NatalieAkers For those of us who were all a** before it was a trend!
NatalieAkers His voice always takes my imagination to another place. Elton John can develop pictures in his listeners' minds.
NatalieAkers Barbara Ann. Makes me wanna wash my car while listening to Dad's type of music like back in the day!
NatalieAkers It's not gonna be summer until I hear this...
NatalieAkers Help me, Rhonda, Help, help, me...
NatalieAkers From Kentucky! We're good people! :-)


| play
NatalieAkers "Stop ****in' with me" This video was MUCH anticipated!
NatalieAkers Santana makes me feel a tad saucy... Ok, maybe a lot!
NatalieAkers Okay, so if this song doesn't move you in any way, you need help. You do.
NatalieAkers Causing outrage in whitebread USA at an alarming rate. lol This video was cool.
NatalieAkers Tori Amos' kids get to hear beautiful lullabies!
NatalieAkers "From the Kentucky coal mines... Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose!"
NatalieAkers Lovely song. "It's not warm when she's away."
NatalieAkers I liked this one a lot. I hope she does it again!
NatalieAkers Not a good copy, but this was a song for a generation in a lot of ways, at least mine!


| play
NatalieAkers "Light My Fire." Jim Morrison was that intense sort of hot. Anyone can be hot, but when there's something behind that, it's much better!
NatalieAkers Backrub. Close your eyes. Press play.
NatalieAkers From the Romeo + Juliet movie with Claire Danes and Leonardo D... GREAT soundtrack! This song always made me stop and listen.
NatalieAkers From R +J Soundtrack. Good one, "You do that Romeo."

EverclearLocal God

| play
NatalieAkers "Only happy when it's complicated..."
NatalieAkers "I'm not ready for this sort of thing..."
NatalieAkers ...And another feel-good song! Goodnight, all!
NatalieAkers Love this one! Played it all the time back in the day! Southern peeps!
NatalieAkers "Last night, I dreamt of San Pedro..."
NatalieAkers Down with the Sickness. "Can you feel that?"
NatalieAkers This was always on the radio when we got married. Nearly 8 years ago. Wow!
NatalieAkers You know you want to do that head-jerky dance. "Don't hurt me." I loved that on SNL.
NatalieAkers "Don't need no hateration"

Mary J Blige - Family affair

| play
NatalieAkers And goodnight! Nice blipping with you all :-)
NatalieAkers YESSS. Drove out of work with this playing. Very helpful!
NatalieAkers Blame it on the Goose. Blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-lcohol...
NatalieAkers Nice one. One of the few good remakes!

40 - Ugly Kid Joe - Cats in the Cradle

| play
NatalieAkers with Pat from SNL.

Ugly Kid Joe - I Hate Everything About You

| play
NatalieAkers Ricky was a young boy... First song I ever learned all the words to!

Skid Row18 And Life

| play
NatalieAkers Loved seeing him sing this for real! "I want to..." awesome! I squeezed James's arm off during this! And sang along...
NatalieAkers Would LOVE to see this one. I fear I've missed the boat on the Manson/NIN days...
NatalieAkers This was also a cool video!

ToolPrison Sex

| play
NatalieAkers This song reminds me of my Father-in-law. RIP. This guy sounds like him!
NatalieAkers This song makes me think of a very cute couple I might know! j/k

TrainMeet Virginia

| play
NatalieAkers Good song to make you smile!

LL Cool JPhenomenon

| play
NatalieAkers Loved this when it was out. Never thought Dr. Dre would be talkin' about Sassoons...
NatalieAkers OMG- remember MTV Party to Go CD's? I do!
NatalieAkers reblip @peterpanohno: Thanks for noticing: "Another 15 out there somewhere! Hiya Natalie" @NatalieAkers (reblip)
NatalieAkers Hello, there! @LocoStavos: It's time to tell the world. We both know it was a girl back in Bethlehem @NatalieAkers Hello fellow Akers (reblip)
NatalieAkers Yes! Just what I needed! Goodnight/Good morning, all!
NatalieAkers @iggytan: I was just thinking of this one the other day...I like girls that wear abercombie and fitch! (reblip)

LFOSummer Girls

| play
NatalieAkers "I'm Your Venus." Not the razor commercial. Please, no.


| play
Akers If I can find some more songs I like from them before the concert I will be happy. Nine Inch Nails is worth the watch whomever they're touring with!
NatalieAkers I LOVED this song! Told it like it was before people had much sense!

Free Your Mind-Envogue

| play
NatalieAkers "Baby where'd you get your body from?"
NatalieAkers I just wanted you to know that you are truly special! Easy summertime song!
NatalieAkers @peterpanohno: here off and on during the evening - so excuse if I don't respond immediately @Flying_Roundhouse (reblip)
NatalieAkers "I feel so quick in my leather boots."
NatalieAkers This is so true. I used to be one, plus the song is great... "Everybody's good enough for some change." Literally and figuratively...


| play
NatalieAkers "I know, I know, I've been here before."
NatalieAkers Drove my family crazy with this when I was in 4th grade. LOL

Kris KrossJump

| play
NatalieAkers This one never leaves you. Jenny, Jenny...
NatalieAkers MTV's first video ever... MTV killed the video star. Damn them...
NatalieAkers "Behind the dust and love and sweat that hang on everybody, is a dead man trying to get out."
NatalieAkers rb @trent_reznor : "Heard this playing between bands at a festival in SA. Used the Shazam app to find out who it was and now I pass it along to you." (reblip)
NatalieAkers "Kentucky woman, she shine in her own kind of light."
NatalieAkers Remember that crazy Pepsi "scandal"? In some ways, times have def. changed for the better!
NatalieAkers =) rb @neverordinary : love it. Kickass empowerment song! (reblip)
murnahan Seether – Careless Whisper (excellent remake!) (reblip)
NatalieAkers Cake- Short skirt, long jacket, an all time fave
NatalieAkers Reminds me of our move to San Antonio w/mil. I miss it there!
SccipStarr @NatalieAkers enjoy some X2theZ huh? this is a must have ;~)

South Park - Eric Cartman - O Holy Night

| play
NatalieAkers Karma Police by Radiohead (In my top 10 for sure)
NatalieAkers This was my class song in 2000 for high school. Seriously. Nothin' like Kentucky sometimes, huh?
NatalieAkers reblip @SccipStarr NatalieAkers enjoy some X2theZ huh? this is a must have ;~) (reblip)
NatalieAkers Lunch Lady Land. You know you saw it on SNL. It's the best. "Sloppy Joe..."
NatalieAkers Devo-Whip it. Now may it never leave your head for the rest of the day... You're welcome.

DevoWhip It

| play
NatalieAkers Method Man, Redman, "Excuse me as I Kiss the Sky" Homage to Hendrix, no doubt...


| play
NatalieAkers BBD poison

Bell Biv Devoe - Poison

| play
NatalieAkers Senorita, I feel for you.. I never thought Justin Timberlake would make such a comeback!

Justin Timberlake - Senorita

| play
NatalieAkers You know she def. has a pair to put this one out. Good for her!
NatalieAkers RB @ucana422 ♫ The Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #2 (Laika) | (reblip)
NatalieAkers RB @Mec This one goes out to me!!! ♫ Blues Traveler – Run Around (reblip)
NatalieAkers All Along the Watchtower!

Jimmi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower

| play
NatalieAkers High School Lit class, this was always on the radio then.
Stay19 Theophilus London – Ultra Violet<><>
NatalieAkers Three Six Mafia Stayfly


| play
NatalieAkers modwheel- woot

Kardinal CD07 Ultimate Modwheel

| play
NatalieAkers Saw this live in Louisville, KY- Was never the same after that!

AerosmithDream On

| play
NatalieAkers @NatalieAkers: "George Clinton- Atomic Dog" Dances with 4 year- old this... (reblip)
NatalieAkers Jimi Hendrix Experience- The Wind Cries Mary
NatalieAkers America- A Horse With No Name Husband will never understand why I like this. Rolls his eyes every time I get excited when it's on
DjRustik @kristalwithaK @natalie_akers @ _noface @simonsez new mix.. check it out (reblip)
NatalieAkers 8th grade popular stuff comin' up. Brace yourselves for Weezer and Alanis M
NatalieAkers More middle school music! Videos were still cool then.
NatalieAkers Played this one a lot while James was at Basic at Ft. Benning.


| play
NatalieAkers My new favorite from Alanis. Hands down.
NatalieAkers "Wish"- Nine Inch Nails- one of the best live I've ever seen. HOTTT- all of them! (reblip)

nine inch nailswish

| play
NatalieAkers "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy- Big and Rich, The KENTUCKY comin' out today! Uh-oh!"" (reblip)
NatalieAkers Funny video "Pretty a**, high-class"

We just love Ludaaaa

| play
NatalieAkers Better copy of SHakira song

Shakira- Give It Up To Me(feat Lil Wayne)

| play
NatalieAkers Lady Gaga feat Beyonce- Telephone Prod. by Darkchild
NatalieAkers Jane's Addiction-Three Days They were great at NIN/JA!
NatalieAkers Xzibit "So What" Feat. U-N-I

Xzibit "So What" Feat. U-N-I

| play
NatalieAkers Axl Rose and Buckethead at McDougals- lol.

Axl Rose and Buckethead at Mc Dougals

| play
NatalieAkers Pronto-Snoop Dogg Ft. Soulja Boy with video

"Pronto" Snoop Dog Ft. Soulja Boy (Full Music Video)

| play
NatalieAkers One of my favorites!

nine inch nails-1,000,000

| play
NatalieAkers July, July! - The Decemberists
NatalieAkers "Go to Church"- Ice Cube ft. Lil Jon & Snoop Dogg
NatalieAkers "Small Town" Nappy Roots Cracks me up this mentions West Virgina and Cape Cod. And they're from KY. *homesick!*

Nappy RootsSmall Town

| play
NatalieAkers "Devil's Haircut"- Beck

BeckDevils Haircut

| play
NatalieAkers Fleetwood Mac- "Gold Dust Woman"

Gold Dust Woman

| play
NatalieAkers LOVED this song at the concert last summer. "Three days was the mornin'..."
NatalieAkers "Whores"-Jane's Addiction! Loveddddd it! Still in my top 5 of all time! :-)
NatalieAkers I saw this! I was there! It was spectacular!!! NIN Wish from Mansfield, MA 6/3/09
NatalieAkers ...And now, ladies and gentlemen, my theme song: "Second Chance"- Shinedown
NatalieAkers "The world is a vampire.." Still love this one... "Bullet with Butterfly Wings"- The Smashing Pumpkins
NatalieAkers "Fell on Black Days"- Soundgarden

Soundgarden Fell On Black Days

| play
NatalieAkers Godsmack "Cryin' Like a Bitch" This fits so many people I know right now! lol
NatalieAkers "Today Was a Good Day" by Ice Cube... All-time favorite song! :-)

Today was a good Day by Icecube

| play
NatalieAkers Rob Zombie- Sick Bubble-Gum- Hellbilly Deluxe 2 :-) Slightly edited version!
NatalieAkers AC/DC- T.N.T. Love it! :-) "Lock up your daughter, lock up your wife..."
NatalieAkers Train- "Drops of Jupiter"... Back from that soul vacation... always liked this!
NatalieAkers Counting Crows- "Cowboys" Inspires me to read more Jack Kerouac for some reason! :-)
NatalieAkers "Clap for the Killers"- Street Sweeper Social Club
NatalieAkers "The Glory of Love" (Karate Kid)- Peter Cetera Just a beautiful song- I don't care if it sounds dated! Don't hate! :-)
NatalieAkers "I'm Shipping Up to Boston"- Dropkick Murphys- Can't wait to hear this at Fenway next month!!! :-) April 18th!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dropkick Murphys- Im Shippin Up To Boston

| play
NatalieAkers "The Unforgiven II"- Metallica YYYYYEEEEESSSSS!!!! Great homework song... lol. Makes it fly right by!
NatalieAkers So funny..forgot about this one! "You're so Damn Hot"- OK Go
NatalieAkers "You Know I'm No Good"- Amy Winehouse feat. Ghostface Killah
NatalieAkers LOOOOOVE it :-) Nice to hear songs about Kentucky when I'm so far away- sad face!
NatalieAkers Easily in my top three..."White, Discussion"- Live
NatalieAkers I LOVE Kentucky rap.... Love it... "Yiggy Yes Yallin' (John Wallin')"- T-Rev feat. T3
NatalieAkers Speaking of Kentucky music- "Po' Folks"- Nappy Roots

Nappy RootsPo' Folks

| play
NatalieAkers "Back Home"- Nappy Roots
NatalieAkers "Fast Car"- Tracy Chapman

Tracy ChapmanFast Car

| play
NatalieAkers "Another Brick in the Wall"- Pink Floyd
NatalieAkers "Autumn in New York"- Billie Holiday
NatalieAkers "Now or Never"- Billie Holiday
NatalieAkers B.B. King & John Popper "Back Door Santa"
NatalieAkers "Nobody Knows"- The Tony Rich Project 1995- hard to believe this and grunge were coexisting!
NatalieAkers Heard it in NYC at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at the show: Been in my head ever since..."Runaway"- Ladytron

Ladytron-Runaway (Official)

| play

Benton Paul // "Paris"

| play
NatalieAkers Better Copy of My FAVE "Beautiful Liar"- Beyonce and Shakira
NatalieAkers Check this out, my Kentucky People! "Haulin'"- John Hiatt- I heard this in Borders and got SO HOMESICK!

John HiattHaulin

| play
NatalieAkers "Freebird"- Lynrd Skynrd

Lynyrd Skynyrd Freebird w/h Lyrics

| play
NatalieAkers This takes me back: LOVE IT! "ADIDAS"- Korn


| play
NatalieAkers "Now or Never"- Billie Holiday LOVE her.
NatalieAkers "Single Ladies" (Put a Ring On It)- Beyonce
NatalieAkers "Shake Ya' Tail Feather"- Nelly, P. Diddy & Murphy Lee

Shake Ya Tail Feather- Nelly, P.Didy & Murphy Lee

| play
NatalieAkers "It's Goin' Down"- Yung Joc :-)
NatalieAkers "Carry Out"- Timbaland and Justin Timberlake--- MY NEW JAM! I love it :-)
NatalieAkers "LoveStoned"- Justin Timberlake <3 today's thing! Heart this one! :-)
NatalieAkers LOL. My most requested... Sir Mix-A-Lot- "Baby Got Back"
NatalieAkers "Dem Jeans"- Chingy ft. Jermaine Dupri <3

Chingy ft Jermaine Dupri Dem JeaNS WITH LYRICS

| play
NatalieAkers "Everybody in the Club Gettin' Tipsy"- Chingy
NatalieAkers "I Don't Really Love You Anymore"- The Magnetic Fields

I Don't Really Love You Anymore- The Magnetic Fields

| play
NatalieAkers "Raise Up"- Petey Pablo <3

Petey PabloRaise Up

| play
NatalieAkers Anyone remember MTV Party to Go CD's? lol "Freak Like Me"- Adina Howard
NatalieAkers "Who Says You Can't Go Home?"- Bon Jovi (f. Jennifer Nettles)
NatalieAkers "Hypnotize"- Biggie Smalls, Notorious B.I.G.
NatalieAkers "Go Your Own Way"- Fleetwood Mac In a mood for them today...
NatalieAkers "Stayin' Alive"- Wyclef Jean

fugees - wyclef jean - stayin alive

| play
NatalieAkers This is so cute... "Don't Let Me Fall"- Lenka. I played the B.O.B. one earlier, but this is adorable :-)
NatalieAkers "So What?"- Pink <3 :-)

So whatPink (lyrics)

| play
NatalieAkers "Three Days"- Jane's Addiction- I was so impressed with them live. Never expected it to be so good. And Dave Navarro = win.
NatalieAkers "Something You Forgot" - LIl' Wayne

Something You Forgot -Lil Wayne (lyrics)

| play
NatalieAkers Nine Inch Nails- "Wish" - Never fails to rock my face off!!!!

Nine Inch NailsWish

| play
NatalieAkers "Prison Sex"- Tool. Does anyone remember when this video was on ALL the time?
NatalieAkers John Cena Theme- The best thing to come out of Massachusetts...
NatalieAkers OMG Today's Theme! Don't listen to country much, but here goes: "My Give a Damn's Busted"- Jo Dee Messina
NatalieAkers "My Michelle"- Guns N' Roses :-) Another Favorite.
NatalieAkers Michael Franti & Spearhead- "Say Hey (I Love You)" feat. Cherine Anderson <3
NatalieAkers "Not Myself Tonight"- Christina Aguilera <3 ittttt
NatalieAkers <3 Thanks! "Heaven"- Live, Me to Holly song. A very smart someone recommended it.

HeavenLIVE (live)

| play
NatalieAkers "Layla"- Eric Clapton... and this is my favorite song in the world. I love the Unplugged version!

LaylaEric Clapton

| play
NatalieAkers <2 :-) "How High"- Method Man feat. Redman!!!
NatalieAkers "Wicked Rebel"- Slightly Stoopid
NatalieAkers Oh, wow, that takes me back! "You Know How We Do It"- Ice Cube "Ain't Nothin' goin' on..."
NatalieAkers Something I miss about Texas- watching this at the Rivercenter Mall...
NatalieAkers Best. Song. Ever. "Moondance"- Van Morrison It makes me SOO happy!
NatalieAkers "Get Happy"- Judy Garland One of the best cosmetics campaigns EVER.
NatalieAkers Dad LOVED this song/video. The glass on the drums=classic. "You Can Call Me Al"- Paul Simon
NatalieAkers "Happy Sad"- Pizzicato Five :-) <3

Pizzicato Five Happy Sad

| play
NatalieAkers The one from the fashion show I went to! YAY! I found the same remix! "Runaway"- Ladytron (Stray Dogs in Paris Remix)
NatalieAkers "Death Disco"- Public Image Ltd. <3 the BASSSSSSS
NatalieAkers TODAY'S THEME SONG!!! "My Life"- Billy Joel :-)

Billy JoelMy Life

| play
NatalieAkers Get ready to laugh your a** off... Some Kentucky humor...
NatalieAkers "Shut up, Randy"- Bob & Tom Show

Bob & Tom- Shut up randy!

| play
NatalieAkers "Haulin'"- John Hiatt "See my baby with time to kill." Love how it mentions Kentucy! <3

John HiattHaulin

| play
NatalieAkers "Dirty Water"- The Standells <3 "That dirty water... Boston is my home..."
NatalieAkers "The Beautiful People"- Marilyn Manson This was in my head all night last night.
NatalieAkers "To the Moon and Back"- Savage Garden
NatalieAkers Blur- Song 2... You're welcome!

BlurSong 2

| play
NatalieAkers Heard this in Olive Garden the other day... "What a Little Moonlight Can Do"- Billie Holiday
NatalieAkers OMG Have no idea why I thought of this song... "Run Away"- Real McCoy

Real McCoyRun Away

| play
NatalieAkers Thanks, Maura and Justin, for putting this in my head! Nice song for today... Indeed.

Hemmorage fuel

| play
NatalieAkers "I Will Survive"- Gloria Gaynor <3 this era in music!!!
NatalieAkers "Rock the Casbah"- The Clash YESSSSS
NatalieAkers <3 this song! "Dirty Water"- The Standells "Down by the River Chaaahhhhles... Frustrated women..."
NatalieAkers "Layla (unplugged)"- Eric Clapton
NatalieAkers "My Old Kentucky Home"- Nappy Roots, Goodfellas, Villebillies

Nappy Roots My Old Kentucky Home

| play
NatalieAkers "Sick Bubblegum"- <3 this song SO much that it's probably slightly unhealthy. Rob Zombie's voice is ommggggg..... :-)


| play
NatalieAkers Haha "No Vaseline"- Ice Cube "lookin' like straight bozos... I saw it comin' that's why I went solo..."

Ice Cube no vaseline with lyrics

| play
NatalieAkers "Freedom Got an A.K."- Da Lench Mob
NatalieAkers "We Hustle" Big Tymers feat. Hotboys

2009 Hotboys feat Big Tymers "we hustle"

| play
NatalieAkers "Lose Control" -Missy Elliot
NatalieAkers "Them There Eyes" -Billie Holiday
NatalieAkers "I like it"- Dino... Points to ANYONE who listed to their sisters play this over and over in the 80's. :-) omg, major flashback.

DinoI Like It

| play
NatalieAkers Still makes me laugh... "Wild Thing"- Tone Loc

Tone LocWild Thing

| play
NatalieAkers "Loc'ed After Dark"- Tone Loc- Flashback from old B sides...
NatalieAkers "Bring it On"- Tag Team Yep, its' on my iphone... First CD I ever bought..

Tag Team- Bring It On

| play
NatalieAkers @Italia Thank you! I love it! "Rock Me Amadeus"- Falco (reblip)
NatalieAkers "When You're Smiling"- Louis Armstrong :-)
NatalieAkers "Them There Eyes"- Billie Holiday She had such an amazing career!!! :-)
NatalieAkers "New York, New York"- Frank Sinatra :-)
NatalieAkers One of the best old ones "Bad by Myself" -TLC from Ooooooooohh, on the TLC Tip

Bad by myself-TLC

| play
NatalieAkers "Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)" -Motley Crue <3

Motley Crue- Don't Go Away Mad

| play
NatalieAkers "Woo-Hah!! (Got You All in Check)- Busta Rhymes :-)
NatalieAkers "Break Stuff" -Limp Bizkit Saturday nights at work. lol
NatalieAkers "Straight Outta Compton"- NWA. So I was straight outta Pilgrim, Kentucky... lol
NatalieAkers "The Message." -Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five ...
NatalieAkers This is stuck in my head: "Hate it or love it..." 50 Cent and the Game
NatalieAkers "Loser" -Beck. I can remember when this video was a big deal and it as on that channel "The Box"


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NatalieAkers "Over" -Drake Feat. Lil' Wayne "I'm livin' life right now"


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NatalieAkers This song makes me unusually happy. It's his voice, I'm telling you: "Superbeast" -Rob Zombie :-) :-) :-)

Rob ZombieSuperbeast

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NatalieAkers Yessss! "I Wanna Be Down"- Brandy

BrandyI Wanna Be Down

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NatalieAkers "Afrodisiac" -Brandy

Brandy | Afrodisiac | Music Video

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NatalieAkers I must see her someday!!! Janet Jackson "Runaway- Miss You Much-When I Think of You- Escapade"


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NatalieAkers "I'm Real" JLo ft. Ja Rule
NatalieAkers "Once I got you, I'm gon' give you my" Fat Joe- F*** 50. I love a good diss song.

Fat Joe My Fofo Fuck 50 Cent Live

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NatalieAkers "Said & Done" Mary J. Blige :-) yes, indeedy!
NatalieAkers "Family Affair"- Mary J. Blige
NatalieAkers "Give it up to Me"- Shakira ft. Lil' Wayne "Wayne's World, I'm the cashier..."
NatalieAkers "Just Lust" -Juliana Hatfield
NatalieAkers "Drop" -Ying Yang Twins Good thing ppl keep me up on these things. I would have had no idea!

Ying Yang Twins- Drop [Official video good quality]

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NatalieAkers "Misery Business" -Paramore <3
NatalieAkers @NatalieAkers: ""She has a lot of pretty, pretty boys that she calls friends..." "Hotel California"- Eagles... AND its bedtime!" (reblip)
NatalieAkers To those with questions still, listen closely! "Extraordinary Machine" -Fiona Apple
NatalieAkers "Cannonball" -The Breeders Fond memories attached to this song!!!
NatalieAkers "Lump" -The Presidents of the United States of America
NatalieAkers "Get Him Back" -Fiona Apple Love this one- "He won't have a back to scratch!" :-)

Fiona Apple- Get Him Back

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NatalieAkers Count Basie and His Orchestra, Frank Sinatra- "Fly Me to the Moon"
NatalieAkers I know why these are in my head- it's Father's Day tomorrow and they remind me of Dad! :-) Louis Armstrong "Mack the Knife"
NatalieAkers "Shake it Like a Salt Shaker" Ying Yang Twins... Holly loves the clean version. Shakes her arms in the car
NatalieAkers "On and On" -Erykah Badu

Erykah BaduOn And On

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NatalieAkers These were THE DAYS "Something's Always Wrong" Toad the Wet Sprocket
NatalieAkers "Anyone But You" -Counting Crows "I'll give you a topic. Discuss. Call 555-4444. We'll talk."
NatalieAkers "Blister in the Sun" -Violent Femmes
NatalieAkers "Late at Night" -Buffalo Tom
NatalieAkers This was playing as we got the paperwork notarized... It's a sign, I'm telling you. "It's Too Late, Baby"- Carol King

The Beatles Free As A Bird

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NatalieAkers "Act a Fool" Lil Jon feat. Three 6 Mafia :-) <3
NatalieAkers "Last Resort" -Papa Roach. "'Cause I'm losing my sight, losing my mind..."
NatalieAkers "As fake as a wedding cake" "New Model No. 15" -Marilyn Manson
NatalieAkers <3 this song right now! "Rock Superstar" -Cypress Hill Thanks to my Sissy's husband for putting this into my head!
NatalieAkers "Hit 'em Up Style" -Blu Cantrell I forgot all about this song!

Blu Cantrell-Hit 'em up style (with lyrcis at the info)

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NatalieAkers "I ain't settlin'... Had enough so-so for the rest of my life." <3 Sugarland.


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NatalieAkers "Mas Que Nada" -Sergio Mendes feat. The Black Eyed Peas
NatalieAkers "Up the Coast" -West Indian Girl :-)
NatalieAkers "Motherless Child" -Sweetwater :-)
NatalieAkers "Glad it's Over" -Wilco

WilcoGlad It's Over

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NatalieAkers Metallica- "The HOUSE JACK BUILT" loved that one!
NatalieAkers "Rock the Casbah" -The Clash <3 @KayosMonstahhhh
NatalieAkers "I was hoping" -Alanis Morissette MUCH Better copy. Love her music.
NatalieAkers "Who dat Hoochie Mama?" Don't ask me why this is in my head! 2 Live Crew

2 Live Crew Hoochie Mama

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NatalieAkers "Code Red" -Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff :-) I like this song. A true player's nightmare.
NatalieAkers "Boom! Shake the Room" -This song still makes me happy! DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince! :-)
NatalieAkers Black Eyed Peas :-)

Blackeyed Peas Boom Boom Pow Ima Be [Official Music2010]

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