Nettys Italian at its best, oh yeah!
Nettys Duffy is from Wales!
Mindspace This needs to be incorporated into coversutra in the same way that is

Jackson 5ABC

| play
Nettys Great to find friends on this site. I wish everybody a great bank holiday weekend!
efimor Fun and headache mixed together... planning a garden for a new house.
efimor Got a new car today!! Still has the nylons on. Feels good...
hansman Hi friends: Start your day with good music from Marquess!

marquess - limonada

| play
Nettys Wanna listen to Carla Bruni right now..
Nettys Carla Bruni in English...I also add this to my playlist.
ErikaTapalla losing focus so I'm sexyfying my facebook. ok, ok, I should've gotten it years ago.
ErikaTapalla Despite the very sad sad meaning of this song, i'd like to say @clarkowitz and @Kemo, you were my Mr. Brightsides, gracias
myriam Time to go over the hills and far away. Enjoy your day.
myriam It takes too long! d'you know it's 6 pm here? I'm off. After all that's just the VP! Have a great weekend world :-)
illuminato For @rissadee who has made me want to listen to all my talking heads albums this weekend
ijustine One of my favorite songs.
nero auch immer wieder ein feiner Song
Das3Zehn Ohne Worte. Classics into your face!
TheDiva double dose of Madonna, cause this is the one I was lookin for!
nixe So loving Feist lately.
Nettys The Water.....good track listening to in Wales...

FeistThe Water

| play
fredwilson trying out blip - a new social music service
Lesliee Al final del viaje estamos tú y yo intactos.
Lesliee But it’s true I’m still blue But I finally know what to do I must quit, I must quit….. you.
paulaptre ambiguidades. no começo da música parece que ela canta 'parabens'.
threebears I don't, but maybe this blip will give me the illusion
Shinykatie Love love love this song. That's all I have to say about that.
Shinykatie I don't think I'll ever be able to listen to this enough times. (That grammar sounds decidedly dodgy, soz)


| play
brevity Been years since I last heard this! No New Radicals in my iPod, what a sin.
brevity "If we ever have a plan, we're screwed." -- Paul Newman
sciain Pezzali e le sue grandi verità la salveranno.

883Con Un Deca

| play
judegem First dance at our wedding!! soppy I know x
2Serenity @ejflavors you spoke to my heart! Love the entire arrangement. Vocals R *beautiful* & have a BOOM. She's doing background too? Checking emusic 4 her!
2Serenity Also another legend sand this song which is Billie Holiday. I wonder if any of the current soul singers would take a STAB at this song such as Amel.
elementguy For all of you coding away the afternoon
jeff Apparently one of the hottest bands Down Unda now...
sengseng i wanna be pretty in pink (Psychedelic Furs)

Psychedelic Furs - Pretty In Pink

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Nettys Duffy kommt aus Wales...
Nettys It is Welsh and means No understanding!
Nettys Bryn also comes from North Wales. Met him once in an Eisteddfod.
Nettys It reminds me on Venezia. VIVERE!
calamari One more Elvis Costello song for @SEM

Elvis Costello - Everday I Write the Book

| play
calamari Saw a few people blip Elvis Costello earlier. When I think of EC, I always think of this song.
calamari The coffee shop down the street was just playing this song. Nice choice coffee shop.
calamari @RedPen I just stumbled across another lovely summer song...
calamari Here comes the summer...and there it goes :(
calamari Caffeine loves me. And I love caffeine.
calamari The disco-flavor to this song is perfect for this morning.
calamari Taking some product photos for a catalog project at work.
calamari Sometimes it takes a while to remember what I was doing at work last Friday...where to start??
calamari Lately, I'm either listening to Editors, or I'm listening to a band that sounds like Editors.
calamari It's been a while since I blipped Editors. Time to remedy that situation.


| play
calamari First one to work in my department. My office is an empty room.
calamari This song hits the spot on a Monday afternoon.
calamari The Kills are one of my fav bands around right now.
calamari It's the first day of summer!!
threebears @clarkowitz - thanks, that is so beautiful! I live by a river :D
nixe I like clams. They're mushy. They make me feel like a man...
briangreene more neosoul but Australian - Gabriella Cilmi ~ sweet about me
briangreene I Need Love – Luka Bloom
Nettys This reminds me of traveling around Wales in the car - to the airport (yeah!) leaving early, going though the remote countryside.
Nettys This also reminds me of Wales. Fog that is not clearing. Oh! When will we be at the John Lennon Airport? Nice to drive through this landscape though.
Nettys Red shoes. Wales is not a country for good shoes. Bought a pair of summer shoes. After a month they have been spoilt in this bad weather. Oh!
Nettys London Girls..wonder what the background is of this. Duffy made it in England!
Geo8 Good morning blippers&twitters! We have another hot Summer day here.

The Who5:15

| play
Nettys A bit of French in the's Friday ;-)).
Nettys a bit of Madonna. She started her tour in Cardiff recently.
io_malo @CalMa grazie amico Maurì, tu sì che ci sai fa'...


| play
favorite I went through a phase a few years ago where I only listened to Italian bands. This band was by far the favorite, and have a big discography - a plus.
Geo8 Just a joke but could I have missed it?
Nettys So, jetzt Schluß mit Musik. Noch 'n Westernhagen und Arbeit.
Nettys I have never kissed a girl. Uuuuuagh!!!
calamari Work is busy, but not too busy...The sun is shining in the city...What more could I ask for on a Monday?
calamari What am I doing the rest of my life?...probably wasting time online. :)
Nettys I am tired of being sorry in Wales all the time. I say my opinion if people like it or nor. ONLY WANT THE BEST!
Nettys Hero

Enrique Iglesias - Hero

| play
Nettys Listening to this and greet all American boys & man. Sincerely yours, Netty from rainy Wales, dreaming of Italy!
kilkennymusic You weren't a real garage band unless you could play Live Forever by Oasis.
sciain oggi (come da molto tempo a questa parte) si sente maledettamente in vena 90s, e banale -non @banale, banale e basta.
calamari I was grounded, while you filled the skies.
calamari Song is called Day's End. But it works just as well at the beginning of the day.
ErikaTapalla props to you too, @Nettys. This song's for you
ErikaTapalla I'm watching the E-heads concert! WOoHoO :)
ErikaTapalla Yup, that's probably what we all do best: learning to live with it. uploaded my first song for you
Nettys Suddenly I see - no, I do not. Immer noch diesig und ganz viel Nebel hier in Cymru - und wollte mir nicht jemand die Sonne schicken?!!
Nettys I like this song but I still have not seen the movie KEINOHRHASEN...
Nettys Für meine Schulfreundin Claudia aus Ziegenhagen in Germany.
Nettys I also like the song by KULA SHAKER called DRINK TEA FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!
calamari Where are all my coworkers? Did they all take the day off? I'm a lonely child at work today.
Nettys I like the Mediaeval Baebes because I find them so wonderfully atmospheric - and I also like old castles, my music friends.
Nettys More Kula Shaker, esp. for @Zellmi....geil! SUPERGEIL...or not?!!
Geo8 My life would have been different.
tinythoughts bob marley checking in at the hotel california

Bob marley - Hotel California (Reggae Remix)

| play
tinythoughts probably my favorite song of all time
Nettys Tom Waits - erinnert mich an meinen Housemate in Ty Rhath Peter Clark.
dietnam just back home. i have to blip this one! Thirteen years old in the suburbs of Denver.
dietnam sto cazzo di riff rappresenta bene gli anni 90, e rappresenta bene anche la perfezione. e rappresenta benissimo tutto.
dietnam se questa l'avessero rifatta i Grandaddy sarebbe stata forse la canzone del millennio.

Nanà Supergirl - Cristina D'Avena

| play
dietnam do you really think you go to hell for having loved? aaaaaaaahhhhh, rufus wainwright è qualcosa di molto simile ad un dio. però più bello.
giudit ecco. autismo e lavoro che faceva a 20 anni. yeah.
TheGoat Hey Everyone! the Pearl jam "Through Your Eye" photo contest ended. See the winning entries here: Thanks!
Geo8 Wow! Che chicca! Goran Bregovic e i Modena CIty Ramblers.
Geo8 Ma se io avessi previsto tutto questo...
Geo8 Can you tell me where / My country lies...
Ardesia oggi si sente molto dancing! "You can daaance, you can jiiive, having the time of your liiifee"
Geo8 We're One. One race, one world, one people. All of us.


| play
Geo8 E vai con Lucio. Ancora lui? Ancora tu.

Lucio Battisti - Ancora Tu

| play
briangreene Elvis: his 1980 message via the BBC to Linda Ronstadt "don't record any more songs"
calamari I could hide 'neath the wings of the bluebird as she sings.
calamari Just hanging around the internet.
cosita full glass, empty heart

The CorrsRadio

| play
calamari Nightmare of You is a great band with a new album coming soon + they follow me on Twitter, very nice of them.
anadeau @amberella Oh Heather Graham... in that vid... she's pretty sweet... well sweet always I guess :)
Nettys Westerland....Sylt..schön! 'Ne frische Brise..hui..

2_die ärzte - westerland

| play
Nettys Ausbrechen ist immer gut. Am schlimmsten ist eine Routine. Ich bin schon lange ausgebrochen. HIER UND JETZT - the second.
TheDiva @ My Phone: Shut up, just Shut up shut up!
Nettys Noch 'was from good olde Germany ;-))
calamari Why are there so many songs about rainbows?
Jexxx Come To Daddy pra assustar a galera. Aphex Twin é um terror cara...
Nettys Relax! Komm' es ist Freitagabend......'nen Film sehen gleich.


| play
Nettys Like this song. Reminds me of Riga..
Nettys Auch schön gesungen..
briangreene 30 seconds of your time for a 3:49 gem. Half a Minute – Basia with Matt Bianco
Nettys @Chekovv: warst Du mal in Riga? Hier ein Lied für Dich..ach, die Gruppe Brainstorm ist auch gut.
Nettys For Mark in Machynlleth. Er hat diesen Wunsch geäußert. Netty XXXX
Nettys Mark also likes Christy Moore. He is Ireland and countryside fan! Mountains..


| play
Nettys Rat's nest...wir hatten hier 'ne Ratte vor einem Jahr..
Nettys A brilliant song, says Mark. Let's hear.
calamari Staring at tiny fonts on a computer screen = quick way to give yourself double vision.
calamari Brilliant cover of Men Without Hats by a band called The Echoing Green.
nica One of my all time favourites...
nica Olympic anthem if I ever heard one!
nica Most amazing band I've ever seen live, and I've seen quite a few.
kirkthrust They had some good choons these boys.
Holyshow Nothing lazy about this sunday afternoon...

the toy dolls - lazy sunday afternoon

| play
abotis Und weil es schön war, gleich noch einen hinterher
ErikaTapalla I invented you (I invented you) And I will destroy you
Nettys Chas'n Dave rock Mark's world.

Chas'n'Dave Jam

| play
Nettys Wanna listen to this now...
Nettys The guy has a super voice.
veronicarocha ele brincava com pogobol, jogava tenis mas prefiria brincar de polícia e ladrão eu imaginava um atari sem fios me prendendo no sofá
pcornqueen @toddtyrtle lol I'm never real cheerful in the mornings :P
Nettys Betteln...


| play
calamari This song is my Friday ear caffeine
Nettys Writing a book about my life in Wales...
Nettys Ach ja, die Studentenzeit...! Schön war's, aber jetzt ist's noch besser ;-)))
Nettys Bin immer noch auf der Suche nach einem schönen Regenmantel...famous blue raincoat!
Nettys Bin ein Aphex Twin Fan...muß ich schon sagen. Ist irgendwie anders.

aphex twin - hot buttered popc

| play
Nettys Aberdyfi - my island. Dann off BLIP / muß mich konzentrieren. Ciao for now, NettyS
gilit Trying to "Enjoy the silence" with Depeche Mode...
Nettys Personal Jesus...ja, jeder hat seinen eigenen ;-)
Nettys Hey, the Brecon Beacons..
Bronwen Looking for some happy songs...


| play
briangreene Hey farmer, Put away your DDT, Give me spots on my apples, But leave me the birds and bees, Please - last nights branch meeting lead off GM foods
pcornqueen Watching the sun come up this morning reminded me of this oldie......
Nettys Haste to the Wedding...let's see what this is like...
Nettys 'Was Walisisches von den Superfury Animals.....zum Shop, hab' kein Toilettenpapier mehr. Scheiße - oops, sorry.
marcusm Bom dia Blipers! Fechamos a noite com Black Bird. Que o dia, então, comece com Black Bird. Sarah McLachlan.
marcusm Para encerrar a noite, Jason Falkner. De seu disco Bedtime with The Beatles, oportuníssimo para hora, Black Bird. Vou virar abóbora. Ótima noite!
marcusm Músicas para pensar em ir dormir 3. Deep Forest: Sweet Lillaby
marcusm Encerrando o bloco Minas com Milton Nascimento, Um Gosto de Sol, remaster do Clube da Esquina 1. O arranjo de cordas do final é do Eumir Deodato.
dentaku Ich wechsle mal wild die Musikrichtungen.
Nettys Ich warte immer noch auf Sonne in Machynlleth. Mein Warten ist vergebens - ich weiß! Oh!


| play
mariocardoso everyone singin´the chorus together!


| play
mariocardoso clássica do stereo total, fazia tempo que eu não ouvia. @henriquenardi trabalhando e escutando música ;)
anadeau @marissar You may like this singer from Mexico City. I have a few of her CDs from when I lived down there... Can't find some of them one here...
andreshc ageispolis – Aphex Twin
gridlockd Single from a great and brand-new-all-girl (cute ones, by the way) indie-pop band from Stockholm, Sweden.
gridlockd Amazing new single from one of the last true american rockband.
Nettys Noch 'was from Germany - We are heros..
briangreene Irish Government deficit grows to more than €8.4bn OOOPs..
kacaetano essa é meio tristinha... logo logo a energia volta ao normal
calamari It's a good thing that I can't see the ocean from my desk. If I could, I'd never get any work done.
calamari I think I personally overplayed Postal Service. But enough time has passed that I can go back and listen again with fresh ears.
calamari I Love every song I've heard from The Concretes, and that's "Love" with a capital "L".
calamari @Hanja Thanks!! You too. Hope it's sunny where you are.
Nettys Good song. Gone gone gone moved on. Must check my bath water. A nightmare here in Wales - heatings, water / bathrooms - every house I lived in..
calamari I'll be here 'til the greyhound brings you back. whoo!
briangreene its all ROTATION ROTATION ROTATION on the radio - 507 blips 1 repeat - "lets get back to the music" - So What – Pink

PinkSo What

| play
Nettys Killing the blues in Machynlleth. Out of my bath. Now the sun is coming out a bit - in the evening / I hate that. No beergarden weather :-( SAD!
DJScratchNSniff Perfectly reflects the pace of my day so far.
Nettys I like these guys from Latvija - so Thunder without Rain.
sengseng With A Little Help From My Friends (Joe Anderson, Jim Sturgess & Dorm Buddies)
aleborba Mais um showzinho glamur pra acabar com minhas economias que nem existem...
Tielicn Como fazer uma música entediante ficar legal Parte 2 - a música legal:
devobrain By far and away my favorite song by Yo La Tengo. Make sure to check out the Kevin Shields version of this song, it's freaking amazing!
Nettys Getting started for the day with Coldplay now.
Nettys Natural sun....ein paar Strahlen in Machynlleth vor dem nächsten Regen in fünf Minuten...
luthier Murder - David Gilmour... I love Pink Floyd, Gilmour & fretless bass!
calamari The elevator in my apt. building is painfully slow. Come on elevator, you only have 5 floors to travel.

Stars - Elevator Love Letter

| play
calamari I'm looking for some inspiration for a new design project. But really, I'm just looking for an excuse to blip Chicago.
calamari @lovien Love it! I could blip Herman's Hermits all day.
lilisn Desenterrei esse clipe(, mas eu adoro! Ah, e sem comentários para a caixinha de leite!hehehe
Nettys I absolutely love beautiful gardens. This is what I miss in Mid Wales. Most gardens look a shambles to me ;-) never mind...I have a secret garden
Pixelschubser Die Pastorentochter... dat alte Luder! ;o)
vizekoenigin @ramses101 aber eigentlich ganz nett, muss nur lernen, den text ins richtige feld einzugeben. ;-)
renara ti guardo fisso e tremo
renara ..trying to remember where it all began..
renara I hope you don't mind that I put down in words...
renara ..Serais ce possible alors ?
renara eu sou a chuva pra vc secar...
dougr can't believe that I didn't know this irish/norwegian duo @Nettys! just love the violin, and mostly, the piano! ^^
Nettys Der mystische Wald - Corris vielleicht oder der dunkle Wald vom vergangenen Sonntag bei Machynlleth. 3 Mountainbikers mit wildem Hund kamen entgegen.
Neto ~ homesick cause I no longer know where home is ~
Ardesia passa al volo un ☂ a @io_malo (uno di quelli con gli spicchi tutti colorati) sperando che le ripari la testa e le sembri un giorno di festa :)
Nettys Mann, ich hab' viele Stories hier aus Wales. Das würd' ein sehr interessantes Buch with many relavations ;-))
dietnam this is not my band. this is just me, in my bedroom.
Nettys Denke gerade an Rügen & an eine Feier: Ceremony! Cool.
Nettys Working in my study - also like my living room ;-)))....
Marigold jetzt aber. Always fav.

Bright EyesLua

| play
TexasSlim i know which one i am....and it aint young or happy
AprilAllYear somebody asked me tonight what my fav shows at belly up this year are. Rufus is def up there. and this is my favorite beatles tune. beautiful....
driczz O momento é agora, a hora é já!
driczz Cafe del Mar - LaCaina, Le Vent m'a dit ...C’est notre amour qui revenait,tout comme avant
Nettys @Geo8: Many greetings. I like Tory Amos.
Nettys @driazzolini: hello, here is a new song I chose for you. You are the only person I know on Malta. HAPPY ;-)
danisetudu why are you wearing that stupid man suit?
calamari Feeling a bit out of touch this morning.
calamari I'm suffering from a case of midweek design burnout. The prescription is a large iced coffee.
calamari @giudit Yeah, that's another great CC song. Could probably blip Counting Crows all day, I think. ;)
calamari @willwrite4food Yeah, I always forget how many great songs Counting Crows have.
Nettys I am hanging around today a little bit..The day just passes by somehow.
threebears ooooooooooooooooooooooh . . .1.000 listeners! don't understand the lyrics or the title - somehow the scream seems appropriate - translation anyone?
Nettys Grace Kelly - beautiful Grace!
calamari I'm loving the band Moving Units right now! Reminds me a bit of New Order.
Nettys A little bit. Wir hatten gerade A little bit of sunshine..still...must go out. Lese halbnackte Bauarbeiter von Martina Brandl.
calamari @truejerseygirl Reminded me how great the lyrics to Bizarre Love Triangle are!
Holycow Quintessential Clash - and of course ... London
Nettys A man just walked by the house. He passes by every afternoon to buy alcoholic drinks from the SPAR. Big alcohol problems in these parts of Wales.
Nettys I like Aphex Twin every now and again. Off now to do some reading. Bye my friends ;-)))
Nettys Try this..the other Enya song could not be blipped....

EnyaMay It Be

| play
Nettys I like this - distant dreamer...
Nettys Ok Ok - alles klar!

ViolinsOk Ok

| play
baunilha quem ouve a deve conhecer essa, toca 512 vezes durante a programação.
assbach almost feels like winter here already
Barb_G Never heard Louis Armstrong's version of Stormy Weather before, but I love it. Dedicated to everyone driving to work in the rain (I'm not today).
Nettys Something in Welsh by Cerys Matthews here...not live either...

Y Bardd a'r Gwcw / Lliw'r Heulwen / Fe Drawodd ar fy Meddwl

| play
Nettys Londinium. Ach ja, London liebe ich schon. Ist 'ne andere Welt: Knightsbridge!
calamari @Bronwen Thanks very much for the props! Hope you have a great time at The Fakers show tonight.
calamari @beehappy Yeah, you're exactly right. Editors get compared to Interpol a lot!! But especially the song "Munich" sounds like an Interpol tune.
calamari I want to go to cool places with you.
Nettys Cool places - sounds as it is a song for QYPE, gell?
Matthias16 Don't panic (either)!

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

| play
radioknopf back from Italy with many inspiring new ideas how to park a car
Nettys Später mache ich auch Sport! Rückenfitness.
shahW the night looks bright


| play
sarah__o todd, only you can save me right now.
Nettys Noch 'was von Catatonia - und man muss ja auch an sich selber denken, oder!??
Nettys Wie man unsichtbar sein kann. Schönes Lied!
Chekkov wochenend und sonnenschein :-)


| play
Natalie Nice song to start working to- has a good thinking rhythm
Nettys Och ja, in Spanien wäre ich jetzt gerne. Vor 2 Jahren Malaga. Schön war's.
purplesime Check out those string arrangements. Yummy.
Geo8 Well, Summer's Over maybe in your places. We're melting, here. And forecasts are for higher highs! Verstanden, @Nettys?
Nettys @Geo8: Verstanden ;-) but I like the heat and hate the rain. Have a fantastic weekend with your family. Ciao, bis bald!
calamari Ryan Adams is my favorite singer-songwriter. Nobody else even comes close.
Nettys Amelie - ein sehr schöner Film, einer meiner Lieblingsfilme.
Ardesia "I’d love to be one of those colorful early summer days..."


| play
calamari "This is the sound of lost youth." I think I know this sound well. ;-)
luciomorais LOVEEEEEEE IS WHAT I GOTTTTTTT Sublime rulesss!
writingwoman Noch was sommeriges ;-) Club Tropicana, weil mir mein anderer Sommer-Gute-Laune-Hit einfach nicht einfällt.
riot36 Und jetzt aufs Meer schauen.

Ravel Ma mère l'Oye (Pagodes)

| play
LarsLB love this one .. few years old but sooooo many nice tunes :)
SarahShoeMe A World War hit.

Marlene Dietrich - Lili Marleen

| play
Nettys Konnte die englische nicht bis zum Ende hören...schade! Irgendwie hab' ich Probleme mit der Internetverbindung. SCHEISS TISCALI!
Nettys Na, der Regen hat aufgehört. Wenn's bald Zeit ist, es sich drinnen gemütlich zu machen, wird es draussen besser..
calamari @willwrite4food Love that song too! I never realized that was Sheryl Crow singing background vocals.
kalyke Technicolor Girls from the best band ever!
Nettys No sunlight. Das ist das Lied für mich!!!!! Wish everybody a nice weekend!!!!
luthier On The Beat (Extended) - BB & Q Band... essa é do início dos anos 80... desenterradinha da tarde... muito boa!


| play
Nettys Carla Bruni hat auch ein Lied: Herbst
Nettys Das war doch nicht Carla Bruni? Oder?
Nettys Mein letzter Blip für heute. Pobol y Cwm läuft im TV.
Nettys Frau, die weint...von Carla Bruni. Warum wohl?
bateman Sonniger Sonntag und gleich ins Miles frühstücken.


| play
hellololla a mais radiofônica do último álbum. talvez radiofônica demais.
carrapatoso @danielabsilva é essa a versão que eu te falei naquele dia da Hamburgueria. Kevin Arnold manda lembranças
Nettys Nice to see the latest autumn and winter fashion!
allesmoegliche die Frage kann man bei Regen immer mal wieder aufbringen.
amberella I think I blip this first thing every Sunday morning. It makes the day special.
writingwoman Und weil es so schön ist, noch ein dritter Song von #Clash. Dann aber #Frühstück!
writingwoman Vllt. nicht der richtige Song um einen guten Morgen zu wünschen, aber ich mag ihn trotz der negative vibrations.
Nettys It is a tiring Sunday today somehow. The weather. We did a wlak, read & saw Pobol y Cwm!
sammysunshine There were only six fine days in the month of August where I live, it felt like this...
Nettys I used to write a lot of postcards and letters...all the time but now I prefer the internet!
Nettys Amado mio...wieder Pink Martini! Trinke gerade einen @having: Twinings Darjeeling. Martini mag ich auch - sowie diese Musik. Sooooo cool!
Nettys In Wales I miss the colourful flowers, sunflowers - any nice plants really.
Nettys Seitdem ich in Wales lebe, höre ich auch gerne mal deutsche Musik. Okay, früher auch, aber jetzt noch mehr.


| play
Nettys Hier mal wieder 'was Italienisches.

JovanottiA te

| play
Nettys Klee - they also sing in English.
Nettys Gwen Stefani....mag ich...this is better than Mark Medlock.
bauhausmensch @bjoerngrau dazu hast du mich mit deinem "Chelsea Hotel" inspiriert... ;-)

REM - First We Take Manhattan

| play
miguellage continua a evangelização
luthier Sheep – Pink Floyd... terminando a série "Pink Floyd bicharada"...
cade_lili Camille, pra começar bem.

camille le sac des filles mon petit vieux

| play
Nettys Guten Morgen aus Machynlleth. 'Rwy'n edrych allan o ffenest - glaw a thristwch mawr yng Nghymru.
dangermain pretty

The Week That Was - The airport line

| play
Nettys DDR Musik. Ich liebe City - Am Fenster!
Geo8 The regatta in the Canal Grande today. Now. Let's celebrate.
leftywill my reflection, dirty no connection to myself.
riot36 Für meine liebe Kollegin Nomsa:
Nettys Na, der Song passt ja. Habe gerade eine Schecke vn meiner Yucca Palme entfernt.
riot36 Den Song im Ohr, durch Kreuzberg laufen und ich fühl mich wieder wie 16.
Nettys Ceridwen is a Welsh witch - and Karl Jenkins is just brilliant. His last Eisteddfod performance - wow!
Nettys Allegreto...


| play
Nettys Clover over Dover - how's that?
katylindemann what i aspire to be (amongst the leader of the new A-team / the new avengers)
SarahWV @RealtorLefebvre *DANG* that's a good song! Betcha I'll listen to it at least 10 times today. Thank you! :)
Nettys Herbst - auch im Lied von Paolo Nutini. Schön.....und die Sonne kommt mal kurz in Machynlleth heraus. Glücksgefühle!
gridlockd SANTOGOLD a.k.a. Santi White, with "L.E.S. Artistes". Very classy indie-rock tune.
riot36 Kalifornien Reise - Cazadero - 1994
driczz Gallagher -> attacked "from behind" úuúuhhhh!ouch!
Nettys Mit Too much rain höre ich zu blippen auf für heute. Bye.
Nettys Regenschirm. Toller Schirmshop in London ;-).
probek 1996. Longbeach in the house. Oakland. Frisco. LA. Inglewood. Sacramento. Westcoast … R.I.P. 2Pac (via @Sm0K1ngGnu)
denkschema OMG, das lief bei mir mal wochenlang auf heavy rotation. Bela B., du sexy alter Mann!
PotatoesRecs Sonhe que ia ter o "Usina de força" esse ano no Brasil.
Nettys Gute Nacht mit Kraftwerk. I will watch the British film awards now. It's been on for an hour - with Nicole Kidman, etc.
mammara amo le bands con la batterista/cantante 1
mammara amo le bands con la batterista/cantante 3
gridlockd Ha! :D everybody should listen to this one. The "Pinã Colada" Song. Bizarre. Pure soft-rock.
moschu mögen bestimmt nicht alle
finestsuit pretty music... with a creepy under-feeling i can't put my finger on. i'm thinkin' that black francis had a little somethin' shady in his mind?


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zeroql set my mp3 player to repeat this song every time
Nettys Und es regnet doch schon wieder. Weathergirl said it would be dry for ONE day. All lies.
Nettys Allen einen schönen Tag! Gehe gleich im Regen joggen - against all odds. Must stay positive here.

David Bowie & Lou Reed, Bono, Elton John, Tom Jones, Pavarotti & More Perfect Day

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Nettys try this...another Pink Martini, I know - but I sincerely like 'em.
massao Para uma madrugada como esta...
desbam October 25 in Leipzig: Nervous Nellie from Stockhom. Don't miss it. ;) Good morning!
Nettys Ob ich Mark zum Geburtstag 'ne Torte bestelle? Da wir unterwegs sind, kann ich keine selber machen bzw. backen. 'N Konditor ist besser als ich!
MariTama Essa música me faz rir....não sei pq....
marcusm Atenção! Interrompemos a manhã instrumental para homenagear os cientistas do Projeto LHC. Voltaremos em seguida à nossa programação normal

Eduardo Dusek Nostradamus

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Geo8 @Nettys Beim schwitzen hier... Kannst du etwas Kälte hier runter verschicken?
Nettys @Geo8: Here I shall send you some cold, cold water over from the British Isles. Another dark, dark day in Machynlleth - and I wish I was where you are
Nettys @Geo8: Always great to hear from you! Are you in Southern Italy? Love Italy - will move from Wales. Another song for you re. rain..Drop, drop
calamari @didiblanco Have you ever heard Jakob Dylan's solo album? It's pretty good.
Geo8 @Nettys It's only Siena here, not so southern... Despite that, we're still melting, as of Sept. 10!
Geo8 Most of the blips I'd do have already been done in the last ten minutes. So, I'm picking randomly
Pizzy faz tempo...

JJ72 - October Swimmer

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Nettys Amelie! Schöner Film, gell - schon drei Mal gesehen...ach ja.
Nettys @Geo8: 15 degrees here..we've had 12, too. The skies are always grey. SeaSick Steve for you!

Julian Lennon - Too late for goodbyes.MP3

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dave8 @Nettys Nice! I prefer Kate's version to this one...
calamari @arbusecret Oh Yeah, Whiskeytown was great, and don't get me started on how much I love Ryan Adams. Could blip RA all day.
calamari I love walking to work when the sun is coming up. The world is at its most beautiful first thing in the morning.
Nettys Listening to good music and my wind chimes outside....
Natalie @Nettys re: no sunlight-you might need this then
Nettys Something else from Yr Almaen...

Silbermond Synphonie

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Nettys Nach meinem Frisörbesuch am Montag haben wir ein tolles Fotoshooting in Aberystwyth gemacht. Für Mark von
Nettys London skies are always better than the skies in Wales, Cardiff skies can be very nice, too - in Cardiff Bay for example.
Nettys -

14 Stil In Mij-Van Dik Hout

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Nettys Falls Du im Herbst kommen solltest...
Zufall Good morning everybody! Hope you'll have a wonderful day.
Nettys Der letzte Blip - und dann volle Konzentration - und danach Sport für mind. 2 Stunden.
Zufall Did I mention that one of my favorite musicians is BILLY JOEL? And I also found one of his songs I like best her. Amazing!
Nettys Mit Tai Chi sag ich bye - off now, at last!
Nettys Ich liebe die französische Sprache und Musik von Alizee.
Nettys Kein Telefon. Hatte 2 Jahre lang keins - und hab's nicht vermisst.

CakeNo Phone

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Nettys For @Geo8; I love Italian music such as Capossela. It is raining cats and dogs here. Just been here:
calamari @crispynoodles Thanks! Was going to make a reference to how tea is my lifeline...turns out there is a real song named "Lifeline" by The Tea Party.
Nettys @Geo8: try this! The other one did not work - sorry!
Nettys @alamari: I like both tea and coffee. Do you drink your tea with milk. Many greetings - hi - from rainy Wales, Machynlleth.
Nettys @Geo8: Thank you - I will try the evergreen you recommended to me. I like Paolo C. I remember this! Still reading about Siena right now.


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Nettys @Geo8: Listening to it now. I love the Italian temperament, the wine also. Do you like chianti? It's my favourite - dry red!
Nettys Der Regen. Macht mich gaaanz fertig. Cry...
Nettys I will try it with this song ;-)). Siena sounds the place where I would love to be - Tuscany - but next week I will be by the Baltic Sea at last!
Egcl Calor... muito calor!
hith Hilft immer noch, als Verstärker von bestimmten Gefühlen. Da kann ich mich kaum satt hören.
Nettys Good night from Wales. Friday tomorrow. See you soon!
openarms ô bandinha gostosa, muito boa pra dançar