dojodub Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard But i think Oh Bondage Up Yours! One, Two, Three, FOUR!
atodos Esta cancion me recuerda a Vicky el Vikingo, no lo puedo remediar. Ahora, a mi Vicky el Vikingo me ponía un rato...
atodos ... y Sra. De Badajoz no ma ni menos!

Boss HogWinn Coma

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atodos @albertodf, @TomCollinsRocks , si pequeños, si a ver como me las arreglo para asistir
atodos Ahora solo falta que vengan estos y ya tunel del tiempo total. Que gusto!
atodos "nooooo creo que vuelva a verte alguna vez!!!!!"
PriPriPri ham? o que? ouvi dizer que o Motorhead toca no Brasil em 2009? procede?
atodos @albertodf, @TomCollinsRocks, @odioelverano, @brutusound, @fuckin_twee, @furilo, @panicmouse y más... feliz navidad y valor, y al pavo y la familia!

The Fuzztones Lysergic emanations 01 1 2 5

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kopper Yup, gonna have pork for Xmas dinner, ham to be exact. PIG-PIG! (reblip)
maiya @ZachsMind trick question? Depends on your answer. Give it to me & I'll have a better response for you. ;)
rafasland quem diabos dormiu na minha cama na noite passada?
PlasticRobot @paeix Had to play fav YYYs track too!
Perko Ladies. Do what the man says.
Recordgrooves As always, a great song for love making.


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Recordgrooves only part of the song? haha.


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Recordgrooves It depends on what kind ...cough-cough.
Recordgrooves Best effin female punk singer there ever was. R.I.P.
Ireninach No, you don't know what it likes to be like me
Recordgrooves It's all about the Screaming Apple, baby!
Recordgrooves I wonder if Bonham plays on this one?
ZachsMind Was he just making up the words as he went along?
Recordgrooves Ex Drummer, great movie!


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Recordgrooves One of their better ones.

Redd KrossBurn-Out

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djbringit @pumpkinshellz one was me! I thought you were copying me?? LOL

B-52'sPlanet Claire

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Recordgrooves One of the few good songs from Rob, thx to them Ghastly Ones.
Recordgrooves Only one? good thing I snagged up all the vinyl.


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madSoul "He drink whiskey, Poncho drinkin' wine"-War

WarThe Cisco Kid

| play
Recordgrooves That's what I be doin.

11_the WOGGLES_Get Down With It

| play
madSoul Doing it to death-the jb's
Recordgrooves The numbers have all changed.


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Recordgrooves Love this band, don't have this song tho.
juliana_brant @paeix happy new year delicious!!! =* (reblip)


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Recordgrooves Who doesn't like the Wild Girl?
DameGlorious @GR8FL I don't know what he says but he says it funky. In any case I happen to think Portuguese is a pretty language. (reblip)
Recordgrooves Alright, I gotta put some Hendrix on my playlist.

Jimi HendrixAngel

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Fuck Off & Die The Syphlloids

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Recordgrooves Remember Me?


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Recordgrooves circle jerkin' redneck truckers
Recordgrooves It's gonna save your soul

Dixie WitchGet Busy

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Recordgrooves These guys mix it up, but this one has a nice sound to it.
gothzzzz Here in my car, I feel safest of all, I can lock all my doors, It's the only way to live, In cars

Gary NumanCars

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Recordgrooves Awww, how I love Punk Rock love songs!
Recordgrooves Makes my heart skip a beat.
Recordgrooves Sometimes I get that urge to set up the strobe light and do some slam dancing.

zZzHouse Of Sin

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mole @equinda - it's just one of those mondays - I need some downtown soul... :-)
Recordgrooves Cheers, to the folks down under!
Recordgrooves Some fine Electro / Garage Punk / Trash, from France. Smoke a bowl, blow your mind. Cheers!

Cheveuhello friend

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Recordgrooves Cheers to all the stoners!

ElephantumIn Orbit

| play
Recordgrooves To The United Funk Of Funkadelica
djxkn @Recordgrooves: this is the king of Brazilian funk Tim Maia (1942-1998): "Do Leme ao Pontal" (1986)
djxkn @Recordgrooves: another Tim Maia song, "Dance Enquanto é Tempo"
djxkn @Recordgrooves: this is great Rio de Janeiro black power man Gerson King Combo ("Mandamentos Black", 1977)
djxkn @Recordgrooves: another one from Gerson King Combo, "Funk Brother Soul" (1978)
Recordgrooves @djxkn Thank You for the 3 golden jams, my brother!
ed209 is this their greatest track?


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DJNonymous Discovered @Recordgrooves They're lovely. videos here, but Oh My God I've got it bad for Lindsay "Coco" Hames!
Recordgrooves Because you make me hate you!

The MonksI Hate You

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JTemperance My little girl likes this one!
WildWildSound RB @randomoldrecords: "The Yolks just might be my new favorite band. Ch-check it! "I Do What I Do"" ...I can dig it, baby (reblip)
AaronLost oh sooooooooooo good!

Ty SegallSkin

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kopper Reblippin' @robdaswamp: "you must be a witch" by the Lollipop Shoppe. Hell yeah! (reblip)
kopper Here's a great Halloween hit from the Fleshtones...
kopper Great instrumental here from the Swanks... Ghost Train!
Recordgrooves @tomQ: "right on! @kopper: "The Flame That Keeps Burning, one of my favorite comps" (reblip)
Recordgrooves She Made Me Feel Alright.

The Ghastly Ones perform Spooky Girl 9-27-08

| play
Recordgrooves I Wanna Walk With The Zombies, Baby!
Recordgrooves @kopper: Heh, I was just gonna suggest "Creepy Crawls" but there is no mp3. (reblip)
kopper What would Halloween be without a little Billy Childish?
Recordgrooves Let Me Tell You Baby...

Thee Mighty Caesars- The Double Axe

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sectmaniac A couple of Halloween songs for you all! Let's start it off right with the truly bizarre "El Entierro De Los Gatos" by LOS SAICOS (Burial of the Cats)
kopper Jack the Ripper! Junior, get home!
lomovogt Great, great song! Thx @DJSkaley (reblip)
kopper Damn, almost forgot about "The Blob"! Thanks, @VelvetGarage! (reblip)
Recordgrooves Voodoo Love, Don't Try To Run

the branded: amore voodoo!

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Recordgrooves R.I.P.

Buck Naked Music Video "Teenage Pussy from Outter Space"

| play
kopper Here's one of my son's favorites, "Wombie Zombie"!
charleyhorse @robotnik när jag drack rejält sist var jag bakfull i drygt 2 dygn :/ hur står det till med dig?

The MotardsHangover

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kopper Spits! Witch Hunt!

SpitsWitch Hunt

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kopper Never heard this one 'til now. Great instro-mental for Halloween, thanks @Modster! (reblip)
Recordgrooves Goth Glam Band, one of their more punk style tunes.
Recordgrooves One of the best Halloween Hip-Hop Classics of all times. *Doing Robot*
kopper Here's the Dwarves demented cover of "I'm a Living Sickness"...
Recordgrooves The creepy zombie sounds of Spindrift.
Recordgrooves Ghoul-A-Go-Go, Eddie Rocks!

Garage Rock: The Neanderthals Ghoul-A-Go-Go

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verticalhouse Happy Halloweenie Ya'll!

The MummiesDIE!

| play
Recordgrooves Did You Think That I'd Return?
deadcowaroma I'm like an old person. I didn't have candy on halloween, so I was going to hand out cans of ginger ale and soda crackers. Luckly, no one came.
Recordgrooves Watch out for them big bass notes.
Recordgrooves Til The Sun Goes Down - Garage Punk Baby!
sectmaniac Thee Headcoats with "The Strangler of Boston Town"
Recordgrooves It's Only Garage Punk, But I Like It!
Recordgrooves Psych from Denmark, Mr. Woodrose is in the house. Bad Afro Records, Baby!
Recordgrooves One of my favorite Stoner bands doing some decent twang. A nice girl once gave me a lap dance to this one.
Recordgrooves The Whisky has kicked in, and I remembered this one.
toxiferous RB @Franimal Great song. Used to have this one on a mix somewhere (wonder where that thing went). Hope you're having a good day so far! (reblip)
Recordgrooves 1960's Garage From Brazil, Paint It Black!
WildWildSound The French ain't all bad, baby...Jacques Dutronc rox! (thx to Ty fer the tip, too)...creusez-le
margann Jay Reatard – It's So Easy
Recordgrooves Keep Them Off Of Me.


| play
boamorte you are right @Corts! really liked it... thx! (reblip)

Hipster Daddy-O and the Handgrenades Perpetrator

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scarierthanfrankenstein This sound like an inspiration for Bike by Ty Seagall.

The Trashmen : Surfin' Bird ( 1963 )

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RyanKatastrophe I just wanna have some fun at night... #musicmonday Rezillos - No


| play
WildWildSound I want this record--bad! ...silly Saxie Russell w/ a poopoo-slingin' pounder, "El Monkey"...dig it!

Saxie Russel --- El Monkey

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Recordgrooves I'm A Natural Man.

Al Reed-Sorry About That Axe

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Recordgrooves Ahh, this is a great album.
toxiferous Gotta go for now! Later all. :)
JimmyHook @TroyHolder: "@JimmyHook "Life Stoopid, I Stoopid" by Sneaky Pinks (US)2005". My new favorite christmas song! Thanks! (reblip)
JimmyHook R. L. Burnside - Let My Baby Ride

R L Burnside Let My Baby Ride

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MichaelKaiser One o' the greatest surf pounders ever ain't about surf. Unless yer talkin' surfin' the golden waves, that is. The Untamed Youth - Pabst Blue Ribbon.
WildWildSound The new KK&BBQ Show LP is sinkin' me into psychosis, baby...dig it, stinky
WildWildSound Now this is what I call hip-ity hop, it to it, Ty Segall & dig it, baby!

Ty SegallIt #1

| play
STEVETERRELL Great gospel show from Rev. Beat-Man with Richard Pryor adding profane to the sacred
WildWildSound Let's talk about about big F.U.s...& break the Sound Barrier...

Hey HeySound Barrier

| play
WildWildSound A declaration and a damned if I don't care anymore..."I'm a Born Loser", baby!
Recordgrooves Smoke A Little Reefer & She Get the Whiskey Drinking
randomoldrecords If you think a better song than this exists, then you might be a liar. Love - "Alone Again Or"

LoveAlone Again Or

| play
randomoldrecords Classic Memphis soul rock n' roll from Greg Oblivian & The Tip Tops - "Watching My Baby Get Ready"
Recordgrooves "Not now chief, I'm in the ZONE" ....Get Down Funky People!
Recordgrooves Organ Grind, Psych Out, Garage Punk, Go Go Dancing, Viva Mexico!
tomQ one of the greatest NMN songs (reblip)
Recordgrooves The Needles - (High Powered Rock N Roll Baby!)

03-Invitation to the Night

| play
Recordgrooves Aww c'mon, put yer boobs in my scotch!
Recordgrooves How about some weirdo punk?
Recordgrooves I Need Someone To Blow My Mind! (Standells - Barracuda)


| play
Recordgrooves "Say What You Got To Say" ...but this bass line spanks that ass! Garage Punk Baby!
Recordgrooves Boom Boom Boom, how about a little Rock N Roll baby?
Recordgrooves Hey Baby, I've got Bourbon in My Eyes! ...Swingin'
adrianazq i keep on searchin for love

The OmensSearching

| play
Recordgrooves Too Fuzzy & Trashy For You.

3delicias-way to gloom

| play
kopper Jacuzzi Boys – I Fought a Crocodile
kopper The Wipers - Over the Edge... god I love this band.
Recordgrooves I didn't know these guys were still together in 2001. Ain't that part Jack O' Fire there?

Bigfoot Chester

| play
Recordgrooves "The Days Are Harder When You're On Your Own"


| play
Recordgrooves O Lendario Chucrobillyman ...One man band Garage Punk from Brazil.
eldouchebagel song of the day #219 - thee headcoats - "we're gone"...
Recordgrooves The Esquires

She's My Woman

| play
TheNevermores The Nevermores - What Don't You Know
TheNevermores @DameGlorious These are from our CD "Nevereverafter" that came out last year on TIRC Records. We're about to record again, though (this weekend)!

The NevermoresAndy

| play
TheNevermores As heard on Little Steven's Underground Garage (Sirius XM)... "I Lost Lenore"
Recordgrooves You Cannot See (Where Do We Go? 2007)
kopper Hell yeah, @BloodSweatMurder... this is one of my favorite demented country faves! (reblip)

Eddie Noackpsycho

| play
Recordgrooves Here is a sample of the bad-assed 2 man crew from Ireland, I'm rockin' out to this album now, actually ...the whole family is.
Recordgrooves "You're Drivin' Me Crazy"


| play
Recordgrooves She's Gonna Set My Soul On Fire!
Recordgrooves Funky Funkin Funkity Assed Funk!

The African Brothers- Sakatumbe

| play
Recordgrooves She's A Nice Girl & I Like Her Style!
Recordgrooves Anarcho: Today's Heroes Are A Dime A Dozen!

Cryptic Slaughter - American Heroes

| play
Recordgrooves Garage Punk:


| play
Recordgrooves Some Danish Twang From 2007.(Misfits/Motorhead) #Rockabilly #Psychobilly

VOLBEAT New Video of the song Sad Man's Tongue

| play
Recordgrooves Twang - Cocaine Makes You Grind Your Teeth All Night!
Recordgrooves Latin Punk Rock, via Madrid, Spain.

Muletrain "Back door"

| play
Recordgrooves Why Don't You Come On Over Baby!
Recordgrooves (Surfin Tiki Funk) Zombi Style!

The Cynics (from Knights of Fuzz)

| play
Recordgrooves Still Got A Long Way To Go!
tomQ albini classic for gods sake should be loud . . . (reblip)

Big BlackKerosene

| play
Recordgrooves Devo Fans? Electro Punk!

"GAY HUSSAR" by agaskodo teliverek / video by weirdcore

| play
Recordgrooves Can't Feel My Alcohol, No More!
Recordgrooves Garage Punk/Surf/Trash - Belgium (hot girls in band too, mmm)
loveablelion Bonus song time!: Highly recommend this album so here's another one, The Black Keys – Everlasting Light #musicmonday
MichaelKaiser This is fitting since we're in mighty Hannibal, Missouri tonight. Plus it's just SLICK, pops!
Recordgrooves Slow Down Have A Rest!

Eddy Current Suppression Ring RUSH TO RELAX

| play
TwangNation Scott H. Biram – Blood Sweat & Murder #greasy
Recordgrooves If You Want To Stay, You Better Learn How!
Recordgrooves Hey Hey Hey, I Don't Really Like You!
IDONMINE "Gonna take a week off... writing you an Aloha from Hell"
Recordgrooves 1978 Switzerland Punk Rock!


| play
Recordgrooves Fuck, this song is sexy! (Not enough Primos listeners out there.)

express (the primos)

| play
Recordgrooves I Got No Idea Where We Go From Here!

The VaporsBunkers

| play
Recordgrooves I Just Want To Put The Record Straight!

Lou JohnsonBeat

| play
Recordgrooves This song needs a zombie movie, with some beautiful dead gurlz of course!
Recordgrooves That's The Way That I Want It To Stay!

The RaincoatsLola

| play
Recordgrooves Punk Rock 1985 (Madrid Spain)
eldouchebagel song of the day #385 - France Gall - "Laisse tomber les filles"...
Recordgrooves "I NEED YOU BABY!" (Benders 1966)
Recordgrooves Bangers Vs. Fuckers

coachwhips-Dancefloor, Bathroom

| play
kopper The Weirdos – We Got the Neutron Bomb (tip o' the whoopee cap to @xiiomberg)

The Weirdos - We got the Neutron bomb

| play
kopper Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers – Born To Lose
Recordgrooves Little Girl ...Don't You Put Me Down!
Recordgrooves Everybody In This Tank Is Gonna...
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