Safety Dance- Men Without Hats

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"If Only For One Night" By Luther Vandross

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Pink_Viper @evertonmoreth: "The most amazing video-music combination ever!!!!" [Love this...always makes me smile!] (reblip)

Dance Evolution

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Pink_Viper Need my fix: Cyndi Lauper – All Through The Night (With Shaggy) (reblip)
Pink_Viper Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrell Williams - Beautiful (reblip)

Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrell Williams-Beautiful Musik Video

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Pink_Viper Thx to: @KidMud Tone Loc - Wild Thing (reblip)

Tone Loc - Wild Thing

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Pink_Viper thx to: @alebur: Genesis -- Rome - Follow You, Follow Me (Italia 1 Broadcast) (reblip)
Pink_Viper @fpiraz Cyndi Lauper - Money Changes Everything (200 Points, Sweetheart ;-)
Pink_Viper Thx to: @RNRSteve: Joan Jett – I Love Rock N Roll [This one never gets old.] (reblip)

Ariana Catwalk Remix 2009

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Mc Hammer Too Legit to Quit

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Pink_Viper @Pink_Viper: Thank you. Matchbox Twenty – Hand Me Down (reblip)
Pink_Viper "Thx to: @RNRSteve: Joan Jett – I Love Rock N Roll [This one never gets old.]" (reblip)
Pink_Viper @theothrone Disturbed – Conflict


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Alanis Morisette - Im a Bitch Im a Lover

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Pink_Viper thx to: SparkOfArt : Seether – Careless Whisper (reblip)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Soundtrack (Assassin's Tango)

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blondie - the tide is high

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Pink_Viper thx to: @adbert: #Acoustic Jewel - Near You Always (reblip)

Jewel "Near You Always" (1997)

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Pink_Viper Village_People_-_YMCA [Doooooo it!]


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Pink_Viper @mariankelly Its Raining Men – Weather Girls [Found your song, girl!]

Donna Summer- Hot Stuff

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Pink_Viper thx to: @LeandroAzevedo: Peter Frampton-Baby I love your way (reblip)

Peter Frampton-Baby I love your way

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Pink_Viper @icantseeyou *White Snake – Is This Love :P
Pink_Viper @Pink_Viper: "thx to: @Rella: Pussycat Dolls (Live From London) – Don't Cha" (reblip)
Pink_Viper thx to: @LeandroAzevedo Bon Jovi- Never Say Good Bye (reblip) (reblip)

Bon Jovi- Never Say Good Bye

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Pink_Viper @Pink_Viper: "RB @KageyNYC: "No Twitter today - "Bittersweet Symphony" The Verve" [Shaking from withdrawals...]" (reblip)
Pink_Viper rb: @dj_AM: "watch out!" The Hollies – Witchy Woman (reblip)
Pink_Viper thx to: @Triple5Light: "r/b via @BrettGreene: M * A * R * R * S * needs Women ! ! ! " (reblip)

Pump Up The Volume (MARRS)

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Pink_Viper thx to: @pimpshit: @Droxine Guns N' Roses – November Rain (High Quality) (reblip)
Pink_Viper thx to: @Soul4U: "Can't stop bopping to Black Eyed Peas "One Tribe". One Planet, One People! ...peace out & enjoy" (reblip)
Pink_Viper ROFL @JDS442: Nobody liked Booty Call Friday... sigh... LOL !!! [I laughed!] (reblip)
Pink_Viper rb @422___PUMA____422: @andremcarvalho: "YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE? You're in the jungle baby! You gonna die!" (reblip)
Pink_Viper rb @Shorteee: "Rush [Tom Sawyer] ....KICK ass song!" [Nice pick!] (reblip)

RushTom Sawyer

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Pink_Viper @esszeeeeye blink-182 – I Miss You [Girl! Time Zones are sucking!]
Pink_Viper All Through The Night – Cyndi Lauper and Shaggy (*live*)
Pink_Viper Hush - Fired Up [*** #PUMA *** Owning that KILL LEADERBOARD! Assassins --> Fired Up!] #Zone1 #LAOS #Ravenedge #Spymaster

Hush-Fired Up

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Pink_Viper @spybien @blogspy422 *Assassin's Tango - Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Assassin's Tango Mr. & Mrs. Smith (by the-croft-fan)

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Pink_Viper @spedding422 *TAG TEAM – WHOOMP THERE IT IS [WOOT! Congrats on Elite V, Spedding!! *** #PUMA ***] (reblip)

Peter Frampton-Baby I love your way

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James Taylor -- Handy Man

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Pink_Viper rb @docstimulas: Gravity by John Mayer (reblip)

Gravity by John Mayer

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Pink_Viper @reddog187 Def Lepard - Pour Some Sugar On Me :P

Def Lepard- Pour Some Sugar On Me

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Foo Fighters - The Best of You

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Pink_Viper @SpyMasterTetris **You've been thunderstruck! AC/DC – Thunderstruck #ThunderCats #Spymaster (reblip)

Coldplay-- "Clocks"

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Pink_Viper rb @ChadThomas: @GiantPimpslapper: Green Day - Are We the Waiting : American Idiot (2004) (reblip)
Pink_Viper Eminem – The Warning (Mariah Carey Diss) [Response to her Obsessed - Explicit]
Pink_Viper rb @docstimulas: "here i am ;-)@blackgrapes: "Van Halen – Love Walks In~✰✰✰✰~"" (reblip)
Pink_Viper rb @kimchichop23: Madonna VS Lady Gaga VS Pitbull – You Know I Want Love Celebration" (reblip)
Pink_Viper rb @Oss: MC Hammer VS Black Eyed Peas - U Can't Touch My Humps" (reblip)
Pink_Viper rb @Oss: Gwen Stefani: Hollaback girl (reblip)

Gwen Stefani: Hollaback girl

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Pink_Viper Somebody call 9-1-1 ... Shawty's fire burning on the dance floor!
Pink_Viper Rumba, Si...Ella quiere su rumba, como?
Pink_Viper 1's company, 2's a crowd, 3's a party...

Hotel RoomPitbull

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Pink_Viper Stevie Wonder – Stay Gold [From The Outsiders Soundtrack - 1983]
Pink_Viper rb @Rella: Saving Abel – Addicted (with lyrics) (reblip)
Pink_Viper rb @Rella @Sassafrass11 @C_L @Rella - Lenny Kravitz - Can't Get You Off My Mind [Keep 'em comin' Rella! ;-)] (reblip)
Pink_Viper rb @Rella: @docstimulas: "Nickelback - If Today Was Your Last Day" (reblip)

If Today Was Your Last Day Lyrics by Nickelback

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Pink_Viper rb @sir_edward_ross: @Dr_Wes: @BleakMouse "Dance Me To The End of Love" Leonard Cohen (reblip)

"Dance Me To The End of Love" Leonard Cohen

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Pink_Viper rb @Eri_Z: "got me pumped ;=)@Jhookster: "Turn up the radiooo...." (reblip)

Ratt-Round and Round (Official Music Video)

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Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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Pink_Viper rb @shawnystar: "A Nice Cover by Van Halen really got me now..." (reblip)
Pink_Viper rb @BunnyHoney: "ty @CPCDINIZ: "say it aloud"" (reblip)

foo fighters-my hero

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Pink_Viper rb @70srocker: "@Pink_Viper - Inspired by your recent Doors blip...Thanks." [Good stuff. :-) ] (reblip)
flinndc Gary Hoey-Carol of the Bells <<<< please listen to this ...tis a jaw dropper IMO

Gary Hoey-Carol of the Bells (In Studio With Drew & Mike)

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Pink_Viper Pink is my favorite crayon...


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TrainWreckRadio @Pink_Viper 2 versions of this one......I believe this one has the :45 guitar lead segement incl.
tbell rb @TrainWreckRadio: "@Pink_Viper 2 versions of this one......I believe this one has the :45 guitar lead segement incl." (reblip)

Tell Me What You Want--Zebra

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Pink_Viper rb @JendeMen: "NiceOne!@DJKevyK: " [LOL] (reblip)

Total Eclipse of the Heart Literal Video Version

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Pink_Viper rb @zx10r07: "@storylet: "@zx10r07: "Ok... break time! Later all!! Nine Inch Nails – Something I Can Never Have [@zx10r07]""" (reblip)
Pink_Viper rb @zakksama: "Aerosmith – Livin' On The Edge Lyrics" (reblip)
Pink_Viper rb @Schoork: "Bon Jovi – Living on a Prayer - Live in London" (reblip)
Pink_Viper @RadioFreeBoston: "Still not sure if it's right that I love this song." [It's actually my favorite of theirs...] (reblip)
Pink_Viper @RadioFreeBoston: "@Pink_Viper - .... This one has always been a favorite, as well." [*sigh*...yes.] (reblip)
Pink_Viper rb @GiantPimpslapper: "Buckcherry - Borderline : Buckcherry (1999) " (reblip)
Pink_Viper ~Sweet dreams~ @Pesest: ... -- Good night everyone" (reblip)
Pink_Viper rb @docstimulas: "@Gen22: "rb.@ChadThomas: "Hiya Chad:) & thx me too!! rb@tjps: "Love this one ~ @CooperHarris"[The Smashing Pumpkins - 1979]""" (reblip)

Led Zeppelin-Bring It On Home

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Ozzy Osbourne "I Just Want You"

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Pink_Viper rb @indyh: "~♪*✿∘.∘Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ∘.∘~✿*♫~" (reblip)
Pink_Viper rb :P @lisa_michele: Got back? hehehe TY! @Angie74: "inspired by @lisa_michele and her recent blips! lol :) (reblip)
Pink_Viper rb @sunshinemaker_7: "Another good motto to live by, because it may take some time, but it's all within your grasp!!! Journey ~ Don't Stop Believing" (reblip)

Journey- Don't Stop Believing Music Video

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Pink_Viper rb @frankenstrat: "Eddie Murphy – Party All the Time" [Just had to reblip this! :P] (reblip)

" Strong Enough " [ High Quality ] Sheryl Crow

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Pink_Viper rb @shanti45: "I know that you love me,so take off your dress...goodnite blip star!!! : ) @Justamoochin" (reblip)

Stevie Ray Vaughn - Life By The Drop

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Pink_Viper rb @jimmybradley: "@RadioFreeIllinois Don't feel so bad I still have this on 8-track...LOL!!! electric light orchestra – don't bring me down" (reblip)
Pink_Viper rb @Cairnmont: "For all the courageous Americans who have died fighting in Irag and Afganistan" (reblip)

Kid Rock- Cold and Empty

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Pink_Viper rb @flinndc: "I'm no fan of American Idol, but He is great w/ that cover rb @sarahcarina: "And this @flinndc and I have one more! LOL!"" (reblip)
Pink_Viper rb @ChadThomas: "Great tune! rb@creativeness: "luv your blips, girl! blip with me anytime. @anna8687: "Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun" (reblip)
Pink_Viper Because it's such a great song! :P @creativeness: "been waiting for this to song to show....@Gypsylyn: "~ Crazy Bitch~ ...LMAO @Krimzen"" (reblip)

Four Sticks- Led Zeppelin

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Pink_Viper Judas Priest – You Don't Have To Be Old To Be Wise
Schoork but for sure@sarahcarina: "Coming to my place? party tonight and tomorrow :-D @Schoork: "and Party everyday@sarahcarina: "TGIF Everyone !!!""" (reblip)
Pink_Viper rb @iiiyoungguns: "Red Hot Chili Peppers One Hot Minute" (reblip)

Red Hot Chili Peppers One Hot Minute

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Unwell- Matchbox Twenty (lyrics)

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John Mayer - Dreaming With A Broken Heart

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Pink_Viper rb @CooperHarris: "So I pretend you're here by my side Tonight on this lonely ride I keep telling myself that Life goes on while you're miles away" (reblip)

P!NK: I Don't Believe You

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Pink_Viper Muse - Our Time is Running Out

Muse- Time is Running Out

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Pink_Viper rb @JeanneBehr: "I said I wouldn’t call but I’m a little drunk and I need you now..." (reblip)
Pink_Viper rb @Daniel_Lewis: "~Collective Soul ┈━═☆ Needs~..." (reblip)
Pink_Viper Pick up your balls and load up your cannon For a twenty-one gun salute...