RedHeadBitch NIN - Closer - clearly I'm all about sex, yet again! WTF?

Nine Inch NailsCloser

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RedHeadBitch Tool - The Pot - why are their songs so f-ing sexy, but the lyrics so totally f-ed up?

ToolThe Pot

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FullMetalRadio Maybe I can help..I'll start at the centre.. :P@HeatherMacc: "Pantera - I'm Broken - Live. God Damn - I miss them!! " (reblip)

PanterAI'm Broken

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RedHeadBitch Lily Allen - Fuck You. Apparently, fucking you sweetly

Lily AllenFuck You

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RedHeadBitch BLS- Stillborn. Do you hear Ozzy? I think you do.
RedHeadBitch Pride & Glory - Hate Your Guts - oh such a funny song! "your first name is ass"
DirtyUrine check out the video w/ this one! a fave as well! ~ @HeatherMacc One of my favorite fucking songs this week. Are the panties droppin'?? I think so!
RedHeadBitch Megdeth - Trust. If they had a sexy song, this would be it.
FineNGood @HeatherMacc: "I had forgotten about this song! TY! @CooperHarris: "@DamianaSkye:" Dead on. I've lived this one..."" Thanks for listening :) (reblip)
RedHeadBitch Haven't heard this in forever!! Nice one! @DamianaSkye: "Puddle Of Mudd • Psycho" (reblip)
DirtyUrine however u want it hun! ~ @HeatherMacc: "Oooh... are we smacking asses again? @DirtyUrine: "@realtyman: "I love the way...""" (reblip)
RedHeadBitch ARCTIC - Amazed. super mellow


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RedHeadBitch Rob Lamothe - Big House. He is an amazing musician!

Rob LamotheBig House

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RedHeadBitch Riverdogs - Brave Enough

Riverdogs ~ Brave Enough

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RedHeadBitch F-ing awesome!! @CooperHarris: "Dusting off the covers with Ozzy doing Rocky Mountain Way" (reblip)

Ozzy Rockey moution way

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RedHeadBitch Enigma - Sadeness. I know, so mellow, but hot
RedHeadBitch HIM - Wicked Game - thx to @JDS442 I'm on a quest for alt versions of this song!

HIMWicked Game

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RedHeadBitch f-ing nice!!! TY! I'm all propped out for ya, sweetie! @SweetLikeSandi: "@HeatherMacc my favorite version" (reblip)
FineNGood @HeatherMacc: "Sevendust covered this song??? OMG - MUST hear! @CooperHarris: "Cover....."" It's a keeper! (reblip)
FineNGood How do you feel? That is the question But I forget you don't expect an easy answer
ilklovn @Darkangelkas: Rb@DamianaSkye "so fuck you anyway" such a good song! (reblip)

ArchiveFUck U

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RedHeadBitch Love this version! @DamnTheMan: "HELL YEAH baby! Double the sexy cuz youre here 2. My list is done @Angie74: "MDB Baybee!!!! (reblip)


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backasswards @CooperHarris: "cause I want it now I want it now give me your heart and your soul I'm not breaking down I'm breaking out last chance to lose control" (reblip)


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razorfire @HeatherMaccart Mad props for Morrissey! @detroitfan: "Morrissey - How Soon is Now?" (reblip)
RedHeadBitch Fuck yeah! @loripop326: "hey yourself hotness. expect a lot of F-words from me for a @HeatherMaccart: "Hey hotness! Love the F word! (reblip)
DjDiddlesSkittle RB Luv @HeatherMaccart: "Time to bring some SexyBack! " Never heard this version, Better than Justin Timberlake's lol (reblip)


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tjps Ministry – Stigmata


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razorfire allways! :) @HeatherMaccart: "Korn - Blind - ARE YOU READY???" (reblip)


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RedHeadBitch NICE!! @DamnTheMan: "Niice one. @brucefraser: "damn 3 prop rule!! cool cover :) RB @vixxeninpink: "you gotta hear this guys! depeche mode cover""" (reblip)
RedHeadBitch Mandatory RB! @tjps: "Saving Abel – Addicted" (reblip)

Saving AbelAddicted

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DamnTheMan Check out this version of Bodies @HeatherMaccart & @Time2Burn. I love it! (reblip)

Drowning Pool - Bodies

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RedHeadBitch COOL! @vixxeninpink: "heres another heavy depeche mode cover i just stumbled upon, shoutouts@Gidyean:imgood,howudoin?,@pixelmongress,@yellowdoglove (reblip)
RedHeadBitch Count me in @Sylak: " need it again. I HATE U! Aaaahhhh! That was nice!! GET OUT!! @DjDiddlesSkittle: "Seether~"Fuck Me Like You Hate Me (reblip)

Seether-Fuck me like you hate me

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RedHeadBitch TOTALLY! @NyxFan: "Seether – Fuck It " (reblip)

SeetherFuck It

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RedHeadBitch MMMMMMUUUUSE!!! @Angie74 (reblip)

SuperMassive Black Hole- Muse ~ Twilight

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RedHeadBitch You love it @Sylak: "Thats right!!! @HeatherMaccart: "LOL! Not all freaks are goth"" (reblip)
RedHeadBitch LMAO! 2nd one for me! :-D @ChadThomas: "Seether Part 2 rb@HeatherMaccart: "Mellow moment y'all"" (reblip)
RedHeadBitch That sounds kinky - & hot! @ChadThomas: "Seether double shot coming!! rb@CooperHarris: "Cover.........."" (reblip)
RedHeadBitch Cool @vixxeninpink: "I heard this last summer that they were gonna do a cover of this,and ive waited that long to hear it! yep totally worth the wait (reblip)

Breaking Benjamin Dream On (Aerosmith Cover)

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RedHeadBitch Aw yeah! @razorfire: "up till 6am, just finished some chores night shift action! grab beer, grab rear, shave beard put on some scene gearl @Angie74 (reblip)

Everywhere I Go Hollywood Undead w lyrics

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RedHeadBitch Me too!! THX! Enjoy your blip-chill eve! @ChadThomas: "Love these guys!! rb@HeatherMaccart: "Sevendust - Bitch"" (reblip)


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RedHeadBitch Never heard this - just feelin' it out y'all
RedHeadBitch Let the ass smacking begin @DamnTheMan: "Hell no! Line em up girl @HeatherMaccart: "Damn straight! You got a problem w/ that? (reblip)
RedHeadBitch Luv it @mark_till: "Ding a ling ling my Dang a long ling long. Ministry – Jesus Built My Hotrod" (reblip)
RedHeadBitch Like the tattoo I need!! LMAO @SweetLikeSandi: "You know it's good when it says !WARNING BAD LANGUAGE! @HeatherMaccart" (reblip)
RedHeadBitch OK - like I said - a quickie - gotta get the kids to school! Don't forget>>>@SpankRansom really wants a new badge! Gold is HER color!

ToolThe Pot

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ilklovn the stars in the sky. Good niight everybody.

Depeche Mode But Not Tonight Remix

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RedHeadBitch Good night all - Evanescence VS Marilyn Manson 【MashUp】 Going Under – This Is The New Shit
RedHeadBitch someone was blipping LP & I had to throw in my fave

Linkin ParkGiven Up

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RedHeadBitch Yes it's been only an hour since it's been blipped - I have an obsessive personality!

Saving AbelAddicted

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RedHeadBitch Nice one @aprildax: "Sometimes I wanna take you down..." (reblip)


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RedHeadBitch I'm LOVING this band!! Thanks to @Untamed!!


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RedHeadBitch Such a cool song


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