PAW666 It's been stuck in my head since wathing the movie last night! Now it's out!

Notorious BIG - Hypnotize

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PAW666 Because it's only Monday!
PAW666 Some days I wake up feelin like her...but no craziness like zombies!
PAW666 Why couldn't I get the other choices?? Always somethin'

Paper Planes-M.I.A

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PAW666 Cool... just wait until your on your way somewhere!

Lady Miss Kier on LSD

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PAW666 Come on...

Groove is in the heart music video

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PAW666 I keep asking myself but there's no answer for stupid people!
PAW666 O-yeah!

Janet Jackson-Weekend

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PAW666 nice

Adore By Prince

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PAW666 a lillte closer to Friday
Stolen Leaving problems behind: how we go into the turn of the year? Well I'll try, maybe you'll join me.
PAW666 Just because it's only Monday
fongalong Everyone pop your back to this...

Freak NastyDa Dip

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PAW666 O-Yeah!

Janet Jackson-Weekend

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PAW666 No one esle will do

marilyn manson-you spin me right round

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PAW666 Good anime too

World of Warcraft "Walk Around in Circles"

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PAW666 feelin' hot

Social Distortion-Ring Of Fire

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PAW666 Fun!

Is There Something Happening Here Video

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Rockyt ...creeper

Blondie: One Way or Another w/ subtitles

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PAW666 Hey still hittin it in 2006? Love it!


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Living Colour "Love Rears Its Ugly Head" 1990

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PAW666 oh yeah

UB40 Red Red Wine 1983

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STonyJack @polarkat: " "first album i bought that wasn't country"" that u bought more than country is a bonus (reblip)
Fluidity :~) Beyonce – In Da Club

BeyonceIn Da Club

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Fluidity :~) Intro to my first project. Enjoy a laugh!... The D-Flow & Fluidity Show – 1-900-RAPPER (intro skit) 1998
PAW666 Aren't we all?

The Ramones: Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

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PAW666 It all starts at zero

Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Zero"

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Jill Scott "Gimme"

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77ozzie rock - no no no no no - don't bring me got me running going out of my mind...
ericsvonk rb @hawaiibuzz: Watching the Tour de France TTT on the DVR, so this is the perfect soundtrack [Kraftwerk - Tour de France] (reblip)
PAW666 Maybe...if permitted!

Cypress Hill How i could just kill a man

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77ozzie remi - pump up the volume,pump up the volume,pump up the volume,pump up the volume,pump up the volume,pump up the volume,pump up the volume

john lennon just like starting over

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PAW666 We all do...thx rb@calamari


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calamari GREAT cover of MJ's Billie Jean! Thank you @anotorias: "@calamari Chris Cornell - Billie Jean" (reblip)
mellomatic guess it's got something to do with luck, @VeganDrus.
PAW666 I wanna go!

"I'll take You There"- GENERAL PUBLIC PROMO VIDEO 1993

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Awannabeangel ♫ Reggae – mix ♫


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PAW666 smooth ride

Morcheeba-blindfold- @ Days Like This! festival Sydney 2009

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Hustle and Flow- Its hard out here for a pimp

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PAW666 I think I'm gonna go...sangria calling!
PAW666 Just one more & I'll say the same for sangria!
PAW666 Thx cuz that's what I'm going do now! @JayMcD: "Gotta "Roll Out!" with this song for you guys! Turn it up! and ENJOY!" (reblip)
PAW666 Ok was out but you pulled me back @honeygirl: "nice computer...ur such a nice computer....@shanti45 talk nice to the computer and maybe...." (reblip)
rayla Glasvegas – Please Come Back Home

Glasvegas Please Come Back Home original song (best sound quality)

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PAW666 a hole

Nine Inch Nails: Head Like A Hole (1990)

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PAW666 Got 2 of those 2@rxrx1776: "where all my cats @ DAWGZ!@Megamuff@PAW666" (reblip)

TinyfolkSpace Cat

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evertonmoreth That song rocks and that chicken corns!!!! LoL!!

MobyDisco Lies

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zx10r07 Currently listening to [Nirvana] - [Tourette's [@zx10r07]]!
MrsASoprano This was the pre-test. hahaha@HERDE: "U SAID FRI. AT NOON!!!@MrsASoprano: "Blipper Quiz: Other than Jason Newsted..." (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach ok kiddos. I'm off to grab some MexiCali food and then I'm jamming with this band @headshaker.
rayla Ben Folds – You Don't Know Me (feat. Regina Spektor)

gained the world

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CoSlive NIN, Pixies, Pet Shop Boys and more for Virgin Festival Ontario ‘09
DareToEatAPeach @Erzuliet Been feasting on this bit of nostalgia lately.

Its like thatRun DMC

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PAW666 With this Sacto heat- I believe it!

Henry Rollins beats up a fan

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RNRSteve A sweet one......

Pour Some Sugar on me by Def Leopard

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PAW666 I'm not... southside -that is
PAW666 I am

Pras featuring Mya & Ol' Dirty Bastard "Ghetto Superstar"

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lauren hill - fugees - cant take my eyes off of you

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evablue I vote for to be the 12th @Twiistup Showoff [tweet this 3 times if YOU ♥ blip]

Johnny Cash-Walk The Line

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If everybody looked the same

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megg imissyoukatie (reblip)

Blink 182-I miss you

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bbonifield yeahhhhh, just bought a house! let the chill songs come! (reblip)

Beast Of Burden by The Rolling Stones

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DJMees @sheryonstone@GR8FL I was just reading more about them on WikiP :) I just really love their sound. Their use of the sitar I think is brilliant :) (reblip)
PAW666 what else happened under the bridge??

pj harvey down by the water

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PAW666 need some


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S4Songcrush I really do. Particularly when he throws out the trash and cleans the catbox like a good little boi. ;-D
honeygirl yah, dark meat IS better... ;)@RooR: "@rxrx1776 @honeygirl - Get down with it with this classy classic "P" (reblip)

Ice CubeCave Bitch

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PAW666 try this...@rxrx1776


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Ingenierillo Great song

Jamiroquai, Canned Heat

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Babygirlxx8 Yung Joc – It's Goin' Down [Feat. Nitti] [Explicit Album Version]
PAW666 groovy

Kelis "In Public" (featuring Nas)

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Nelloucikitty @Firekiss: "I giggle every time!"@Firekiss: "omg, could there be a cuter song ever?? @headshaker: "if lovin' him's a crime, I'm guilty all the time." (reblip)
PAW666 music is...@Nelloucikitty: ""The more I give to you, the more I die and I want you."" (reblip)
marijaanadj Disturbed – Stupify Music Video
nastysurprise @tautara Congratulations on the stellar interpersonal skills.
nastysurprise Seems very appropriate for an open workspace.

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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SuperSpaceAngel How did I miss this!? Love it! rb@flinndc: "The Knack- My Sharona" (reblip)

The Knack- My Sharona

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marijaanadj The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning (reblip)

The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning-Smashing Pumpkins

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ScenicKK @midnightwalker: "@ScenicKK Were you studying at the university?" i was at the university of applied sciences (reblip)
wugambina Ghostface Killah – Camay ~

Ghostface KillahCamay

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OceanDaisy @MrRocknRoll: ""Jesus, wont you fucking whistle. Something but the past and done ...." #musicmonday" (reblip)
De_Ann @13MOONS: "ruf~ feel U ~ HELL ~ im n love w U ~ ruf!@MrRocknRoll:"Hey you, out there in the cold Getting lonely, getting old Can you feel me? (reblip)
nastysurprise My back is done. Shouldn't have gone to the boot camp class. Should have had the Ho-hos instead.
rico one of my favourite japanese ska tunes
MsButterzworth Damn, where has Charlie Baltimore been hiding? Didn't even know they did a song together...hmmmm ~Come Test Us-Lil Wayne ft Charlie Baltimore~
rkmonkey lack of oxygen.. made me hunger for the orig @Shukitty

The Beatles-Come Together with lyrics

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PAW666 Do u?

Johnny Cash- I walk the line from 1969 movie

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Knocking on Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan

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PAW666 Still are

Bob Dylan-The Times They Are A-Changin

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gohardndapank Let's see that C-walk! Mack 10 featuring Ice Cube – Hoo-Bangin' (Explicit)
cpcdiniz @acanuckfan: "~~ reblip vi@ilbis: "Bob Marley – One Love"" (reblip)

Bob MarleyOne Love

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Joleesa Another night of loneliness My love is gone She made a fuss and she was wrong yet she is gone I ran to catch the train Oh my, the train is gone...
PAW666 We all would like to say that

ShaggyIt Wasn't Me

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evablue yes. loser i is. am google/wiki-ing to make sure it's really 80's. btw: this BLIP made page 1 #googleseo @twiistedblipper #twiistup (reblip)
evablue yes. i acknowledge my participation in this 80's @twiistedblipper #twiistup party. i hold myself accountable for blipping bad hair. :)
cpcdiniz @unfinishedperson1: "the original Super Stupid by Funkadelic -- yes, it's that time again" (reblip)
ladypn Such a fun song from 83. Poor old Johnny Ray... ;)
Fangbaby thanks for this! rb vi@bendrix: "Erykah is always DOPE!! I don't remember this song but I did Njoy listening to it.Thx 4 shareN=> rb@psychedout" (reblip)


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PAW666 Funny!


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PAW666 a little twist but close...
ladypn If you don't feel the pain, too much is not enough, nobody said this stuff makes any sense. The point of no return see how the buildings burn?
ladypn LOVE this one, No surprise @chiron08 uploaded! Thank you!
Joleesa too many rappers not enough MCs...
Joleesa ~love this song....never tire of it~
Joleesa I asked her her name, she said 'blah-blah-blah'....Biz Markie/Just a Friend
DareToEatAPeach Care for some squashed pumpkin in your Karen O?
honeygirl im with u echo park, Vans!@rxrx1776: "Vans@twiistedblipper: "more like My Converse.. "" (reblip)

Run-D.M.C.My Adidas

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Punched @Sophia_N: "@fossa: Yeah, I can see how that's a problem. hehehe" (reblip)

Book of LoveBoy

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Punched :: The Cure – Close To Me ::

The CureClose To Me

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PAW666 Oooooooo...


| play
PAW666 Not me

Ice-T "Thats How I'm Livin' "

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Ice T Cop Killer and Body Count

| play
PAW666 South Sac State theater

Ice TColors

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spaceZEE @MissM773 ... i had the joy of seeing them on their G&E tour this year... awesome!
Deoxy Fifth-grade talent show with cardboard guitars. fuckinaright.
babyglitz How cliche! :-P I'll be off Blip this weekend- how sad. haha Heading to Jax be back Sunday night! Have a great weekend everyone! <3 <3
nawlinswoman Maybe I'll just float into the mystic w/Van..coming?
SylvioMicelli Thanks to @killercod, @charliebishop, @crosby, @denisemillenia, @dailystendhal for the props that you give me on BlipFM! Pixies – Here Comes Your Man
PAW666 Hey!

Pixies Hey

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SylvioMicelli Thanks to @dj_rhyme_noceros, @BuySellDomains, @PAW666, @vanbytheriver for the props that you give me on BlipFM! Siouxsie & The Banshees – Spellbound
PAW666 Thx 4 listening @storylet

Mississippi River [Live] Young Janis Joplin Duet

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nawlinswoman Hey @lilwldchld mean it when I say..I love Garbage! :)

Anchorman-Afternoon Delight

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PAW666 U go on ur funky groove! @rsmac: "Jamiroquai – Starchild" (reblip)


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PAW666 Fun look @ breakin up

PINK "FUNHOUSE" HD New Official Music Video Sober

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PabloM "Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb - Live 8" (reblip)
PAW666 Little change of pace...

OPPNaughty By Nature

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PAW666 Yeah! @SuperSpaceAngel: "~ I had to listen to this a few times to git my head around it... Soooo 70's! Great one! @TropicsZ4: "Chic – Le Freak" (reblip)

ChicLe Freak

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mnelson The Beatles-Because

The BeatlesBecause

| play
mnelson Crystal Waters-100% Pure Love
adbert #VideoClip [Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love] "You think love is to pray / But I'm sorry I don't pray that way."

Marilyn Manson- Tainted Love

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SpinningDiscs Scorpions – No One Like You.... Shout Out & Thanks: @PAW666

Ashanti- Rock Wit U- Video[infiernall]

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Stay by Lisa Loeb

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josi101 Listening to: "Ain't No Other Man" by: Christina Aguilera
mikeydub You should get an award for finding the most Prince songs online! @AKAParisE: "...I need a vacation... not just a Friday off... =))... " (reblip)

Prince17 Days

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MrsASoprano Again :)@flinndc:"Absolutely, mine 2 and vid@MrsASoprano My favorite Blink song - thank you. :) propsx2 for you @BBlanca:"@MrsASoprano (reblip)

Blink 182-I miss you

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rico i used to ride with Bonnie and Clyde
rico strange electronic UK ska
rico from Chicago

Deals Gone Bad: "Movin' On"

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