Antenaweb via@VinTriste: "Playing it again ... Later blipfiends!" // see ya (reblip)

UffiePop the glock

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Rbto_ Watch out for the Zombies!

Zombie NationForza

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Shukitty love the video for this.

orgy fiction dreams in digital

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Lily Allen - Not Fair (Annie Nightingale & Far Too Loud Electro Radio Edit)

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jethostel The Human League - Love Action

Track 5

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seizuresalad the soundtrack from trainspotting ////////////

LeftfieldA final hit

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DareToEatAPeach This is one of my favorite videos, very fitting for the song.
Rbto_ Rb @yellowcheese it reminded me of something like this

Rex The DogSequencer

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DareToEatAPeach Chaka Khan has been peeping back into my subconscious ever since @yonibeat played it earlier.
paulastudio @Joacoleoni- where we will end up.......- boa noite ;)
ScenicKK pls. watch this video!! like it...........
G_r_e_g Zombie Nation - Filter jerks

02 Filter Jerks

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Rbto_ Getting a little hyperactive
G_r_e_g @slith_13 Yep, i saw it but got to work my german ;o)

Pig & DanMoths

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jethostel █▄ ▀▄█▄█▄▀▄█ (reblip)
jethostel sometimes i think... sometimes i don´t (reblip)

Les Rhythmes Digitales - Sometimes (Computer Club Edit)

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ffluxx Chromeo – Tenderoni (MSTRKRFT Remix) --- RB@Cosmix vi@aoibhneas --- Thanks ||| RB FRIDAY (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach rb@brownmagic: "too many legs under the table, too many reasons for trouble" (reblip)
DJ_mao @shoc_gueiv ora SCHOCKWAVE agregueme


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Atomik @hotnote - its a challenging time, but I love my job, im very lucky. what do you do? You've been in bands before, right?

yes boss video

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3AG3R MAU – Cum Sexy Cum (GymNasties remix)..@THX3..@Nymph...Cheers For The Props Friends
paulastudio as usual sweetsounds from deesound thnx luv :) @Deesound: "(::) ....this one goes @paulastudio ....hi! ...(::)" (reblip)
paulastudio sheesh- here is full version, sorry

KoopSummer Sun

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Atomik New Order – Regret (Tocadisco Remix)
paulastudio fat fat tune :)

"Moby Octopad" -- Yo La Tengo

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Röyksopp 'Happy Up Here'

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ffluxx Mayer Hawthorne – I Wish It Would Rain ---- well all that wishing came true.. it's raining cats and dogs --- Sleep well @nuffced : )
seizuresalad //////\\\\\/////\\\\\/////////\\\\\/////\\\\\///
tubilino well, here comes my time... be good! ;)
DareToEatAPeach Waiting for an email to boogie out of my outbox and then I am out of here.

Pulp Disco 2000

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Cooper_Designs reblip from @Strange_Grl: "Underworld – Born Slippy" (reblip)
Rbto_ I had to scroll down a lot to find this song. Be happy and dance @seizuresalad @DJ_mao @allformat @G_r_e_g @lwsrc @Nymph
paulastudio ooh thats good :) @weething: "I have trains on the brain. I'm working on a project for TY @paulastudio @Corts" (reblip)
Aluciel More from the Magic Numbers, for @MikeMc.
seizuresalad yann tiersen - comptine d'un autre été ||
seizuresalad The Black Ghosts – Full Moon || twilight sound track. movie sucks. the song doesnt. || @schoc_gueiv and ur reblippin. that makes two of us..ahaha..
seizuresalad Pro7 – Popox || @schoc_gueiv I'm fine. sunday, rain, crappy zombie movies, music, gaining 7 listeners, losing 2 listeners. woohoo.. ahahaha


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ModernHeadNodder everything was in the dark , no memories at all.


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ModernHeadNodder @andykaufman flocking to PA > IN > WI . You phishin ?

David Bowie- Space Oddity Original Video (1969)

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Sook vi@GroovyMonster: "^o^ Here's some Fake Blood for ya @Sook. Cool to hear you're into the vampires, too! ^o^" you watch the show or just like vamps? (reblip)
Bobbin dopeness should and does transcend styles@Lucini@MrPrabz@Tom4681 @ToniLeoni@seizuresalad@schoc_gueiv

Beastie Boys Twenty Questions off the album Anthology, With lyrics.

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DareToEatAPeach @mmemaledicta: "this is it for me, I am out of here until the dream train arrives back into 'way-too-early' station at 6 am. Bonsoir, belle monde!" (reblip)

Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do

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lwsrc hallo liebe @anjuscha heute schon erdbeermund?
seizuresalad Tigersapien - Used To Be || everyone should hear this song at least once. @FiFiKaboom @zombieFredrik @schoc_gueiv @Hellofabean @westham999 @Sook @THX3
seizuresalad Vitalic – My friend Dario //
CHaDmAn "And many fantasies were learned, on that day!" (remix) (reblip)
THX3 rb@MusicIsMySunshine: "cool,! been liking his remxes.. c u later,gonna try and work on my att.span and (try) sit through a movie without blippin ;P (reblip)

MondkopfBain Du Matin

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deadcowaroma By the way, I'm on twitter now everyone. Incase you want to add me. I feel like a loser cause no one's following me!
dricow this is a sick remix! BTW, where are all the drawings mr @bunq ? ;) (reblip)
flavioleite Hello World !!!

Chemical Brothers "The Test"

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Atomik welcome @AngelDevilAngel! This is where you can always find me...I miss you my CA family. Blip friends you must add her!
Antenaweb @Heike: "Good Evening wherever you are!! Here is still morning !! :) (reblip)
seizuresalad Demon – Regulate (Fafa Monteco Remix) //
JTB 【JUN 17】 I'm off to bed, good night.
Cooper_Designs reblip from @rocket1206... for Kraftwerk fans... (reblip)


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seizuresalad Underworld – Push Upstairs //
ffluxx Michael Jackson – Rock With You ---- semi rb@santamistura --- Thanks!
ZOEBOE Haven't played this little catchy tune in a few. I think it's time.

Camp LoLucini

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dricow shoul we even care at all? I certainly care for the stick doll outfit

Friendly Fires 'Skeleton Boy'

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ScenicKK Daft Punk vs. Does It Offend You, Yeah? – We Are Rockstars
DoubleDigitCatastrophe @leaferi Instruments only can be great : )

Royksopp- Alpha male

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adhmann "Satellite of love" by Lou Reed RB: @wdavo Crazy about this song. (reblip)
paeix from@Troly _______________________________________hey@chiron08 (reblip)


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THX3 rb@D3iMoS: knew a girl that was from here... (reblip)
shortygal But if you leave, don't look back - I'll be running the other way...

OMD - If You Leave

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seizuresalad Black Kids – Look At Me (When I Rock Wichoo) //

Digitaria: "Dog On"

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seizuresalad Good Luck at the Gunfight – Puma // thank you for listening @Lucini @Manotaur @Amethyst //
dricow Agreed! \o @Manotaur: "Perhaps the most bootleg remixed band ever, but there's plenty of good ones. RB @moloko75" (reblip)
Rbto_ It's great to find Joe Satriani blippers arround here @patita @TULIO

Joe Satriani -Engines of creation-devil's slide

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JTB cv313 aka Echospace


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by_starla [The Shins - A Comet Appears]

Forever (Hemingway Remix)

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yellowcheese And it didnt :) via @Lanternlungs: "Please dont rain tonight!" (reblip)


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DareToEatAPeach "have you seen me cry tears like diamonds?" @handstamp: "wooooooo!" (reblip)
CreepyGirl @Turbolax Awesome job, well done. Can't believe you propped me for this, Im a very happy creep. Cheers! (reblip)
klitoria vi@liminal: "Extrawelt / Johannes Heil ~ Erdbeerfeld (Original Mix)" (reblip)
Deesound (::) ..Rb@ZOEBOE: "Whut up and good afternoon/evenin to you Deesound :} " ...Doing good %) ..--->pass this also @djilo ...Hi m8y "") ..(::) (reblip)
djilo 'Cause you blipped that DJ Shadow track with this sample :P @ZOEBOE

The B-52's52 Girls

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"Amsterdam" by Peter Bjorn And John

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chris_is_cool now that I know I need more beer, I need to get the hell back into the sunny sunshine and enjoy a little debauchery
Rbto_ I'm off. I'm staring to feel awkward being stocked to the computer saturday afternoon. @G_r_e_g @GR8FL @tubilino @djilo @allformat @Nymph @Deesound


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WIGSTA @Betoques Monday Morn here dude and all is good
Rbto_ @WIGSTA: "@Betoques Monday Morn here dude and all is good" ||| Cheers to australia (reblip)
Atomik howdy @J2ad - happy sunday evening to ya! Anything exiting in your world today?
Pichi @Betoques cheers for the reblips and comments hope you don't mind the change in direction


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Ellen Allien & Apparat "Way Out" / Video by Marco Testoni

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Atomik good evening @patita (reblip)

human league - together in electric dreams

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WIGSTA Everyone loves tits and clits

The Prime Time Of Your Life (Tits & Clits Remix)

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seizuresalad DJ CEPI_-_Fucked_From_Mixing // >>>>>


| play
seizuresalad Rotersand – Lost // Good night. This is Lost. Rotersand. Future pop/industrial something. //


| play
dochugo i've decided that devo is the freshest sounding retro band

DevoGut Feeling

| play
you999 The Rascals - Out Of Dreams
GERK @WIGSTA later man! @Betoques here's some music to dance in the dark to. ;-)
you999 Luna - Broken Chair

LunaBroken Chair

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Sartre0nil "You could have been a legend, but you became a father."
everythingispop Night all... Sleep well Blippers everywhere. A treat from Wilco.


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ZOEBOE did someone say DnB?? that's my middle name :} (k not really but i do luuuvs) rb@GERK @djilo (reblip)

Danny Byrd ft Redd Joy And Pain (Original)

| play
ZOEBOE @Betoques wait for it to kick ;)

Zero GGet Down

| play
dochugo think i'll sign off on this, which is where my mood has been all day! been swell guys. @caramck @katost @ArthrReeeeD @Betoques @allformat
the24seven 151 by Amando! classic acid house

Armando151 1988

| play

Close Your Eyes (Buffalo Bunch/We In Music Remix)

| play
GERK @Betoques good morning to you! @ZOEBOE some light d'n'b for ya ;p @seizuresalad have you seen the goths in the sun blog? thats up there with the best!
klitoria vi@adbert....i am fine thx..."summer" here very strange, more like it is ok....we had much rain and still waiting for the real one.. (reblip)
seizuresalad Kaskade & deadmau5 – Move For Me // @GERK no. googled it. goths in hot weather? tnx. here, gift for u:
Atomik where are you @tranceatlantico? Missed your blips this AM....: "☯" (reblip)

marek hemmanninessa

| play
Bobbin this was. I know you don't like it. @Lucini@brokentv@Betoques@ffluxx

Little Boots Stuck on repeat (Radio Edit)

| play
aexerxes @Betoques : whatcha think of this vid? powerful, eh?


| play
brunapp @Betoques, i don´t like the fact that they never come to brazil, no shows for me :(
ZOEBOE @Betoques <<<---yer just trying to get me to play some dubstep huh. hehe. 4 @GERK @Corts @Miee too

Vex'dpop pop v.i.p

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Bobbin this is a better one @Betoques. @Lucini That fleet foxes video is sweet. @MrPrabz

Herbie Hancock "Cantaloupe Island"

| play
Bobbin @Betoques; rockit does rule, 'better' was a poor choice of words. like ray bans are of sunglasses.
shortygal The Zombies – Time of the Season
dochugo ok so i just realized this. morning. that l.e.s. stood for lower east side. kill me now. // howdy @allformat @DigitalJEdwin @tubilino @DHS @Betoques

Peter Bjorn and John- Amsterdam

| play
dricow If your essence is to party, clap your hands... clap clap hehe @Betoques (reblip)

David Bowie All The Young Dudes

| play
seizuresalad Hallucinogen – snakey shaker // @Betoques the usual. pregnant woman next door giving birth. ambulance. pretty boring. haha
Rbto_ @Evelyn: "eyes shut" PERFECT. way better than the original (reblip)
shortygal Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls

Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls

| play
Mtii do you want somes...COOKIE...@Betoques


| play
ZOEBOE mmm loved it when the bass kicked rb@Karuna for @THX3 @Blippo @bduubz and maybe @Mtii 2 ?<u a dubstep fan? (reblip)
ZOEBOE @Betoques things are good here :) how's everything down south?
Rbto_ @ZOEBOE I just came back from a short vacation and find these amazing blips from youThanks a lot.From the 6345 mixes of this song this is outstanding! (reblip)
AlyG rb@CJCat: "You Only Live Once - The Strokes" (reblip)
dochugo how easy would it be to mashup this track with My Sharona?
Rbto_ @dochugo: "how easy would it be to mashup this track with My Sharona?" ||| easier than with jingle bells (reblip)
AlyG i'm not going to lie. it took a long time for me to like this song. fishes is NOT A WORD!!! ha@A_Quiet_End: "way too tired. shouldn't have gone out." (reblip)
dochugo thanks for the reminder, @marsbar. i haven't blipped wuthering heights for over 3 days. #fail
ZOEBOE LUVVVV waxpoetic..rb@solid_au: "technically this is "Man" performed by brazillians, nude.... in french. candidate for next so frenchy, so chic cut..." (reblip)
deadcowaroma Maybe not the best music to get me sleepy...
invisiblepilot this song makes me feel like a disco queen [Crystal Castles-Courtship Date] must. dance.

Crystal Castles-Courtship Date

| play
dochugo clap clap clap, clap clap clap, clap clap clap, clap clap clap, clap clap clap
deadcowaroma Losing my Edge is good, but Tribulations is better.
MonicaOnline Jane's Addiction – Been Caught Stealing
ZOEBOE For your Ms. Dynamite, you get my Mr. Dynamite (Dynamite MC that is :} ) @vja
FiFiKaboom French Tune I like ^_^

Teki Latex Feat. Les Matins de Paris (Surkin Remix)

| play
code64fm Lingo thanks to ♥♫♪♥♫♥♫♪♥♫ @caitschmait (reblip)


| play
DareToEatAPeach @workerbee: "Meet some local blipers at Blip N Beer,First Wednesday of the month get together. SF location at Shotwell's bar." (reblip)
seizuresalad Crystal Castles – Vanished // haha rb@Pluraul: "@seizuresalad revanished!! :)" (reblip)
seizuresalad Rex The Dog – Prototype //

Rex The DogPrototype

| play
seizuresalad no. I wish though. would probably pass out from happiness if I did // @Betoques: "@seizuresalad have you seen him live?" (reblip)

Rex The DogSequencer

| play
Flower esto si que es psicodelia pura via@DrCocker: "lets all make love in London" (reblip)
WIGSTA rb@seizuresalad: Oooooooooooh this what I like (reblip)

Rex The DogSequencer

| play
WIGSTA @seizuresalad: Another top track. One more listener needed for you to hit 300 ooooooooh (reblip)
ffluxx Boozoo Bajou – Under My Sensi --- @GR8FL ; )
AlyG i have to say...this weekend is going to be pretty effing fun...pool party part 2...i will bring my own beverages, however. stoli soda. with lime.

Joy DivisionCeremony

| play
WIGSTA This is a Horror track, you may not like it @Miee @ComputerNationRadio @ZOEBOE @Karuna @ffluxx


| play
AlyG rb@lalagator: "But if he's out there, he'll find me. Nothing in this world will keep him from me. I know this much is true." (reblip)

Project Bassline Drop The Pressure

| play
seizuresalad John Dahlbäck – Blink // and btw, @Betoques, youre way up high on my list too ;)

David Bowie - Stay

| play
melp i dont like my hair neat! @Betoques: "shoes " (reblip)

Tiga // Shoes

| play
DareToEatAPeach Anyone use the LastFM scrobbling feature on Blip? I hate that it sends every song my djs play to LFM. Other DJs songs does NOT = my music collection
AlyG i looooveeee it. it's like the same thing as that suzanne vega song for me. nostalgic. or something. (reblip)

Sigur RosGlósóli

| play
camden oh my, loving the new TMV. much more melodic than past records.
santamistura good night blippers ;O)) now i leave this computer!!

Michael Jackson-In the closet

| play
dochugo i guess french have done something for my ears too
moloko_sp @Ben_Flogin_O_Mote @LauStar De onde vcs são? Nunca perguntamos um para o outro! Engraçado! Se quiserem responder, lógico. Aqui TUDO é público :0(
Heike So, dann hat die liebe Seele bald hoffentlich ihre Ruhe!

trafik- cut your teeth (phonat dub)

| play
bendrix This sounds so 80s :) - HELLO kitty thx for greeting=> rb@Shukitty: "hey @GrassyKnoll also #bendrix man lot of people on right now..." (reblip)
paulastudio ooooh nice :) @DesertIslandDiscs: "Amon Tobin – Saboteur from the third album Supermodified" (reblip)

Amon TobinSaboteur

| play

Superstrobe / Seed (unreleased demo track)

| play
chiron08 thx @steno [Simian Mobile Disco - Its the Beat Live on Radio 1 Rare Edit] for you @fabuleuxfab and thanks for happy evenin' @chiron08 (reblip)
AlyG it really irks me when i run out of props for you. and i like being right. but i'm not pushy about it :P (reblip)
Rbto_ Bliping bleep. I love this video.
Punched Beautiful :: Soft Cell – Say Hello, Wave Goodbye ::
haizee **sigh** love this so much. and the sexy dolphin people are pretty dope too r/b @Nymph (reblip)
WIGSTA Sounds of Manchester Like


| play
DJ_mao :)

One Pure Thought

| play
WIGSTA Hey @Betoques: Check out this track it's SUPER WICKED
GR8FL this track takes me back about 30 years... you make my love come down in the sexiest way :) (sleep well @CynDyn)
WIGSTA Etienne De Crecy et Monsieur Jo – Hanukkah