ParrotRadio Classic Keith Jarrett track
ParrotRadio What can I say? This comes from an album Nashville which is one of my fave albums of all time :)
ParrotRadio This is the hard bit... trying to find something to say! This is from the best Philip Glass album in my opinion -joint collaboration
ParrotRadio Brilliant musician brilliant song!
ParrotRadio A musician who has had a profound influence on me.
ParrotRadio Saturday morning.............
ParrotRadio Have been revisiting the Laurel canyon album and really loving it!
GR8FL [i used »Yazoo + situation« for the search. I guess Yaz is an incomplete ID tag] @formalhaut - thanks for the tip and this fun (and nice) blip! (reblip)
ParrotRadio Wish I could play guitar like this
ParrotRadio This reminds me ofv Spirit .... I haven't worked out how to prop or return messages yet....
ParrotRadio Saw great blues film featuring this musician recently
ParrotRadio Another great track from Nashville
ParrotRadio I saw Jeff Buckley live at Bunjies, a very small intimate "folk"club. I will never forget the sheer intensity of his performance.
ParrotRadio More memories of Jeff B at Bunjies - just him and a guitar.His voice was so beautiful and emotional.
ParrotRadio Many happy memories of listening to John Martyn when I was younger
ParrotRadio Many happy memories of listening t o J.M. when I was younger
ParrotRadio One of the first folk/blues guitarists I ever heard - this music,amongst others,inspired me to learn to play guitar
Diordan In the hiss and rumble of the freeway sounds As the afternoon commuters drive their cars around There's a ringle jingle near the underpass (reblip)


| play
ParrotRadio Great swing feel to this


| play
ParrotRadio A perfect song for valentines day, dreaming of a secret love.....
ParrotRadio I'm sure this is the same for many people, but "kind of Blue" is probably my favourite jazz album of alltime - the solos are written on my heart!
ParrotRadio Have enjoyed listening to this guitarist for many years
ParrotRadio The music press have spoken much of this group's great harmonies but the thing which really impresses me is the quality of R Pecknold's songwriting
mteric Last one for tonight. Until tomorrow!
ParrotRadio A beautiful song, a vulnerable, affecting voice
ParrotRadio One of my all-time favourite guitarists - got me into DADGAD
ParrotRadio Have only just started listening to him - I understand John Mayall was a great fan...
ParrotRadio When I'm in "easier circumstances" (credit crunch and all that) I want to obtain as many Terry Riley c.ds as possible
ParrotRadio Lovely track from an absolute classic album
ParrotRadio Recently seen at the Borderline (London). Brilliant - better live than on record and in my view severely underrated!
ParrotRadio Hoping, praying for abetter summer this year. This is the perfect spring/summer album

Bella Fleck and the Flecktones - Showdown at the Hoedown

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ParrotRadio One of my favourite Nick Drake tracks... such a feeling of longing in this
ParrotRadio From her first album- one of my favourites
ParrotRadio Have been listening so much to Fleet Foxes, and I believe Robin Pecnold was influenced by this great solo album of D. Crosby.
ParrotRadio Great for chilling out on Saturday morning
ParrotRadio From his first and, in my opinion, best album - I love this track.
ParrotRadio Great fiddle-playing on this album
mammara @doczok Tim Buckley is the best voice of all times for me, and one of my 2-3 favorites musicians.
ParrotRadio Great track for a good saturday morning

Nu Yorican Soul - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun (4 Hero Remix)

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ParrotRadio Am listening to this a great deal at the moment - a really interesting composer
ParrotRadio Love this band


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15. Norwegia - Tord Gustavsen Trio - Where Breathing Starts

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ParrotRadio One of the greatest folk singers
ParrotRadio Got the blues today! Have loved this song for years
ParrotRadio Some up-tempo music for a sunny Monday morning
ParrotRadio I used to sing this in another life!
ParrotRadio My absolute favourite album of the moment - the re-issue of Duncan Browne's beautiful "Give me Take you" - an underrated masterpiece!
ParrotRadio Duncan Browne in another reincarnation
ParrotRadio i ve only just discovered her and shes really good


| play
ParrotRadio Heard this on the radio last week - brilliant
ParrotRadio For @RootsWorld and @johnnyag - enjoy a sunny day

Isaac Guillory (Somewhere Tonight)

| play
Dzhimbo Thanks to @fallentoad and @ParrotRadio for props. Some hypnotic rebel music for you.

tinariwen cler achel

| play
ParrotRadio Guitar playing "to die for"!

Capman Bootman

| play
ParrotRadio For all my Buddhist friends out there - much metta

Steely Dan "Bodhisattva" 1973

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ParrotRadio Hi @daBlueManedBlackMagicWitchWoman - Yes it is a ring-neck. Wish I did own one - I'm parrot mad, but can't own one at present!

sufi tales/Dylan Fowler

| play
ParrotRadio Hi @daBlueManedBlackMagicWitchWoman - Can't own because of health - M.E. -arms too weak to lift or clean cage! Ring-necks are wild in my area !

Dylan Fowler & Branko Trijic

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bourgie bourgie, Gladys Knight and the Pips

| play

Song For The Boys

| play
ParrotRadio Great to find this musician on Blip
ParrotRadio This woman's voice is so superb it makes me feel tearful!
ParrotRadio Hi @Sven777 - belated thanks for CD's - v. interesting esp Bakerton Band. Wanted to send Anabella message but can't find her DJ name!!!!
ParrotRadio Another amazing voice and a very moving song...
ParrotRadio Just love this track!

Ry Cooder & Manuel Galban: Drume Negrita (2003)

| play
toobad oh my, what it is to be human...

Javier paxariño cortesanos

| play
ParrotRadio Great combination of instruments on this album

Peter Gabriel Mercy Street

| play
ParrotRadio A great band

Grassroots 2009-Bela Fleck and The Horse Flies

| play
ParrotRadio Great music to dance to during the non-summer

Tony Allen's 'Secret Agent'

| play
ParrotRadio Brilliant songwriter I've only just discovered
ParrotRadio Just love this track!

I feel so good J.B. Lenoir

| play

Dillard & Clark (Train Leaves Here This Morning)

| play
ParrotRadio One of my favourite Steely Dan tracks
ParrotRadio A really beautiful emotional song
ParrotRadio Hi @bindinglogic - thanks for the props - really like your playlist. Thought you might appreciate another great track from Jim White
ParrotRadio There's been some interesting stuff about Miles Davis on the radio recently - this will always be a favourite track of mine

So What by.Miles Davis

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Dan Arborise take heart

| play

Carl Nielsen: Symphony No. 5 (excerpt)

| play
ParrotRadio A most beautiful symphony - very mysterious
ParrotRadio Such an amazingly beautiful, spiritual song...

Jefferson Airplane- Embryonic Journey

| play

bj cole and emily burridge

| play
ParrotRadio A classic album

Joni Mitchell Song For Sharon

| play
ParrotRadio A funky blast from the past....

Samuel Barber's Violin Concerto 1st Movement

| play
jsalinasi Repasando música de Ali Farka Toure: 'Savane'.
ParrotRadio Chill-out music for Saturday am.

Toumani Diabaté~Cantelowes

| play
ParrotRadio Have probably blipped this before but make no apologies for returning to Nick Drake
elinejv Laatste blip, fijn weekend! Happy weekend, bye @ all!
ParrotRadio From my absolute favourite "summer" album

Kate BushAerial

| play
ParrotRadio From his best album, in my view!

Paul Simon- Spirit Voices

| play
ParrotRadio And the best track from the best album

Paul Simon- The Rhythm of the Saints

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ParrotRadio Heard this beautiful song on BBC Late Junction
ParrotRadio An amazing song for summer (Saturday!) morning
ParrotRadio Amazing sax from Johnny Almond
ParrotRadio Evening music really - not for Satuday morning but love it anyway...

Miles DavisMood

| play
ParrotRadio Time is running out - too true!

Nielsen : Symphony N° 4 --- 3. Poco adagio quasi andante

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ParrotRadio @fredr1c: "Edmar Castaneda (harp) Afro Seis | Entre Cuerdas | | #twitjazznet #jazz" (reblip)

Loituma: (Dissertation Polska)

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Dylan Fowler @ AKDT 2009

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ParrotRadio Only just discovered this artist - she wrote/recorded this in 1968 when just aged 19 - pretty impressive!!!

The Banks of Green Willow

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Norfolk Rhapsody No.1 by Ralph Vaughan Williams

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jsalinasi Admirando desde la ventana los verdes de los Andes a mi alrededor. Escuchando aAbdullah Ibrahim: Blue Bolero

Nicolas Meier Trio.

| play

KENNY BURRELL, Midnight Blue

| play

John Renbourn- Sir John Alot of- Seven Up

| play

Karjalan Sissit-Säkkijärven Polkka

| play

Daada daada, Merja Larivaara, Kari Tapio ja Jussi Lampi

| play
de_knuppel ty @JazzyChazzy: "TOM WAITS ----Drunk On The Moon (last night???)" (reblip)

Julia Holter: "Fur Felix" by Fenslerfilm

| play

Every Sperm is Sacred {Monty Python's Meaning of Life}

| play
wejazz Me too :)@SoMuch: "Hey you two! I think it's going to be a good year @musicismynoise: "Haha! :D So these are Euro-props I'm giving? wejazz"" (reblip)

Beirut- Elephant Gun

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badwolf1013 I think this song was inspired by THE CATCHER IN THE RYE, but maybe that's just me.

Green Day Basket Case LIVE AT ITALY

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