CatRancher Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love (thanks @LaBomba) (reblip)
SaoRibeiro There´s someting wrong with the world today ... they're all living on the edge...
Emperormau This one made my lil transistor radio smoke, let alone Mr. Daniels' fiddle!
ReAnto The Eagles – Take It to the Limit

Bush - Glycerine

| play
ThisChick been years since hearing this one...

Macy GrayI Try

| play
ReAnto Johnny Cash – Hurt

Johnny CashHurt

| play
starpadilla "I look at the cross,Then I look away,Give you the gun, Blow me away" -Deftones, "Change"

Deftones - Change

| play
CharlieBaltimore Happy hour me when you're sober
malix Makes me think of my friend Alex...looks like him... (reblip)
AlexVitus Just 'cause its one of those days... Pump It!!
epf2001 Name the commercial this song was played in (part 1)
Adriaustin [The Cure - Lullaby] sooooooooo nice!

The CureLullaby

| play
SoDown hope ur havin a funky afternoon-adding the bounce!!
Byngiboy The question is, did Tom Jones do a good job with the cover?


| play
spice Can't mess with class, I could quite happily have this on repeat again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again
playalongjon Song refers to how western society is fast deteriorating & ponders on how this society is becoming very superficial & plastic,cites California as 1 ex
antoine1950 Comen without, come within....
noprospects Who wants to live forever...go on then I'll give it a try...
robertolemos Great Song from england band

Cold PlayClocks

| play
GiselledeOliveira True colors are beautiful like a rainbow...
Omnivos Man, I wore this CD out when it was released. Loved the video to.
Omnivos Happy mothers day mom. SONG FOR MAMA
Omnivos Listen up and learn something.

Peter GabrielBiko

| play
kalosmalos Dusty Springfield – "Son of a Preacher Man"
keeperofdreams witchy woman the best kinda woman
Omnivos Once In A Lifetime - That's my motto "same as it ever was"
Omnivos Don't Give Up - Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush - Last one tonight. This song touches my soul.


| play
Nosoyuncampeon the best band, the best song

Pearl JamAlive

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DJrainndietrichwilson This one's good for barbeques. What are we memorializing this weekend? I forget.
Omnivos Released in 1983 but this song still rocks. REBEL YELL!
Alyssa_Milano Toe tapping!

Good Day Sunshine

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Omnivos Yeah, I'm in the mood for _________. Fill in the blank. Robert Plant.
Omnivos Hey, Yusuf I love Hitchcock.
Omnivos Last song before I get up and start laundry. Scorpions: ~Winds of Change~
Omnivos I really love this band! I camped out for their Rupp Arena show when I was like 19 or 20.
Omnivos It's really funny that all my favorite songs from high school are know considered classic rock. :) Hurray for the 40 somethings!

steve miller band take the money and run

| play
Omnivos Time for some Otis Redding

These Arms Of Mine-Otis Redding

| play
Omnivos Double shot of Otis. Here's to dreams.
Omnivos I'm off to the DMV. Listen to Mrs. Robinson--->
Italianbrarian teach your children well ~ feed them on your dreams

The Voice of Love is Crying (David Lynch vs Rebekah del Rio vs Angelo Badalamenti)

| play
Omnivos This song came from the first film I remember watching at age 5. Johnathan Livingston Seagul made me a dreamer.
Omnivos releasing my inner seagull. Watch Johnathan Linvingston Seagull to find out what that means. Nominated oscar for best Cinematography and best editing
Omnivos Most recognized horror theme song in the world. I really do love a good old fashioned horror film.
Omnivos Close up video of Paul McCartney singing Cosmically Conscious at the Change Begins Within benefit concert.

Cosmically Conscious- Paul McCartney, Ringo Star, bettye Lavette, Sheryl Crow

| play

Making of... We are all made of stars (Moby)

| play

Wonderwall by Cat Power

| play
Omnivos Mishka - His music is so care free and uplifting. I love the message his songs speak. Makes me happy.
Omnivos Awesome 70's Music... I was just a wee lad when ELO released this song. These guys have amazing songs.
Omnivos If you are 35-40 this song should trigger some sweet memories. TELEPHONE LINE!
Omnivos Still getting my jammy on with ELO. Hold on tight to your dreams sounds like good advice.
Omnivos A little info about me. When I was a kid I was obsessed with magic. I used to check out books from the library on magic.
Omnivos Time for some positive energy. Sing it with me.
Omnivos Last song until I get busy. Turn up the volume, raise your hands over your head and clap to the beat.
Omnivos Very original video. With David Lynch there is no box to think outside of. Love it..
Omnivos Reminds me of my youth.

Night Moves

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Omnivos Who the hell wants to just be another brick in the wall? I don't want to be another cookie cutter human. Refuse to follow the heard, be yourself!
MarleneMac This feels like a good close to the day...
Omnivos This song the theme from a film dealing with addiction. Not all addicts take drugs. The dark side of the human personality interests me.
Omnivos Today is a perfect day. I won't let anything put me in a bad mood. Today I am invincible.
Omnivos Ah what the hell. :) I haven't heard this song since well forever. Enjoy.
Omnivos Hmmm sweet little clue their Mr. Lynch...Mullholand drive when Betty Elms says "That'll will be the day" referring to seeing her name in lights. :)
Omnivos I feel like poetry.

John Donne "The Sun Rising" Poem Movie Animation

| play
Omnivos A dream within a dream

Edgar Allan Poe "A Dream Within A Dream" Poem Animation

| play
Omnivos My tribute song. Think there was pressure for him to perform better each time he went on tour?
Omnivos Every time I hear this song I think of that scene with George Clooney and the fake beard. My grandfather was a bluegrass performer. love and RIP.. (reblip)

Dr Ralph Stanley : O Death 2008

| play
Omnivos Good Golly miss molly this guy gets it. I love the blues.

Muddy Waters- Mannish Boy.MP3

| play

The Beatles-In My Life

| play
Omnivos I'm 1/16th Cherokee Indian.

EnigmaIndian Chanting

| play
Omnivos Words of wisdom.

The Native American Ten Commandments

| play
Omnivos Some of my favorite film scores.

Hans ZimmerOne Day

| play
Omnivos I think I love all of Hans Zimmers scores. They tell a story all by themselves.
1sweetwhirl Dear Pedey, no matter what, I luv U! Brilliant play last nite! #redsox ~Prince & The Revolution-I Would Die 4 U
Omnivos The composers that write film scores are the Beethovens and Mozarts of the 21st century.

Gladiator Theme By Hans Zimmer & Lize Gerrard

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djLop Ves, ya vamos acercando posturas!!!!@Lage23: "Para aclarar dudas ¬¬' @djLop @smiley "Sinitta - So macho" jajajajajaja" (reblip)

SinittaSo Macho

| play
Atomik He's been in quite a mood! LOL @Simchabe: "@SevenTenths Still mad? What's up? We can replace your goods. is your phone ok?" (reblip)
kveebee Continuing my Matrix soundtrack theme
flipchickmom @norkaman:@VenusFly If the illusion is real, Let them give you a ride. If they got thunder appeal, Let them be on your side - TY! WOOT! (reblip)
Omnivos Blipping Moby's a couple songs from Moby's new album. This is a great album and I can't wait to get a copy.


| play
Omnivos Another great song from the new Moby Album Wait For Me. Listening and Relaxing. Bye Bye tension

MobyWait for Me

| play
Omnivos Eating a KING SIZE Hershey's Chocolate bar with almonds and Jamming to Mr. Joe Cocker.
Omnivos Ray has soul yes he does. Hear it feel it be it.
Omnivos Yes, this song was around long before The Lion King
Omnivos American Graffiti, Animal House.
Omnivos Reaching into my drawer of oldies and shakes off the dust.

T'PauHeart and Soul

| play
Omnivos I have nothing against blondes but here you go, Four Non Blondes singing "What's Up". Universal Music Group (reblip)
Omnivos Song for all the hard headed women. ;)
Omnivos come sing with me.

Let It Be- Beatles + lyrics

| play
Omnivos Oh, I must own this video!

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

| play
Omnivos Last song, wheres my lighter damnit!
Omnivos Chase away the blue meanies with love.

The Beatles-All You Need Is Love

| play
Eklectik not a lot of Beatles tunes out here, so this will be the last.
imnotbob I discovered this old band called The Beatles! I couldn't believe I'd never heard of them!

The Beatles-She Loves You

| play
retorta If i fell - the beatles

The BeatlesIf I Fell

| play
DJosue A disfrutar The Beatles Day
aclift Won't you come out to play?


| play
retorta Ticket To Ride

The Beatles-Ticket To Ride

| play
CoseleyBaths Help me if you can I'm being knocked down Beatles please RT & Follow save @CoseleyBaths

Help! Beatles

| play
Omnivos Giving props for Beatles songs until i run out.
renangoulart John e Yoko eram bizarros. "Yoko? John? Yoookooooo! Joooooohhnnn Yokooooooo Jooooooooooooohnnn Yooooooooooooko Jooooooohn"

John Lennon & Yoko Ono: "John & Yoko" (1969)

| play
darrylheron If today is 09.09.09 than yesterday was the day before, it was yesterday anyways


| play
changedaworld one of my favs off my least fav album


| play
EricYorkizzle In honor of The Beatles ROCK BAND game. "The Beatles- I Am The Walrus (With Lyrics)"

The Beatles- I Am The Walrus (With Lyrics)

| play

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

| play
Omnivos 70's Big collars, bell bottoms, gold chains and disco. :D

The Bee GeesTragedy

| play
Omnivos I feel blessed to recognize these songs and enjoy them.
Omnivos Yes, I believe I've got a little bit of soul.
Omnivos Vote @elizadushku @InStyle: Who's the Sexiest Leading Lady: @LADollhouse #Dollhouse Shes a Brick House!
Omnivos For all my cigarette smoking friends. :)
Omnivos How do I know about all these songs that were around before I was even born?
Omnivos This is where my middle name came from. Yes I was named after a song. :)
Omnivos This song sums up a portion of my life


| play

JOAN BAEZ "Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream "

| play


| play
Omnivos This song reminds me of my old Crush Jennie of 20 years ago. sheeesh, am I that old now? Wow.

Cheap TrickThe Flame

| play
Omnivos I'm getting close to the music that Im looking for. almost. Thinking outloud.. :) goodnight all.


| play
Omnivos My great grandmother used to sing this to me in English. I'm only 1/16th Cherokee but I never want to forget where I came from.

Beethoven 5th Symphony (No. 5, graphical score animation, allegro)

| play
Omnivos Last one.

Richard Wagner-Funeral march

| play

Pink Floyd 'Learning To Fly'

| play
Omnivos I always think of Cartman when I hear this song.

StyxCome Sail Away

| play
Omnivos Streaming the eclectic hits from 60, 70, 80, 90, 00. :) I Win!

EminemTill I Collapse

| play
Omnivos I'm feeling a little philosophical right now. What do you think is the difference between being just good and greatness?
Omnivos I love this song. Maybe I was dropped on my head a couple times as a child. :)
S373N Great Sex Music

X-Rx [ Industrial Rave Revolution ] 2009 HQ

| play

Cowboy Junkies Sweet Jane Video

| play
Omnivos Those nasty stripping zombies are at it again. :)

Zombie Stripper! Naked Ape "Undo Redo"

| play
Omnivos Holy crap what a find. The guys just hanging out and jamming together.
Omnivos Hollywood, lets bring back the spirit of the western!

Great Western Movie Themes

| play

For A Few Dollars More Theme (Ennio Morricone)

| play
Omnivos Danny Boyle plays your heartstrings like a Stradivarius in Slumdog Millionaire. Great film but it is missing something.

A Night Piece For Orchestra

| play

Depeche Mode in Sonata No. 14 (Moonlight Sonata)

| play
Omnivos If I could be an Instrument instead of a person I would want to be a cello in the hands of a master.. Beautiful!!
Omnivos I like the words to this song.
Omnivos feel like listening to a little Annie Lennox
Omnivos Cubed. last one before bed.
Omnivos Holy shiiiet Russell Stovers sugar free candy is good. "Toffee Squares, Coconut chocolate"
Omnivos My grandpaw used to sing this.. I'll remember him forever.
micoy @Lunaladee: ":D@micoy:D@Lunaladee:can we do a cluster-blip?:D@micoy:@Totengrber:@micoy:)@irfung:@micoy Thanks as always!"" (reblip)

New OrderElegia

| play
Omnivos Now for something totally different.


| play
Omnivos Never to old to try and like new things.


| play
Omnivos pretty good cover since I cant find a high quality original

Nights In White Satin performed by Mellow Yellow

| play
Omnivos Blip the hell out of this album cause it needs to be released. Let's go EMI.
Omnivos Pictures by: David Lynch. I laughed out loud when I saw the old motorcycle guy picture at the gallery.
Omnivos The thing I like about this album is the music is similar but different. Try and figure that one out.
Omnivos Last song from the album "Dark Night of The Soul" featuring David Lynch.
Omnivos Got my feet wet at the beach, almost run over by LA police and called a paparazzi. Overall it was a good day.

The KinksLola

| play
Omnivos I always feel better when I can hear the whole song.
Omnivos In honor of the sunburn I have on the left side of my face. I hope it doesn't scar. :)
Omnivos Let me ask you a question. When you were stabbing that vampire, did you get a little wood? - Mahogany. Are you possessed by demons?
Omnivos Nice bluesy track from Carpenters : Vampires.
Omnivos John Carpenter's: DARK STAR ~ Benson Arizona - sung by John Yager
Omnivos @micoy: "@Dvulture: "Talking Heads - Psycho Killer (interesting version, tape record + David Byrne and not the entire band). RB @micoy"" (reblip)
Omnivos Blipping Carpenter Scores because I love old fashion horror films. Take a guess to what film this is from.
Omnivos After listening to several lame versions of lullaby I finally found a good one. PROPS to the Kentucky girl.
Omnivos At 26 yrs old Jacob Gershowitz composed "Rhapsody In Blue". What will you be remembered for?
Omnivos Anyone remember this song from Cameron Crowe directed film (1989)Say Anything staring John Cusack? goodnight, earlier morning tomorrow.
Omnivos My favorite from Wagner ---> Siegfried's Funeral March.
Omnivos I haven't heard this song in forever and It's good advice.

TLC - Waterfalls

| play
micoy hi & bye! @ducks2007: "drive by hi! I'm gone! rb @micoy" (reblip)

Burning ImageShadows

| play
Omnivos To my friends. <------ better version ;)

Don Giovanni:Ouverture

| play