Judas_Hannibal Listening to Randy Newman. Jonathan Swift with a piano.
NewOrleansKat Met him years ago beautiful music Isle of View first album

Jimmie Spheeris Tribute Pt.2

| play
NewOrleansKat Just listen to the whole album! (reblip)

Jimmie Spheeris Tribute Pt.2

| play
NewOrleansKat relax a bit

"Singalong Junk" By Paul McCartney

| play
NewOrleansKat raise it up

"Momma Miss America" By Paul McCartney

| play

she's leaving home by the beatles (lyrics)

| play
NewOrleansKat the warehouse

Nature's Way by Spirit

| play
Judas_Hannibal Short. But both blunt and subtle. Some rage to some sage.
NewOrleansKat Expecting to fly.....buffalo springfield........how many long past years?
NewOrleansKat start soft sweet, gentle in the night.......Guinnevere
Joleesa ★ Game of Love ★

Carlos Santana ft. Michelle Branch- Game Of Love

| play
NewOrleansKat Santana........Branch.......nice mix......game of love~
avivajazz Paula Oliveira & Bernardo Moreira / Estrela da Tarde / Obrigada, RB .@jOrgeKaluluwa (reblip)
NewOrleansKat passion ..........rod stewart

Rod StewartPassion

| play
NewOrleansKat intro by annie lenox/ a thousand beautiful things........
NewOrleansKat clapton and windwood.....great duo to find your way home
NewOrleansKat muddy waters......louisiana blues
NewOrleansKat John Mayall......the bear

John MayallThe Bear

| play
NewOrleansKat hearts,,,,,,,,,,marti balin........


| play
NewOrleansKat mistress b and barry gibb .........guilty
NewOrleansKat sinners / lovers put your lights on ........santana
NewOrleansKat Coming around again.......Carly I can always sit with you
NewOrleansKat Who da thunk, bobby Mcferrin and Yo Yo Ma......grace.......nice
NewOrleansKat lenox and bowie...........Pressure..........under pressure
NewOrleansKat Comfortably numb.......ty ........relax......
NewOrleansKat people are strange........faces come out of the rain......

the doors people are strange

| play
NewOrleansKat What is it about this ??? Never gets old. John Mayer Your Body is a Wonderland ....yes it is.
NewOrleansKat Neil Young...Imagine, back to shoulders down a bit.

Neil YoungImagine

| play
NewOrleansKat George Harrison time......My Sweet Lord
NewOrleansKat Woman, ty John.........a little respect goes a long way, you gave that with this song, respect 2 ur woman. Lennon
NewOrleansKat Sir Paul, Monkberry Moon delight.......bring it up
NewOrleansKat ok, up tempo ....Dylan and Petty, something in the Air??? .......

Something In The Air (Dylan & Petty)

| play
NewOrleansKat kd lang and roy orbison......sweet voices together, can you ask for more? crying...
NewOrleansKat unbreak my heart.....come back and bring back the smile....
NewOrleansKat today.....crown of creation one of their best Jefferson airplane
Nell66 If you can take it, listen. Paulie singing For No One. Tough to hear.

Paul McCartney: For no one

| play
NewOrleansKat Interesting mix, Linda Ronstadt and Amy Winehouse....You know your no good! Keep it together Amy.
NewOrleansKat night time music ........just close your eyes Harlem Nocturne, Johnny Otis

Johnny Otis / Harlem Nocturne

| play
NewOrleansKat Jackson Browne......these days, didn't realize he wrote it at 16
NewOrleansKat I can't make you love me....Bonnie Raitt, could be an anthem.

Bonnie Raitt-I can't make you love me

| play
NewOrleansKat Hear this last night......best JB ever sounded and w/ Luciano excellent! It's a mans world
NewOrleansKat Sad Lisa, Lisa Lisa.........

sad lisa

| play
NewOrleansKat Someone like you .......warm, holding, tender! Shawn Colvin
NewOrleansKat Woman....ty John, such sweet words, forever. And my John K who keeps me saine. Lucky Lady I am !
NewOrleansKat this was a wonderful performance, Joss Stone and Smokey live Jay Leno 2009
NewOrleansKat One more duet .....then off, Plant and Krauss, .......rich woman
Judas_Hannibal The Decemberists-The Island.---Sit back, relax. We'll be here a while.
NewOrleansKat I came to stay

Beatles - Girl

| play
NewOrleansKat @Gaz50: "Time (Clock Of The Heart) – Culture Club" (reblip)
NewOrleansKat My ole roomy Ellen McIlwaine, Higher ground, woman can play a guitar like no other I have seen. Fun old memories!
NewOrleansKat Stevie.....higher ground, people keep on learning, soldiers keep on waring...... keep on flying till you reach the highest ground!
NewOrleansKat Rubber soul, now did we ever think to think about that title? Norwegian wood.

Norwegian Wood

| play
NewOrleansKat More from Rubber Soul......girl, guess I'm in one of those moods. Old songs that were simple or ?

"Girl" The Beatles, Lyrics

| play
NewOrleansKat Wo haven't even thought of this one for ages, Season of the witch Donovan
NewOrleansKat Time after time....to someone so special, jk.
NewOrleansKat Oh yeah I am a child! You can't conceive of the pleasure in my smile!
NewOrleansKat Ridgetop the air is so fresh and clean......

Jesse Collin Young (Ridgetop)

| play
NewOrleansKat Nice tribute to George Harrison with Clapton and Sir Paul, while my guitar gently weeps.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

| play
NewOrleansKat Knophler ....sultan of swing

Sultans of Swing (with lyrics)

| play
NewOrleansKat Tears in Heaven ..........Haiti keep the faith.

Eric Clapton/Tears in heaven

| play
NewOrleansKat by the rivers dark

LEONARD COHEN-By the rivers dark

| play
NewOrleansKat Boogie street...can't stop listening to the man today. Seems right.


| play
NewOrleansKat Here it is, just is a Cohen mood.
NewOrleansKat rich woman alison krauss/ robert plant
NewOrleansKat With this I end my music barrage for the day......Mad World. Keep the faith, Haiti, all of us. Stick together.
EchoesJai '''''''''''''''''''''''''Ship of Fools...................
NewOrleansKat Local talent Anders Osborne ! Back on Dumaine Wish I knew how to add songs and not blip all! He's a good blip!
neil_longmayyourun midnight choir

Midnight Choir "Talk To Me"

| play
NewOrleansKat Wayfaring Stranger......nice fiddle......nice song.

Trace Adkins performs "Wayfaring Stranger" at the Opry

| play
NewOrleansKat In the palm of your hand.............alison krauss
NewOrleansKat A fresh breeze to clear our heads a little.......then move on to what we need to do. Seals and Crofts.

Summer Breeze Seals and Croft

| play
NewOrleansKat A song to make us all believe we can sail away to a better place. Chris Cross
NewOrleansKat Cool Change...........inspirational....Timely.....LRB
Cinder Robert Plant - One More Cup Of Coffee (reblip)
creativeness wow. thanks!( just don't say 'sensitive' around the 'guys')!@str8jgirl: "@pixelmongress ~Gotta luv sensitive, sexy men ~>@RichardMurphy @creativeness (reblip)
belcanto9900 The Pretenders – Don't get me wrong ** regards 2 @Kathryn (reblip)

I'd Really Love to See You Tonight

| play
rafaelrcm @flinndc: "LOL ... I'm "bird brained" lol rb@CMDoria: "I dont see the resemblance !:oD @flinndc: "I'm Like A Bird""" (reblip)
chelseagirl19 Can I play? @smilecin @nemesisurchin: This is second after Show Biz Kids.
smilecin my absolute fave on Aja--smooth like silk. rB@chelseagirl19: "Can I play? @smilecin @nemesisurchin: This is second after Show Biz Kids." (reblip)
NewOrleansKat Cats in the cradle, never realized the impact on fathers and sons with the lyrics on this.....
NewOrleansKat never get tired of Joni, Help Me.....
NewOrleansKat This is a gem, Linda Ronstadt and Bobby Darin!! Long Long Time. Has to be one for the vaults to hold on tight.
NewOrleansKat whoops first was a bad cut, Miracles......

Miracles by Jefferson Starship

| play
NewOrleansKat Dreams wonderful dreams, bad dreams,dreams.........keep them all.

Fleetwood MacDreams

| play
NewOrleansKat Past harvest but ......Harvest Moon.....


| play
NewOrleansKat Sara ......live, love ya Stevie!
NewOrleansKat Ground control to Major Tom.....keeping the Bowie stars glowing.
NewOrleansKat The only, one and only, David Bowie.....Starman

David Bowie- Starman

| play
NewOrleansKat Queen and David Bowie_ Under Pressure
NewOrleansKat Genesis.......I can't dance......oh yes I can!

GenesisI Can't Dance

| play
NewOrleansKat Two Worlds, Phil Colins......come together.
NewOrleansKat Quicksilver Messenger Service.....What About Me? wonder if this was released now how it would be in the political correct lane?
NewOrleansKat Clapton/Mayall & the Bluesbreakers........All Your Love
NewOrleansKat Have You ever loved a woman.......bryan adams
NewOrleansKat Josh Groban Awake Live: Lucia Micarelli- Kashmir
NewOrleansKat Sweet Melissa-Allman Brothers, old favorite....

Sweet Melissa-Allman Brothers

| play
NewOrleansKat Deep Purple - Clearly Quite Absurd, .........time to end my music for now signing off, good evening to all.
KitDakota James Horner – A Beautiful Mind – Soundtrack – Closing Credits
SylvioMicelli Thanks to @mark_till, @thamesgirl, @heyjamie, @nilsm111, @ShiaoMei, @SKySWiM, the replies that you give me on BlipFM! Tears For Fears – The Hurting
Handmixa yippee sad bastard music

BeckLost Cause

| play
musicla Grateful Dead – Dire Wolf
NewOrleansKat Jethro Tull ,sweet flute........carry you on each note as it plays dancing in your ears. Pavane

Jethro TullPavane

| play
NewOrleansKat Tonight, take a walk along the Mississippi, enjoy the aromas, embrace our city the moon is waning......Moonlight Mile, stones
NewOrleansKat Sail Away? ...........no stay! Randy Newman
NewOrleansKat You gonna set them free? Sting

StingSet them free

| play
NewOrleansKat If I could save time in a bottle, another soul gone too soon. Jim Croce
NewOrleansKat Sugarland..........Sex on Fire.......soft lips open
NewOrleansKat Time of my life,......... free, to give, to love Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes
NewOrleansKat Lady Antebellum, I run to you...........keep me grounded please
NewOrleansKat I'll stand by you! .....really, come. Annnie Lenox, and the Pretenders
NewOrleansKat Try this one..Dylan.......Hurricane
NewOrleansKat Well......hello Mr. Soul! Buffalo Springfield
NewOrleansKat Ohio, keep the memory Crosby,Still & Nash
NewOrleansKat Along for the ride......of course, Danny O'Keefe

Danny O'Keefe "Along For the Ride"

| play
NewOrleansKat @atibbs2292 @Gaz50 @puresurplus @TheRealJohnC TY for the reblips and props Dave Matthews Band___ Satellite
harmony60 i know! lol. silly mood.lol. love this! ty rb@hawaiibuzz: mary, i wasn't the one who sent that alien blip to u lol . here, this one is for u harmony60 (reblip)
DriveAndDish Forgot about Jesse Johnson. Didn't know if he wanted to be Morris Day or Prince. Borrowed a little from both. Still love the Time, BTW: @ChiGurlCee

The TimeJungle Love

| play
harryhaller Closest I'll ever come to blipping Cat Stevens @amsiebee. Story was they dropped this from later pressings of the album.
toddsb you know we've got to find a way ...

Pink- Lonely Girl

| play
NewOrleansKat A little something to send you off to sleep, rest well......we have a great deal of partying to do! Saints.........Yo Yo Ma......Carinhoso

Yo-Yo MaCarinhoso

| play
NewOrleansKat yo yo Ma_____Appalachiam Waltz
NewOrleansKat like a hurricane..........today we be a hurricane landing on field! Neil Young
NewOrleansKat Slip Sliding Away__Live at Abbey Road.......Paul Simon
NewOrleansKat TY Miami..........Coconut Grove_______Lovin' Spoonful
NewOrleansKat Peaceful World_____The Rascals
NewOrleansKat Willin...............Linda Ronstadt

Linda RonstadtWillin'

| play
NewOrleansKat The Way you love me...........Faith Hill
NewOrleansKat You know that your no good w Linda Ronstadt_____Amy Winehouse
NewOrleansKat Ferry Cross the Mercy............Gerry and the Pacemakers
NewOrleansKat @sportyc72 Fleetwood Mac/ , yes in the quarter stayed 13 days &still here! Katrina almost got us but the gunshots were worse in the q. Glad ur bk!

Fleetwood MacDreams

| play
NewOrleansKat Gold Dust woman.........Fleetwood Mac..did she make you cry?
NewOrleansKat You Make Lovin Fun++________Fleetwood mac
NewOrleansKat @sbtodd: "We were born before the wind, also younger than the sun ... let your soul and spirit fly ... R souls and spirits r flying today in NOLA! (reblip)
NewOrleansKat Christine McVie, ___You Are Tell me the whole thing isn't a dream
NewOrleansKat Hall and Oates_______I can't go for that!/ remastered Maybe.....do you want to go for that?

daryl hall and john oates I Can't Go For That No Can Do remastered

| play
NewOrleansKat For You Blue.........The Beatles


| play
NewOrleansKat Rain..........The Beatles

Rain- The Beatles

| play
NewOrleansKat Change________Lisa Stansfield

Lisa StansfieldChange

| play
NewOrleansKat Sisters of Avalon______Cindy Lauper
NewOrleansKat People Are Strange____The Doors
NewOrleansKat Black coffee...............kd lang.........hmmmmmmmm mood seems to changing and I like it. Coming down nicely now.
NewOrleansKat Something is calling you............you feel it. Norah Jones.......listen
NewOrleansKat But you don't know why? ...........Norah Jones
NewOrleansKat Goin out of my head...........maybe, but its all objective! Little Anthony and the Imperials. Oldie!

Little Anthony and the Imperials- Goin' Out of my Head

| play
NewOrleansKat The Pretenders back on the Chain gang........flipping around tonight.
NewOrleansKat It's a beautiful day "in the neighborhood"..........White bird......
NewOrleansKat I sing for the things.......Stevie Nicks
NewOrleansKat Neil Diamond.......Mr. Bojangles......rest well, we have much on r plates, parties now, troops 2 care 4, politics, etc and good day what a good day!
NewOrleansKat @Sheila_nl: "Tina Turner - Paradise Is Here" Nice cut, ty!!! (reblip)
NewOrleansKat Norwegian Wood______Beatles ......isn't it good........

Norwegian Wood

| play
NewOrleansKat A Beautiful Morning________the rascals
NewOrleansKat New Orleans Wins the War__Randy Newman~~~~ New Mayor, Mardi Gras, and The Black and Gold! Off 2 play, remember our troops cheer for them today as well
NewOrleansKat Ok So I stayed around until kickoff.......Because the Night~~belongs to NOLA! and all Saints...... 10,000 Maniacs
NewOrleansKat Natalie Merchant_____"Carnival", and my black Jose quervo are starting to paaarte'.. :O)
NewOrleansKat @Judas_Hannibal.........Saint Judas, @MayLily@Pugdogsrule__Natalie Merchant
NewOrleansKat @MayLily@Nell66@Pugsdogrule ,Tracy Chapman and Eric Clapton Give me one reason
NewOrleansKat Let's Dance...........sway to the moonlight..........oh it' physical this feeling in NOLA.
NewOrleansKat Settle down a bit, time to let the party slow a bit for me, ........ David Bowie...........Wild is the wind.

David Bowie-Wild is the Wind (lyrics)

| play
NewOrleansKat Constant Craving...........I think we were satiated quite well tonight!
NewOrleansKat Right Place wrong time..........nope NOT THIS TIME!______ RIGHT PLace! Who Dat!!! Dr. John
NewOrleansKat Basin st Blues

Basin St Blues

| play
NewOrleansKat Bourbon st_____Little River Band

Little River Band- Bourbon Street

| play
NewOrleansKat The Andy J Forest Band_______New Orleans Who Dat Man! Pick yourself up.

The Andy J Forest Band . . . . PickYourselfUp

| play
NewOrleansKat Dylan......old tune 63' New Orleans Rag Live

Bob Dylan's New Orleans Rag (Live 1963)

| play
NewOrleansKat Born on the Bayou______Creedence Clearwater Revival

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Born On The Bayou

| play
NewOrleansKat Green River__________ Creedence Clearwater Revival Yeah dancin tonight in the moon light!
NewOrleansKat Battle of the Dragons______Stevie Nicks, have a listen.....
NewOrleansKat Britney Spears____F....k me pumps___Amy Whinehouse

Britney spears -Fuck me pumps- Amy Whinehouse

| play
NewOrleansKat Listen~~~~~~~~~~~~

Do you want to know a secret? The Beatles

| play
NewOrleansKat Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) – Marvin Gaye
NewOrleansKat Do you want to dance?.......oh baby do you? Bette Midler
NewOrleansKat More Than This______there's nothing......tell me one thing.....Blondie
NewOrleansKat Being With You__Smokey Robinson
NewOrleansKat What's Going On Marvin Gaye – HD~~
NewOrleansKat Jeffrey Osborne – Stay With Me Tonight
NewOrleansKat Donna Summer – Could It Be Magic------Oh yeah it is.
NewOrleansKat Tina Turner – Let's Stay Together.......@pookey77........yea we sure do!
De_Ann yep!@BarbieRay: "we got a *holy moly* outta Denise...it's an official day now!! yeeeeeehaaaaa!!! <3 @djwttw: "holy moly RB @steve_sakamoto (reblip)

Eric Burdon ~ Soul Of A Man (2006)

| play
NewOrleansKat Billy Ocean – There'll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry)
NewOrleansKat Ain't no Sunshine When She's Gone.........the best!

Ain't no Sunshine When She's Gone

| play
NewOrleansKat Carol King – It's too Late Baby
NewOrleansKat Coming Around Again – Carly Simon
NewOrleansKat Garth Brooks – The Thunder Rolls.........
NewOrleansKat Bruce Springsteen – I'm On Fire, uh huh.
NewOrleansKat Iggy Pop – The Passenger____hop on board with Iggy, ride a bit.
NewOrleansKat The Doors – In the eye of the sun
NewOrleansKat The Doors – The Crystal Ship.........before you slip into unconsciouness.
NewOrleansKat Leo Kotke"World Turning"

Leo Kotke"World Turning"

| play
NewOrleansKat Jefferson Airplane – Embryonic Journey
NewOrleansKat Jefferson Airplane – How Do You Feel
NewOrleansKat Edie Brickell & New Bohemians – What I Am.....that's better got a little heavy there.
NewOrleansKat Leonard Cohen – The songs of leonard cohen - Stranger Song
NewOrleansKat @neil_longmayyourun's.......Lee Clayton & Marianne Faithfull – This Love Is Real_Nice, very nice. (reblip)
BRIGLIASONGS I agree!@TropicsZ4: "I like this Jazzy Version, Thanks :) RB @lilwldchld" (reblip)

10CcI'm Not In Love

| play
BRIGLIASONGS Somewhere Out There – Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram/From movie An American Tale
NewOrleansKat @BigBlend: ""The Doors – Soul Kitchen (HD) (Vinyl) wish I still had a turntable! (reblip)
De_Ann @RadioRider: "She's under my thumb (Until she says different) ..." (reblip)
Judas_Hannibal Steve Miller-Wild Mountain Honey.--Like a warm liquid blanket on a chilly afternoon.
Judas_Hannibal Jogger-Gorilla Meat. Yes he's my son. But it is still stirring music. Jonathan Larroquette & Amir Yaghmai.

JoggerGorilla Meat

| play
NewOrleansKat Curtis Mayfield – Pusherman
NewOrleansKat Hey Baby – Curtis Mayfield
NewOrleansKat @DawnLangstroth_"Love Me Underground- Dawn Langstroth"___u look a bit like ur mama! Love ur music!

Love Me Underground- Dawn Langstroth

| play
NewOrleansKat Dawn Langstroth – Dark and Twisted
NewOrleansKat @Nell66: "Just having a discussion about Fleetwood Mac. Whose voice do you like best? Christine/ No contest, in my humble opinion. Oh Daddy (reblip)

Fleetwood Mac-Oh Daddy

| play
NewOrleansKat @Judas_Hannibal: "Steve Miller-Wild Mountain Honey.--Like a warm liquid blanket on a chilly afternoon." Sweet (reblip)
NewOrleansKat Dr. John – Dance The Night Away With You......the doctor knows all the cures.
NewOrleansKat ZZ Top – Thank you (cosmix)......oooh but you did and I thank you!
NewOrleansKat Dire Straits – Money For Nothing......oh yeah, that's the way you do it!
new_clear_MUSIC [still looking, but thanks..] rb@MSBloom: "Great Rb !@docstimulas: "Duran Duran - Ordinary World"" (reblip)
NewOrleansKat Yo-Yo Ma James Taylor – Hard times come again no more.....many days have you lingered by my door..
NewOrleansKat Joni Mitchell – Help Me...
NewOrleansKat Jennifer Warnes – The Hunter, pull the arrow back.....
NewOrleansKat Heart- (Love Me Like Music) I'll Be Your Song

Heart- (Love Me Like Music) I'll Be Your Song

| play
NewOrleansKat Heart ~ Dreamboat Annie......riding on the diamond waves little darlin one......

Heart ~ Dreamboat Annie

| play
NewOrleansKat Rhiannon – Fleetwood Mac

RhiannonFleetwood Mac

| play
NewOrleansKat Little River Band – The Night Owl (1981)
Awannabeangel Time 4 me to be cruisin along. HUGE thanks 4 all the very generous props, comments & RB's ! Thanks 2 all the great DJ's & wonderful listeners !!
Awannabeangel rb >>@GirlNextDoor76: "call me Carrie P @aprildax: "Please baby@GirlNextDoor76:Melissa Etheridge - I'm The Only One ...l (reblip)
mtojek Goodnight all, enjoyed a great day of playing and listening to some excellent music, hope you enjoyed!!
NewOrleansKat Country Joe and The Fish – Section 43.....agh real hippy days!
new_clear_MUSIC rb@djwttw [already out of props.. (but Happy Birthday!!) ☮+♥!] (reblip)
NewOrleansKat "Woodstock" Joni Mitchell

"Woodstock" Joni Mitchell

| play
NewOrleansKat The Youngbloods – Get Together, innocent times, It was a bubble, but a good try.....remember woodstock.
NewOrleansKat The Platters – Twilight Time, (herein the afterglow of day, we keep our rendevous.......)
NewOrleansKat Doves - Almost Forgot Myself...new to me! (reblip)
NewOrleansKat @peri77: "the final trip... to the stars." (reblip)

Time Alan Parson Project

| play
NewOrleansKat Stevie Nicks – Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You
NewOrleansKat WICKED GAME [HD] Chris Isaak but sometimes we play those wicked games for saiety.....

WICKED GAME [HD] Chris Isaak

| play
NewOrleansKat KD Lang – Constant Craving.......we all crave saiety, and we ty KD for such a delicious fulfillment of that craving ......beautiful music
NewOrleansKat Roy Orbison – Crying (Duet With K D Lang)......
NewOrleansKat The Rascals – Peaceful World
NewOrleansKat The Lovin' Spoonful – Summer In The City.......ah first love ...lol, hot summer teenage nights!
NewOrleansKat The Doobie Brothers – What A Fool Believes
NewOrleansKat Dave Mason – We Just Disagree Live 1977
NewOrleansKat A Whiter Shade Of Pale – Procol Harum
NewOrleansKat Al Stewart – The Year Of The Cat .......another one from a vault n my head unleashed ty! (reblip)
AmyIsImaginary U2 – The Three Sunrises

U2The Three Sunrises

| play
AmyIsImaginary David Gilmour & David Bowie – Comfortably Numb
NewOrleansKat @Gaz50: "Crowded House – Don't Dream It's Over" Another tune from my fav list!!! ty!!! (reblip)

Bob Dylan "Tell Ol Bill"

| play
NewOrleansKat Bob Dylan "Tell Ol Bill" (reblip)

Bob Dylan "Tell Ol Bill"

| play
NewOrleansKat @mrrodd @mrrodd and Everone!!!! I am learning to reply slowly lol, stay with me......lol!(Paul Simon & Willie Nelson – Graceland)
NewOrleansKat Simon & Garfunkel- Kathy's Song...Kats song! Blew my attempt to reply I'll get it usually do! :O/

Simon & Garfunkel- Kathy's Song

| play
22Crystal22 @dawnie22: "YW..Luv movin' to it again :) @jet333: "TY;)) @dawnie22 ~ Robert Plant – In The Mood..."" (reblip)

The Korgis- Everybody's got to learn sometime

| play
Judas_Hannibal Serge Gainsbourg. Sea Sex And Sun. Makes me want to put on very tight pants and eat snails. Yeah, that's what the kids call it these days.
Tropicsz4 This is for the Green Eyed Ladies
atibbs2292 @edurrosa: "@klynnDemar: "lub it @BarbieRay: "GR8 tune, Dawlin, well-played! vi@softnblue: "Melissa Etheridge live, Come to My Window #ladiesrock"""" (reblip)
Mytaege @edurrosa: "Dust In The Wind @Pegaso: "Revival The Past - Dust In The Wind"" (reblip)
MRHYPERPCS @nosetu @CBSpinner: "♪♫•* Boys Don't Cry *•♫♪" The Cure ~Boys Don't Cry~ (reblip)
De_Ann ~Mott The Hoople - All The Young Dudes~ (reblip)
EFR56 TAJ MAHAL – WHY (AND WE REPEAT WHY) Sharing a fav by Taj as I catch up to replies... Thanks all for support etc : - )
AtheDJ Hi! Good to see you my dear! I notice Berlin is begining to thaw out.Spring is just around the corner! \o/ @giesebrecht: "Hello, my dear... @AtheDJ" (reblip)

Stand By Me Playing For Change Song Around the World

| play
SuuperG OK, I'm on a roll...more nostalgia!
peri77 I saw you with Christophen Walken!
NewOrleansKat @ginhollow: "Thank you@TheJohnC: "I love that album "All Things Must Pass", def my fav of ex Beatles, Thx again@scotlandlover" ty from Kat (reblip)
NewOrleansKat @Air_rapupo: "Thx! RB: "Sting - Mad About You"" Thanx KAT (reblip)

StingMad about you

| play
scotlandlover great stuff you're playing...ty..oops4u rb @Oldies: "Harry Nilsson – Everybody's Talkin'" (reblip)
NewOrleansKat Mark Almond Band (The City)@JohnLarroquette@Judas_Hannibal, definately from wwom days! ty for the head bang to remember them !!!

Mark Almond Band (The City)

| play
giuliacarino Coldplay – Coldplay - Life In Technicolor
NewOrleansKat Fleetwood Mac – Little Lies.......and we tell little lies...
tyrelassie "Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face - classic Billy Idol. Oh, how I miss the 80's! Amazing!" (reblip)

Steely Dan-Dirty Work

| play
smarty_pants ty!;)@ahsan: "@pkspix @EllenaGilbert @SpinninSara @PhDstu @NewOrleansKat @MojaveMini I promise Im not trying to make ur life harder Or return to where (reblip)
NewOrleansKat Buckingham Nicks – Crystal........early
NewOrleansKat Fleetwood Mac Lindsey Buckingham – I'm So Afraid
Judas_Hannibal Listening to Dr. John. Making me beaucoup home sick, cher.
Nell66 DJNell66 highly advises you to listen to this track. It's an absolute drug-free high, compliments of Neil Young. "WHen You Dance" Enjoy. It's a 1-off.
Nell66 Poco....growing old gracefully along with their classics. Kind Woman: recorded in 1970, live here 2004. Beautiful.
Nell66 This one still blows me away everytime I hear it. Bob Dylan's hymn covered by The Band.
Nell66 My dinosaur ate my playlist, so I'll just wing it. Anyway, it doesn't get any better than this.....No Reply


| play
Nell66 Go get a beer to cry in. This one still brings tears to my eyes after all these years. Elton singing a song for John. Genius. Empty Garden
Nell66 This goes out to the late, unparalleled David Lee Watson, bassist extraodinaire with whom I had the pleasure to work for many years. "Do It Again"

Steely Dan- Do It Again

| play
Nell66 This was on Dylan's 1st album. "Song to Woodie" As powerful now as it was then.
Nell66 Bobby and The Band...."You Ain't Goin' Nowhere".....only place I'm goin' is to my bed. 'Night, y'all. xx

Bob Dylan and The Band-You Ain't Going Nowhere

| play
Nell66 I swear, Brother AL would be the only preacher who'd have a shot at converting me if I were convertible. Love and Happiness. Um Hm.
Nell66 Anybody out there ever loved and lost? Really? Yeah, me too. I Get Along Without You Very Well....Linda Ronstadt

Linda Ronstadt I Get Along Without You Very Well

| play
Judas_Hannibal Leon Russell-Stranger In A Strange Land.--Kiss my confusion away in the night. Lay by side when the morning comes
Judas_Hannibal Traveling Wilburys-End Of The Line.--A spark and then gone. But glad George got 'em together for their Mayfly moment.
Judas_Hannibal Mark-Almond, Tramp and the Young Girl.--Early 70's mixture of jazz/rock. Moody, smooth and subtle.

Mark-Almond, 'Tramp and the Young Girl' (1971)

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NewOrleansKat @doctortrustme: "Melissa Etheridge – Angels Would Fall RB ty!!! Kat (reblip)
NewOrleansKat Kim Carnes – Betty Davis Eyes.......a major Ms. Bette Fan! What an attitude!
NewOrleansKat @doctortrustme: "break time BBL" RB ya'll are hittin it today for me! (reblip)
NewOrleansKat @russasis: "rb : "Sheryl Crow - "All I Wanna Do"...""=^o^= (reblip)


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NewOrleansKat Simply Red- Money's too tight to mention

Simply Red- Money's too tight to mention

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NewOrleansKat Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight
NewOrleansKat Simply Red – Holding Back The Years....ah that is the one!=^o^=
NewOrleansKat Carly Simon – Why (extended Version)
NewOrleansKat Boy George – The Crying Game
NewOrleansKat Original Soundtrack – Chris Isaak - Wicked Games
NewOrleansKat The Moody Blues – Blue Guitar....back to my roots. =^o^=
NewOrleansKat George Harrison – While My Guitar Gently Weeps..loved to hear his guitar weep....
NewOrleansKat Pink Floyd – Breathe

Pink FloydBreathe

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NewOrleansKat Hey You – Pink Floyd Music Video
NewOrleansKat Spirit – The 12 Dreams of Doctor Sardonicus - When I Touch You
NewOrleansKat @NaturalDancer: "OK, my mind is officially blown! :O : "@Condor___RB Bruce Springsteen & Sting The River (Live)""Lets hear it again! TY! KAT (reblip)
NewOrleansKat @storylet: @nawlinswoman: "Love it when baby is bad!!"""OHHH MEEE TOO.. =^o^= kat, Bad Kitty... (reblip)
NewOrleansKat @Gaz50: "Icehouse – Hey Little Girl" Nice another new one 4 me! RB the Kat (reblip)
NewOrleansKat Icehouse – No Promises.....exploring now ...

IcehouseNo Promises

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NewOrleansKat Tears for Fears – Everybody Wants To Rule The World. ...ok, close your eyes,tops down on the car, winds n ur face .......free
NewOrleansKat A Horse with no name – more from America, .........la la la.......=^o^=
NewOrleansKat Neil Young – Heart Of Gold.......
NewOrleansKat Bob Dylan – Precious Angel.......how was I to know you were the one?
NewOrleansKat The Pretenders – Brass In Pocket
NewOrleansKat Pat Benatar – We Belong To The Night
NewOrleansKat Cyndi Lauper – True Colors......just seemed to fit
NewOrleansKat Fleetwood Mac – You Make Loving Fun~~~~~~~~~~~~
NewOrleansKat Fleetwood Mac – Tell Me Lies....~
NewOrleansKat Tim Buckley – Sweet Surrender......I do for the night, rest well =^o^= kinda sexy song.
NewOrleansKat @TrainWreckRadio: Of all I have seen Never Fleetwood macs member!!! Bucket list, .......what I would give! (reblip)

Lindsey Buckingham "Big Love" Live Acoustic Performance

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NewOrleansKat @pickypawz: "Used to have this album : "@Gaz50: "Icehouse – Hey Little Girl" Nice another new one 4 me! RB the Kat"" (reblip)
NewOrleansKat : "Cyndi Lauper – True Colors......just seemed to fit" (reblip)
NewOrleansKat : "Fleetwood Mac – You Make Loving Fun~~~~~~~~~~~~" (reblip)

Lindsey Buckingham "Big Love" Live Acoustic Performance

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NewOrleansKat : "@TrainWreckRadio: Of all I have seen Never Fleetwood one of macs members!!! Bucket list, .......what I would give!" (reblip)

Lindsey Buckingham "Big Love" Live Acoustic Performance

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NewOrleansKat @cheesy80s: "@Dr80s got a lot to learn about love, oh yeah The only @Coffeenuts cares about is gone, @kiwiheathen1's gone" (reblip)
NewOrleansKat @muso: : "@pickypawz: : "Icehouse – No Promises.....exploring now ..."""" (reblip)

IcehouseNo Promises

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NewOrleansKat Rain-The Beatles..........we have a great storm in the French Quarter right now..love it! Let it rain, thunder. I don't mind.

Rain-The Beatles

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NewOrleansKat "@zoja01: The Doors – Riders On The Storm" seems appropriate with the storm now. (reblip)
NewOrleansKat @TropicsZ4: "The Police "Voices Inside Of My Head"" Do you hear them too? (reblip)

The Police "Voices Inside Of My Head"

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NewOrleansKat The Beatles Flying (2009 Stereo Remaster)

The Beatles Flying (2009 Stereo Remaster)

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NewOrleansKat The Beatles Blue Jay Way (Remastered)

The Beatles Blue Jay Way (Remastered)

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NewOrleansKat The Beatles: Nowhere Man.......

The Beatles: Nowhere Man

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NewOrleansKat The Beatles: Two of Us.........ok got my beatle fix!!

The Beatles: Two of Us

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NewOrleansKat The Rolling Stones – Citadel
NewOrleansKat Jackson Browne – Running On Empty
NewOrleansKat @Sandyshark: "@BeHereNw: "@SarahABQ Leave me alone I'm only dreaming... all day long.""RB =^o^= (reblip)
NewOrleansKat The Lovin' Spoonful – Rain on the Roof
NewOrleansKat Coconut Grove – Lovin' Spoonful.......just a relax song
NewOrleansKat @Cairnmont........Jimmy Buffett – Come Monday ...yes the Quarter is my home, and soul, strange place grabs you! Come back!
NewOrleansKat Dolly Parton – Here You Come Again - Live.....no real segways today just all over the place!
NewOrleansKat Dolly Parton – Jolene (High Quality) sound
NewOrleansKat Bob Dylan – Hurricane had to hear that fiddle again!!! Wish she made more solo or duets anything!
NewOrleansKat @dANGELofLOVE: Darren Hayes- I Can't Ever Get Enough Of You..ty new to me~ KAT (reblip)

Darren Hayes- I Can't Ever Get Enough Of You

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NewOrleansKat @TheJohnC:Amy Winehouse – Someone to watch over me (Ella Fitzgerald cover) RB ty~ Nice tune KAT (reblip)
NewOrleansKat Jon Bon Jovi & Pavarotti – Let it Rain
NewOrleansKat @Cangyca: "Do you wanna dance and hold my hand?" Nice to hear JR ! (reblip)
NewOrleansKat @midnightbeadery: "@nawlinswoman: "Just a brief foray..now I wander back into the mystic..g'night, all.""RB another fav (reblip)
NewOrleansKat @Marystudio: "RB@acanuckfan: Them – Here Comes The Night"RB KAT (reblip)