jonarablu There She Goes (single version) – The La's (reblip)
DJDeejay You know where you are??? You're in the office. On New Year's Eve. Blah.
dancingmom It's stuck in my head, but I like it...
dancingmom @deanus love LOVE this song, you're on a roll! :-) (reblip)
CookStar Unemployed all non void....What happened to Black music why dont people make music like this anymore, those hip hoppers earned to much dam money:) (reblip)
dancingmom where's the policeman when you need one to blame the color TV
Clark_Griswold vocals are deeply melodic and soulful, at times with a characteristic rasp, while at others soaring high above the backing track. wiki
jonarablu technologic – Daft Punk - funny song! certainly fits the times! (reblip)
jonarablu Around The World – Daft Punk <--this one is a good dance song!
bandini Glorious Wonder

Superstition-Stevie Wonder

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evablue then we must have pure shaft
evablue @FrauWunder show me show me show me show me show me show me show me show me show me show me show me show me show me show me the wedding dress :)
evablue @FrauWunder NO! you're gonna be a curtain?! get your money back. they are not your friends. :0 (reblipping) @CookStar (reblip)
lclark12 love this.


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Elyla Golden Brown – The Stranglers
formalhaut oi @Diordan welcome bag. :) keep on rocking funky soul brother.


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DudeSteven Situation no win, Rush for a change of Atmosphere!..... Gotta get myself right outta here.
briangreene bit of Phil Daniels after Eric Idle


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jonarablu 3 A.M. Eternal (Live at the S.S.L.) – The KLF (reblip)
julianlacey Every freakin day... Every freakin night...
ladypn @merkatroid Welcome to Blip! Prepare for a magical spin of musical musings!
bandini @Casualty Another one from that record against AIDS. Love this song of love for sale.
trinamilan sentint Luka mentre poso notes
efreddy One of the all-time greats IMHO
chr0me this song will always remind me of a particular someone. And that's my cryptic note for the day.
Oxy @tonycross Welcome to the madness my friend, be warned - its seriously addictive.
Oxy I can't change my mo, no no, no no no no no (reblip)
dancingmom dying is easy it's living that scares me to death
Jacqueline126 i mostly find myself jumping around to this song.
bluebrummie Bronski Beat - Small Town Boy (We Plants Are Happy Plants Remix)

Bronski Beat - Small Town Boy (We Plants Are Happy Plants Remix)

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briangreene don't smoke do drink.


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briangreene 4 new verses from poet Roger McGough will be revealed during a mass sing-along of The Farm’s All Together Now in L'pool 2nite class="hashLink" href="/channel/tag/new">#new

The Farm - All Together Now

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andregbar About the sun, here is very hot. If you do not have sea, going to the bar! @patita
stustevens the real sensimilia

Smiley Culture - police officer (1986)

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dcasacuberta The names have been changed to protect the innocent


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karatte そうです、でぶちんスリムがベースのあのバンドです。
GR8FL Time for me to get going with my Saturday... leaving you all in original sin for now.
humbert15 school disco smooches :) (does that age me?)
ladypn My Blip kick this morning is all about want. Not that I'm self centered or anything, just songs with the word want in them. :)
schau I Believe I Can Fly – R.Kelly
schau Oasis - Champagne Supernova (reblip)

oasis champagne supernova

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kalimero Con The Strokes de fondo se siente uno mejor
flavinhaa "Ex-condenado por pedofilia vence loteria voltada a vítimas de abusos nos EUA". And isn't it ironic... don't you think??!
caberga ..........................................................................................
astroboy memories of the warehouse/Klub Maxx #twunes
flavytcha Freedom \o/ (fazia anos que eu não lembrava dessa)
GR8FL @ladypn and the food I am eating .. I can't taste or smell it. It could be dog food and I wouldn't know (except my dog would) :-)
xmozhnolyubitx Yes, thanks to @bitpatrol for making me think of Mr. LL
tvham It's good to have great friends who'll stand by in thick and thin...
Stolen Hard to inform you if she's nonexistent. Vi@Eh_Girl (reblip)

1964 - Zombies - She's Not There

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The JBs - Soul Power 74

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stustevens @barryholloway never heard this before, heard the sample loads, TOP TUNE (reblip)
Saorsa It's gettin, gettin, it's gettin kinda heavy...


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briangreene one of my servers just went into beep beep panic mode, or was it on a track here?
Trulydoolally Time to stop and get some alcohol. I'll skip the fags though
santamistura i run 3pages at blip for to find who was bliping this song... so i find youuuuuuuuuuuuuu @leandrosd thankssssss (reblip)
davidwatts1978 more like it


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giuliozu dedicata a tutti i legami che sono (stati) talmente belli da non sciogliersi mai. (reblip)

Annie Lennox Why

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caumonfer i´d like to go out dancing tonight. why not?
toosweet4rnr [walking in rhythm - the blackbyrds] moving in sound, singin' my song
zmx80 Last night I had a dream about you, in this dream I'm dancing right beside you: Daft Punk - Digital love
JoyUnltd Dance to this any night! Mucho thanx to @joycefarias saturday night, let's dance @patricia_coelho @paulacoutinho (reblip)
julianlacey @ OneLuvGurl I don't think you can be anymore blatant about Mary Jane than this one...
paulzy "I don't like Mondays, this livens up the day." What? Too soon?
sheryonstone are we having fun yet ? It may be a tad early, ah, what the hell :D
bandini One of my favs from every time and place. Unforgettable videoclip with all the band rising the wall and saying goodbye.
ecocity some shameless awesome newer ub40
stustevens Fred Wesley & The JB's


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rkmonkey Tender is the night Lying by your side - great version


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randymatheson covers ups... My Chemical Romance cover Blur... Song 2
stustevens @Flower thanks, my first listen of the night, you put me inna goood mood!! (reblip)
TonyMarony let me take you too a place i know u wana go....
Lucalexa And I don't think it has aged as well as this @Georges
Augsnow60 Gets me excited all over again to see this film. (reblip)

Pulp Fiction Theme

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kardwell Any damned excuse for some SOUL LIMBO!
EvDJ @EvDJ not sure if its quite the tempo you want but its great TSC debut single (@davidwatts1978: Perfect) blipped you out 2day does reblip get u props? (reblip)
EvDJ & the song that started this Weller thread fire! Thanks again @davidwatts1978. Awesome cuts that will live in Blipfamy...or at least in my library
EvDJ @davidwatts1978. <Absolute beginners may be more appropriate ;-) but I can dig it!. Good weekend, friend! < @EvDJ lets end on the perfect song> (reblip)
Citril Love this track! Almost have Charis singing it! Wild Thing – Troggs
reynah So sad, so beautiful.
Sassie_B Whaddya expect the guy's a gigolo maaaaaan?
stustevens thanks @patita i'm doing good, and yourself? walking on the bright side I hope
stustevens @Plink @TonyMarony we didnt get 5 6 7 or 8 but a big 4 will do just fine WOO HOO!!
TonyMarony Tune..

sub sub aint no love aint no use

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Notorious BIG - Hypnotize

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