PeterPan Beirut - The Gulag Orchestra - so wunderbar betrunken, ganz ohne Alkohol.
PeterPan Blip kennt "The Can" nicht! Prost! Gitarre: Michael Karoli.


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PeterPan Der zweitbeste Leadbass aller Popzeiten ist wahrscheinlich Walk on the Wild Side. Hier aber erstmal der beste.
Quepasa e questa per me rimane una delle migliori. basta co' 'sto blip che devo lavorare, mannaggia a Dirk :-)


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PeterPan It's only I don't know, but I like!

The VeilsLavinia

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Serenella Quando aprirono una stagione di Lost con questa *-* E Juliet, e tutto il resto.. *_* mh.
melodyofurlife @claudiacb have you heard golden age yet. looks like the new disk will be great
flaviochubes thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, tadadarathump,thump, thump, thump, thump...
she_______ aint no shunshine when SHE's gone
calamari @stickylicks @melodyofyourlife Sweet Jane is sort of haunting, more on the romantic side though.
melodyofurlife Covered: David Bowie (awesome version, Bowie requested this cover be done himself)
ladypn Aren't we all, to one degree or another? ;)
elenadoria It's easy to be quiet - l'elfo, mio figlio, ama ballarla. oggi è giornata da Yo la tengo
Quepasa 2003 - The Mars Volta, De-loused in the comatorium
RealtorLefebvre 2-string bass, drums and sax never sounded so good.
ladypn LOVE this song, @JaDoodles. I can never hear it enough. (reblip)


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natasjadb Behind the clouds, hope we'll see her today... ♫ TV On The Radio – Staring At The Sun (reblip)
elenadoria buon pomeriggio blippers - ascoltata oggi alla radio

The Dentists - Now You're Gone

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LYRIC I want you.... You can look in my eyes... and you can count the ways...
buchmamsell Thanx @ddenk :-* ~ This would make for a wicked wicked cover. (reblip)
Quepasa inizio morbido-malinconico...

R.E.M.Swan Swan H

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wandersrum ...kann man Dinge sehen...Dinge die wir nicht verstehen !!!!

TocotronicHi Freaks

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LYRIC "The language of love slips from my lover's tongue... Cooler than ice-cream and warmer than the sun"
Quepasa ma chi sono 'sti matti? I like them, though!
ladypn @ATG I really enjoy her too. She's a very interesting vocal styling!
dado21780 The sun came up with no conclusions Flowers sleepin' in their beds The city cemetary's hummin' I'm wide awake, its mornin'!
LYRIC "While this town is busy sleeping... all the noise has died away..." *Sweet Dreams*@ladypn :)
philkirby great tune @Samanthai . . . at first I did wonder what a Blu Edress was though; thought it must be a local thing. (reblip)
Acidoriccio @pavolo, troppo impegnata a fare altre cose, rinuncio al bloggo e, talvolta, persino a cucinar :( però in fondo va bene accussì :)
ladypn @LYRIC @djilo Have you heard this one? Rather unusal for Sylvian. ;)


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LYRIC "Sweet Euphoria mine is the heart you own" rb@toosweet4rnr--my fave Cornell :) Nobody can touch Buckley vocallyORlyrically, but this is really lovely. (reblip)
Quepasa Massive Attack + Samuel Beckett + Buster Keaton... maybe it's a bit too much for early morning

Man next door (Massive Attack) + Film (S. Beckett)

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tabike Grandioso

Dick Dale & The Del Tones "Misirlou" 1963

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tabike Otro gran documento audiovisual

Woody Guthrie

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novalis @pavolo visto la tua scelta... ecco questa è per me una delle più belle canzoni d'amore italiane...
she_______ my #favorite things

My Favorite Things by John Coltrane (Video)

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Samanthai Thnx to @djwttw for the intro to The Sad Little Stars - fantastic! and, "Don't Fuck With Love" @philkirby @SCMurley @DJKevyK @everythingispop
Samanthai "The Sad Little Stars – Hey Firefly" just found them today @Quepasa Bon Giorno :o) @DJKevyK @donnette @everythingispop
Quepasa The Boss has never been my cup of tea, really. But he's in good company here :-)
bendrix We R the Men in Black... we fight interstellar wars & we erase your memory with our silver flashing cameras... we are @tubilino & bendrix
philkirby can't watch this without feeling drunk . . . I'm not, it's too early, but it's a clever video for a damned good song.

Arab Strap- Afternoon Soaps

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Quepasa che si può mettere in mezz'ora prima della manutenzione? good morning blipworld!
threebears Hi blip friends and everyone blipping! It's Thursday by Morphine again (haha yesterday I blipped thursday's blip!) ... deja vu?


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Quepasa toh, me l'ha fatta ricordare @Acidoriccio. che poi se uno pensa ad Alan Sorrenti... bah. la copertina del disco in stile clerico vagante merita.
tabike On parade

pink elephants (dj dope remix)

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ffluxx Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog – Todo el Mundo es Kitsch --- Was looking for something else and found this gem : )
philkirby I think these boys may have been to art school @thepetshopboy?


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Quepasa from @FUZZYFM, great track and fantastic, creepy video (reblip)

Rabbit in your headlight by UNKLE

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Antenaweb Bolan & Bowie

Bolan & Bowie on TV show "Marc"

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Quepasa nostalgia di roma, sì, sì
natasjadb They laugh at me and my life | My life as a duck | But I don't get worked up | It's my life as a duck
sheryonstone rb@LYRIC such an awesome track. thank you :) >>.and when the day arrives, I'll become the sky and I'll become the sea... (reblip)
threebears ok, this is the wrong time of the day to blip my daily misheard lyrics track ... but ok ... here we go

Smells Like Teen Spirit Misheard Lyrics

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philkirby I know, I should be working . . . I should, and I will . . . soon.
philkirby If you look at the vid, where Julie Christie is walking down the street, that's where I'm working this afternoon @Zarabeth and @jilliansaint.
klitoria instant rebl...@chiron08:...thx my know how much i love this tune....big big hug.... (reblip)


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philkirby Is it too early for a coffee break? . . . heck, no. Kettle's on.
philkirby Woohoo, going to see Lisa soon . . . can't wait.
sheryonstone love this song, thanks :) @elland666: "Blur - ParkLife" (reblip)


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titilaflora die zwei hinter musica nuda >>> Petra Magoni, Ferruccio Spinetti – Eleanor Rigby
titilaflora danke für den guten morgen @Quepasa. buona giornata >>>> Die Ärzte-Danke für jeden guten Morgen

Die Ärzte-"Danke für jeden guten Morgen"

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klitoria hallo mein Liebes....@tanzbunny....bei der Hitze hilft nur nackich.....
matwater213 RB from @spacespencer: "so nice. Jusqu'a la fin. @Drolgerg: "'Morning all! Starting the day with a sad song: To The End"" (reblip)

BlurTo The End (HD)

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spacespencer covering gorillaz. nice, nice, nice ...
Quepasa buonasera, mondo blip

The Mary Janes Friends

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Faddic all is good man, tnx for this great piece, never heard it! rb@thrak: "what's up? Faddic" (reblip)
Quepasa rb@MannvomBalkon: "The sound of something burning." - indeed. (reblip)
bytera I'm pretty sure you all might like this tune ... enjoy this amazing song and brilliant acoustic performance.
DChain rb @Totengrber: "rb@jong // Portishead – To Kill A Dead Man (reblip)
Carmilla Bye for now...great to see you again @JimmyStagger // thx @fluffyboots @xTRiPPx @Quepasa @lillianwong @zoja01 and everyone else.
mark_till @rocket1206 See Emily Play

See Emily Play

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Dakeek Nov 18, 1981 - While sitting in Tom's Restaurant in New York City, Suzanne Vega composes the song "Tom's Diner" #wikirock
lillianwong Last blip! Good night BlipStars! :))~ Radiohead [Thom Yorke & Sparklehorse]- Wish you were here (Subtitulado al español).avi

Radiohead [Thom Yorke & Sparklehorse]- Wish you were here (Subtitulado al español).avi

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nastysurprise @VeryEmerald "Re: slave driver... I reject such charges!" Oh really? You let me stop working at 1AM MST... You're right. My apologies.
onesanz song from the past... listening and playing guitar on the wave of jethro tull , genesis...
Tropicsz4 Led Zeppelin - D'yer Mak'er

M. Martini & L. Bertè Te possino dà tante cortellate

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Alvaroxx The Smiths – I Started Something I Couldn't Finish... Typical me, typical mr, typical me...
CMFlinn ... if I should stumble! RB!!@FlinnDc: "Catch My Fall" (reblip)
LikeAnAngel I'm an alligator, I'm a MF coming for you.
Alvaroxx New Order – Doubts Even Here...
LikeAnAngel So i turned myself to face me, but i never caught a glimpse of how others must see the faker.
by_starla [Cotton Jones - Blood Red Sentimental Blues]
lillianwong Hiya SH! tyvm! :)~ @SylverHawk: "@MrsASoprano @lillianwong @aquamarines The Rolling Stones-Moonlight Mile" (reblip)

The Rolling Stones-Moonlight Mile

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Flying_Roundhouse The Clash ~ Straight To Hell ~ @VoodooDahl: "The Clash #songoftheday" ~~>yeah, it sure is (reblip)

Straight To Hell The Clash

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Dakeek fancy to see you again too :) rb@nattieb: "im champion pet feels like an age since I last saw you here :) @Dakeek hope you're are fine and dandy :) x" (reblip)
Quepasa rb@Ineluctable - buongiorno, mondo blip! (reblip)

REM Orange Crush on Top of the Pops

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amphore Pina | Trailer D (2011) 3D Berlinale 2011 Wim Wenders

Pina | Trailer D (2011) 3D Berlinale 2011 Wim Wenders

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Lollyblop mark knopfler and eric clapton layla

mark knopfler and eric clapton layla live

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by_starla rb hello and tyvm@apothegm: "one4you alexparr RoughMac by_starla, thanks ƒ°R listening: 'D" (reblip)
LikeAnAngel it's just an idea, but i'm thinking somewhere where they say, ""Ello, Guvnor"
spacespencer // Hoquiam - Ocean Shores

HoquiamOcean Shores

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mmemaledicta you'll have to pardon the question...but what the HELL happens to blip at 10:45/11:45 am European time??? all sorts of random crappy tunes...
Dolittle new track. I'm out.

The Kills - The Last Goodbye

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mark_till R.E.M. - Mine Smell Like Honey | Collapse Into Now | NEW @bytera

Oh! Battagliero -CCCP Fedeli Alla Linea-

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radiobarz Spirit - The 12 Dreams of Doctor Sardonicus - When I Touch You @luna1124: "@luna1124: "~~~Love this album.... :)"" (reblip)
Dolittle ok bubblewrap & boxes here I come

GomezBubble Gum Years

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leffi333 our lady of the underground. anaïs mitchell feat. ani difranco
kvstr TV On The Radio ~ Wolf Like Me
Aidipunk che ho la faccia sciupata e non mi vesto elegante e che cammino male
Tiny_Montgomery #elegies, and one of the best from REM's middle period, @Ineluctable

REM Man On the Moon

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The Venus in furs- [Radiohead & Roxy Music]- Ladytron (Subtitulado al español).avi

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zoja01 rb@lacarita: Zola Jesus ~~ Trust Me (reblip)

Zola Jesus - Trust Me

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Peppermind so' boni tutti a metterce er cartello! spettacolare@Koralyn: "Ma perché Venditti non la canta ai concerti? E' più vendittiana delle sue! :)" (reblip)
Cris_tina back !:)..thank you Kobi @kobiswim: "Madrugada – Honey Bee for >Cris_tina fine trip in Budapest and back soon honey Madrugada girl :) trip" (reblip)

MadrugadaHoney Bee

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Quepasa I had no idea he had sung this one too... very appropriate :)

Surabaya Johnny / Marc Almond

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lillianwong likey! hiya dear! tyrb@xtranguy: "Latin Simone" (reblip)

Latin Simone MIX (Gorillaz & Ibrahim Ferrer)

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zoja01 rb@Alfea: → rb@tamara_petrovic: rb@screwedupjack: @ntripod: Peter Murphy: Space Oddity (reblip)

Peter Murphy: Space Oddity

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TS Eliot Reading The Love Song Of J Alfred Prufrock

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Marc Almond / Strangers In The Night

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mark_till Doves- Kingdom of Rust

Doves- Kingdom of Rust

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Annamira die werden schon schöne Männer, Deine Jungs, gleich der schönen Frau Mama @estrogen: "sträubigmacho".. das dauert nur noch a bisserl Geduld und Liebe
DChain Doves – Kingdom Of Rust
natasjadb Blur – Rough Trade Parklife
MrsStonebreaker Wilco - I Might

Wilco-I Might (NEW SONG)

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mark_till LCD Soundsystem - Daft Punk Is Playing At My House
Alvaroxx Editors - Lullaby... And the spiderman is always hungry... ... ... .. .. .

Editors-Lullaby (The Cure Cover)

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graham coxon the truth

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Peppermind ehi, io ce li ho ancora tutti i miei peli U_U @La_Biz: "a proposito @Linientreu (cc @Quepasa) il lupo perde il pelo...
Alvaroxx The Smiths - There Is A light That Never Goes Out [Demo]... There is a light in your eyes and it never goes out... ... ... .. .. . . . . . . . . . . .

The Smiths {DEMO} There Is A light That Never Goes Out {Flac HQ}

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