RedRhia Listen to the awesome violin.. Love this For that reason"

Blue October "Black Orchid" (with lyrics)

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RedRhia Changing gears here. I just drove 4 hours so let my I-pod just play. Forgot what I had.. So some random listens.

Inferno (Music Video)

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RedRhia so I'll love whatever you become & forget the reckless things we've done I think our lives have just begun" "Muse – Falling away with you"" (reblip)
RedRhia Time to log off.. Thats it for me tonight.. Have a good one!!" Coldplay – Clocks" (reblip)


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RedRhia "She Talks to Angels" (reblip)


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RedRhia First Tonic of the day Thanx@AmyisImaginary: "@Time2Burn: "TYVM ;-)@lisa_michele: "RB@Time2Burn: "If You Could Only See – Tonic"""" (reblip)
RedRhia Some Blood Bank for you!

Bon IverBlood Bank

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RedRhia "so I'll ♥love ♥ whatever you become & forget the reckless things we've done I think our lives have just begun" "Muse – Falling away with you""" (reblip)
RedRhia G_day Blippers!!! O.A.R. – Love And Memories
RedRhia Hypnogaja Glad you are enjoying the City by the Bay!! @Hypnogaja#12 Rusty Moon (from the new album Truth Decay) Thanks @ShawnieBlue @xyzzytwit
RedRhia Green River Ordinance-Come On

Green River Ordinance-Come On

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RedRhia ♫ ♫ ♫"Because music and you all make me smile!" ☺Blue October – You Make Me Smile (reblip)
RedRhia ☾ "look at the ★ ★ ★ ★ they shine for you.." (reblip)


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RedRhia Having a why does it always rain on me day..But its getting better one song at a time :-D (reblip)
RedRhia Against Me "Don't Lose Touch!!" (reblip)
RedRhia G'Day Blippers! Having a feeling down day..Need some music to bring me back up! "One day like this.. Elbow (reblip)
RedRhia Good Night ALL!! Have a good one!!..Death Cab For Cutie – Meet Me On The Equinox "" (reblip)
RedRhia Hi y'all @DJCZ: "thanks....glad to see you as well. :)@ilikebunnies: ": "Running Up That Hill."Hey DJCZ nice choice glad to see you blippin tonight"" (reblip)
RedRhia "so I'll love whatever you become & forget the reckless things we've done I think our lives have just begun" "Muse – Falling away with you"" @Muse (reblip)
RedRhia "Placebo "In The Cold Light Of Morning"" (reblip)
RedRhia @NicoleVSanchez: "@Lingerie_Girl: "Collective Soul ~ Adored "Count how you are now adored " :-) (reblip)

Collective SoulAdored

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RedRhia G-day! todays thought"This is the world we live in,& these are the hands we're given Use them & let's start trying To make it a place worth living in
RedRhia Very different; Rock with Strings! I could find this whole album; Judgement Day-Dark Opus I forgot how cool this album is..

Inferno (Music Video)

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RedRhia TGIF BLIPPERS!!! Lets Rock! Attack – 30 Seconds To Mars
RedRhia "when you try your best but you don't succeed"Coldplay – Fix You (reblip)

ColdplayFix You

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RedRhia Band Of Horses – No One's Gonna Love You (reblip)
RedRhia Arcade Fire – (Antichrist Television Blues) Thanks for the props :-D @sangawa @popr333 (reblip)
RedRhia Watching a video of Tautou that I haven't seen before (reblip)


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RedRhia My day's first listen to 'Placebo@DJCZ: "The Bitter End (live)....." (reblip)

Placebo -The Bitter End Live

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RedRhia @iReignMusic: "All your weight it falls on me! rb@Shae101: @1971sabrina: Love this song. You just bring me down." (reblip)

Collective SoulHeavy

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RedRhia mine too!! RB@bradysbeau: "1 of my favs ty **A Perfect Circle – Judith (Explicit)** (reblip)
RedRhia Iron and Wine – Wolves (Song of the Shepard's Dog) (reblip)
RedRhia RB@Sandman5: "With my lightnin' bolts a glowin', I can see where I am goin' to be..." (reblip)
RedRhia The Vampire Song – Bloodletting (reblip)
RedRhia Blue October – Drilled a Wire Through My Cheek (reblip)
RedRhia ♥ ♥ ♥ O.A.R. – Love And Memories"" (reblip)
RedRhia More Placebo!!"In The Cold Light Of Morning" (reblip)
RedRhia a listen to ☠ Slowdance On The Inside ~ Taking Back Sunday ☠ #Beat cancer (reblip)
RedRhia Cello music from finland, Something really different but great! RB@fiddlehead: thank you --> @wegaworld @Telma_13 @johnrod " #music (reblip)
RedRhia ♬ ♬ ♬ RB@lilyetc: "placebo ` pure morning" (reblip)

PlaceboPure morning

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RedRhia "With my lightnin' bolts a glowin', I can see where I am goin' to be..."The Arcade Fire – Wake Up "" (reblip)
RedRhia Shout out to @threebears:Paramore – Here We Go Again (reblip)
RedRhia Local Natives – Airplanes
RedRhia No Way!! I've NEVER heard this!! @DamnTheMan: "Niiiiiiiiiice one girl. You get an A+ @DjDiddlesSkittle: "Linkin Park~"Dust In The Wind" "" (reblip)
RedRhia Punk Covers – Somewhere Over The Rainbow RB@mark_till: "Not In Kansas Anymore" (reblip)
RedRhia Another great one! Rb@ChadThomas: "Happy Sunday rb@iReignMusic!!: "there's nothing you can say that can salvage the lie"" (reblip)


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RedRhia "i'll mend myself before it gets me "Seether – "Rise Above This" (Official Video) RB@iReignMusic: (reblip)
RedRhia Great song haven't heard for awhile@mark_till: "Staind - "So Far Away" (Acoustic in Yahoo Studios)" (reblip)
RedRhia Welcome All Again Friends! #TGIF The day has been a crazy one Collective Soul – Welcome All Again (SpinningDiscs) @Collective_Soul
RedRhia ☾"Paramore-Decode (Twilight official soundtrack) ☾ (reblip)

Paramore-Decode (Twilight official soundtrack)

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RedRhia "so I'll love whatever you become & forget the reckless things we've done I think our lives have just begun" "Muse – Falling away with you""" (reblip)
RedRhia Got to play some ☾HEAVY ☾ for my Twitter buds. Love this! ♥♥@Collective_Soul (reblip)
RedRhia Ok.. new to me :-D @DamnTheMan: "Anyone that hasn't heard this incredibly awesome cover should do so. One of my favs" (reblip)
RedRhia ☾"Brand New -The Boy Who Blocked his own Shot ☾ (reblip)
RedRhia ♬ ♬ In The Cold Light Of Morning"♬ ♬ Placebo (reblip)
RedRhia ♬ ♬ RB@Fortharrison: "Radiohead~House of Cards gotta go, BBL, "I don't want to be your friend, just wanna be your lover" love this☻" (reblip)
RedRhia RB@mariankelly'How long..til the clouds unroll @ u come home.. the line went..but the shadows still remain..a drowning sorrow floods the deepest grief (reblip)

U2 and Green Day "The Saints Are Coming" video

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RedRhia ♬ Audioslave I Am the Highway ♬ (reblip)

Audioslave I Am the Highway

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RedRhia listening to Green Day – Longview (reblip)

Green DayLongview

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RedRhia RB@Radiata: "Haven't heard this in a while. Must look into more oldschool Muse..." (reblip)

MusePlug In Baby

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RedRhia G'Evening (here in California) Friends. Playing this for my son who just started recording in Sac. Flogging Molly – Devil's Dance Floor (reblip)
RedRhia Taking a break from work to listen to some Collective Soul – Under Heaven's Skies @Collective_Soul Rocks!
RedRhia "With my lightnin' bolts a glowin',I can see where I am goin' to be"Arcade Fire – Wake Up"Music time over for me.Have great night!! ;-D" (reblip)
RedRhia Muse – Guiding Light Love this!!

MuseGuiding Light

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RedRhia RB@storylet: "did someone say two hearts? @AnnieLicious: "U2 – Two Hearts Beat As One"" (reblip)
RedRhia Listening to Collective Soul – The World I Know @Collective_Soul (reblip)
RedRhia For the families that are torn apart from the war overseas and at home. .Blue October – Kangaroo Cry #veteransday
RedRhia U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday Live From Slane Castle (reblip)

U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday Live From Slane Castle

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RedRhia Against Me! – From Her Lips to God’s Ears (The Energizer) 150 Veteran's Day #veterans Day
RedRhia 30 Seconds to Mars "This Is War" ABSOLUTE Exclusive from Dragon Age: Origins!

30 Seconds to Mars "This Is War" ABSOLUTExclusive from Dragon Age: Origins!

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RedRhia @tiffsplaylist. Listening to Blue - A Perfect Circle (reblip)
RedRhia The Flaming Lips-"Can't Stop The Spring" (reblip)
RedRhia @blackgrapes Death Cab For Cutie I Will Follow You Into The Dark lyrics (reblip)

Death Cab For Cutie I Will Follow You Into The Dark lyrics

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RedRhia "can't break me down.... ♥ ♥ 30 Seconds to Mars – The Kill"""Shout out to @DjDiddlesSkittle (reblip)
RedRhia Great song! RB@Mudskipper Listening to Muse – Starlight (reblip)


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RedRhia Awesome find!@tjps: "LOVE IT ~ worth the search :) rb@DamnTheMan: "Jeez, been looking for this song in unconcert form for over 20 minutes......"" (reblip)
RedRhia Love Tonic!!@TrainWreckRadio -If You Could Only See (Acoustic) (reblip)

Tonic-If You Could Only See (Acoustic)

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RedRhia Had to RB this!@DirtyUrine: "Seether – "Rise Above This" (Official Video) !!!" (reblip)
RedRhia @DamianaSkye: "love Fuel.. thx! <3 @Time2Burn: "Personal Fav RB @DamianaSkye: "Fuel • Hemorrhage"" (reblip)
RedRhia ♫ ♫ Great Song!! RB@Hypnogaja: ""Welcome To The Future" from the new album, Truth Decay #MusicMonday" (reblip)
Hypnogaja "Worship Me (I'm On TV)" from the new album, Truth Decay #MusicMonday (reblip)
Hypnogaja "Apocalyptic Love Song" from the new album, Truth Decay #MusicMonday (reblip)

Three Days Grace: Break (New Single)

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RedRhia You guys are having WAAY too much fun!! @Time2Burn: "Nice!! rb@ChadThomas: "Love this tune!! rb@NicoleVSanchez: "Five for Fighting "100 Years"""" (reblip)

Five for Fighting "100 Years"

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RedRhia G'Day All: ""If it makes you less sad, I will die by your hand" ☾"Brand New -The Boy Who Blocked his own Shot ☾"" (reblip)
RedRhia Whatsup?! @Time2Burn: "Love this song RB!! @Lothlorien: ""I am not your rolling wheels I am the highway I am not your carpet ride I am the sky..." "" (reblip)

Audioslave I Am the Highway

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RedRhia ThumbsUP! RB@BenWright007TX: "lol @ChadThomas: "stalker song!! rb@BenWright007TX: "Leave you there by yourself chained to fate ~~ Live – I Alone """ (reblip)
RedRhia @razorfire Loved MJ in the 80s but this was a great cover!
RedRhia RB@Smile86: "and @Smile84: Tonight we drink to youth and holding fast to truth, don't wanna lose what I had as a boy" (reblip)

IncubusLove Hurts

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RedRhia "Remember its "Never too late" Three days grace" (reblip)
RedRhia Three Days Grace - Pain"" (reblip)

Three Days Grace--Pain (One-X)

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RedRhia "Placebo ~ Battle For The Sun ~ """ (reblip)
RedRhia Arcade Fire – (Antichrist Television Blues)

Your Best Nightmare Lyrics

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RedRhia RB@storylet: "Cut Me Loose: from contradiction / past will catch you, run faster / it’s asking for you ..."#musicmonday (reblip)

PlaceboI Know

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RedRhia "Hi all! Hope you had a good day.Elbow – The Good Day (reblip)

ElbowThe Good Day

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RedRhia Aqualung – ☼ Brighter Than Sunshine ☼ (reblip)
RedRhia Snow Patrol - If I just lay here (reblip)

Snow Patrol - If I just lay here

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RedRhia Taking Back Sunday – Where My Mouth Is (Full Album Version) (New Again 2009) (reblip)
RedRhia oasis – Stop Crying Your Heart Out (reblip)
RedRhia The Secret Machines – I Never Thought To Ask (Acoustic) (reblip)
RedRhia "OneRepublic – Prodigal" (reblip)


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RedRhia @katost: "Oasis – Champagne Supernova ..... i really need to dig back into my Oasis library ...." (reblip)
DjLx44 Paradise Lost - Erased

paradise lost Erased

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DensOnAir ♪♫♥ Empire Of The Sun • ♫♪♪♫ • Walking on a Dream ♥♫♪ (reblip)
RedRhia Invincible (reblip)


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RedRhia Alanis Morissette – Thank You (reblip)
RedRhia Elbow – Running to Stand Still (reblip)
RedRhia Kings Of Leon – Dusty 150 (reblip)

Kings Of LeonDusty

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RedRhia Gentle leave please arrary a path for me, the woods are growing thick & fast around. " (reblip)
RedRhia .Airborne Toxic Event...."Sometime around Midnight" " (reblip)
juniobboy @Angie74: "And as ALWAYS this man----->@Time2Burn snags my last parting rb. Great pick as always hun. YOU ROCK!! :) " (reblip)

Three Days GraceRiot

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FeliperyLopexz Will you do it ?? @lizardface: "you do it to yourself" (reblip)


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RedRhia The Veils - Sit Down By The Fire (reblip)
RedRhia "Placebo - Haemoglobin (live) "I was hanging from a tree" chills the haemogllbin flowing pure live"" (reblip)


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RedRhia U2 – Stay (Faraway, So Close!) (reblip)
RedRhia flightless bird, american mouth (Twilight Soundtrack) w lyrics (reblip)

flightless bird, american mouth (Twilight Soundtrack) w lyrics

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RedRhia Band of Horses – The General Specific (reblip)
DamnTheMan Yeah babe, I'm fine. A little drained but otherwise fine :) @Angie74: "It's coming...and dang I'm tired!! You ok hun? #DamnTheMan: "I'm ok. Spent the (reblip)

Fuel- Shimmer (lyrics)

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RedRhia This song brings back great memories of doing the "voodoo dance" with kids Godsmack – Voodoo (reblip)


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RedRhia "Here in the darkness I know myself" Evanescence – "Lithium" Official Video (reblip)
tjps Sweet ~ glad you like :) @masterofmanythings: "YES !! @DirtyUrine: "I'm DOWN!!! ~ @tjps: "Disturbed – Down with the Sickness""" (reblip)

Disturbed-Down with the sickness

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alicia_ @irishvan told me about this on today. Do yourself the favour!
RedRhia G'day or night all. Good choice@KarrieLyne Aqualung – Easier To Lie (reblip)

AqualungEasier To Lie

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by_starla [Sparklehorse-Hundreds of sparrows] @Modster-hope yr headache flies away. i'm fine-lovely 2 see blue sky-& beautiful wlk home 2night-full moon/skyline

30 seconds to mars -- Oblivion

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jana61 :-)@RedRhia: "Been offline because my office was guest room :-D.. gald to be back! "Evans Blue – Cold (But I'm Still Here)"" (reblip)
joshuabrooks Brand New just keeps getting better and better!
joshuabrooks this is how i feel most days. it's sad, i know. trying to get over it!
BUDNEAL you all are just a part of me

Tool- Part Of Me

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RedRhia Listening to RB@TarinnAdaria: "Band of Skulls Performs "I Know What I Am"#muscimonday (reblip)

Band of Skulls Performs "I Know What I Am"

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RedRhia Listening toThe Arcade Fire - Black Mirror RB@NotAsPunkAsYou #musicmonday (reblip) (reblip)
RedRhia Oh Yes! @Fortharrison: "Muse~Undisclosed Desires, do you know anybody with these?" (reblip)

Undisclosed desires- Muse Full song

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RedRhia Listening to @Entergan Coldplay - White Shadows (reblip)
Fortharrison Editors~Papillon love these guys how are you? RB @anamonteiro (reblip)


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RedRhia Love this song! Great choice RB@Momix74 ♫ ♫ the cure - pictures of you (reblip)
RedRhia RB@noisecontrol: ""Hope - Dangles on a String...Like Slow Spinning Redemption..."" (reblip)
RedRhia The Arcade Fire – Funeral - Wake Up
RedRhia RB@DJCZ: "Was it a Dream? (acoustic)" (reblip)

30 Seconds to Mars-"Was it a Dream?"

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RedRhia love AF @JenniferSooKim: "@RoxP: This is the best Arcade Fire by far!" (reblip)
RedRhia RB@aprildax: "Could NOT resist after the last taste of Santana....I melt...all you sinners...put your lights on." (reblip)
RedRhia Ok I can say I sold him his pants "gramicci is his brand :-) DRB@DjDiddlesSkittle: "Santana. Ft. Chad Kroeger~"Why Don't You And I"" (reblip)
RedRhia @DJLOPZ: Shout out to @ilikebunnies @BBlanca gave props "Moana – Deftones" (reblip)


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RedRhia Love this song! drive safe all! RB@AliveinMe: "@joe_cool you bring me joy!! Blessings to you!!!" (reblip)
RedRhia @Angie74: "rb love @DJ_DenverCO: "Linkin Park - With You ..."" (reblip)

Linkin Park With You Lyrics

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RedRhia @Angie74: "YVW hun!! Looking forward to hanging with you :) @CaptainCrash: "rb awesome. ty. and thanks for being #5! @Angie74"" (reblip)
RedRhia RB@goroos: ":) "My fave song "Linkin Park - "New Divide" (reblip)
Fortharrison Inspiredby and for @anamonteiro Editors~No Sound But The Wind, this is also very moving ana......
Kouper Highway Song

Blackfoot - Highway Song

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RedRhia Closing my music ♫ time with ♫ Nickelback-if everyone cared (with lyrics) Have a great night! Great Week if I don't see you. ✌ (reblip)

Nickelback-if everyone cared with lyrics

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RedRhia listening to Grizzly Bear= Sow life ** RB@laneyfitz: "Dedicated to @SapphicKitty" (reblip)
RedRhia Saliva-How Could You

Saliva-How Could You

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DamnTheMan Good one bro! rb@DirtyUrine: "Guns N' Roses – November Rain (High Quality) !!!" (reblip)
RedRhia "Love there haunting sound.. Deftones – Change (In The House Of Flies)" (reblip)

Chumbawamba -Tubthumping

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RedRhia Luv this song. It makes perfect sense! @snshyne @LinkinParkHQ – "In The End" (reblip)
RedRhia @DamnTheManYeah?Nice man!@steppinheavy:the crazy thing here,i know the drummer&the guitar player that were part of THIS band!this is really STRANGE!!! (reblip)

creed-With Arms Wide Open

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RedRhia @Wolfgirl_Leah: "Cold- A Different Kind of Pain" (reblip)

Cold- A Different Kind of Pain

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RedRhia @La_Tua_Cantante: "Blue October-My Never...after speaking to my ex for the first time in months its only necessary i post this..." (reblip)

My Never- Blue October **Album Version**

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linkin park - faint

| play
PinkyLove Train...Calling All Angels I need a sign to let me know you're here...
pratinsky Damien Jurado, I guess


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2fast4u Hi =) @crispast: "essere se stessi... ciao e rb@2fast4u:) "AudioSlave – Be Yourself"" (reblip)
RedRhia Band Of Skulls – Friends
RedRhia Muse – Guiding Light (Album Version)
RedRhia "They will not force us / They will stop degrading us / They will not control us / We will be victorious" ... ' [ Muse – Uprising ]" (reblip)


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Death Cab For Cutie I Will Follow You Into The Dark lyrics

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U2 : Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) [Widescreen]

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RedRhia Bon Iver – I Feel Like Going Home (Yo La Tengo Cover) (reblip)
RedRhia Listening to Muse-Starlight @insignificant_1: " Great song =) RB @Mcpattz" #musicmonday (reblip)


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RedRhia "listening to Green Day – Longview" (reblip)

Green DayLongview

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iReignMusic : ) rb@ttimechitchat: "~ Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ~ " (reblip)

Do they know it's christmas

| play
TheMortalPoet listening to: "lullaby" - the cure

The CureLullaby

| play
Bright_Blue rb @mark_till: "@cherub_rock123: "Seether – Rise Above (Acoustic) - "CALL your name every day.... and i feel so helpless...""" (reblip)
70_r01_xZ ...I said,... I can't say what I want to, ...even if I'm not serious... I can't say what I want to, even if I'm just kiddiiiiingg!.....

ToolHush [@zx10r07]

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MusicIsMySoul3 I know, I made myself cry - part of making peace I suppose @scotlandlover: ""sigh" (reblip)
Bright_Blue ~~ Seether – Gasoline !!!!!!!!!!


| play
Tropicsz4 Thanks rb @Fortharrison: "nice RB @MusicIsMySoul3: "~ Hinder - Born To Be Wild ~ excellent! a #cover that doesn't suck rb @TropicsZ4 @cattysheba"" (reblip)

HinderBorn To Be Wild

| play
Bright_Blue Creed – "Overcome" Music Video - HQ
PAMsLOvE #MM --->>> Collective Soul Home_09 World I Know

Collective Soul Home_09 World I Know

| play
RedRhia Just Breathe – Pearl Jam

Just BreathePearl Jam

| play
RedRhia Anberlin – The Feel Good Drag
musicalmind Oooh.....A sneak peek. :)

The Bravery Stir the Blood Preview

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RedRhia RB@mariankelly:"If I could just see you..everything will be alright...if I'd see you..I will get lost into your eyes and everything will be alright.." (reblip)

LifehouseStorm (Live)

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RedRhia RB@makinitriteOne Step Closer - Linkin Park & Adema & Puddle Of Mudd (reblip)
RedRhia ♫ Listening to @PuckTarget ♫ Staind - Everything Changes #music (reblip)
RedRhia listening to @fanclub ♫ ♫ placebo - jackie (reblip)


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RedRhia Listening to some @Collective_Soul ~ Adored "Count how you are now adored " :-)" #music (reblip)

Collective SoulAdored

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RedRhia Listening to Thriving Ivory – Day Of Rain #musicmonday
RedRhia "Just Breathe – Pearl Jam" (reblip)

Just BreathePearl Jam

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RedRhia haven't listened to this for quite awhile, great reminder RB@dreamrevelry Travis – Sing (reblip)


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RedRhia Staind – Sober Tool Cover (Lyrics) (reblip)
RedRhia "✽ ✽ A Perfect Circle – Judith (Mer de Noms) [@zx10r07]" (reblip)
RedRhia My local band!! "TRAIN - RAMBLE ON Brilliant cover of a Zepp classic! (Patrick Monahan has the perfect voice for this track)"" (reblip)

TrainRamble On

| play
RedRhia RB@DamnTheMan rb@Angie74:"I walk a lonely road The only one that I have ever known Don't know where it goes But it's home to me and I walk alone" (reblip)

Green DayI walk alone

| play
RedRhia Linkin Park – Bleed it out - Lyrics (reblip)
RedRhia ""Switchfoot – Dare You To Move" To (reblip)
RedRhia Collective Soul, "December" – KFOG Archives" #music (reblip)
RedRhia Thanks for the ♬ ♥:-D @Alturn8tive "Elbow – Grounds For Divorce (Official Video)"" (reblip)
RedRhia Thanks for the ♬ ♥:-D @mariovanderwart Hide Your Love Away - eddie vedder " (reblip)

eddie vedder sings You've Got to Hide Your Love Away

| play
VeryEmerald no props lefts, a reblip will do :) TY! @Nymph (reblip)

Lykke LiPossibility

| play
misterscience vi@Nymph Good 2 C U! This is the final track from this (fast passing) year's Grizzly Bear album: Veckatimest (apparently named after an island...) (reblip)
RedRhia You're so Right. It son my Ipod just haven't blipped. THX @noisecontrol: "@RedRhia - you'll probably like this one too :)" (reblip)
RedRhia Listening to The New Year-Death Cab For Cutie

The New Year-Death Cab For Cutie

| play
lilyetc arcade fire ~ keep the car running (acl) #bandsinevergettiredof

Keep The Car Running by Arcade Fire Austin City Limits, 2007

| play
Gen22 Snow Patrol - If There's A Rocket Tie Me To It
Djfunkysounds A nice tune@Angie74: "So break me down if it makes you feel right And hate me now if it keeps you alright (reblip)
BlackAlpha A huge thank you for your support over the past year and best wishes for the next @AutoCasual @wahwahwah @jellyboy @musicalmind @Oss @JayC.. Respect..


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RedRhia Bon Iver – Skinny Love (Music Video)
RedRhia Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Your Guardian Angel (reblip)
RedRhia "I walk a lonely road The only one that I have ever known Don't know where it goes But it's home to me and I walk alone"Thanks@crispast @tinadiggsit (reblip)

Green DayI walk alone

| play

The White Stripes and the Flaming Lips (Live New Years Eve)

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Chimaira - "Resurrection" ♥ #metal [.."Determination, Perseverance, Resolution.. Resurrection..; Free At last, Finally tasting happiness"..]


| play
Schoork Hey Sweetie!oh yes me 2!@cattysheba: "I really like this song!!! @Schoork: "Stone Sour- Through Glass"" (reblip)

Stone Sour- Through Glass

| play
Gen22 rb.@biancapalaci One of my CP favs, obg:) [Coldplay - A Rush Of Blood To The Head] (reblip)

Coldplay a Rush of Blood to the Head

| play
RedRhia Sister Hazel – Champagne High
www_StroumDesign_com @doodah: "Screaming Trees – Look At You - from Dust (1996) the 7th & final album by early grunge band w/ expanding influences." (reblip)
ilklovn all stays the same, nothing ever changes. english summer rain. seems to last through ages

Placebo- English Summer Rain

| play
Hypnogaja Here's a fun mixtape intro we did, hope it helps - lol RT @Simpli_U_n_I @Hypnogaja haha even the clarification was a bit confusing.
DJ_DenverCO Our Lady Peace – Somewhere Out There ...
Kiltweaver I know I have to hear some more of them..

30 Seconds to Mars Closer To The Edge

| play
mitrovix Great,RB@mutiggluecklich: "tyvm! rb@Edainsmom vi@rkmonkey: ♪►Band of Horses – Cigarettes, Wedding Bands" (reblip)
SpinninR @RedRhia #coversthatdon'tsuck cool because the more ppl the better. When you click the hash tag it lists all the songs blipped w/that tag

save ferris come on eileen

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RedRhia RB@mark_till: "Three Days Grace - The Chain(Fleetwood Mac Cover) Live At IHeartRadio" #coversthatdontsuck (reblip)
RedRhia Creed - Suddenly [Full Circle] + lyrics New Album 2009 #Musicmonday (reblip)
RedRhia @RedRhia: "luv this! @DJ_DenverCO: "Evanescence - Bring Me To Life ..."" (reblip)
RedRhia "Listening to Shinedown- Breaking Inside" #musicmonday (reblip)

Shinedown- Breaking Inside

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RedRhia RB@scorpionpie: "great band Band of Horses - Islands on the Coast (reblip)
VeryEmerald I like the video as much as the song. I need more orchestras in my life.


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RedRhia Yep Good Song!! RB@JONCRUZ88: "'Fly From The Inside' by Shinedown. I Love the start 'Here's the weight of the world on my shoulders' good song." (reblip)
Ian_Aranda BEHOLD! - Band Of Horses – No One's Gonna Love You
RedRhia RB@bfinleyui* Its some wild ride since we kill partners on the way :-O Blue October – She's My Ride Home ( Final Fantasy AMV)
thenoiboi deftones do amazing covers, many of which are (in my opinion) better than the originals. exhibit a. 'to have and to hold'
scound [Aqualung – Strange And Beautiful]
RedRhia Listening to Shinedown- Breaking Inside #music" (reblip)

Shinedown- Breaking Inside

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RedRhia Love this!! Thanks guys for sharing it ;-D Seether – Broken (acoustic)!!~ (reblip)
RedRhia TGIF!!! Hey guys I've been busy setting up my NEW MySpace Please Friend me if you like my Music Attack– 30 Seconds To Mars (reblip)
RedRhia 30 Seconds to Mars - A Beautiful Lie (Music Video Clip) (reblip)
RedRhia "so I'll love whatever you become & forget the reckless things we've done I think our lives have just begun" Muse – Falling away with you @Muse"" (reblip)
RedRhia ""You´ll get whatever you want"...Placebo – The Never-Ending Why" (reblip)
RedRhia Audioslave – seven nation army (the white stripes) #covers (reblip)
RedRhia RB@mark_till: "the flaming lips - ego tripping at the gates of hell (reblip)
RedRhia Staind Pressure (reblip)

Staind Pressure

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RedRhia "♫ ♫ Great Song!! @Hypnogaja: ""Welcome To The Future" from the new album; Truth Decay #Music (reblip)
RedRhia RB@Wolfgirl_Leah: "Three Days Grace - Pain" "I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all" (reblip)

Three Days Grace--Pain (One-X)

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RedRhia 'How long.. until the clouds unroll and you come home.. the line went.. but the shadows still remain.. a drowning sorrow floods the deepest grief...'" (reblip)

U2 and Green Day "The Saints Are Coming" video

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RedRhia "Radiohead - How to Disappear Completely ........ And Never Be Found Again........ " (reblip)

Radiohead How to Disappear Completely Video Kid A

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RedRhia Radiohead – House Of Cards ... (reblip)
RedRhia Hey you! Always blipping great songs! RB@backasswards: "hey :) @RedRhia" (reblip)
RedRhia "Placebo – Song To Say Goodbye"" Time to eat Have a great night all!!" (reblip)
RedRhia LOVE THIS!! My new Fav.. of course I'm a sucker for Angels! @ThrivingIvory – Angels on the Moon #music" (reblip)
RedRhia "Guess I'm the first to play this song. I'm now a pioneer on Blip ;-D* Secret Life – @ThrivingIvory - Murray Theater"" (reblip)
RedRhia Another favorite @Thriving Ivory – Runaway

Thriving IvoryRunaway

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RedRhia Love this band from San Francisco!! Twilight -- @ThrivingIvory

Twilight -- Thriving Ivory

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RedRhia RB@juanchulas: "Radiohead - How to Disappear Completely ........ And Never Be Found Again........ " (reblip)

Radiohead How to Disappear Completely Video Kid A

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RedRhia Tool – Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd cover) (reblip)
RedRhia Iron & Wine / Calexico MP3 – He Lays In Reigns (reblip)
RedRhia A Perfect Circle - Passive (Constantine Soundtrack) (reblip)

a perfect circle passive constantine soundtrack

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RedRhia Happy Hump Day (wed) !! The Cure – Boys Don't Cry (reblip)
RedRhia Three days grace-time of dying (reblip)

Three days grace-time of dying

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RedRhia "Great One! rb@flinndc: "Careless Whisper- Seether" (reblip)
RedRhia "One of my favorites- Incubus – Wish You Were Here (reblip)
marsha117 #MusicMonday @Collective_Soul "you know you live by the words you choose." Love Him!

Collective SoulHim

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Versh "You've got your reasons / And me, I've got mine / But all the reasons I gave / Were just lies / To buy myself some time"
RedRhia RB@muzicmajic: Band of Skulls – Stun Me All Wonderful (reblip)
RedRhia RB@DirtyUrine: "nice pick! long silent intro! lol ~ @Angie74:It's Been Awhile (reblip)


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RedRhia RB@Joao_scp: "Espectaculo ! :D"Green Day - 21 Guns (reblip)

Green Day21 Guns

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RedRhia Back Into your System (Lyrics) – Saliva
RedRhia Are We The Waiting Cover – Green Day
RedRhia Animals by The Kin

Animals by The Kin

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RedRhia !RB@sangessweet: "Rb@iReign69:Hi.Thought I was listening 2 u.Sorry 4 the oversight!Thx 4 listening:^) also hi & thx 2 => Rb@Intriguingds"Grizzly Bear! (reblip)
RedRhia For me a MUST-RB@FizzyDuck: "Re-blipping because it's a wicked tune ~ Thriving Ivory – Angels On the Moon" (reblip)
Jesso big nap this afternoon haha (reblip)

Bon IverCreature Fear

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RedRhia RB@Claudine_fairy: "Pray to your god, open your heart Whatever you do, don't be afraid of the dark Cover your eyes, the devil inside..." (reblip)
d_upsettah if it comes from the @BeatJunkie u know it's pharmaceutical grade! ^_^ (reblip)