RealtorLefebvre We hustled our way in....everybody had long hair
RealtorLefebvre But they don't sell that shit in the white neighborhood...
RealtorLefebvre I am a patient boy....I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait....
RealtorLefebvre How does Guru make any track better?

Chokehold feat. Guru

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RealtorLefebvre Struggled for years to get this drum riff down....Another Top Rock Drummer. No contest.

van halen hot for teacher

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RealtorLefebvre Favorite female vocalists mix...OK, I could do this all friggin' night but my alarm goes off in 5 hours...
RealtorLefebvre Favorite female vocalists mix...chilling, eerie and awesome!
RealtorLefebvre Favorite female vocalists mix...Who is smoother than her?
RealtorLefebvre Favorite female vocalists mix...I WILL take some serious heat for this one, but I think she's really good. OK, bring it on...
RealtorLefebvre Favorite female vocalists mix...How could it NOT include her?
RealtorLefebvre Favorite female vocalists mix...last verse gives me chills every single time guaranteed
RealtorLefebvre Getting away from Beatles and Stones for now. My little ones LOVE this song. Breakfast soundtrack!
RealtorLefebvre "If you think that a kiss is all in the lips, c' got it all wrong, man" I could play this over and over and over...and not get sick of it
RealtorLefebvre A little "grrrrr" by request. @SarahWV had you heard Rilo Kiley before? Blip tries to cap my daily awesomeness...can't blame 'em I guess.

SeetherFake It

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RealtorLefebvre @SarahWV you will like this if you've never heard it (or at least I think you will....)
RealtorLefebvre If the girl real ugly, 9 times out of 10, she's ugly like her mama...
jeff @melodyofyourlife NICE. Just added your blip to my playlist. I love the guitar riff followed by the drums and bass rush coming in at once on this...
RealtorLefebvre "I try to be honest, try to be kind. And honestly leave when I know that it's time." - a charmingly quaint song
chelvis The best remix I have ever heard in my life. Seriously.
SarahWV And every time I scratch my nails down someone else's back, I hope you feel it. (Youch!)
RealtorLefebvre Like the Urge Overkill version better (blasphemous!) but this will have to do...
knox Awesomeness... is that even a word? Listen to this song and tell me no.
knox One of (if not my favorite) rappers of the past 5 years.
RealtorLefebvre Awesome! A new Cult track appears on Blip! Never can get enough Cult (pre-Sonic Temple...I'm a self-admitted Cult Snob)
melodyofurlife sorry for the acid tongue tonight blip'ers, its the mood
RealtorLefebvre Getting all my daily blip fixes out early today...
RealtorLefebvre Another daily fix lately. Yeah @SarahWV we've maxed each other out early today. Have an awesome morning! (No, no no....thank YOU!)
RealtorLefebvre Listeners, I strongly urge you, don't let one annoying Amstel Light commercial ruin this entire band for you! One Dam good band!
RealtorLefebvre Wow! I've gone the next step and started uploading personal tracks... What a friggin' voice! "Something's going wrong in my mind..."
RealtorLefebvre AWESOME Just uploaded my first track to Blip from my personal collection and it has to go out to @SarahWV and her new craddle-crush. : )
thekush If you are not listening to the Avett Brothers, you need to...
TheRealClint I used to own a bar...Ive been there...
LaniAR I cut all my hair off because of Meg Ryan in this movie (City of Angels). that wasn't a good idea. muy ugly.

Feeling Love Paula Cole

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randymatheson Hello Tuesday... time to RISE and shine...


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RealtorLefebvre There is officially nothing "Shy" about the "TrbleMaker" today...She's (he's?) definitely in the club with her display of control, right kids?
ShyTrbleMaker @RealtorLefebvre What? He keeps his pants on! There are MUCH worse songs I could have used!
ShyTrbleMaker @SarahWV went there. So here's some Control. (almost played this one earlier!) Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen!
RealtorLefebvre @ShyTrbleMaker Living up to your "TrbleMaker" moniker, if not your "Shy" one with that last Blip! : )
ShyTrbleMaker @RealtorLefebvre You sound like a real man to me. Want to take a bath? Here's a little more Prince for your day.
RealtorLefebvre I'm taking my with a side of starfish today, please hold the cream. Thanks for getting me started with Prince. @ShyTrbleMaker @KimWood @SarahWV
RealtorLefebvre I can do a Prince thang all day (and night) if that's what we want! One of my favs. "Shut up already! Damn!"
melodyofurlife @RealtorLefebvre just build a play list of these tunes and thank me later
ShyTrbleMaker @RealtorLefebvre I'm gonna get on the Dave wagon. I like this one.
melodyofurlife @RealtorLefebvre Forget all the radio DMB stuff you ever heard! And you will fall in love with a great musical talent. Go See them live once, outside
by_starla @RealtorLefebvre sadly, some bands slip past me, but i do my best! some students know-1's doing research on indie rock fans-we saw Spoon together. :)
by_starla LL doubleshot as i go out the door. i do love this whole album-Joshua Judges Ruth (and what a title!). see everyone later.
melodyofurlife @coffeebreath Hello. I need a "quite ocean" right now. Not a desk and people bugging me.
randymatheson Massive Attack - Angel... come from way above
jeff I keep bumping into Brett's music. Something about this kid's voice and powerful lyrics keeps bringing me back.
RealtorLefebvre Starting the weekend a little early...
ShyTrbleMaker Nice. Oh Yeah by The Cliks. (not the clean version)
CargoCulte I think @RealtorLefebvre might have made blush. hahahahaha...
melodyofurlife Ok, So there are some great lines in this tune. Listen to Elvis Costello's parts!
RealtorLefebvre @by_starla Out of props, so the next best solution? Re-blip it. Thank you for this one... (reblip)
OutdoorLori A little Distraction is not such a bad thing on a Monday morning from one of Charlotte's own... the Avett Bro's. Funny stuff!
RealtorLefebvre @CargoCulte Thanks for the newest song I will be overplaying for the foreseeable future... (reblip)
jeff A friend of mine reminded of this band - indie meets folk meets southern rock
RealtorLefebvre Now you're cooking with gas! What would a breakfast set be without some Funky Hot Grits!
melodyofurlife really feeling some Avett Brothers today.
ShyTrbleMaker @RealtorLefebvre you might like this guy. This one is an awesome song.
DownLow re-blippy thanks @DJ_suckage I soooo miss London. This one goes out to Roz, my cynical London-based Brit friend... (reblip)
RealtorLefebvre Just $1 to get it and 25 cents a beer...

Sexy & 17 Stray Cats

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RealtorLefebvre No matter how many times you tell those little bastards NOT to squeeze them, they always do, right? All over my car's back seat usually...
RealtorLefebvre Gene gives us a great rendition of his classic AND keeps an eye on the ceiling for any potential leaks! Multi-tasking before it was in vogue...
RealtorLefebvre Love the rootsy, Steel Pulsey vibe.
RealtorLefebvre Back when they were still trying to figure out how to do videos... So much solid comedy material here! Hard to know where to start...

INXS ~ The One Thing

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RealtorLefebvre ...and "Let's keep the mullets coming!" was the roar from the fiery crowd.

The Outfield-Your Love

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RealtorLefebvre Inspired by the Mos Def @angrybob threw down. Hope this is the extended, extended version because I got some work to do as well...
RealtorLefebvre I find it cool how one tiny preposition can make such a HUGE musical difference (see my last Blip if you're confused)...
RealtorLefebvre I have absolutely no friggin' idea what a "flagpole sitta" is, but for the life of me I can't think of any occupation that sounds less comfortable.
RealtorLefebvre "There's no poison like a dream when it all comes undone" This intimate live performance really showcases the pureness of Slaid's voice. HUGE fan!

Slaid CleavesCry

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RealtorLefebvre @lightningpi Thanks dude. Never heard of Ida Maria and I love it. Ain't Blip grand? (reblip)

Oh My God (Official Video)

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RealtorLefebvre That acoustic Rilo Kiley has got me all Mellowed oUt.
RealtorLefebvre Not sure who this new kid @njjp is, but the Public Enemy and L.A. Guns are a good start. Please welcome the lad to Blip with a prop or two...
RealtorLefebvre Probably shouldn't mess with Mother Nature by playing this after the last 40 days and 40 nights we've had, but...
RealtorLefebvre Strung out with wings of the dawn. Hole in the black soul in the storm...


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RealtorLefebvre Keep this up, you're gonna blow your top...

Squirrel Nut Zippers "Put A Lid On It"

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RealtorLefebvre My redemption 4th of July blip. This WILL be "classic rock" in 10 years. "Everybody wants to go forever. I just wanna burn up hard and bright.."
RealtorLefebvre "White Rabbits" makes me think of Tim Burton's new flick...

White Rabbits "Percussion Gun" Official Video

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RealtorLefebvre Early to bed, and early to rise... Makes a man a woman. Miss out on the nightlife...
RealtorLefebvre Yes, she really is. (Look Sharp still holds up very well today IMHO)
RealtorLefebvre bUt if you want a friend, feed any animal...
RealtorLefebvre Yeah, let me get a fruit cocktail, I ain't too hungry... (does that sound like a real man to you?)
RealtorLefebvre Move aside... and let The Mango through (???) B.A.R.=bad ass remix

Soul Coughing - Super Bon Bon (Propellerheads Remix)

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RealtorLefebvre Not so much a rat as a full day's worth of dishes (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Dad must be home today... These dishes ain't gonna wash themselves!
RealtorLefebvre Inspired by a recent @Figgywithit blip in a roundabout way.
RealtorLefebvre @melodyofyourlife Looking forward to your "shipping up" later this month. Send me your vitals at We will have some fun.
RealtorLefebvre Rocking the "mustache and hairnet" look like no other can. Damn, that's was going to be MY shtick! Screwed by Rivers (again)...
RealtorLefebvre @REBlogGirl Ironically Phish always reminds me of "boring" school... (song is irrelevant other than it's a fellow Harvard nerd friend of yours)

Hash PipeWeezer

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RealtorLefebvre @DJErmjizzle Thanks for that one. My $ was on the Blue Shark from the nun chuck scene. He just appeared to dominate. Nearly as bizarre as this vid.
RealtorLefebvre Lost my 3 y.o. son in Storyland, NH earlier this month. It was probably only 5-7 minutes. Seemed like a couple hours. That'll freak you right out.
RealtorLefebvre And on the count of 3, everybody run back to your fantasy...
RealtorLefebvre You don't need money when you look like that, do ya honey?
RealtorLefebvre Diggin' the hip hop vibe two of my fav DJs are throwing down @fuzzygroove @jeff (Junior Gong sounding eerily like Pops here...)
RealtorLefebvre "Fraudulent foe with the strength of Hercules, the way you're on my d!¢k must really hurt your knees..."

Del tha Funkee Homosapien "Mistadoblina"

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by_starla OOP for you today (already-darn!) @everythingispop-so a well-deserved reblip here, along with hopes for all to be well for you. (reblip)
RealtorLefebvre So many covers, so many remixes... just wanted to hear the good ol' fashioned original.


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