DJrainndietrichwilson Ok, seriously. Conor Oberst, M. Ward and that dude from My Morning Jacket? Supergroup?! (rainn faints like a Jonas Brother fan into a pile of tears)
rachyrach1 um, is this thing on? @Nirvana454

Beatbox Dub FX 10/10/2008 'Love Someone'

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NirvanaCC Paul Oakenfold - Starry-eyed Surprise @rachyrach1 Chill.
NirvanaCC St. Germain - "Rose Rouge" @rachyrach1

St Germain-Rose Rouge

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NirvanaCC Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart feat. Natacha Atlas - "Soledad" @rachyrach1 An all-time favorite. Top 20.

Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart feat. Natacha Atlas

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NirvanaCC Shamsi Ruhe - "Burger Christ" (Dead Hot Workshop cover) @psidd

burger christ

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NirvanaCC Mogwai – "Small Children in the Background" @laurafee My favorite Mogwai song ever. So atmospheric.
NirvanaCC Explosions in the sky – "Your Hand in Mine" @laurafee - since you like Mogwai
NirvanaCC Godspeed You Black Emperor – Rockets Fall on Rocket Falls @laurafee
NirvanaCC godspeed you! black emperor – "East Hastings" .@laurafee Amazing piece of music and sound.
NirvanaCC Concrete Blonde – "Make Me Cry" : Time to change up the mood around here...@girlzoo .@rachyrach1 .@LippyLauri .@laurafee
NirvanaCC Bodyrox & Luciana – What Planet You On @laurafee
NirvanaCC Okkervil River – "A King And Queen" : One of the most beautiful, most romantic songs I've ever heard. Incredible.
drunkenslipper put on some denim and chuck taylors. mama needs to be held up.
NirvanaCC We Were Promised Jetpacks – It's Thunder And It's Lightning @girlzoo @rachyrach1 Amazing.
NirvanaCC Love and Rockets – "Haunted When the Minutes Drag" Top 50 song.
NirvanaCC The Damage Manual – "Sunset Gun" @rachyrach1 Chris Connelly, beeotch!
NirvanaCC The Wedding Present – Brassneck @laurafee Emo godfathers.
NirvanaCC Jimmy Eat World – Goodbye Sky Harbor : Sleep well, my friends.
NirvanaCC Last Days Of April - Aspirins and Alcohol: @LippyLauri The cure?

Last Days Of April- Aspirins and Alcohol

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marijaanadj Skinny Puppy – Assimilate [R23 Remix]
JAMESX Awesome 1985 live version of the CULT ! kicks ass !

broken social scene-Anthems For A Seventeen-Year-Old Girl

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NirvanaCC Errortype:11 – Better Than The Superbowl @girlzoo @laurafee I miss these guys.
NirvanaCC Frightened Rabbit – "Old Old Fashioned" @laurafee @girlzoo
NirvanaCC Modest Mouse – "One Chance" Probably my favorite MM song ever.
NirvanaCC The Avalanches – "Frontier Psychiatrist" .@laurafee
NirvanaCC Desaparecidos – "Greater Omaha" : Not a huge Conor Oberst fan, but this song kills.
NirvanaCC Our Lady Peace – "Stealing Babies" : Powerful song..

Depeche Mode - I Want You Now

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crispast totally agree! @marijaanadj: "Beautiful song! @xtranguy: The city sunset over me!" (reblip)
NirvanaCC Jellyfish – New Mistake : One of the most under-appreciated songs of all time.
NirvanaCC Fugazi-Repeater


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NirvanaCC Patty Griffin – Not Alone

Richie Havens Freedom Woodstock 1969

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Death in Vegas - Dirt

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green day- walking contradiction

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tubilino Good Friday @space_cadet's my daily reblip from you! thx ;) (reblip)
NirvanaCC Okkervil River – "He Passes Number 33" @LippyLauri @girlzoo : Converting the masses..
NirvanaCC You are sleeping. You do not want to believe.

The SmithsRubber Ring

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Pearl Jam Evolution

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Aluciel It takes more than fucking someone to keep yourself warm. Blankets help. And so does some hot chai tea.
radiojane can't-stop-blipping-this-song

Flaming Lips -convinced of the hex

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girlzoo fairly dark for this late, but could work the dreamland straight away @Nirvana454 @LippyLauri~

The Blessed Hellride- Black Label Society

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NirvanaCC MURS - "Bad Man"


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NirvanaCC Meg & Dia – "Monster" : I never seem to tire of this song.
NirvanaCC The Refreshments – "Broken Record" : For all the Young Republicans...
NirvanaCC Gin Blossoms – What : Can't believe I actually found this!

Gin BlossomsWhat

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NirvanaCC Otis Redding – Mr. Pitiful : @YankeeMegInPHL I just really like this song.
NirvanaCC The Arcade Fire – Crown of Love (reblip) @Modster: Thank you! Forgot how incredible this song is.. (reblip)
NirvanaCC Otis Redding ~ Love Man : Another brilliant Otis track

Otis Redding ~ Love Man

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Magic Bus The Who ( HQ sound )

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NirvanaCC The Connells – Stone Cold Yesterday "I want to see what it is they see." @girlzoo @YankeeMegInPHL @LippyLauri
NirvanaCC Screaming Blue Messiahs "Wild Blue Yonder" @girlzoo @LippyLauri

Screaming Blue Messiahs "Wild Blue Yonder"

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NirvanaCC The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy - Television the Drug of the Nation

television the drug of the nation

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NirvanaCC @jennyleepenny My favoritest Jellyfish song EVAR
NirvanaCC @YankeeMegInPHL : Ok, this is a little more appropriate ;)

U2All I Want Is You

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Vas- Izgrejala

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NirvanaCC Explosions in the sky – First breath after coma @laurafee
NirvanaCC Goo Goo Dolls - "Slide" @YankeeMegInPHL

Goo Goo Dolls -Slide

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NirvanaCC Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy : creepiest video ever made. with that, good night all.
NirvanaCC Arch Enemy – "Ravenous" Talk about Girl Power!

Arch EnemyRavenous

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NirvanaCC Weezer – Death and Destruction : This version has vastly superior sound quality @girlzoo
NirvanaCC Volcano Choir – "Still" - Unmap : Damn, this is good stuff. @girlzoo @rachyrach1
NirvanaCC Tonic – Soldier's Daughter : Far & away, their finest moment @girlzoo @laurafee
NirvanaCC Tonic – Celtic Aggression : One more for good measure @girlzoo @laurafee
NirvanaCC This Mortal Coil – 'Till I Gain Control Again : If this doesn't move you, you're dead inside. @girlzoo @laurafee
NirvanaCC Volcano Choir – "Sleepymouth" - Unmap Yup, it's that time, gang. *yawn*
NirvanaCC The Who – Won't Get Fooled Again : "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss"
NirvanaCC "Tonic – Celtic Aggression : (reblip) (reblip)
NirvanaCC Montgomery Gentry – "Long Line Of Losers" Y'all mind if I git a lil country tonite? @girlzoo @laurafee
NirvanaCC David Allan Coe - "You Never Even Called Me by My Name": My band used to cover this @girlzoo @laurafee

David Allen Coe You Never Even Called Me by My Name

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crispast heyyy(rb)@ianthomaz !! long time no blip togheter..i'm glad to see you again!! :) ciao @HERDE @Edainsmom @nilsm111 @ShiaoMei @TropicsZ4 @lilwldchld!! (reblip)
NirvanaCC Loretta Lynn – Van Lear Rose: the amazing collab. w/ Jack White @girlzoo @LippyLauri
NirvanaCC Patsy Cline – I Fall to Pieces : I loves me some Patsy.
NirvanaCC Hello Saferide – "The quiz" : ok, really not country, but quite cool. @girlzoo @LippyLauri @rachyrach1 (reblip)
NirvanaCC Radiohead-Optimistic : ...that I'll sleep like the dead tonight.


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NirvanaCC Glen Hansard – Say It To Me Now : The most powerful 2 minutes of your day.
NirvanaCC Mother Love Bone – This Is Shangrila : @laurafee I thought you meant *this* Andy Wood.
NirvanaCC Braid – "First Day Back" I am 17 different kinds of tired. Good night friends.

BraidFirst Day Back

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NirvanaCC Volcano Choir – "Sleepymouth" : Yup, it's that time, gang. *zzzzzz* (reblip)
NirvanaCC Azam Ali – Inna-I-Malak
NirvanaCC The Afghan Whigs – What Jail Is Like : @psidd Oldie, but a goodie...
NirvanaCC Voltaire – "Goodnight Demonslayer": This has a nice "Sir Robin" quality to it. Good night, friends.
NirvanaCC Aphex Twin – Window Licker
NirvanaCC Josh Rouse – "The White Trash Period of My Life" @CharlotteNoel @rachyrach1 @girlzoo @LippyLauri
NirvanaCC Green Day – American Idiot (with lyrics) : Dedicated to my good friend, the Buffalo.
NirvanaCC Elastica – 2:1 -- Goodnight, all.


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NirvanaCC The Faint - "Desperate Guys"

The Faint Desperate Guys

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NirvanaCC @Aluciel: "GAH! It's Wednesday and I forgot to blip it! ;_; (reblip) (reblip)
NirvanaCC Jah Wobble feat. Natacha Atlas - "Soledad" @girlzoo @YankeeMegInPHL @LippyLauri : This is musical sex.

Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart feat. Natacha Atlas

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NirvanaCC The Innocence Mission – Now in This Hush

The Future Sound of London — Papua New Guinea

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NirvanaCC Love and Rockets – Kundalini Express
NirvanaCC I'm all over the place today...where will I go next? Hmm...
NirvanaCC Cheesy music? Yes. Bad lyrics? Yes. Love it anyway? Hell yes.
NirvanaCC The Sonics – The Witch (1964) : Speaking of The Sonics... @girlzoo @LippyLauri @rachyrach1
NirvanaCC red hot chili peppers – road trippin' : not a big rhcp fan, but this is a winner. @YankeeMegInPHL
NirvanaCC Earth feat. Kurt Cobain – Divine And Bright
NirvanaCC Pelican – "Sirius" : Amazing band, amazing song. Can't say enough good things.


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NirvanaCC @Judas_Hannibal: "2 guys 1 Flute. One of these guys blows. The other gives the hand job." (reblip)

2 Guys 1 Flute | J.S. Bach Badineri

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NirvanaCC Aphex Twin – Bucephalus Bouncing Ball : Have you figured out tonight's theme? @laurafee
NirvanaCC Mogwai – "Mogwai Fear Satan" : The most incredible. Good night, all. @girlzoo @Miridunn @laurafee
NirvanaCC Great choice, fun band...Detroit Cobras – Hey Sailor @abba_ks @girlzoo @rachyrach1
NirvanaCC Stroke 9 – Little Black Backpack : Holy crap! Remember this one?
NirvanaCC Pollen – "Wing Walkers" : One of the greatest bands you've never heard. @girlzoo @laurafee

PollenWing Walkers

| play
NirvanaCC I dare you to be proud To dare to shout aloud For convictions that you feel

BauhausDouble Dare

| play
NirvanaCC i want to break it up i want to smash it up i want to fuck it up i want to watch it come down
NirvanaCC We hungry but them belly full. The structure is set ya never change it with a ballot pull.
NirvanaCC The gates of pearl have turned to gold It seems you've lost your way

SlayerJesus Saves

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NirvanaCC It's all bullshit, I don't wanna hear it.
NirvanaCC You tell me that i make no difference At least i'm fuckin' trying What the fuck have you done?
NirvanaCC Smashing Pumpkins – Superchrist : Probably the best thing SP has done in years. @girlzoo
NirvanaCC I forgot how awesome this song is!
NirvanaCC Behold the genius of this man.

PrinceThe Cross

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NirvanaCC Me and the Dragon...can chase all the pain away

PLACEBO My Sweet Prince

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NirvanaCC Every time I rise I see you falling...
NirvanaCC With expert levitation forward, polished to the nth degree..

Placebo Allergic (GREAT QUALITY)

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NirvanaCC Possibly my favorite song ever in the whole wide world. Makes me cry. Good night, lovelies.

RadioheadLet Down

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laurafee @Nirvana454 one of my personal favorites of theirs.


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NirvanaCC Reblip! =) @jennyleepenny: " Aw. A little Monkey and ya <3 me? (~_^) - Heya! @danieldiver / Howdy! @SDUBB ♫ " ^_^ (reblip)
NirvanaCC British Sea Power – It Ended On An Oily Stage : great song, under-rated band
NirvanaCC and they couldn't prevent Jack from being happy....

The WhoHappy Jack

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Yo-Yo Ma plays the prelude from Bach´s Cello Suite No. 1

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Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins "Rise Up With Fists"

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AlyG excited about the upcoming birthday? (reblip)
NirvanaCC The Wedding Present - "Suck" @girlzoo @LippyLauri @abba_ks

The Wedding Present Suck Seamonsters

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NirvanaCC @TupeloJo: "more even better @SOcaM: "Cowboy Junkies – I'm So Open"" (reblip)
NirvanaCC Who gives a fuck about an Oxford Comma?
NirvanaCC Red Sparowes – We Stood Transfixed...
NirvanaCC @LikeAnAngel: "kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy for these guys i think. too bad, great song." // But they're still making great music! (reblip)
NirvanaCC Robert Smith/Steve Severin side project...w/ a Siouxsie sound-alike
NirvanaCC Something Happens "Parachute"

Something Happens singing Parachute

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NirvanaCC The Velvet Underground – Venus in Furs: A psychedelic classic.
NirvanaCC "Each journey lasts an age, and my throat feels dry"
NirvanaCC In a world where I'd forgotten you. I found myself forgotten, too...
NirvanaCC I say I don't like it, and I know I don't want it...
NirvanaCC "Love, let me sleep tonight on you couch, and remember the smell of the fabric of your simple city dress.."
NirvanaCC New Pornographers – "Mass Romantic" : Shimmering pop rock magic! @laurafee @girlzoo @abba_ks


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NirvanaCC listening to Paramore – 'Crushcrushcrush'
NirvanaCC Such a powerful, emotional it @YankeeMegInPHL
NirvanaCC Such a beautiful song...tears at the heart, doesn't it? @YankeeMegInPHL

Box Car Racer "I Feel So"

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NirvanaCC For some reason, Editors kind of remind me of this band @laurafee
NirvanaCC Goodnight, friends. The fever has a firm grip on me. Time to sleep it off.
NirvanaCC rb @DJrainndietrichwilson: "Those wonderful, weird, hairy scrappers from "Once" have a new album out which is terrific." (reblip)
NirvanaCC Ryan Adams – New York, New York : Good night, all. It's been fun. Way to go, #Yankees!
NirvanaCC The Frames – Lay Me Down
NirvanaCC Two are born to cross their paths, their lives, their hearts. If by chance one turns away are they forever lost?
NirvanaCC John Frusciante – Emily

John FruscianteEmily

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Muse-Hate This & I'll Love You [Lyrics]

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NirvanaCC It's easy to forget how brilliant this album is/was... @girlzoo @laurafee

MuseMicro Cuts

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LikeAnAngel hey @TPJK--what kind of trouble are you getting into tonight?

Zero Wing theme (Rev.5 mix) All your base are belong to us

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NirvanaCC Still blows me away @girlzoo

Canon Rock

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Lux Aeterna-Requiem for a Tower Version

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NirvanaCC Ok, time to pick things up a little bit...Oldie but a goodie @girlzoo @laurafee @LikeAnAngel @jennyleepenny
NirvanaCC What noisy cats are we Long, low time ago, people talk to me A pistol hot cup of rhyme The whiskey is water, the water is wine

REMSwan Swan H

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Nirvana SappyA K A Verse Chorus Verse

| play
shortygal Trying this one again.

Basement Jaxx- Wheres Your Head At

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NirvanaCC My Friend Steve "All in All" : Great unknown band. Also..ticked off I can't find Athenaeum out here. @TupeloJo @girlzoo @laurafee
NirvanaCC The Chimeras: "Cathedral City" I can't believe I found this!

The Chimeras: Cathedral City

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NirvanaCC "Someone tell me why I do the things that I don't wanna do..."

Skinny Puppy Smothered Hope

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NirvanaCC Drive-By Truckers – Hey Ya * (Outkast cover)

The Damage Manual: Sunset Gun

| play
NirvanaCC It cannot be overstated how good these guys are.
NirvanaCC This just popped into my head at random, which is cool, 'cuz its a great song =) @laurafee @girlzoo

Silverchair-Israel's Son

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NirvanaCC "Techno tried to defile the metal, but techno was proven wrong."
NirvanaCC Part 2: "I Started a Joke": a heartbreaking version by Low.

LowI started a Joke

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makinloverite RB@Model_Daughters: "oooohmelllt... // Lex Land – As Much As You Lead @LexLand" it's a beauty from you as usual ;D (reblip)
NirvanaCC CRANES "lilies": (roma circolo artisti 21/OCT/2008): Grrr, can't find a decent version of this.

CRANES, roma circolo artisti 21/OCT/2008 "lilies"

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| play
NirvanaCC Lisa Gerrard and Pieter Bourke – Nadir (Synchronicity) @girlzoo @Miridunn
NirvanaCC "You know what, Stuart? I like you. You're not like the other people, here, in the trailer park..."
girlzoo blow me away @Nirvana454 you alter my world with beauties like "Vibrate" by Rufus Wainwright (reblip)
NirvanaCC rb @pagemac School Of Seven Bells – Face To Face On High Places (reblip)
NirvanaCC amazing cover! @sookiebontemps: "*puttin' on A8 on the jukebox to liven things up in the bar*" @girlzoo @rachyrach1 (reblip)