dubstarr @minmae LOL! Maybe in a different universe....... in this one i am happy where i am..... i love growing things, connection to nature is important....
apossamai Um electrotango bem bom vai bem na sexta.

Narco Tango Un Paso Mas Alla. ELECTROTANGO.

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Peppermind ... a me gli Emperor mi fanno cacare, ma questo pezzo è commovente...
Peppermind AAAHHHMMMburger train... @sheryonstone: "hamburger train mmmm" (reblip)
Peppermind Siamo in tanti qui dentro...

MinaMood Indigo

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cseil notti di curve mozzafiato il chitarrista innamoratoo bagna con l'alcool il suo perduto amoooor.
ExCluSiv Insane Japanese punk/metal. Fans of Death Note will recognise this song.
bushiur Hungarians rule the world! Ektomorf – Set Me Free
Peppermind Dopo la versione ufficiale c'è anche quella strumentale: da ascoltare, Mussida strepitoso.
Peppermind ... rilssatevi, coi brividi nelle spalle...

lil' darling*count basie

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Peppermind I wasn't there but I know that something was... I was in love. I'm sorry that you're dead.
Subjective Scumfuck – What I do is not Legal
Subjective Cock and Ball Torture – Candy Teen Pussy Pleasers
Peppermind @ladypn: "Goodnight to you rb@nzstars! Sleep well!: "Goodnight Everyone have a good night! @ladypn "" (reblip)


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Peppermind Ungrateful stars lacking heat...
Peppermind Live, learn and love. Treasure all the colours. Even in the thick of night.
Peppermind With joy We sin. We rather burn!
MrsASoprano Which one? Jack Shi* or Jack As*? @FlinnDc: "I Know Jack" (reblip)
Peppermind @Ailinn, for you... Place your past into a book... Burn the pages let them cook...


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Peppermind Vah, mettiamo una roba bella adesso... @JoanieBeachMusic: "Happy Wednesday Nani!@Nani1982" (reblip)

The Cinematic Orchestra -- Lilac Wine (Jeff Buckley cover)

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Peppermind Someone to hear your prayers. Someone who cares
Peppermind uffi ma è unavallable! @lilli_l: "pari opportunità di corruttare :-)@Peppermind" (reblip)
Peppermind Let me out... Let me fade into that pitch black velvet night.
Peppermind (ex vocalist dei Matt Bianco)
Peppermind @lilli_l: ma che musiquetta alegre, quasi porto! (reblip)
GR8FL still am dreaming... ♥ º ☆.¸¸.•´¯`♥
A5H8 I came upon this track accidentally. Check it out!! :) (reblip)
Peppermind And I love uncle Diamond too... merry me >.> @JunoIt: "Yes I dig your name@Peppermind" (reblip)

King Diamond "Give Me Your Soul"

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Peppermind @A5H8: "@A5H8: "Let me fuckin' hear ya \m/ The hottest chic in metal!!"" (reblip)
Peppermind fiquissima anche così! @lilli_l: "a me piace così :)@Peppermind" (reblip)
Carmilla @quakkaz: "This is an amazing cover!! Check it out!" (reblip)
Alfea → rb@gohardgirl: "Cocteau Twins – Evangeline" (reblip)
aprildax Don't fret precious I'm here, step away from the window and go back to sleep..... (Safe from pain, and truth, and choice, and other poison devils) (reblip)
Peppermind @GR8FL: "nice one to hear first thing in the morning, grazie @marisalanuit: "E' ufficiale: Einar Stray è la mia ossessione del momento"" (reblip)
Peppermind @romanus: "<3 to you all =) @Vivke: "Heaven send a light, let it shine on me...& on my dearest Blipfriends @sedefic @Groenewaterman @romanus"" (reblip)
ankita_gaur LMAO!! cya later hun!!@creativeness:{special thanks to my supermodel translator for translational services during this broadcast @ankita_gaur}" (reblip)
Eddie664 awesome@JunoIt: "2 faves reggae and surfing @Fab73 @fredderyk @matriax: @christy_of_beaumetz tried to be a friend but she is paranoid too much" (reblip)
Peppermind @lilli_l: Io sentivo sempre questa, la sigla RAI del ciclo di film musical... seri piscinin!
Peppermind Ciao! @Vi_ro68 e ora ... all'opera ... ciao a tutti ;) @Peppermind @lilli_l @claudiav78 @zolletta1999

'A rrobba mia-Pino Daniele

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Peppermind Allora non sono l'unico stronzo della compa che lavora? : BuonG! @lilli_l: "Buon Giorno@Cris_tina@Vi_ro68@zolletta1999@claudiav78@JanetGish@Quepasa (reblip)

Quartetto Euphoria I will survive

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Peppermind pensa, Laika l'han messa in un faro e Einsty su un razzo! (ok, my own private history, so what?)@marisalanuit: (reblip)
Peppermind avevo sbagliato il tuo nick ora è giusto! *tuttosudato* (@lilli_l codesta ragazza ha i tuoi gusti... )@SambaJazz: "Sensacional!!""" (reblip)
Peppermind Dai bionda, invitami! Bella bionda beato chi! Enonfiniscolafrasechenonfinisco!@lilli_l: "it's my pigiama party :))) @Peppermind" (reblip)
Beeeast RB@Sylak: "‡‡Queensrÿche – "The Lady Wore Black"‡‡" (reblip)
Peppermind ... speak of the devil...

TypeONegative Black Sabbath From a Satanic Perspective

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Peppermind questa me l'ha rubata! @lilli_l: "e non vogliamo fare i simpatici? @Peppermind, qui secondo me potrebbe intervenire anche la claudia @claudiav78" (reblip)
Peppermind Sono FRANCAMENTE ammirato °__° @Subjective: "Cock And Ball Torture – Dingo Dong | rb@rjoe @lilli_l (proppa questo, ti sfido!)@claudiav78@Vi_ro68 (reblip)
Peppermind wow, che bomba! @rjoe: Animals As Leaders - "CAFO" Prosthetic Records (reblip)
Peppermind @Nocturnal666: "Not exactly what I expected haha@rjoe: "Understand going through stuff here/This off new album (reblip)
Peppermind Uuuhh, coool! One of many Patton's "creatures"! @stedo85: "Peeping Tom – Mojo" (reblip)

Peeping TomMojo

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Subjective Dying Fetus - Homicidal Retribution | rb @Peppermind: "Ok, now i'm awake! *__* @Nocturnal666: "REBLIP@bigtrubs"" Me too XD (reblip)
Kubrickx Street Sweeper Social Club – Clap For The Killers
Peppermind @Subjective: "Eyehategod – Sabbath Jam | From the "In These Black Days" split w/ A.C." (reblip)
DamnTheMan G'mornin t you too hon :) @BattLady: "Godsmack – Awake ~ I LOVEs me a #DamnTheMan so early in the morning =D Brightens the day!!!! Morning buddy!!!" (reblip)


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Peppermind io mi dicevo "che drag queen di frankestein dal pianeta 13 che sono!" @lilli_l me lo dicevo anche io ieri sera @Cruzito:@aagochan: (reblip)
Pantagruella Which German town is in the news because a former torture centre is being used for fashionable prison parties? Just basic psychology.
Peppermind per tutti i pisapiani, e anche i posapiano, al limite scappiamo in heartland. @lilli_l@claudiav78@Loredana@mnemosine@Koralyn@Quepasa@Trudimilla

Keith JARRETT Heartland Bregenz Concert

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Peppermind @Unaturalsoul: "@RACERJJJ: "Avenged Sevenfold // Nightmare (Official Music Video)"" (reblip)
mnemosine wishing an happy weekend everybody! full of stars and blue skies :) (music score: "We Happy Few" - The Calm Blue Sea)

VLT (Very Large Telescope) HD Timelapse Footage

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Peppermind what a song.... perfect.


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Peppermind shquaqquaracchiato? ACCHì? Parli a come basi, sa? Signorina, io sono un uomo di mondo! @Eulalia_Drastica e rrrrrilancio.


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Peppermind in effetti quasi mi spreme una lacrima, porchetta evuccia! @lilli_l: "anche la paloma sdilinque no? @Peppermind e @ tuttoillistone" (reblip)
Peppermind che bravi questi! °__° @Eulalia_Drastica: "@Linientreu ricambio, giusto per riprendere l´annosa querelle sulle pettinature semplici..." (reblip)
Beeeast Well, my mind is made up, I PROMISE! That really fucking sucks about your situation though :(@errrata: "yea just make up yer mind.. my mom reunit (reblip)
Peppermind altro mostro.... @yahowa57: "Stevie Ray Vaughn - Little Wing" (reblip)
Peppermind mh, goodmorning to me@Nocturnal666: "Is she drinking too?@errrata: "another favorite for the night"" (reblip)
Peppermind @lilli_l: "e questa per Agota Kristof che ci ha salutati d'estate" (reblip)

ESTATE ーEddie Higgins Trio

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claudiav78 voglio il robottino!!!!@Eulalia_Drastica: "@claudiav78 :)" (reblip)

Stereo Total- Alaska Japanese Version

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AC_DC_ASIC AC/DC – That's The Way I Wanna Rock 'N' Roll
Peppermind .. i'm a little worried... i see that you have propped selah sue and other soft-music! *he touch her head for testing fever...* °__°

Zeni GevaWhiteout

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Peppermind [Ok, mattinata jazz... ma un po' di duncan hill coffee? @lilli_l @claudiav78 @Eulalia_Drastica] ty rb@NIB: "@Beeeast: "I need a cup of coffee!! (reblip)
Peppermind Per gli amici del metallo, minuto 1:51. Per tutti gli altri, fermarsi prima U_U @claudiav78 @Quepasa @Eulalia_Drastica @Beeeast @Loredana @lilli_l

小さな君の手~maximum the hormone(再UP)

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Peppermind (toh, questa non la conoscevo!) Mike Pattone & Sepultura.
Peppermind oggi ci ho l'anima ruvida U_U Ma ti amo sempre <3 @claudiav78: "oooohh....ti aspettavo! <3 (rb and ty @Reality_Tunnel) (reblip)
Peppermind non mi pensi! (gnegnegne!) (bellissima questa ç__ç) @lilli_l: "dì che non ti penso! :) Peppermind" (reblip)
cryostasium heya @Peppermind nice! glad you like. Here's another, equally weird. equally awesome.
Peppermind tosti codesti @Sven777 (reblip)

Deerhoof-Panda Panda Panda

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Peppermind Niente male, grazie Annarella!
Peppermind Che pastelle! rb @Cruzito: "Decapitated – Day 69" (reblip)

DecapitatedDay 69

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Peppermind Dura troppo poco, non capisco se è metal o hardrock
Peppermind You are the new number 13


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Peppermind Ma anche questa mi è piaciuta eh. (reblip)
Sven777 @Fluffybootz: "Hes Brazil at the moment I will ask him when hes back?> nah was hoping you could pass it on for me>? :)
Peppermind epperché no, la religione sarebbe qualcosa di migliore. @smukkecharlie: "speaking of Nuns @Beeeast @ Ezmerelda109 ..." (reblip)
Peppermind rb @smukkecharlie: "Hi @Amorphead welcome you know @Ppprmnd by any chance?" (reblip)
Peppermind Ogni tanto ho biosogno di rullate nel cervello, così, senza fine.


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