75 awsome GIR SAYINGS!

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Oscar_O 3 dias sin escuchar esta rola es demasiado para mi
PrettyBoiVin @FaustianSpider (THIS version <3 "Tainted Love" Marilyn Manson)

Thank You Maestro Nobuo Uematsu!!!-To Zanarkand Piano V.

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Mayden_Remnant This song ALWAYS makes me think of @Yazoo_Remnant and his infinite smexy. INFINITE. SMEXY. (reblip)
CloudStrife_ACC After I done everything that you asked me Grabbed you, grind you, liked you, tried you Moved so fast baby now I can't find you
PrettyBoiVin "Get Out, Get out, you cant be in here, you have to get out.I implore you. You're all going to die down here
Heimdall LOL weeehehee o3o meh likes this


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xRadiatorRax You never held on.

Black Veil Brides- Knives and Pens (Official Music Video) Lyrics in Description!!!

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Audiosurf :: Neva Eva :: Trillville

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PrettyBoiVin @NotAChocobo >_< bathroom fun, baby...
PrettyBoiVin @FaustianSpider (( <3<3 ))

Jay gordon- Slept so long

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PrettyBoiVin @FaustianSpider "Mad As Rabbits" P!aTD

Mad As Rabbits Panic! At The Disco with Lyrics

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PrettyBoiVin @FaustianSpider "Camisado" P!aTD
PrettyBoiVin @FaustianSpider "Ramalama (bang bang)" Roisin Murphy (reblip)
PrettyBoiVin @FaustianSpider "Killing In The Name" Rage Against The Machine (reblip)
PrettyBoiVin @FaustianSpider "Faust" Gorillaz

GorillazFaust [VIDEO]

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PrettyBoiVin @FaustianSpider "Ghost Train" Gorillaz

GorillazGhost Train

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PrettyBoiVin @FaustianSpider "All That I'm Living For" Evanescence
PrettyBoiVin @FaustianSpider "There's a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered, Honey, You Just Haven't Thought Of It Yet" P!aTD
PrettyBoiVin @FaustianSpider *Just for Fun* "Don't Trust Me" 3Oh!3
PrettyBoiVin @FaustianSpider *Giggle* "Crazy Bitch" BuckCherry
PrettyBoiVin @FaustianSpider (( <3<3<3 *Spams with musicals*))
PrettyBoiVin @FaustianSpider (("Control" Metro Station))
PrettyBoiVin @FaustianSpider "I'm So Sick" Flyleaf [T-Virus Remix]
PrettyBoiVin @FaustianSpider "GhostFlowers" OT3P
PrettyBoiVin @FaustianSpider "The Hand That Feeds" NIN ((If this doesn't work right I'll scream))
PrettyBoiVin @FaustianSpider "Silver And Cold" AFI

AFISilver And Cold

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PrettyBoiVin @FaustianSpider "Love Like Winter" AFI

AFILove Like Winter

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PrettyBoiVin @FaustianSpider "Unknow Zero Distance" Phantasmagoria

Girls' Generation(소녀시대)_훗(Hoot)_뮤직비디오(MusicVideo)

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Deadbeat Boyfriend

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PrettyBoiVin Kick off your stillettos, kick off your Stillettos, and f*ck me in the backseat, f*ck me in the backseat...

The Medic Droid- Fer sure maybe Lyrics

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AngelVashir @Shadow_Remnant @SilkielAngel @XII_Larxene @Mayden_Remnant Fuck them otha hoes!

Khia Fuck Them Other Hoes

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PrettyBoiVin I think, this is a good song for Remnants.. or maybe I'm just in a mood
CloudStrife_ACC For RemnantReno ;)

Shakira Underneath Your Clothes

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PrettyBoiVin Hellz yeah.. Naughty time


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AngelVashir I will break...~ (reblip)

Resident Evil Extinction I'm So Sick (T-Virus Remix)

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PrettyBoiVin My Clothing is Sooo Cute, My death Ray is Sooo hot...
PrettyBoiVin @Yazoo_Remnant I Miss you.. so much... so much
PrettyBoiVin @Yazoo_Remnant no, this one is better. I love you forever. Silver and Cold.. my love

AFISilver and Cold

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PrettyBoiVin *sings.. eyes staring up at the sky*
PrettyBoiVin @Remnant_Leader @ShinRa_Reno Jenova's NEW theme song (reblip)

Bossy- Kelis (Lyrics!!)

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[PV]Deep in your heart -- Domoto Koichi

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PrettyBoiVin haha ha , if you like WoW, watch... if not u wont getit

my name is nymh

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PrettyBoiVin I'm fucking sick of Selfish people. I bend over backwards dor them time and time again and only get burned. FUCK!
PrettyBoiVin You must make your parents Oh-So-Proud *laden in sarcasm*
PrettyBoiVin I'm gonna slash your wound just like mine.I can't hear the voices of society anymore.I don't understand. You're all fine hypocrites.

Agitated Screams of Maggots

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PrettyBoiVin I'd rather Feel pain than nothing at all.. (reblip)

Three Days GracePain

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PrettyBoiVin I just want to lock myself inside and make it all stop...


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PrettyBoiVin I'm going Under, Drowning in you, I'm falling forever, I've got to break through...
Interrobang What do I know? What do I know, oh? // "Bedshaped" - Keane


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PrettyBoiVin Stuck in my head for two days. PWNAGE LIKE US~!

Pwnage Like Us featuring Gigi Nyhm the Druidboyz

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PrettyBoiVin Fall Out boy does Beat it. this Video is win.. and Pete Wentz's hair and makeup.. Instagasm

fall out boy beat it

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PrettyBoiVin My Second Favorite Band. From Seattle! I love them to pieces!!

Opening Theme: Elfen Lied " Lilium " (Full Version)

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Mayden_Remnant -blush- I just love this boss music, is all. -kicks the dirt- XD

Those Who Accept the Protection of the Stars

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PrettyBoiVin @Mayden_Remnant @Embraced_Dreams THIS SONG IS PERFECT FOR YOU!!!

Mya ft. Ciara My Love is Like Whoa

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CloudStrife_ACC @XII_Larxene @Mayden_Remnant Because tangos are TEH SEX


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PrettyBoiVin @Mayden_Remnant this Tango is more your style, sis

Masochism Tango!

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PrettyBoiVin D&D Song! I can make fun of myself! SQUEE >_<

D&D by Stephen Lynch, Live at El Rey

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