PootieTang Shout out to New Orleans. They have a little Outkast in them.
PootieTang The Waiting Room is a great album.

EmanonThe Words

| play
PootieTang Shout out to Sean for introducing me to LA Symphony.
PootieTang Shout out to Sky for introducing me to Eligh. I like his creepy ambient beats, crisp but soft guitar riffs, and faint underlying bass lines.

ElighThe Lot

| play
PootieTang Another good track from the Antidote.
PootieTang Cool song / very cool video.
PootieTang Hmmm....never saw this video before. Perfect for chillaxing.

Zero 7 "Destiny"

| play
PootieTang Zero 7's songstress made a few good solo albums too.


| play
PootieTang This album is very well made.

Mozez So Still

| play
PootieTang ....someone made a trippy video for this track....pretty cool.
PootieTang I cant' really get tired of this song.

John MayerGravity

| play
PootieTang Nice soulful voice from this German gem.
PootieTang This track is for you Dawn! No I don't think he's talking about you in the song.

James BluntHigh

| play
PootieTang Nice track by the duo. Love their sound.
PootieTang The Antidote was a great album.
PootieTang A slightly funky track from DSP.
PootieTang Another video from the backyards of Kentucky.

CunninLynguists -Nothing to Give [VIDEO]

| play
PootieTang Nice acoustic track from Donavon. "Make me feel good!"
PootieTang Live performance @ Amoeba. Love how they brought in the music with the rap verse.

alias and tarsier- last nail

| play
PootieTang I like this track from the Lunatico album.
PootieTang Probably my favorite track from the French/Argentinian/Swiss connection.

Gotan ProjectEpoca

| play
PootieTang Acoustic version of their popular song. Warning: very mellow.
PootieTang This track takes a while to get going too.
PootieTang it takes a while for it to start. Worth the wait. Shout out to Merv for mentioning this band to me.
PootieTang Props to KCRW for introducing me to Magnet. Banjo electronica anyone?

MagnetHold On

| play
PootieTang Some chill Incubus. Live performance.
PootieTang My fave Maxwell track.

Submerge: Til We Become The Sun

| play
PootieTang Funky instruments. Sounds like Dido's younger sister.


| play
PootieTang Awesome live beatboxing and vocals....literally in the staircase.

Melanie Fiona- Unplugged in the Staircase "GIVE IT TO ME RIGHT"

| play
PootieTang Isn't it funny that K-os only has one b-boy track on every album?

k-osB-Boy Stance

| play
PootieTang If you like this, get The Mixup album.
PootieTang A sunday kind of love....on a Friday.
PootieTang This blew me away when I first heard it.

MatisyahuBeat Box

| play
PootieTang Awesome producer from Japan.
PootieTang One of my fav tracks from the album. Uplifting.

Gift of GabMoonshine

| play
PootieTang Soulful man. Too bad he retired.
PootieTang Need more Little People tracks on here.
PootieTang This track got me hooked on them. Intricate layering and best acid jazz/trip-hop group ever.

KRUDER & DORFMEISTER Bug Powder Dust 1998

| play
PootieTang If you like K-os, check out these peeps from Sweden.
PootieTang This album is one of my favorites of all time.


| play
PootieTang They didn't perform this @ Hollywood Bowl this summer either....minor boo to my favorite rock band.

Incubus- The Warmth

| play
PootieTang I wished that they performed this @ hollywood bowl this summer....
PootieTang He's right - this track causes you to reflect....
PootieTang No dirty version on Blip....we'll have to settle on the clean version.
PootieTang tight group/tight track/cool video.

Panacea "Starlite" Music Video

| play
PootieTang These guys started in electronica, then learned instruments and created this band. Not bad at all.
PootieTang This sounds like a Friday song....or a Sunday song.
PootieTang Nice Brazilian feel to a Bob track.

CéUConcrete Jungle

| play
PootieTang Time for some jazzy R&B.
PootieTang If I were to pick a Radiohead song that got me addicted, this would be it. Kick ass bass and drums.


| play
PootieTang Very nice Radiohead cover by the Citizen.

Karma Police w/ Citizen Cope by Easy Star All-Stars

| play
PootieTang A remake you think that never would have happened....
PootieTang For all my Chi-town southside playas.....I think I know one....from work.

RhymefestDevil's Pie

| play
PootieTang Probably my fav track from the Here album. Black Spade is pretty tight.
PootieTang I like Nicolay's instrumental tracks better....

NicolayHere (Intro)

| play
PootieTang Here you go Kingofdabeatz. If you think Bjork is too weird, you'll like this better.
PootieTang @Kingsofdabeatz: I have Emiliana's album too. It's aight/pretty cool - less weird than Bjork. Some tracks are tight. I'll post one up ASAP. (reblip)
PootieTang 1st JC track I listened to....
PootieTang Something very mellow for this very stellar Friday! Awesome jazz album BTW - Coltrane for Lovers.
PootieTang ....from the thieves routine from SYTYCD!
PootieTang ....from the ass routine from SYTYCD!

KoopIsland Blues

| play
PootieTang So original...

CITIZEN COPE pablo picasso

| play
PootieTang "The pain that you know, evil you see, I got a feeling that were gonna be allright, everything’s going to be allright."
PootieTang I like the Connected album better than their new one....
PootieTang I think he's coming to LA soon....
PootieTang Recently started listening to some of their songs....not bad.
PootieTang They've got soul.

Kindred The Family Soul "Where Would I Be"

| play
PootieTang Shout out to Susan for introducing me to Greyboy.

DJ GreyboyPanacea

| play
PootieTang Hip hop side of Greyboy. Nice mix of sound samples. Like the harp.
PootieTang Wished I found out about them sooner.

Up, Bustle & Out Everyday Butch Cassidy Sound System Remix

| play
PootieTang Funky track from the awesome Brown Sugar album. Better than Voodoo.


| play
PootieTang From Al Green's new 'Lay It Down' album. Great come back.
PootieTang I think this track might have slipped under the radar for most ppl. It's easy when the this self-titled album has so many good tracks.
PootieTang What a great chill beach song.


| play
PootieTang Another great beach song. Never gets old.


| play
PootieTang Doesn't Erlend Øye look like Napolean Dynamite? A little?
PootieTang This boy's got some soul and some instrument....playing....skills.
PootieTang Another good track from an excellent album.
PootieTang Ever since this was on SYTYCD last year, it's been stuck in my head.
PootieTang Another track I discovered by watching SYTYCD. They play good music for that show.
PootieTang Never seen this video before....


| play
PootieTang Pretty good live performance.


| play
PootieTang Great song for the music....the title is like 50% of the song.
PootieTang Cee-Lo Green is the soul machine. Timbaland helps too.

Cee-Lo Ft. Timbaland -_- "I´ll Be Around" HQ

| play
PootieTang Cee-lo is great when he's not all....crazy.

All day love affair

| play
PootieTang Excellent track from Idlewild.
PootieTang I thought the marching band arrangement was genius.
PootieTang All I want for X-mas is somebody else....haha.

Fatlip + Tre Hardson (of Pharcyde) All I Want for Christmas

| play
PootieTang Ya gotta put me on.

A Tribe Called Quest- Bonita Applebum

| play
PootieTang I think this is the 1st SV track I've ever heard. Needless to say....got me hooked.
PootieTang This is what got me into Zion I. They're awesome live.
PootieTang Shout out to Dave Chapelle. Pretty urban video.

Dead Prez "Hip Hop"

| play
PootieTang Turn off the radio! Turn off that bullshit!

Dead PrezRadio Freq

| play
PootieTang Abstract....got it like that. BTW CaliComm was off the hook. Wish I was there.
PootieTang I finally know how to pronounce her name. 'gwah-puh-LAY'


| play
PootieTang I think 'Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By' is the best chill hop album ever. Big ups to Dan.

LovageStroker Ace

| play
PootieTang This is the only Omarion track I like, and I think it's because of Timbaland.

Ice Box Omarion Feat Timbaland -^Watch In High Quality!^-

| play
PootieTang This track got me hooked on J-Live.
PootieTang Cool beats. Didn't discover J-Live until much later.
PootieTang Fave track from Lovage's album.

Koala's Lament

| play
PootieTang Another nice acoustic version.
PootieTang Awesome blues track from a classic band.

Led Zeppelin-I Can't Quit You Babe

| play
PootieTang Another chill cover by Buena.

Clocks Coldplay ¨Buena Vista Social Club"

| play
PootieTang One of my favorite CP tracks. The other one is next.


| play
PootieTang Do you know how I know you gay?
PootieTang My fave from these guys.

"Try" by ALO

| play
PootieTang One hit wonder, but a good hit.
PootieTang This song's for you Elibaba! Welcome!
PootieTang Time for some Amy. 'Back to Black' is an awesome album. Great band.
PootieTang Nice track from John's new Evolver album.
PootieTang I was stuck on an Anthony Hamilton phase for a while. Soulful music.
PootieTang I can't help but sing along when I hear this.....when I'm alone of course.
PootieTang Not a very good voice, but good music nevertheless.
PootieTang Glad Mos Def is taking rap seriously again with his new album.

Mos DefUmi Says

| play
PootieTang Album cover track. So chill.
PootieTang Kinda like a one album wonder too. Too bad.
PootieTang Another nice track from Sounding a Mosaic.
PootieTang Nice studio footage.

Collective Efforts- Another Soulful Song (studio)

| play
PootieTang Citizen Cope rocks!....in a soft way.

Citizen Cope -More than it Seems-

| play
PootieTang Some days I sit and wish I was a kid again....
PootieTang Fugees seriously rocked.

fugees-ready or not 1996

| play
PootieTang I like this more than Killing Me Softly....
PootieTang Nice chill remix. Still have my autographed CD for L Boogie.
PootieTang I'm so addicted to blipping it's not even funny.
PootieTang Classic Rafael Saadiq.

Ask Of You

| play
PootieTang Um....is he Tony, Tone, or Toni?
PootieTang Besides Rafael Saadiq, who's the other guy in Lucy Pearl?

Lucy Pearl feat. Snoop Dogg & Q-Tip --You

| play
PootieTang I want to go to a concert with the Procussions, Sound Providers, and Strange Fruit Project.
PootieTang Haha these guys are pretty anti-record company.


| play
PootieTang Want to know something about LA? Watch.

Ozomatli-City of Angels

| play
PootieTang Let the good times roll....let the bad times go....
PootieTang This album is so good....hip haole's got some soul.
PootieTang Bonjour!

Les Nubians--Makeda (1998)

| play
PootieTang This really got me stuck on the Roots like rubber cement.
PootieTang Nice progressions and countless layers as always with K&D.
PootieTang Wonderful track compared to their others.

syntax-tower of power

| play
PootieTang Aesop Rock's producer's got some impressive beats....from 'Uncle Tony's Coloring Book'.

BlockheadThe Strain

| play
PootieTang Nice progressions on this track.
PootieTang Such a chill track. Love the blues guitar.
PootieTang Another track from the Russian wonder.
PootieTang Don't stop....we've got to rock.....even if the whole world wants to go pop.
PootieTang ....now I can't stop listening to Vadim.
PootieTang Chill song by my favorite rock band.

IncubusAre You In

| play
PootieTang I can't understand what Thom Yorke is saying half the time (maybe more), but they wouldn't be Radiohead w/out him.
PootieTang Acoustic version of their first single. I don't even remember this video.


| play
PootieTang I wish sometimes there were no alarms and surprises....
PootieTang Love the piano arrangement.

Porcupine Tree - Lazarus

| play
PootieTang Great sleep rock....


| play
PootieTang Australian Alicia Keys. OK kind of.
Belvadere One of my fav. rap duo's EPMD ~ Never Seen Before
PootieTang Pete Rock can "simma down" any track.
PootieTang Best track from 2nd album.

GorillazEl Manana

| play
PootieTang Some of their tracks are pretty tight.
PootieTang Album cover track. Cool video too.
PootieTang I think some of you might have missed this one.....
PootieTang You can just drift off with her voice....

Etro AnimeLet It Go

| play
PootieTang 'See The Sound' is a legendary album.

Danger by Etro Anime

| play
PootieTang Love the drum programming.


| play
PootieTang Never would have thought that they're from Belgium.
PootieTang Krush is ichiban sugoii.
PootieTang This joint is slightly awesome.
DareToEatAPeach @twiistedblipper #twiistup I remember file-sharing this on cassette tape in the days when Napster was...well not even a word.
Byno been loving this song a very long time @sakapfet: "a long time" (reblip)
PootieTang Only Smashing Pumpkins song I remember liking.
PootieTang Recently discovered them. Thanks Sean! Takes a while for the song to start.


| play
PootieTang You just can't help but bob your head to this.

Camp LoCoolie High

| play
PootieTang Speech is talented....his albums are a little hard to find.

SpeechReal Love

| play
PootieTang Since I don't have Speech's albums, I'm blipping every one I can find on here....one more to follow.

SpeechBraided hair

| play
PootieTang @spacezinator: I thought I heard another version where they used another word for "chick".....maybe I was trippin' (reblip)

the grouch-my chick

| play
PootieTang @spacezinator: YES!!!! This is the one I was talking about. Thanks.....I heard it in a movie. Props again! (reblip)
NotoriousMUG It really is a beautiful thing @PootieTang The power of community comes together for D&C Fri @vmessy @spacezinator @Thnikkaman @MissM773 @squidbrain
PootieTang Happy Friday - no pressure pushing down on us for a few days....

QUEEN & DAVID BOWIE: Under Pressure

| play
PootieTang Gotta give props to this guy. Best beats I've heard from Taiwan.

【ShareMTV】MC HotDog 热狗 怎么能够

| play
PootieTang Cool track from little known band.
ta23n ♪Use Your Heart - SWV - R&B

SWVUse Your Heart

| play
PootieTang tight bass line.

"INO hidefumi / Madsummer Reminiscence"

| play
PootieTang Incredible.

"INO hidefumi / Living Message" directed by Dorothee Perkins

| play
PootieTang This chick can rock.


| play
PootieTang Funky track from Justin & the Neptunes.
PootieTang Who do you prefer? Ol' skool or nu skool Timbo?
PootieTang One last funky track from my favorite producer, and a tribute to Aaliyah. What a fine talent we've lost.
PootieTang Nice sample work.

Notorious B I G Ft Frank Sinatra Juicy,New York

| play
PootieTang Picking up the tempo a little....
PootieTang nice road trip video.

RJD2"Have Mercy"

| play
PootieTang Nice work Danger Mouse.

Danger MouseEncore

| play
PootieTang Very nice work from their 2nd album.
PootieTang Featuring Yahzarah. Nice, chill d&b feel. Also from 2nd album.
PootieTang Good beats. Not sure about the title.
PootieTang Dr. Dre = beats extraordinaire.

Dr. DreThe Message

| play
PootieTang "But I don't pay attention to these father figures I just handle mine, and I'm rollin with my ****** " ....that line was for me.

Warren GDo You See

| play
PootieTang K-os is one talented k-at.


| play
PootieTang He's got more than nam-chuck skills.


| play
PootieTang 'Welcome to Jamrock' = awesome album.
PootieTang Stephen Marley's album wasn't too bad either.
PootieTang I like Kero's work. I don't know about the video.
PootieTang These guys are pretty tight. Me likey jazzy hop.
PootieTang Another great track from a great group. I also really like their "D Minor Nine" instrumental track. Can't find it on here tho.

Crown City Rockers -- Sidestep

| play
PootieTang I can't find the original version, but this is cool too.
bendrix Pssst I have a VERY special treat for U. It took me a long time to find where to buy this. Njoy=> @PootieTang: "I can't find the original version.."
bendrix Just for U I will upload the whole Gravity album ;) => rb@liquidjumper: "@bendrix yessir...." (reblip)

Da Bush Babees- Remember We

| play
PootieTang In the mood for some A&T....they always have nice progressions.

Alias & TarsierDr. C

| play
theJazzLounge ".... tell the truth you never wanted me... tell me."


| play
bendrix Yeah mayne I can't get enough of Yukimi. I dig that Operetta vocal peeking throughout the track=> rb@TWBuddha: "RB@bendrix Loved this one..." (reblip)

Little Dragon "Constant Surprises"

| play
kellydunn @PootieTang yep! If you like Nujabes, you'll probably like this one too~
PootieTang @existentialsmut Nujabes is tight. I hope you have this Samurai Champloo soundtracks album too.
PootieTang Yeah I remember listening to the album non-stop back in the day. Here's another joint! @CrouchingNegroHiddenWeave


| play
PootieTang OK last Cru track.

CruThe Illz

| play
PootieTang The Poetic Justice soundtrack album must have been one of the best.
PootieTang Shout out to Brazil for this captivating talent.

CéUAve Cruz

| play
PootieTang Another chill track from one of the best fusion albums. Sergio is truely 'Timeless'.
PootieTang @LeeTonSao Is 'Love in the Time of Science' the best album that Emiliana has? (reblip)
PootieTang This pop monster has #1, #4, #8 of the best selling studio albums in Japan.....ever. She's got some skills.
RhymeSik Q-Tip – Vibrant Thing... Dilla on the beat

Q-TipVibrant Thing

| play
PootieTang Phonte is tight. Such a talented visioneer.

PhonteToo Late

| play
PootieTang Anybody else see that Witchdoctor album commercial on TV last year?
PootieTang Heard this song last night again on SYTYCD....is it just me or does that show play awesome music? Great chorus.
PootieTang Saw this on Scrubs (great show)....interesting cover.
PootieTang A little nostalgic....got the 90's on my mind.

Giant Panda90's

| play
PootieTang Pretty tight beats. I wish I was the snake in the video.
PootieTang What a weird pair. This is probably the best track of the album, but disappointing album overall.
PootieTang Dwele's music is an acquired taste.


| play
PootieTang It doesn't get much chiller than this.

DweleWeekend Love

| play
PootieTang Just saw them at Rock the Bells. They rep'ed.
PootieTang K-os is a little experimental with his new album....


| play
PootieTang Magnet rocks....in a chill way....


| play
PootieTang Another track by Ms. Dy-Na-Mi-Tee.....and a Marley.
PootieTang UK version of Lauryn Hill.
PootieTang I like their 1st album much better.
PootieTang I wish I understood French. I think she's talking about me.
PootieTang Tight eclectic mix of samples/sounds. Interesting video.

Sweet Dogs

| play
ladypn Idon't want to lose U but I have to go! Been propping & handling replies for more than 2 hours. Goondight (morning0 to all & hear you later!

Black Moon "Who's Got The Props"

| play
bendrix 1stly Congrats on 1000th Listener. 2ndly this is beautiful guitar. thanx for this=> rb@PS1968:Thanks again for uploading this to Blip, Ron! (reblip)
PootieTang Bret from Flight of the Conchords was a member of this band.
PootieTang Bossa nova version. I think it's cool that they pick singers who have never actually heard the original songs.
PunkBroc Too much of anything makes you an addict.
Stay19 Moi Caprice – Thieves Like Us<><>Love this.
PootieTang Hehehehe....

Flight Of The Conchords Season 2- Too Many Dicks On The Dance Floor (With Lyrics)

| play
ffluxx Jamie Lidell – Whats The Use (Mocky Remix)
ladypn No matter who you are dance all night.
ffluxx Gelka - When Ya Gotta Go Ya Gotta Go <---- Unfortunately my time is up. Thanks everybody! ~ Peace!

Gelka :when you gotta go you gotta go

| play
mellomatic methinks it's time to buy this album.

Miike SnowCult Logic

| play
PootieTang "Who organized all of my ex-girlfriends and got them to sing?" Those are some fancy 'key-tars'.
marilovisky I'm permanently black and blue


| play
BiggL Immortal Technique - [Industrial Revolution]

Immortal Technique Industrial Revolution

| play
PootieTang This guy is really growing on me. Some real shit.
PootieTang Original version. Wait for it....

k-osSunday Morning

| play
PootieTang You gotta love it or leave it alone.

Alicia Keys- Love it or leave it alone/ Welcome to Jamrock

| play
PootieTang Alicia is hot....her talent just makes her even hotter.
PootieTang Very nice collab.


| play
PootieTang I see you're down....when you gon get up?

amel larrieuxget up

| play
PootieTang With an orchestra.

Joy Denalane, Bilal, Tweet, Dwele-A man's man's man's world

| play
PootieTang Was looking for another track but found this. Not bad.

Jon B- What I Like About you

| play
PootieTang I can just stare out the window all day.

Recycled Air Postal Service (BOS C pixelated#2) Director's Cut

| play
PootieTang Little people rock!

Start Shootin'

| play
MsButterzworth Damn how did this remix get by me? DOPE collab!! ~Be With You (remix)-Mary J Blige ft Lauryn Hill~
PootieTang A chiller track from the newest album. Truck North sounds like Citizen Cope.
PootieTang Cool track w/ Common & Cee-Lo.

CommonMake My Day

| play
PootieTang Not sure if this is Symbolic One, but I do like the Lifesaves.
PootieTang What's a weekend without reggae?
PootieTang From the 'friendship graph' episode....hilarious. "If you trip over I'll catch your fall, if you kick my dick, I won't break your balls."

Flight Of The Conchords Season 2- Friends (With Lyrics)

| play
PootieTang Old skool Aaliyah....probably the 1st track I liked off this album.

Aaliyah-Down With The Clique

| play
PootieTang I like the hand dance in the beginning of the video.
PootieTang 1st Fugees track I heard. Sold on the spot.


| play
PootieTang zzzzz....

Dido- Burnin Love

| play
PootieTang This is the 1st Ant Ham track that got me hooked.
PootieTang 2nd track that got me hooked.

Anthony Hamilton-Can't Let Go

| play
PootieTang One of the tracks that got me hooked on the Citizen.
jaysta spilling over into all I do

Lauryn Hill-Just Like The Water

| play
PootieTang Perfect blend of lyrics/music.
deadcowaroma #9 best track of the decade. I guess so. It's still pretty fresh for me, so I can't really judge if they are ok on this one.
BohemianChick Sigh...I have absolutely no idea what I want to blip today. I think I need to go back to sleep.
DJLOPZ Actually no. I was looking for a song by PH7, and electronica song, and found this...@MissM773 (reblip)
BohemianChick Request #5

Hot thing remix talib kweli featuring jean grae

| play

The Nextmen feat Zarif 'Something Got You'

| play
PootieTang Very nice collab b/t 2 unique artists..
PootieTang Hope you're doing well Susan.

EelsSusan's House

| play
PootieTang Another one from this Japanese/French jazz fusion chick.


| play
PootieTang From Join the Dots album. It's aight on 1st listen.

The Nextmen Whisper Up ft Betty Steeles

| play
PootieTang Great album.

Fat Freddy's Drop 'Roady'

| play
PootieTang Newest album. Not bad.

The Nextmen Round Of Applause ft Dynamite MC

| play
PootieTang Dreamy track right in time for falling asleep....

dZihan & Kamien feat. Madita "Drophere"

| play
PootieTang One more.

Someday -The strokes (lyrics)

| play
RadioGhost Janes Addiction - Been Caught Stealing

Janes Addiction - Been Caught Stealing

| play
PootieTang Worth a blip. Like the layers.


| play
PootieTang Fat Jon's got some nice beats.

Fat JonSirrah

| play
PootieTang Great producer.

Fat Jon- Beyond Love

| play
PootieTang It's night here, but someone's waking up! Crazy bass/keyboard.
PootieTang Another nice track from Lovage.