NotUrMumsMusic Don't Dream It's Over - SJ may pull it out ...


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NotUrMumsMusic For son who's been singing it all day now ...

Twist and Shout

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NotUrMumsMusic So it's Saturday - I'm still in love. :-)
NotUrMumsMusic Another one for son ...

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

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NotUrMumsMusic Dedicated to my favourite Swede - for you shopping is therapy. :-)
NotUrMumsMusic Didn't know The Cars did this one ... or what the title was. Eish!
NotUrMumsMusic Son heard this - asked that I blip it [sigh!]
NotUrMumsMusic Other went away again ... faster than a speeding Tomcat ...

Top Gun - Danger Zone

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NotUrMumsMusic Know I've blipped this before, but after telling son incorrect group, this is a reminder for myself of who does the song!
NotUrMumsMusic Why do I have the feeling hubby would like this group?


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NotUrMumsMusic If there's nothing wrong with me, there must be something wrong with the universe. Thx Dr. Crusher!
NotUrMumsMusic Ah, what the hey - more from "Twilight" ;-)
NotUrMumsMusic Reblipping ... can't miss that great fiddlin'!
NotUrMumsMusic Another great song by Coldplay [what's this, the 3rd time I've done this song? :-) ]


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NotUrMumsMusic Yee-ha! Heard this song a while ago, wonder if it's been released yet or not.
NotUrMumsMusic Reminds me of some people I know ... uh, me neither. :-)
NotUrMumsMusic Another reblipping - for some reason when computer's busy, blips not always connect :-(
NotUrMumsMusic I know, I've blipped this a bit - but it keeps disappearing from my playlist :-(
NotUrMumsMusic Reblipping as other one is "gone" ...
NotUrMumsMusic Don't know why, but this song's not too bad :-)
NotUrMumsMusic Another reblip ... I know, I gotta stop whining about this :-)


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NotUrMumsMusic Ack, this one must be on the blip list ... Sweet Home Alabama, Baby!
NotUrMumsMusic Celebrating St. Pat's - with a great band "In God's Country" :-)

U2In God's Country

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NotUrMumsMusic Heard in grocery store; surprised hubby by knowing who it was. :-)
NotUrMumsMusic Mr. Billy Joel - Goodnight My Angel - time to close your eyes
NotUrMumsMusic Another reblip - as other version also not wanting to play - Hello Mr. Boyer :-)
NotUrMumsMusic I'll try this again ... preview worked, but blipping was "unavailable" - sigh!


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NotUrMumsMusic First time I heard this I liked it ... :-)

jessica andrews - Who I am

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NotUrMumsMusic For my "Cars" crazed child :-)

The ChordsSh-Boom

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NotUrMumsMusic Dreams ... dreams ... dreams ... :-)
NotUrMumsMusic Slightly longer version of the song :-)
NotUrMumsMusic Never heard of them before - have to admit, but I like the name of the group. :-)


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NotUrMumsMusic At least the title really reflects the chorus of the song [think Dave Barry's music article if confused]
NotUrMumsMusic Didn't like the book "The Host," but do like this song [she recommended it for the book]


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NotUrMumsMusic Another "reblip" - Rock Me Amadeus - Falco
NotUrMumsMusic Arcade Fire - a group I like some things by :-)
NotUrMumsMusic Much better version ; less breaking up on my computer :-)
NotUrMumsMusic Travis - Why Does it Always Rain on Me?
NotUrMumsMusic Different song, I know ...


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NotUrMumsMusic Son's fav player's song; and son likes the song too :-)
NotUrMumsMusic Not sure if this one's quite right - Blue October - Everlasting Friend
NotUrMumsMusic This song reminds me of "Summer of '69" - sweet story, great execution of the song
NotUrMumsMusic Didn't know the name of this one - or the group - so kinda lucky find, eh?

Radiohead15 Step

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NotUrMumsMusic Reblip - still a great song! :-)
NotUrMumsMusic Great version of this song ... "Walk on By" - Seal

SealWalk On By

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NotUrMumsMusic Reblip ... The Veronicas - Mouth Shut
NotUrMumsMusic Thunder ... thunder ... Roger K at SJ ... THUNDER!


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NotUrMumsMusic Reblipping ... other version now gone ... great beat, great song ...
NotUrMumsMusic Reblipping - Animal I Have Become [Three Days Grace] - think Jacob from Twilight/New Moon
NotUrMumsMusic Lubbock or Leave It - no matter what, for my son it'll always be the home of the Red Raiders [Texas Tech]
NotUrMumsMusic Reblipping - kinda fun song :-)


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NotUrMumsMusic Tried to sing this song to son, he thought I was singing Pitbull's "One Two Three Four" song :-)
NotUrMumsMusic Song popped into my head today - doing family history stuff
NotUrMumsMusic Son's probably tired of this song, but I still like the intro ... Wicked Game - Chris Issak
NotUrMumsMusic For my son - CJ Z's song at Muni [and was Buster Posey's too]
NotUrMumsMusic Wild at Heart - Gloriana [the dark haired woman looks like someone I know]
NotUrMumsMusic You gotta swim through life ... Jack's Mannequin - Swim
NotUrMumsMusic Reed was right - I was wrong :-) Buster's song ... thought CJ took it over [whoops!]
NotUrMumsMusic Something about this song just makes me smile ...
NotUrMumsMusic Reblipping - Green Day - Holiday :-)

Green DayHoliday

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NotUrMumsMusic Time is a valuable thing, watch it fly by as the pendulum swings. "In the End - Linkin Park]
NotUrMumsMusic Fly along with me - I can't quite make it alone; Foo Fighters - Learn to Fly

Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly

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NotUrMumsMusic Still one of son's favourite songs ...
NotUrMumsMusic Son likes this one ... Snow Patrol - Hands Open
NotUrMumsMusic So, is she left in a meadow or do they do another meadow scene?
NotUrMumsMusic Reblip ...

Muse: I belong to you (lyrics in sidebar)

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NotUrMumsMusic Hubby mentioned them ... ah, yes, I do recall this song ... :-)

Spandau BalletTrue

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NotUrMumsMusic Reblipping son's current fave song - thanks to Whale Wars

Bullet With Butterfly Wings HIGH QUALITY By Smashing Pumkins

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NotUrMumsMusic Okay, not a typical son I'd pick, but son likes the beat ...


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