Stay19 Get Down (Halvin Harris Remix) – Groove Armada<><> Just listen and proceed from there. I claim no further responsibilty for the madness underneath


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Kaethe_Cox relax relax relax - weekend is starting in some minutes......
pazamorta More low freqs


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Lambchop wtf is a rabbit tube? If you squeeze it, do rabbits come out? ew...
budesigns @QuicksandRangero @invisible Cassius kicked off their bumpin' 1999 Essential mix with Roxanne Shante's Live on Stage. (full mix:
QuicksandRangero tks@girltulala for r/b I'm a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm. I'm a runaway son of the nuclear A-bomb. I am a world's forgotten boy (reblip)
Schnuchten who wants to come to Sintropolis with me?


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charl53 more northernsoul...cant get enough of this
ewing2001 goodbye to muzak ; Muzak recently filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy papers after missing a $105 million payment to creditors
Lambchop thanks @QuicksandRangero.. you know, everything you blip goes straight to my playlist- you can do no wrong imo :)
Lambchop wicked title for a track.. it sums it all up, really.. ;)
Lambchop kick ass... move your mind, move your feet :)
Lambchop Walk talk acid- just be careful not to bump into anything... like your mum!
Lambchop I feel my acid theme drawing to a timely close...
AndyTheHat inspired by @Shef who appears to be on a voodoo theme ;)
MeeJong Well I actually love the rain, I think I've gotten caught in a rainstorm with every one of my favorite people in this song though...
you999 Matching Mole (Robert Wyatt) - O Caroline
QuicksandRangero Thanks @JTB - great finding, have looked after Gas for a while (reblip)

02_this heat_24_track_ loop

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trepanado get up, stand up, strut your funky stuff. vogue disco
AndyTheHat Time to be orfsk-Enjoy your weekenders blippers ;)
trepanado friday is passion time. as sleaze as it can get
sheryonstone You are in rare form, or is this normal regular mode for you ? I think we need to move you west young girl @NeedBlues2Live lmao (reblip)
AndyTheHat Joe Clay track below starts jumping at end and has to be taken off ,good old vinyl :)
trepanado hot hot HOT italo action on Superradio Records. possibly the best hit of the Metro Area Fabric mix. can't get enough of the basslines.
humbert15 whenever I hear a Qzen vocal I have to hear this tune it :)
Sven777 afternoon folks :) bit of battle music to start off
QuicksandRangero @trepanado - you're abs. right concerning the importance of dub to post-punk, it can't be overstated! - Never were a KJ fan, but this is a great one! (reblip)
kopper No comment necessary on this one, folks.
trepanado oh god, they have just reissued this cult ace 12" from Black Cock Records (DJ Harvey/Gerry Rooney) on 160g vinyl!
humbert15 no idea who this is...but I like it


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coloured hey there @clio_berlin.. liebe Grüße und nen schönen Tag Frau Nachbarin ;) muß leider los... (reblip)
adbert [John Lennon - Imagine] BLIP LAW #1: Blip has no owner. Blippers are Blip. :-)
adbert [Beatles - All together now] BLIP LAW #2: You are a blipper, then you are my friend. :-)


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adbert [Beatles - Real Love] BLIP LAW #3: A blipper is loyal and friendly. :-)
adbert [Lynyrd Skynyrd – Need All My Friends] BLIP LAW #4: A blipper is always ready to help to the others. :-)
QuicksandRangero Thanks @LarsErik - great track!!! (reblip)

Zsa Zsa La Boum-Something Scary

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adbert [ABBA – Dancing Queen] BLIP LAW #5: Blippers are always smiling. :-)
adbert [Elton John – Tower of Babel] BLIP LAW #6: A blipper can understand to another blipper, because Music is our common language. :-)
adbert [John Lennon – Give Peace a Chance] BLIP LAW #7: A blipper must spread the peace all over the world.


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adbert [ABBA – Thank You for the Music] BLIP LAW #8: A blipper respects and loves all the genres of Music. This is a place with no frontiers. :-) (reblip)
adbert [USA for Africa - We Are The World] BLIP LAW #9: There are no Superstars here. A blipper = Another blipper. That is our strength. :-)
adbert [Osmar Maderna – Lluvia De Estrellas] BLIP LAW #10: To be a blipper, you must first be a Tango lover. :-)
trepanado one of my fav house records ever. from Italy, Don Carlos: 'Alone'. sax and pads
trepanado sometimes we all want to float a little bit. this is a Loft and an Optimo early hour classic, such a class electronic tune
littlefunk Funny GANJA track. "Country Boy" - Charley Ace
trepanado just one blip for today, and it's special: spanish synthethic disco from 1985, one of those unearthed treasures you always want to have by your side
humbert15 I think all this sunshine's getting the better of me...
littlefunk Janisにはお世話になりっぱなしです。数もですが、痒い所に手が届く感じがさいこうですね。@JTB (reblip)
littlefunk Thanks for your great recommendation. @QuicksandRangero
HungryKid gotta reblip my own blip from yesterday cos it's a great record, my favourite 60s hit, and only Jalire propped it. the love affair (1967) (reblip)


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TroyHolder "Alligator Wine" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins
TroyHolder "Frenzy" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins
JTB Ludacris "One More Drink (Loud Party Remix)" - via @anjuscha (reblip)
JTB Hervé & Kissy Sell Out "Rikkalicious"
LarsErik Chart topping - 20 years ago on this very day.-)
Atomik Guy Gerber – Belly Dancing
littlefunk Good old harlem feelings. "Am I Black Enough For You" - Billy Paul.
b_age dank grippebedingtem nichtausgehen gestern hab ich zum glück heut keinen: breitbandkater - kaffeehaus


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Atomik like the darkness in this one
Shef @purplesime in a purple haze? Thanks for the props
culturite Misty rain morning music...going to see them April 19th... Vetiver - "Been So Long"
FOGGIELOANER Is this really the Neasden Queen of Soul? It sounds SO much like Doris Day.... (reblip)
housecollective 1 of D most played out tracks in house music according 2 5magazine.More played out favortes here:
Jabberwhorl classic rave!!! grab y'r whistle and drop some e
Shef From soundtrack of the same name - at last! It's blippable!
lwsrc @g_r_e_g i know these times ;) thanks @klitoria for this wonderful song
anjuscha @steno jetzt endlich! wodka mit grapefruit! hmm, lecka! :)
rollovellocet vi@dubstarr #1 I saved this till last as it's my personal favourite. Big Black time is now over.....for now. (reblip)
rollovellocet vi@Paddy Why is this never on any karaoke lists? It should be! (reblip)
The_Kraken Hi everyone, just exorcising this one from my noggin
AndyTheHat Hi @QuicksandRangero all fine here matey and very much looking fwd to a weekend thanks :)
LEGION_OF_DUB_RADIO behold! the Spear burning!! The living legend, Mr Winston Rodney.. jah bless
AndyTheHat Brilliant-it's finally blippable -what a track this is
AndyTheHat @QuicksandRangero Great to be here as always! :)

Lou Courtney- Hey Joyce-1

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Atomik Having leftovers for lunch - I need to eat in my office with the door closed so no one will see my bib. I cant not help get food on my shirt & tie.
QuicksandRangero @Paddy - have to reblip this one before leaving, great finding, shame on me I havn't known The Screamers until now! (reblip)
Stay19 Modeselektor – Let Your Love Grow (Feat. Paul St. Hillaire)<><> Oh yeah. Feel it SmasH.!
rollovellocet @QuicksandRangero I've got an ion one but I'm probably not the best person to ask! Legal issues? Erm....dunno! :) Sorry to be of absolutely no help!
rollovellocet Gotta go! Ta for all the blips/reblips props and banter. Laters xxx
Atomik for all of us getting ready for work...sing into the mirror, baby!
QuicksandRangero Hi & thanks @APB1212 - great track! As I checked the Tim Dog blips it didn't open, the two are an incredible rap duo (reblip)
Thnikkaman Sorry, I see Yeah Yeah Yeahs in my playlist, and this is the song that I think of. Damn you mstrkrft for being embedded in my head.
TroyHolder Country: US / Year: 1978 "The Zipper" by Notekillers


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QuicksandRangero Thanks for your prooving the internationality of Punk - @TroyHolder: "Country: Sweden / Year 1979 "Pitea kommun" by Rock Set " - (reblip)
TroyHolder Country: Japan / Year: 1999 "(Eddie's) Random Bombing" by Zymoticz
TroyHolder Country: Japan / Year: 1999 "I'm A Plastic" by Zymoticz
GrassyKnoll Some Greek Psych for the afternoon

George Romanos "Two small blue horses"

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AndyTheHat Great dancey number from early -The Who
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice RB @Paddy: "Vintage and rare" Just like you, my friend, wherever you are ❥ (reblip)

David Oliver- I Wanna Write You A Love Song

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howdiz nice dub. sounds like its got some augustus pablo (reblip)

east meets west Dawn dub

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jtabz thanks for listening, (reblipvia)@SabriESC! (reblip)

The xxVCR

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lomov_Don Famato.ep Mounting Stags(thinner071)

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Mysterymix Reminiscencez @wilsoke

07 Monolake - Reminiscence (MrEmiX)

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PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice @reesesmonkey I refuse to apologize for my Christmas enthusiasm!
monikavincent dieser ist für dich @bumble_b - mein freitagsgruss - geometric bliss in perfect symmetry
treakiepop Rather excellent:@Ono1969: "B12 = Redcell = CMetric = Musicology = ♥♥♥" Thanks (reblip)
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