anothercraze Animated facial tissue for @PunkBroc @FunkShoi @sandyriverside annnd @TheMoosiah. // Is there such thing as too much Clutchy? Never.

MF Doom & Clutchy Hopkins Air

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PunkBroc Huh.

Sealab 2021 Aguas do Marco

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MapleLeaves familiar with this remix @irishvan? it's spectacular. the video's amusing too. (reblip)

Sofa King By DangerDoom

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anothercraze "I'll be the dolphin in your tuna" // I owe you like, a thousand blips @redheadedgreengirl. I'm paying up, one cola at a time.
anothercraze "Germans: the original Bloods" -@PunkBroc // Exhibit B?
exlibrix a mellow song to kick off your funky walkin playlist. @FunkShoi / @randomoldrecords - last time i went to see king khan they had been arrested. boo!
GrassyKnoll @GrassyKnoll: "@solid_au @TheNewYorkChimes I'm sure can handle some rum but she really loves whiskey and beer though" (reblip)

Roots of Blues -- Memphis Slim „Beer Drinking Woman"

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anothercraze Gotta get to it, drill and the allure of successful Rube Goldberg invention beckon. This one's from "Internal Wrangler" for @nastysurprise72. Toodles.
MissDiggity @anothercraze@PunkBroc @FunkShoi best listened to with boxed wine and a plastic wine goblet to catch your tears
DJFrankie @anothercraze, I'm afraid Johnny Marr is not taking your calls re: his jangliness.
CreepyGirl Apologies for poor quality, but the content more than makes up for it. Yes, THAT Carl Lewis. New to me, bubbles and all. Jesus wept.
PunkBroc I'd be down, @FunkShoi, but that's a damn long walk from here.
rojdoj Unemployment in now at 10.2%........we can't even afford meth.


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PunkBroc ...but I'm trying to quit smoking. And eat more vegetables.
PunkBroc Turns out I wasn't about to birth an alien, just needed to burp like a motherfucker. Dodged a bullet there.
PunkBroc Some "Holly hell, did the sun just come out?" music.
DependableSkeleton Of course she did. My mom is awesome! RB vi@chameleonpixie: "Hippo Birdie Two Ewe @DependableSkeleton Did your mom make enough cake for all of us? " (reblip)
PunkBroc Everyone having a nice Festivus?

Daniel Johnston-Grievances

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jtabz Noon o'clock already? Off for now... 'till later, @Modster @snapbadger @CreepyGirl @okmusic @all
PunkBroc Willy Mason -

04 Where the Humans Eat

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PunkBroc Who doesn't love songs about Street Fighter?
muffinlab hello blippers! only time for one, off to do a riparian zone bio-assessment, part of the new gig. my love for you is like the bees love for pollen
PunkBroc Can you dig it?


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CreepyGirl Oh HEYYYYYYYY you's guys @PunkBroc @okmusic, I've had a few cocktails, but Im cool. I love you guys. Seriously - I never tell you that.
rojdoj punks not dead fuck you cuz im still a punk
JefDrus The Flaming Lips cover Seven Nation Army sweet rb vi @Stolen: "Wahch dis wun." (reblip)
anothercraze @PacificPlaid, I think you just won most awesome avatar (Bacon-Wrapped Narwal) 4ever, hence EVERYone should listen to you. Also: you play good music!
PunkBroc Oh sure @Modster I can keep on keeping on with the best of 'em. Booze'll snazz up most any day of the week. (Blueheels - Twist & Toil)

Twist & Toil

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PunkBroc And now, because I know you hate it, some disco.

SpaceMagic Fly

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05 I Was Drunk at the Pulpit - Jolie Holland

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nastysurprise I've become attracted to this song lately.
PunkBroc Eating okra for the third time this week. This is the last of it though!
FunkShoi @Jazzhole, the only thing I want right now is the power to go out. That was one of the greatest moments in this city.
DependableSkeleton Your skin is like vinyl, the perfect companion.
PunkBroc good times @TomServo


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Jazzhole Got Conan tix to put in my kids' Easter baskets.

Bring Em Home (Edward Sharpe __ T.I.)

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