perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

| play
justhots #Funkadelic " I'll Stay ".. @justhots..

Funkadelic " I'll Stay "

| play
Amsterdamiss Rocksteady by Madness !!! *** Madness – One Step Beyond *** #rocksteady #ska
SoulfulToaster You too @CynDyn! Get your mind bent around this :))

Nino NardiniTropicola

| play
KitDakota The Hooters – All You Zombies | Clavinet/Mandolin unplugged version by Eric Bazilian & Rob Hyman of THE HOOTERS 2009.
rico Not Holly #rocksteady

PRINCE BUSTER more fishy !

| play
lomovogt People get ready. #rocksteady

Dandy Livingstone "(People Get Ready) Let's Do Rocksteady" 1967

| play
dutchguy22 Derrick Harriott - No man is an Island (reblip)

prince buster closer togheter ( version the impressions)

| play
theBlueRepublic Top #rocksteady from the Jamaicans, courtesy of DrummieBenji's excellent youtube channel. Ba ba boom, wot a choooon
SelektaKingJah @dutchguy22: "❖ #reggae Horace Andy - Ain't no sunshine" (reblip)

Horace Andy, *Ain't no sunshine* Mr bassie

| play
PJ1AT ♪One Nation Under A Groove - Funkadelic #funkadelic
dutchguy22 #roots-reggae The Heptones and Jah Lloyd - Crying over you - (Concious Revive) (reblip)
Papaihelio @lomovogt: "People get ready. #rocksteady" (reblip)

Dandy Livingstone "(People Get Ready) Let's Do Rocksteady" 1967

| play
Papaihelio Fantastic!!! @dutchguy22: "❖ #roots-reggae Lee "Scratch" Perry – Baffling Smoke Signal" (reblip)
Papaihelio por que não tem preview, caraio. Deu pau nessa jossa?
Papaihelio Elton king-of-hats John, 4 me is just a great singer. Don't like any of his songs. Take this another great singer, also a little gay. @CosmicSprite

'Fu Man Chu' by Desmond Dekker

| play
Papaihelio Maravilhosa. What he says: "You got no ma.....don.." ?? Somebody got it?
Papaihelio Joe Gibbs é genial. O que será das simpáticas garotas de Cáqui?


| play
Papaihelio Esse é o tipo de som que dá vontade de berrar. Sem desafinar, claro. Falando em Grupo Capote, vou capotar. FUI. @kittycat62: "rb@sumitch" (reblip)
Papaihelio If u wanna come with me, I will gladly accept your company.... INCRIVELMENTE MARAVILHOSA!!!!!!!

Jimmy LondonMoving On

| play
dutchguy22 #reggae John Holt - Strange Things" (reblip)

John Holt "Strange Things"

| play
Papaihelio Why the other sources of this classic #rocksteady from youtube doesn't run?????? This one haven't a good quality

'Fu Man Chu' by Desmond Dekker

| play
dahaze Nice! :)@renaud_favier: "Cool ;-) @cookiegonebowling: "rb@JimmyStagger: "@dahaze The Special A.K.A & Rico- "Jungle Music"""" (reblip)


| play
dutchguy22 #Reggae Linval Thompson and Scientist - I love Jah ~~ Wicked Dub (reblip)
Papaihelio @ladyb2kool: "Can't put it down... TY @Papaihelio: The Black Seeds - "Rotten Apple"" (reblip)
rico you boogie down to the stones and the beatles and shit

Maroon Town "Nostalgia"

| play


| play

the Skatalites, Cleopatra Rock

| play

The Beatles Eleanor Rigby Reggae Mash Up Bootleg Video Remix

| play
SelektaKingJah thx, greetings and love brethren @Shanti_baba: "Good Morning and blessings :-0 @SelektaKingJah" (reblip)
Papaihelio Escolhem com carinho a hora e o tempo de seu precioso trabalho..... trazem consigo cadinhos, vasos de vidro, potes de louça...

Jorge Ben: Assim falou Santo Tomás de Aquino

| play
Papaihelio #jorgeben - "mas não brigue comigo, não, eu sou assim mesmo, viu, meu amor? O que me faz sentimental é o danado do berimbau".
Papaihelio ARREPIA, ZAGUEIRO! Qdo tiver perigo, c/ a bola no chão, pensa rápido e rasteiro, ou sai jogando, ou joga a bola pro mato, pq o jogo é de campeonato!

Jorge BenZagueiro

| play
dutchguy22 #rap-hiphop Notorious B.I.G. - Can I get with ya ~~ prod toxxic

Notorious B.I.G Can i get with ya PROD TOXXIC

| play
chelseagirl19 I fucking love this song! @normal: "lawdy lawdy lawdy.. #1952 in the continuing saga" (reblip)

Lloyd Price "Lawdy Miss Clawdy"

| play
Papaihelio @chelseagirl19: "I'm on a singing cowboys kick." (reblip)

Moon Over Montana ~ Jimmy Wakely

| play
dutchguy22 #ska-reggae Prince Buster - Rough Rider (reblip)

Prince Buster Rough Rider

| play
Papaihelio Max Romeo or Bill Gentles?

LLOYDIE and the LOWBITES, Pussy to kill you.

| play

Birth Control. Lloydie & The Lowbites. "Slackness"

| play

Rub Up Push Up. The Termites. "Slackness"

| play
Papaihelio já senti saudade, já fiz muita coisa errada, já pedi ajuda, já dormi na rua....

tim maiabom senso

| play

val bennet,the russians are coming,

| play

Bobby Aitken and Val Bennet.One way street.Raphael stewart.put yor sweet lips.(wait for take off)

| play
Papaihelio I had that tune named as "Addis Abbaba". Is it really "Ally Pon"??

Don DrummondAlly Pon

| play

simmer down bob marley & Skatalites

| play


| play
tinyapples When you're kissing someone who's too much like you It's like kissing on a mirror
rico my daily mittoo

Wives and lovers Jackie Mittoo

| play

chumbawamba Shhh 07 Happiness is just a chant away

| play
rico apparently Georges Bizet was a skinhead
Papaihelio Olha lá, já começou o foguetório! Prrrrra-pa-pa-pa-pooooow!
Papaihelio Essa é pra quem não sabia (eu...) - Rita Lee é da Fiel! Arnaldo Batista também!

Amor Branco e Preto (1972)

| play

Hino Do Corinthians (1953)

| play
Papaihelio Mais uma versão

Hino do Corinthians [Versão Blues]

| play
garbageman01 We've found another Waits fan . . . thanks, @mrjimspeaks (it's an odd collection of songs, even by Waits standards) (reblip)
rinzwin rb @smaclaren: "rb @CesarBaima: "Hein? E olha que é em português..." Simentera – Ami Xintadu"" (reblip)

SimenteraAmi Xintadu

| play
Papaihelio me de sua pata peluda, vamos passear.

vida de cachorro mutantes

| play
Papaihelio Os Mutantes com Jorge Ben. Embora todos ainda existam, a fonte criativa de todos parece que secou.
Papaihelio Os Mutantes com Tom Zé. Esse sim, ainda sabe o que faz.

Os Mutantes- Dois Mil E Um

| play
Papaihelio Veja que beleza...

Tom ZéBurrice

| play

Tom zé Defeito 3 politicar

| play
Papaihelio Até as fadas são Corinthians.

hino do centenario -tom zé

| play
Papaihelio OK, this plays, now. The same, from another source - @backtoback
Papaihelio Nem precisava, mas vou dizer: Pepeu, nessa faixa, bota o Carlos Santana no bolso e guarda pro cafezinho.
rinzwin Habib Koite & Bamada – Bitilè (reblip)
chelseagirl19 Sorry, I have a big mouth. You forgive me, right Tom? @killerswp: "@chelseagirl19" (reblip)
chelseagirl19 Had me a Buzzcocks on my mind to play too...@greentrees: "propas! @eliott_is_dead: "back from lunch... @barrypartington @anothercraze (reblip)
garbageman01 Dig the moves! (But where are those backing voices coming from???) . . . thanks, @Cribs66 @stellartara @ReverendSal (reblip)
Vyxen007 Gracias a ti :)))@brendaland: "Totalmente de acuerdo! y Bienvenid@!@Vyxen007: "...that´s a pretty sexy dance!!!!"" (reblip)
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Ask Aunt Bob rb@dronnoisseur: "i can't understand why she walked like a woman and talked like a man / prp/rb thx @mxtxmxtxm @fluffyboots @redoctopous" (reblip)

CheveuLola Langusta

| play
titomanja Ganja Gun

Bob Marley Ganja Gun

| play
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Remote viewing, naturally. ;) rb@rockmisterblues: "how did you get that pic of me?" (reblip)


| play
rico lives here right around the corner...
Joleesa Sun Is Shining ❣ #JsOnRandom

Prince Allah❥Sun Is Shining

| play
garbageman01 Woof! . . . and thanks to @jarvik7: "MEooooOOO0000WoooooooooooWEE!" (reblip)

Owen Grey Ballistic Affair Studio 1

| play
chelseagirl19 James Chance & the Contortions – I Can't Stand Myself
chelseagirl19 I love blip so much, and I'm so grateful for every DJ out there... no shit. Thanks vi@DoctorOfJazz: @chelseagirl19 (reblip)
chelseagirl19 For the kid staying at home tonight listening to Blind Willie Johnson.
RoyZ trilha da tarde chuvosa


| play
pacha17 olá querido..@WillyHoffman: "@pacha17 Olá querida... Muito obrigado. :]" (reblip)
Awannabeangel ♫ Bill Withers – Who Is He (Henrik Schwarz Edit)

The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud III

| play
garbageman01 JC auto-reblip . . . thanks, @amphore: ":-)) & hello rb@GreySun: I never knew you Naima, but when I listen, you become clear." (reblip)
rico Doreen Schaffer performing with The Moon Invaders December 17th @ P60 Amstelveen
rico here we go

tommy mccook rocket ship

| play
rico this is a sensation
rico do de moon hop

Skinhead reggae classic Derrick Morgan Moon Hop

| play
rico isn't it nice? that's right!
rico "Gangsters" and "Message To You Rudy" with a great 2-Tone artwork vid, nice nice nice.
djfordini To all of you sharing my france holiday blues... xxx

The Jays -Truly

| play
medina Tive esse LP em mãos e não comprei! Puta vacilo!
JimmyStagger @toxiferous man I didn't think I was coming back, I thought my hangover would kill me haha... I think this means "Death In The Highway" ?
rico He Who Laugh Last Laughs Best
amphore *verzaubernd* --> dankesehr :-)) @formalhaut: bezaubernde flötentöne @ .... (reblip)
amphore gerne :-)) --> MERCI !! @ja_net: thx for ⓅⓇⓄⓅⓈ ⓇⒺⓅⓁⒾⒺⓈ இ ⓇⒺⒷⓁⒾⓅⓈ @Versh @me @TheJohnC @mountainhero @Dancer12 @Orgambient777 (reblip)
prismartins O Sol colorindo é tão lindo...
LeParadis up until Sunday I had a really old huge willow in my garden,yesterday the mistral destroyed it,now I'm weeping; it was beautiful. Oh&no internet ;-(
LeParadis Mmmmm! Do think I could get used to sitting around in cafes blipping... not sure anyone appreciates my singing and dancing though!!! ;-)))

Bob MarleyNice Time

| play

Coquet Coquette

| play
rico take a chair, sit right down and listen carefully...
rico waiting impatiently

Al Barry and The Cimerons- Morning sun

| play
rico you got to face it

"Cool Down Your Temper " -KING HAMMOND SKINHEAD REGGAE 2010!!!

| play
pacha17 welcome..rb@nitologic: "tyrb :) Dire Straits – Romeo And Juliet" (reblip)
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Is that an offer? I'd like the company. This isn't your #FirstBlip but it's the 1st one that plays. rb@FOGGIELOANER: "hell ?" (reblip)
rinzwin rb @au2845: "vi@globalgrande: "I love this guy. A pity he isn't better known abroad@liminal: "régis gizavo ► malaso ► malagasy accordionist, [...]""" (reblip)

Regis GizavoMalaso

| play
rico another Holt classic

John HoltAli Baba

| play
amphore :-)rb@Mysterymix: ༺♥༻ hello vi@avivamagnolia: Om Nama Shivaya ♫ @Stendhal: Such a powerful chant :)) ☀ From the Banks of the Ganges ☀and thank you ༺♥༻ (reblip)
rico Herman Chin Loy production
amphore good night blipsters :)) thank you as always ...... :)) ......... Ly @Tubabo :-))
kakefuda ♪Express Yourself - Leroy Sibbles
kakefuda ♪Groove Me - Leroy Sibbles
kakefuda ♪I'll Be Around - Otis Gayle
kakefuda ♪Queen Of The Minstrels - The Eternals
kakefuda ♪Deeper And Deeper - Jackie Mittoo
kakefuda ♪I Don't Want To Be Right - Alton Ellis
rinzwin rb @gruto: "GNAWA DIFFUSION – YA LAYMI (ALGERIA&FRANCE)" (reblip)
ParadiseInside ♒MULTI•DIMENSIONAL♒MUSIC♒ by ♒Healing•Sound•Movement♒ [aka John Consemulder] off "DNA Music" 8:21mins

The Deep.mpg

| play


| play
amphore :-)) rb@digitpt: Nino Katamadze & Insight – Me, The Sea And You - the sound is great... no clue about what's all about ... (reblip)
Awannabeangel Beverly Hills Cop Theme / Axel F – Propellerhead Reason 4
Awannabeangel Good night everyone thank you for the awesome music, props and rb's nite Blipsters !
ParadiseInside @mastermargherita was my 500th listener! FAR OUT!! ♥This♫!! from the album "Hippies with Gadgets" 2009 6:23mins
amphore thank you both :-) RB@ZUMAFISH & @curatEar (reblip)


| play
amphore with a hello & thx :) rb@extremelevine Hank Mobley-The Flip (reblip)

Hank Mobley-The Flip

| play
amphore süss .......... nachmittagsgrüsse ..... :)) rb@formalhaut: morgengrüße @bumble_b @holz @gdrago @Mysterymix (reblip)
rico my daily mittoo (got this on vinyl today)
rico Does anybody know any jokes? RB@FOGGIELOANER (reblip)

Fun Boy 3 The More I See The Less I Believe

| play
rico uʍop ǝpısdn sı plɹoʍ ǝɥʇ ʎɐs ı
rico cook book

Desmond Dekker , Reggae Recipe

| play
rico Original by The Beatles withe Billy Preston
rico Best version imho, Herman Chin Loy production.
amphore I like a lot !! thank you very much :-)) @Diordan: special for you @ amphore hope you like this one =) Mulatu Astatke - Asmarina (reblip)

08 - mulatu astatke - asmarina

| play
kakefuda ♪Hold Them - Roy Shirley

Roy ShirleyHold Them

| play
kakefuda ♪Have Some Mercy - Delroy Wilson
kakefuda ♪Bangarang - Stranger Cole & Lester Sterling

This Is It! Betty Davis 1975 Nasty Gal Island Records

| play
rico my daily mittoo

Jackie Mittoo & Soul Brothers- One Stop

| play
ParadiseInside Brainwave Ambient Grotto - Interesting Light&Shade Perspective Shifts - by jsaint123 6:03mins
garbageman01 Extra-weird, considering he wrote 'Clean-Up Woman' (as Clarence Reid) . . .
kakefuda ♪La La Means I Love You - Alton Ellis
rico stealing chickens for fun
chelseagirl19 The Decemberists – The Mariner's Revenge Song
PocaRadio_OLD #PocaRadio on BLIP: Sylford Walker - Burn Babylon (#reggae #dub #jamaica) (reblip)

Burn Babylon, Burning Version Sylford Walker

| play
kakefuda ♪Raindrops - The Silvertones
kakefuda ♪No Good Girl - The Gaylads
kakefuda ♪Night Fever - Grandmagneto
kakefuda ♪Hog In A Coco - Joe White
kakefuda ♪Rub Up Push Up - Justin Hinds & The Dominoes

Ros Sereysothea: Old Sour And Sweet

| play
LeParadis I just have to say thanks for this lady, she's really fab... ;-) @wetrust
LeParadis I'm liking this lady, and I just couldn't resist sending this one... smiles... ;-) @nonchalant
rico let's get together and sing this song
kakefuda ♪Joy In The Morning - The Gaylads
kakefuda ♪Right On Time - Sensations
kakefuda ♪La La Means I Love You - Alton Ellis
dahaze @djembeed: "#reggae: The Immortals - Can't Keep A Good Man Down" (reblip)
rico it's got to stop, it's got to STOP

The Selecter "Too Much Pressure"

| play
rico come with me

Marcia Griffith The Sea Of Love

| play
rico my daily mittoo (This tune is featured on the LP Keep On Dancing; played this record today and realized this must be his best album)

Clean UpJackie Mittoo

| play
PocaRadio_OLD #PocaRadio on BLIP: Errol Walker & Lee Scratch Perry - In These Times (#reggae #jamaica) (reblip)

Errol Walker Lee Scratch In these Times

| play
kakefuda ♪Girl I've Got a Date - Alton Ellis & The Flames #Ska #Rocksteady
kakefuda ♪Cry Tough - Alton Ellis & The Flames #Ska #Rocksteady
kakefuda ♪Do It Right - The Three Tops #Ska #Rocksteady
kakefuda ♪I Won't Let You Go - The Blues Busters #Ska #Rocksteady
kakefuda ♪Picture On The Wall - Freddie McKay #Ska #Rocksteady
kakefuda ♪White Christmas - Bob Marley & The Wailers #Ska #Rocksteady
kakefuda ♪Party Time - The Heptones #Ska #Rocksteady
Caio_rudeness Musica pros #rastas, isso sim é #REGGAEROOTS, TNT - G. G. Rhythm Section - Reggae 45RPM
Caio_rudeness #PrinceBuster, muito do carajo! Doctor Rodney - Prince Buster - Reggae 45RPM, nota *****
Caio_rudeness Muito bom manolo! Tighten Up - The Untouchables - Reggae 45RPM nota ****
Joleesa A hello & shout out to new listeners ❥ @theproperabundance @goliash @Oneangel @renv @StellaBears

Blondie The Tide Is High 1980

| play
kakefuda ♪It Hurts To Be Alone - The Wailers #Ska #Rocksteady

GuQin-Wild Geese Descending On The Sandbank(平沙落雁)

| play
kakefuda ♪Don't Want To See You Cry - Ken Boothe #Ska #Rocksteady
kakefuda ♪You Make Me Feel The Way I Do - The Maytals #Ska #Rocksteady
amphore SI :-)) like to share with @avivajazz @ZONE @wild_divine :-)) too ... MERCI ♫ >> @kundunphei: @ .................... ♫♘deepbreathInnn&Ooouuttt♞ (reblip)

Tony Redhouse Conga Meditation

| play
Joleesa Knotty No Jester ★ #reggae #BigYouth ...dread no wear polyestah...


| play
kakefuda ♪Little Did You Know - The Techniques #Ska #Rocksteady
brabul Honey, eu vou pra BAHIA... talvez volte qualquer dia... @carlarafaela @Colunadetrajano @M_Amoedo Hehehe.... #7dias

bilhetinho azulcazuza

| play
FernandaW achei a desculpa para nossa preguiça...ehehehehe @Lelalobo, estamos nos guardando pra qdo o carnaval chegar :D
Awannabeangel Sven van Hees (bendrix) – Flute Salad
amphore Kid Loco – A Little Bit Of Soul (Paul Murphy's Bellanova Mix)
amphore Quantic Soul Orchestra – Father
amphore Duke Ellington – It don't mean a thing (1943)