ParadiseInside one of my secret theme songs! from the Wonka film

Gene Wilder - Pure Imagination

| play
ParadiseInside what a wonderful straight-ahead rock cover of the Wonka magic!
ParadiseInside Todd, from the impish neverland days. hey, Todd, got any more of these in ya? dayglo psychedelic carnival ride
ParadiseInside a modern rendition of the impressionist master
ParadiseInside from the amazing "Endless Rhythms of the Beatless Heart" ah, paradise! so good i can visit on a whim!
ParadiseInside from the excellent "Sines & Singularities." angular "designer music" technoambient from one of the hotshots @ Aleph Zero


| play
ParadiseInside the goddess of love, Eros/Venus, reclining.
ParadiseInside Louis & Bebe Barron, from "Forbidden Planet" edenic paradise, but spaceman had to vaporize the tiger. well, it leapt at them didn't it?
ParadiseInside going back to the early roots, before Eno even suggested the term "Ambient" the simplicity is the charm of this piece
ParadiseInside another awesome moment in Visionary Sound Arts! how many times have i surfed these currents? still amazing!
ParadiseInside my favorite JT piece. a bit of wisdom here that requires decomplexification. relax; be happy
ParadiseInside from the album "Freedom Star." angelic technoambient!
ParadiseInside very stoked Michael's music has returned to Blip! programming it throughout the list
ParadiseInside Astarius, from album "Spirit Rap." this wild sound shaman has ingenius musical ideas & has infused Reiki mysterious energy into the music


| play
ParadiseInside from the album "China" - wondrous power of the Tao, mountain embraces sky

VangelisChung Kuo

| play
ParadiseInside this mix rather rebuilt. no tamboura! :( but a great romp w jazzy underpinnings.
ParadiseInside hundreds of people OMing. short clip from disc length track
ParadiseInside premier German shamanist electrodub duo. every song is a mini-DMT tryp! best releases so far: "Spontaneous Illumination" & "Dialogue Of The Speakers"
ParadiseInside a Castenedan journey with Terence. CAUTION will induce tryppy environment. do not feed extradimensional gnomes or let them follow you home.
ParadiseInside Ishq aka Elve, Ishvara, Virtual is one of the most beautiful technoambient synthers out there. utterly gorgeous incandescent mysts floating heavenly
ParadiseInside an intrinsic part of Aleph Zero, but usually dancedub not this rather ambient bubbling daydream.
ParadiseInside a sturdy, stately electronica CLASSIC of the Berlin School circa 1975, from the album Timewind. a sumptuous banquet of intriguing sounds.
ParadiseInside the 13-minute piece originally composed for use in "Clockwork Orange," but only snippet in movie. not on soundtrack, but the ALBUM BY CARLOS
ParadiseInside perhaps the piece that inaugurated "Ambient." a classic in Visionary Sound Arts by any measure. serene compelling

Brian Eno1-1

| play
ParadiseInside AlanParsonsProject-A Dream Within A Dream. o recursive oroboros of eternal return, infinite aporia imagine us sane
ParadiseInside son: i miss my girlfriend. father: get a new one. son: is that what life is: replacing people? father: pretty much...
ParadiseInside *vibes* Numina, "Opening to Beyond," from Evolving Visions, 2001. LotsOfBreathingRoom! ShimmerShine
ParadiseInside Al Gromer Khan & his mysterious paisley music. from "Space Hotel" unique introspective moods
ParadiseInside influenced by Tibetan culture, on his $20K Kurzweil synth, Parsons = deep meditative astral vibes
ParadiseInside Patrick O'Hearn - "I Could Live Here" from Slow Time. wherever you go there you jolly well are. might as well relax.
ParadiseInside *phun with phazeshifting* I SWEAR: i only took TWO.
ParadiseInside Creme & Godley [!] collab w/Black-Eyed peas. the star behind your breastplate.
ParadiseInside *vibes* seth channeling through jane roberts in a pop tune.

Scott Walmsley - jane roberts vs seth

| play
ParadiseInside *vibes* the dramatic final night of a wanted person. Stearns in fine cinematic musical form. [loud]
ParadiseInside *vibes* Lustmord w/King Buzzo from "Juggernaut." abyssal dark ambient w/ touch of hubris. for post-death journeying


| play
ParadiseInside *vibes* "Receiving the Pattern of Our Divine Self" [from "Music For Ascension"]good backsound for angelic workings
ParadiseInside *vibes* master sound healer Halpern with "Sonic Satori" from Chakra Suite. skies of Light
ParadiseInside has many recordings often piano centered. i've always liked his continuum devotional angelic meditation pieces best, of which this is an example
ParadiseInside !>Terry Riley - 18min opening track from "Les Yeux Fermes" brilliant crystalline mandalas


| play
ParadiseInside *vibes* Atman – Path Of Love. a drink of nectar global fusion style

AtmanPath Of Love

| play
ParadiseInside just didn't realize the appearance would be so convincing [excerpt from 16min track on "New Life Dreaming"]
ParadiseInside Robert Rich "The Core" from soundtrack to xlnt DVD "Atlas Dei"

Robert RichThe Core

| play
ParadiseInside a clip from 1/2hr continuum piece, "Cloud Prayer." album: Timeless Sound artist:Iasos xlnt tryp

IASOS-Timeless Sound

| play
ParadiseInside this album "Words Touch" is emotionally satisfying and intimate. classical touch from the grecian
ParadiseInside i love Makyo. this is the only track blip had

Makyo - The 2nd Gate of Dreams

| play
ParadiseInside shine & glorp in this quirky activating collab
ParadiseInside closest thing i've heard on blip to Hillage/Giraudy "Garden Of Paradise." cosmic aquarian paradise travelling through space?
ParadiseInside from an album of sumptuous cosmic vibration, "Oneness" accompanies "Waves of Bliss"
ParadiseInside excerpt from "Oneness" album. incandescent vapor flowing like liquid - fusion into delicate pastels
ParadiseInside more streaming waves of nectarine ananda from "Oneness" album.
ParadiseInside "...Behind the Gardens-Behind The Wall-Under The Tree" title track. this music creates Paradise when tryp phenomena active
ParadiseInside late career Exotica impresario embraces the Moog synth & modern pop. a dash of 60s psychedelia, too.
ParadiseInside the classic pop version of the theme for "2001: A Space Odyssey" always gets a smile from someone :)
ParadiseInside the deep space side comes out. rich is often organismic, architectural but here spooky voidness
ParadiseInside great upper level harmonics take one deep into the mysteries
ParadiseInside from longform piece which comprises 2nd disc of the "World's Edge" 2cd set.
ParadiseInside closes 1st disc in "World's Edge" 2cd set. sheets of sheen wafting in void

Steve RoachDrift

| play
ParadiseInside awesome intricambient from one of the minds @ Atmoworks! organic glorp musick
ParadiseInside altho i know nothing of this artist, enjoyed these vibes. i'm onna mandala roll
ParadiseInside shimmer and shine. vibrance and vitality. good wave set to get ready to go ASTRAL. BRILLIANCE BRIGHT.


| play
ParadiseInside gotta have something from the maestro! this must be from one of the early Strange Cargo releases
ParadiseInside mellow electrodub piece to intro extended astral projection set. leaving your body is easy. you'll see....
ParadiseInside time to synchronize your hemispheres and OOBE with the Monroe Institute

Hemi-Sync - Brainwave Mind Voyages - Astral Trance (1-11) - Hemisync

| play
ParadiseInside incandescent dark ambient. higher level vibrations on a mysterious journey
ParadiseInside Italian ambient composer Stephan Musso aka Alio Die is creating a truly stunning catalogue of cutting edge dark ambient.
ParadiseInside o lookee here: the classic of Space Paradisal, with a new digi remaster too! time to heroic dose & visit the transdimensional garden
ParadiseInside don't think this is brainscapes, maybe blue asia with heavy overdubs? anyway, KUDOS to spectral paradi. this one MUST come to paradise with me.
ParadiseInside a sandawa monochord drone instrument with accompanying flute & violin in the karnatic style. simple yet effective paradisal vibes
ParadiseInside paradise music for the palace. gamelan less klangy. dainty, really

Javanese Gamelan

| play
ParadiseInside an excerpt from "Jegog Bamboo Gamelan of Bali" 1994. bamboo marimba...kinda...


| play
ParadiseInside a long one from the marvelous "Inner Sanctum" disc. higher octaves engaged and crystalline chimes. REAL "head" music.
ParadiseInside from excellent "Sines & Singularities" 2005 on Aleph Zero. color of my hair. a mellower one.


| play
ParadiseInside yet another milestone in Visionary Sound Arts. creates an intimate, pleasurable environment
ParadiseInside except the other way around: Numena sounds like Robert Rich, which this is: from the "Geometry" release.


| play
ParadiseInside MH has produced true ascension music that has definite bioenergetic effects and has keys to the wisdom frequencies
ParadiseInside a classic originally from "Light At Mt. Fuji" this one will float you places under the appropriate conditions. wow.
ParadiseInside an intense beam of radiance to smooj out your frequencies


| play
ParadiseInside title song from succesful attempt to describe the pure alchemical gold in reiki healing process

LlewellynReiki Gold

| play
ParadiseInside pure healing essence distilled to where one can hear it
ParadiseInside golden reiki healing liquid light
ParadiseInside what's this? this one actually DOES sound like magenta! whoa
ParadiseInside solid groove swathed in magenta


| play
ParadiseInside shimmering electric piano and downtempo technoambient


| play
ParadiseInside long play technoambient chill. captain, i don't know what happened here but the entire quadrant is filled with shimmering amethyst plasma
ParadiseInside classical dedication to the incandescent crystalline lavender. alongside brilliant white and solar gold, one of the most ecstatic


| play
ParadiseInside Perfect spiritual synthesis for the brilliant magenta violet ecstasis. wiki - but i like the pink, amethyst
ParadiseInside if you've ever been in a room full of crystals, you know they radiate intense vibes
ParadiseInside a little triphop to end the Amethyst set
ParadiseInside clever drumming over an amethyst drone


| play
ParadiseInside SFTG main exponent of "electroroots" - this one from "Terra Firma" 2000. good album to start with. recent stuff more urban downtempo
ParadiseInside from "Kamasutra Experience." delicate and ambient sufi style
ParadiseInside now THIS is what i'm talkin' 'bout! SOMETHING SUFI!! truly. hook up the hookah; clean yer bong out and let's do 'er!
ParadiseInside long naturescape with meditative sufi flute gets some roots vibrations going
ParadiseInside sufficiently interesting synth take on the darv side
ParadiseInside another decent cut from "Machupicchu Meditations." instrumental native american flute & drum
ParadiseInside bringing worldbeat to tibetan with heartfelt style
ParadiseInside can't believe there's a cut from "Mantrica" !! soma&savasana!
ParadiseInside title song from voice-oriented release. classically trained bassist from Greece consistently releases top quality visionary music
ParadiseInside Hammer makes high quality ascension/angelic music. packed with vibratory spiritual information
ParadiseInside i just immediately liked the radiance in this one.
ParadiseInside this song ingrained in me. must come to paradise with me. title song from 1985 instrumental album. quite enjoyable & this is representative
ParadiseInside deep in the jungle. it's impossible to walk in this muck! no traction.

Sound Effects - Sounds of Nature - Tropical Rain Forest 2

| play
ParadiseInside surely direct experience surpasses blind belief? come, let's travel beyond our beliefs to realms where questions are answered
ParadiseInside a cup of this will wake you up in the morning!
ParadiseInside awesome shamanistic chant prayer with powerful drumming [unlike many icaros which use only whishing fans]
ParadiseInside another postmodern beating Tangerine Dream at their own game. one of the best sonic descriptions of getting blasted into the pineal aethyrs i've heard
ParadiseInside idk. more massive experiences going over [or up] the falls.
ParadiseInside hoping this is a dj mix. starts out sweet & exciting. give it a chance


| play
ParadiseInside the second half of the classic Hillage/Giraudy "Rainbow Dome Musick" 1979 - good music to smooj out onset of bummer
ParadiseInside impressive millenial remix of classic smokin' Doobie tune. *spark it up*
ParadiseInside MY KIND OF VIDEO! mix Yello from "Pocket Universe" with ESA / NASA Hubble Telescope Deep Field imaging & BLAM! The Universe Is Magic.
ParadiseInside another secret theme song of mine from the old magus days
ParadiseInside largely instrumental remix of opening cut from 1985's Zillionaire release. "in the end make fear your friend: change your circumstance" BOSS CUT
ParadiseInside the Elfin King himself, from "A Wizard A True Star" there's always more...
ParadiseInside ooo: lookee here! title song from debut album. juicy and cosmic
ParadiseInside BDO sure has some great music. a mellower one, somewhat romantic & sentimental
ParadiseInside a true love of mine. title song from the near perfect 1979 release by former Genesis genius guitarist, who is still releasing awesome stuff now
ParadiseInside a shorter piece from "Ambient 2 - Day of Radiance" collab by Brian Eno & Laraaji
ParadiseInside fiery yet downtempo electroacoustic piece built around nylon 6string guitar. well-crafted piece
ParadiseInside good 3rd chakra work. recharge the batteries. redefine the premises. a mind that can't change might be broken...

ShakaturaSolar Cell

| play
ParadiseInside some of these remixes are cool! what a great ethno-electronic project BDO is! string arrangements a cut above. new release on 6 degrees live strings
ParadiseInside opens "Blumenkraft" a lil tidbit before bedtime, hon? o! please! watch the crumbs, you just changed the sheets, REMEMBER?
ParadiseInside a superb composition from the "Apollo" soundtrack.

Brian EnoStars

| play
ParadiseInside from "Strange Cargo 3" always enjoyed this relatively short tone poem.
ParadiseInside bejewelled psidelic space. creatures of love and beings of light


| play
ParadiseInside Angelos Stoumpos, from Greece, with G. Mitsikaris. from "Time In Waves" on Synergetic Records. quite fine 12 minute piece
ParadiseInside from "Star Spirits," native north american flute meditation disc with the Gerald J Markoe background Pleiadian thing
ParadiseInside title song and opening cut from straight-up flute meditational album [with Gerald j Markoe spice]
ParadiseInside native american ahngway-ahngway synth version ceremonial
ParadiseInside Gerald J Markoe, exponent of Pleiadian music, and friends. from "Dances For The New Millenium" incan ufo music?
ParadiseInside Gerald J Markoe, exponent of Pleiadian music, and friends. opening cut from "Where The Earth Touches The Stars" AB easier to understand when trypping
ParadiseInside Leeb & Fulber are also Delerium, Intermix & prob other projects. from album: "Ephemeral" [2CD set "Desideratum" even darker]
ParadiseInside a journey-like piece of Byzantiniana, mercifully lacking in the signature overly dramatic vocals. early Delerium is quite good, like "Semantic Spaces"
ParadiseInside sensual psychic tryphop chyll from the cybersufi tryksters of downtempo psyambient. it's becoz I AM supernatural ;))
ParadiseInside lambasted by critics, turns out this 1991 "one-off" disc has staying power [if you like David Sylvian]
ParadiseInside awesome visionary electroroots from 1996 release "Psychic Karaoke" when TU is good, it's fantastic
ParadiseInside title song and opening cut from excellent Real World album. production is obviously Eno-influence, but has that hookah:sufi:Al:Gromer:Khan-essence
ParadiseInside former genius mind behind Silent Records and the legendary Heavenly Music Corporation. this one a radiant cosmic soup...rather...
ParadiseInside former genius mind behind Silent Records and the legendary Heavenly Music Corporation. this one a radiant cosmic soup...rather...
ParadiseInside crisp digital production. drippingwater, struck tibetanbowls, halpern-like-elec-piano, well-played flute. decently long track length. good vibe. works
ParadiseInside "The Sun & The Sea" another credible blip of evidence of GlobalComm's technoambient expertise
ParadiseInside brilliant bit of modern electronic music. somehow is able to keep random sample & hold in a mellow
ParadiseInside electrodub project specializing in clean production and hand percussion
ParadiseInside much has been made of the maestro of "DJ Science." his 1st 2or3 discs were great. of course, i pick the quiet instrumental one
ParadiseInside a very cool instrumental remix of classic I.F. masterstroke
ParadiseInside unusual style fits in with activate bliss workout
ParadiseInside awesome piece from the "Gnosis" album
ParadiseInside always good to have a bit of surf with you on the journey
ParadiseInside from the classic out-of-print [wtf] "Planetary Unfolding" 1985 space music rarely gets as fully cosmic as this album
ParadiseInside angelic, impressionistic. ah paradise! where has thou gone?
ParadiseInside Visions of Eden on the Subtle level. the sphere. over your head


| play
ParadiseInside stupdendous journey through the Garden mythfortunate
ParadiseInside graceful ominous dark ambient. engaging & luscious.
ParadiseInside stately yet delicate angelic piece. crystalline synth harp & synthstring washes over enjoyable water sounds. up in the Aethyrs with the fireys
ParadiseInside rich dark ambient with storm pound bottom end. an interesting portrayal of personified Time
ParadiseInside gotta have meditative singing bowls in Paradise!

Roland Sante-Tibetan Singing Bowls Therapy

| play
ParadiseInside from "Maitreya - The Future Buddha" 2002. one of his albums the love vibration most present in. sweet video slide show, too!
ParadiseInside from Robert Carty's "Tonalities." a few minor sound glitches can't stop me from getting Cartyized! this is his more earthy forest style.

Tones Primed

| play
ParadiseInside ten minutes of excerpts from "Water Planet" by Tamas Laboratorium

Relaxation Meditation Nature Sounds

| play
ParadiseInside Jacotte Chollet, from her first album, "Renaissance," 1994. definitely rewires the neurospiritual system!


| play
ParadiseInside ten minutes of "total snooze material." but in a good way. excellent actually. Dr. Jeffrey S. Thompson from Delta Sleep Sync

Get to sleep FAST! SLEEP MUSIC

| play
ParadiseInside five minute excerpt from Eno's finest hour. 1984. superb rarefied atmosphere: quiet, gentle, evocative of creativity & noble emotions
ParadiseInside from the classic, "Following The Circle" 1994. one of the single best Native American style meditation recordings out there.

Dik Darnell Spirit Rain

| play
ParadiseInside programming some basic acoustic meditation tracks now.

didgeridoo meditation

| play
ParadiseInside the tamboura and veena. great meditation track

Classical Indian Music for Healing and Relaxation by Music for Deep Meditation

| play
ParadiseInside crisp digital recording of paradisal zen atmosphere
ParadiseInside very useful for inducing mystical ecstasy under the right conditions
ParadiseInside a couple of minutes of Pleiadian energy for ya
ParadiseInside from "Tonalities" by Robert Carty. a few minor glitches in sound medium. his more dream-like, all-colors-of-the-rainbow style

As Above So Below

| play
ParadiseInside ten minutes from the "Silent Light" release, 2000. essential spiritual vibrations.

Jacotte Chollet -

| play
ParadiseInside title track from the brilliantly conceived and produced 2001 album. former Missing Persons bassist/keyboardist. Awesome long term ambient artist.
ParadiseInside excerpt from the 23 minute piece on "Ancient Leaves" 1977, one of his earliest efforts. this one always flabbergasting when entheogized
ParadiseInside wow! suddenly all these Iasos videos appear. we're set! sonic sacraments to heal and rejuvenate
ParadiseInside a studio track from "Live Herald" 1974. Hillage was definitely connecting into some of the same sound currents as times....
ParadiseInside from the CLASSIC "Green" 1978. if you want the crystal aquarian UFOs, this is the album
ParadiseInside from classic "Colourform" 1993. with cool spiral geometric video. joyous technoambient in purity

New Age Music Nº4 : The Higher Intelligence Agency-Spectral

| play
ParadiseInside the sweet sequencer passage from 76:14.
ParadiseInside opening cut from 2009 release, "Observer." nondualism for pop culture.

Magic Sound Fabric "The World is an Illusion"

| play
ParadiseInside title track from 2001. i consider TJ Rehmi a world fusion artist at level with Talvin Singh, more listenable than Karsh Kale, deserves more notice
ParadiseInside from 2006's "Hello Waveforms" - an enjoyable, somewhat lightweight, album slaughtered by the critics. this a good bit of synth that
ParadiseInside a good outing for this competent technoambient project from Waveform

Zero One-I Can See It Now

| play
ParadiseInside from the awe-inspiring "Shringara" album, 1998 on Dakini Records. Gio is one of my favorite global fusion electrodub artists


| play
ParadiseInside crown chakra piece from 1996 2CD "Return To The Source" compilation. this one SO AMAZING under the right conditions!!
ParadiseInside an intense HEART CHAKRA piece from the 2CD release. 1st disc: techno keyed to chakras; 2nd disc technoambient keyted to chakras. brilliant.
ParadiseInside not much Kip Mazuy to find at Blip, but here's 3 minutes. his recent "Shakti Silence" awesome. (reblip)

Ocean Euphoric

| play
ParadiseInside who doesn't need to get out from under fear? there ya go
ParadiseInside the solfeggio tone said to have healing dimensions and connective to the love vibration

528 HZMiracle

| play
ParadiseInside recommends both JJ albums as near-perfect Balinese-influenced PURE ambient music-always positive vibes, from 1999's "Bali" release. great composition
ParadiseInside from "Garden of the Gods," 2000. album a mix of his styles. overall: eh... but i did like this one rather a lot.


| play
ParadiseInside ten minutes of versions of the classic brainwave piece from Hillage & Giraudy's System 7 music project's useful "Fire & Water" double CD, 1995.
ParadiseInside from 1995 "Freefloater" album. quirky designer electronic music i like

Higher Intelligence Agency ~ Hubble

| play
ParadiseInside i went through a DM phaze, like, 20 years ago...thought this song was cool & bridging back to ambient. my kind of lyrics, too
ParadiseInside Belgium Apr 1991 ElectronicTrance By Nikkie Van Lierop , Oliver Adams , Praga Khan cool early trance! techno goddess tryps are always wonderful

PhantasiaViolet Skies

| play
ParadiseInside Belgium Apr 1991 ElectronicTrance By Nikkie Van Lierop , Oliver Adams , Praga Khan cool early trance! techno goddess tryps are always wonderful

PhantasiaInner Light

| play

Ether- Part VI-The Sacred Geometry Of Sound

| play
ParadiseInside from "Module 1" - time for a psi-shaman pineal enhancing episode. with Terence. down the luminous DNA helix, cellular tunnels of Light
ParadiseInside opening track from 2004's "Sub Conscious" album on Waveform. conscious, castanedan, evocative electrodub for psychonauts and dedicated shamans
ParadiseInside astounding trance dance from the essential "Shaman's Breath" release 1995 - your true roots are tens of thousands of years old
ParadiseInside astounding trance dance from the essential "Shaman's Breath" release 1995 - this track will bring out the shaman in ya!
ParadiseInside title song from the early 2006 album. powderize in coffee grinder, drop in warm tea and immediately imbibe
ParadiseInside title track from the 1995 release by Raja Ram and Graham Wood. this disc very UFO alien contact

The Infinity Project Mystical Experiences Psychedelic Chill

| play
ParadiseInside from the 2006 "Efflorescence" album on Celestial Dragon. soaring through the clouds on a mysterious electrodub massive groove
ParadiseInside in its entirety! from the sweet 2005 release, "Dialogue of the Speakers." Shulman adds a deft hand on the organ
ParadiseInside nine minute title track from the 2003 Ultimae release. perhaps their best album thus far. this track clever vine-like entwining technoambient.
ParadiseInside title cut excerpt from 1975 solo album by the main person behind Tangerine Dream.
ParadiseInside geometric music. *check out the video on this one!* from the thought-provoking 2007 DVD, "Atlas Dei"
ParadiseInside opening track for 2009 album, "Evolving Visions." richian space music. vast & soulful.
ParadiseInside darkest of the dark ambiance. intergalactic space? from "Where The Black Stars Hang," 1994. two 10-min segments.
ParadiseInside darkest of the dark ambiance. intergalactic space? from "Where The Black Stars Hang," 1994. two 10-min segments.
ParadiseInside wonderful "planetarium music" from "Planetary Chronicles, Vol. 2," 1994. Serries at the top of his form, i think
ParadiseInside finally i can program from her best album "ABoneCroneDrone" 1996
ParadiseInside a short but delicious piece from "Quiet" 1984, one of her best releases
ParadiseInside true brainwave music. from Unison Volume One.

Air ( with STEREO Binaural Beats )

| play
ParadiseInside Visionary Sounds for alignment. more medicinal than recreational. my kind of meditation matrix, tho

Chakra Balancing Meditation music Very Intense

| play
ParadiseInside 8 minute meditation using solfeggio tone related to great pyramid at Giza

Pyramind of Healing Sound 144Hz

| play
ParadiseInside from Sacred Sonic Tools, 1998. to get your spine and cranium ready
ParadiseInside can't help it, just love this celestial paradise music. from "Elixir," an incredibly delicious sonic feast, 1983.
ParadiseInside the singer from Yes. the actual album kinda blah, but remix disc some good stuff. like this. 1995
ParadiseInside Sylvian/Fripp remixed by Future Sound of London? what more could you want?
ParadiseInside astounding trance dance from the essential "Shaman's Breath" release 1995. try pacing this song with your breath. whew
ParadiseInside "Geometry of Recursion" from very creative initial "Perimeter" 2CD 2001 boss hypnosis video, too!

Some Vir Unis & James Johnson track I forgot the name of

| play
ParadiseInside from 2004's "Sub Conscious" album on Waveform. actually pretty sirius cybershamanistic tryp material
ParadiseInside from "Orchid" 2001. near-perfect 2CD if u can find. this cut on the 1CD release.


| play
ParadiseInside recommends both JJ albums as near-perfect Balinese-influenced PURE ambient music. always positive vibes and sincerely offered. from 2001's "Bali Dua."
ParadiseInside title track from 2006 release. actually quite effective for given time frame. tunings are impeccable. the whole album is like this.
ParadiseInside a selection from the various rainforest videos at Blip. music fit my aesthetic.
ParadiseInside from 1999 "Cho Ku Rei." this Reiki energy rejuvenates, heals and adds chi vitality to the physical body.

Akshara WeaveCho

| play
ParadiseInside from "Sei He Ki," 2000. this Reiki energy clears and heals the emotional body

Akshara WeaveSei

| play
ParadiseInside from 2005 "Hon Sha Za Sho Nen" - this Reiki energy recalibrates mental body with template from the Akashic Records

Akshara WeaveSha

| play
ParadiseInside based on the Schumann resonance solfeggio tone, but also a brainwave piece with hemispheric synchronization [headphones]

528 Hz Schumann Chakra Balance (HQ for binaural stereo)

| play
ParadiseInside this one should blast you out of your crown chakra up into the octal dome lightsphere
ParadiseInside fine excerpt from "Secret Observatory" recent artist - great albums; solid electronic work cast in dark ambient
ParadiseInside a pulse-driven piece somewhat prismatic, with an air of mystery & anticipation. i don't know what it is, but i like it

ten72Folds of Color

| play
ParadiseInside whoa. why did i do this stuff again. i've REALLY done it this time
ParadiseInside going way out beyond what is reasonable. mind letting go of the end of the tether
ParadiseInside more adventures on the psi-frontier


| play
ParadiseInside enjoyable shimmering visionary downtempo seamless groove


| play
ParadiseInside Okay: what exactly are you trying to tell me. put down the nice mushroom and try to focus, k?

Psilocybin Adventure

| play
ParadiseInside doin' a little dance with the menehune

IIIElves Dance

| play
ParadiseInside i don't know. you can't expect to figure all of this stuff out

Aranos-drops Of Golden Clams Transcended Seething Blue Craters

| play
ParadiseInside processed zither. "Angel Play," from the album "Inter-Dimensional Music," 1978! supersplendiferous where this takes you at peak
ParadiseInside zero info on this, but like it! alpha-paced processed woods&stream, crystalline drone, complex chorus. words being spoken you can't understand. shines

Lotus Sutra

| play
ParadiseInside 4 minutes of exquisite pure rubbed tones. nice mandala too.

Mandala Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Energy Healing Video

| play
ParadiseInside exotic dark ambient on the 432hz tryp. fun video too. nine minutes with a sweeping bottom end intense whizzer

Dreamscape 432 Omega 432Hz Youtube Version DivX

| play
ParadiseInside On May 9th, 1997 the Star Sounds Orchestra performed the OM TUNE IN live at Natraj Temple, Munich. group OMing with some cosmic synth lightly applied.

OM TUNE IN by Star Sounds Orchestra:

| play
ParadiseInside sweet sacred geometry video featuring the love colors & fabulous electro ambient piece in its own right. another solfeggio exploration

Love signal; music & frequency 528 Hz

| play
ParadiseInside 852 Hz - associated with a pure love frequency: unconditional love and returning to Spiritual Order

LA Unconditional; Music & Solfeggio frequency 852 Hz STEREO

| play
ParadiseInside music from the wonderful album, "Resonance," 2002. this disc quite luscious under the right conditions ;)

Cosmic Bliss by Suzanne Doucet (music doucet & miraz)

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ParadiseInside from the True Series. 7mins36 up in the celestial aethyrs. Lawler can get too new agey, but the chakra work is credible
ParadiseInside a return to the vibrational cascade was called for here. from "Angels In Our Midst" [compilation] 1996 can you imagine?
ParadiseInside whoa. one of the bonus tracks to the 2006 redux of the classic "L" album from 1975. we're gonna need some nag champa, dude. marvelous electrocosmics
ParadiseInside A meditation for breaking up crystalized emotional patterns, undoing situations and facilitating change.

Resonare Fibris; music & Solfeggio frequency 417 Hz

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ParadiseInside this one is 7:32. the crown chakra is 8:54. beautiful meditation codings
ParadiseInside excited to discover this artist! SPLENDID angelic music! from "Chakra Gold," 2006. bring on the intense pleasure! i love it! about 9 minutes.
ParadiseInside Splendid Magnificent title track sequenced electronic Beautiful. title track 1984 release [aka "Light Play" 1983.] always falling in love anew with it
ParadiseInside closing reprise on 1 of his best releases. "Reiki Gold," 2005. angelic music new age aesthetic values BUT album successfully attains healing qualities
ParadiseInside quiet, subtle protoAmbient piece from mp3 download album series on-line. from "Waterfalls - Soothing Waters," 2005
ParadiseInside pure sounds of the wilds

Rain forest sounds ( Best version)

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ParadiseInside from the 1995 "Mass, Energy, Space, Time" download only release electronic technoambient swirlings magic green dust

M.E.S.T.Green Magic

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ParadiseInside sheer extradimensional beauty from "Crystal Fantasy," 1984
ParadiseInside from "Silent Light, " 2001 outpourings from the Divine Feminine


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ParadiseInside "actual recording of Jupiter, available to public from Brain-Mind Research @ Neuroacoustic. *LOW volume*" (reblip)

Jupiter sounds NASA-Voyager recording

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ParadiseInside title track from the CLASSIC 1995 electronic album. dark luscious, but gains luminescence and picks up some technoambient beats towards the end

Alpha Wave Movement: Transcendence

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ParadiseInside a progfusion rock act that fulfills Steve Hillage's dream of Rock Aquaria & beats Return To Forever for sheer audaciousness. this mix very mellow, tho
ParadiseInside truly INSPIRED 70min set of Makyo and soundalikes. consistently profound. sweetest ending!! truly enjoyed whole thing. (reblip)

DJ EckoeMandala

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