Openedge1 Must be why the snow came. And really... not like I can smell anything today anyways.
jonasbeats yes, sometimes -Finding an easy way to break your heart Finding the hardest part is leaving-
Openedge1 Breathing today, cold residing..seems I can think as well. Work should be fruitful. Some wake up music.
rociof espiando, indagando, inventando, escribiendo
Openedge1 Changes are prevalent as time moves on. I feel like I am separated, and discover not one but two who shall eventually become one!
matttbastard Dedicated to those who are kissing the sky courtesy Nyquil. Get well soon.
Openedge1 Sunday morning, light rain in the NC mountains. With the smell of bacon permeating the air, I just have to smile.
Openedge1 Shoegaze from Estonia...the mecca of this awesome genre's revival. Yum!
Openedge1 Snow, snow...go away...come another day!
skishua Feels like all the days are gone. Just catch the breeze, you know it had to fall.
tafty @slinkycurtis gaze at your shoes to this beauty!
Openedge1 Living today as if I have been waiting for this moment all my life!
Openedge1 Compiling a list of my favorite math rock bands, because today X=y-3 squared.

Unwed SailorAurora

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Openedge1 Because I cannot math rock is fun!
Openedge1 While trying to find more "DiG", I instead find "The DiG"...??. Sounds good actually.


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dswancanada see what lookin pretty cool gets ya
Openedge1 @tipadaknife Almost forgot. Miranda Sex Garden. This is the one I know. Note string, piano and drums. Awesome.
Openedge1 "pay for the sign on the hill that says 'you're home'"
Openedge1 Hmmm...Yellow Sub era Beatles mixed with a bit of Beach Boys and Death Cab for Cutie. I like it.
ChrisNY First time I've come across this. Good stuff.
ChrisNY Looking forward to catching live in June
Openedge1 Winding down my night...a little listen to First Wave Hello. Enjoy.

Ken Andrews and First Wave Hello

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Openedge1 Math rock...make my mind think and nice vocals to pull me in. Good night.
Openedge1 @sunnysunnysunny I really like this tune. Thanks. Sharing with others. (reblip)

Emiliana TorriniGun

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ladypn RB @DJstromer19 A new sound to these ears! I like! (reblip)


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Openedge1 From my old neck of the woods...Michigan. The music fits my mood after being so melancholy today.
Openedge1 Post Rock, Shoegaze, Ambient with vocals by Robert Smith from the Cure would best describe this gorgeous music. Enjoy.


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Openedge1 Feeling better, but still have a cloudy head after Dentist trip number two. Will relax with some music now.
Openedge1 Via @Versh Via@MsRedPen , "never heard this before, and I'm instantly in to it!". I agree (reblip)
Openedge1 Since I heard the first piece via another DJ, I did a search, found this, and yes, this group sounds wonderful.
Openedge1 Wiki note: "Jeff Dimpsey (of HUM) originally formed the band in order to perform a 45-minute long song" Oh MY!
Openedge1 BTW, this is HUM. This is their one hit. A little heavier than the new band National Skyline. Very raw!


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Openedge1 After the monosyllabic band I remembered yesterday (Hum), I went to my past and found another Fav. Dig


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Openedge1 On the road for work. A little driving music for the trip.
Openedge1 Life is a drama...just like a movie...might as well direct.
bobiesalles Pra ir embora feliz (e cedo) hahaha


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Versh Every Halou track has hundreds of rich audio layers, it'll fill your brain.
Openedge1 Mmmm...rockin it out.


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Openedge1 Oh is getting is Autumn!
bobiesalles Algumas citações do #somnoblog foram ótimas para mim. Lembranças muito boas! (Mesmo o Darkness, que eu confundi com o Madness rs...)
Openedge1 I may get over this sleepiness and dullness after all to make the best of this day..Cheers
Openedge1 Conan's Game Director "It's..very soon..actually doing final tests.. this morning... The hope is.. if ..not this week..early next week.(Patch 3.0)"
Openedge1 Because I am all happy, and this makes me wanna dance...
Openedge1 Unique voice with an orchestral flair
Openedge1 As the title says...all we can hope for come Election Day!!!
Openedge1 For Obama - Congratulations "Wanna change everything..."


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Openedge1 I have no words today....only feeling....

Blue Man GroupAbove

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Openedge1 In memory to Bowie ...BECAUSE I CAN! Tribute to Atlantic City, Wedding Anniversary 05/29/2004...3000 of us and Bowie. Heaven! Thanks Ardwulf..........

David BowieHeathen

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Openedge1 Shoegaze - Noise Pop Music style from the 90's, died about 1994. Revived around 2006 with the next wave of post rock bands.


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Openedge1 Post rock - No vocals, with guitar, piano or various instruments covering for words. Emotion at its finest.
84mt Painfulより | From "Painful" album.
Openedge1 More Post Rock - Sound influenced heavily by Pink Floyd, with weird subject lines and droning bass lines. Great stuff.
Openedge1 Feeling kinda happy some music to say goodbye to clear skies and sunny days..
camden You're the colour, you're the movement and the spin
Openedge1 Off to buy Fallout 3...Post Apocalyptic fun in the radiated sun!
Openedge1 Snow day today, yet the sun has finally peaked out...
rociof Así de rápido regresé... dicen no tener explicaciones :*
Openedge1 Seems to be the norm for today's MMO developers, so how about somebody finally get it ALL done.
chancellor irish! instrumental rock! - IRISH INSTRUMENTAL ROCK! :>
Openedge1 OMG...WTF....It is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock ON!


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chancellor close your eyes and hear the unbelievable sound of isis!

IsisGarden Of Light

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Openedge1 Music to work by...get the juices flowing..MIND MELD!

CaspianFurther In

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Openedge1 Shoegaze, SpaceRock, Noise Pop, Ambient. Fits my mood for Friday!
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