RevJArthurRank Love this track. Found it on
RevJArthurRank I think I'm gonna have to add Avenue D to my favorite artists.
RevJArthurRank Going through Bloodhound Gang recordings to see what I want to add to my playlist.
RevJArthurRank I thought Pig Vomit did this song...
RevJArthurRank Just found this song through


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RevJArthurRank Hey There Vagina - Good song, the video isn't as good as it could be...

Hey there vagina

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RevJArthurRank A little class for my music list...
RevJArthurRank Heard this on Get Smart again over the weekend...
RevJArthurRank Great, funny song. Kind of surreal...
RevJArthurRank Ha! Good song. :-D

You Made Me Gay- Gravy Train Lyrics

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RevJArthurRank Great song by The Kinks - Lola

The KinksLola

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RevJArthurRank I admit - I love this because of the "Hearing Impaired" video on Youtube.
RevJArthurRank Love this song - Touch Me by Samantha Fox.
RevJArthurRank Necrophilia is usually NOT a consensual act, but here...
RevJArthurRank Voltaire's usually pretty good.
RevJArthurRank Loved this song even the first time I heard it - rare for me to do...
RevJArthurRank Like I said before, I heard them first on and I want MORE!

Smack My Bottom

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RevJArthurRank The first Peaches song I heard on
RevJArthurRank Good parody song.


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RevJArthurRank This is the song I was looking for. I heard t on and wanted it on
RevJArthurRank This is still kinda creepy...

Ricky caught masturbating

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RevJArthurRank Weird (but good) song.

Frank Sinatra

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RevJArthurRank The first Peaches song for today.
RevJArthurRank Still listening to Peaches' songs.
RevJArthurRank Another good NSFW song by Peaches.
RevJArthurRank Not a great song per se, but at least it features bisexuality.

Shane y Babo (I U She)

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RevJArthurRank Another great Family Guy song - performed a capella

UC Men's Octet [spring07] The Vasectomy Song

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RevJArthurRank I love this song. Stephen Lynch is a funny guy.
RevJArthurRank Great song, loved this part in the movie.
RevJArthurRank And you can touch me too... :-P
RevJArthurRank I heard this song on the CD "This Is Offensive"
RevJArthurRank I like the Spumco animated version, but this one'll work too.
RevJArthurRank I saw Rodney Carrington at a comedy club. It was worth it! :-D
RevJArthurRank Good copy of a great song. I went out & bought the soundtrack right after seeing the movie.

South Park terrance And phillip Uncle FUCKA

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RevJArthurRank And a third one...


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RevJArthurRank Another great B&T song

Bill & Ted Soundtrack: The boys and girls are doing it

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RevJArthurRank First heard this song on Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.
RevJArthurRank Chef's songs were always pretty good. He didn't want to do this one at first, but realized it was perfect for Chef.
RevJArthurRank Great song I first heard on
RevJArthurRank Love this parody of "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny." My 2 fave parts: "And blew Batman..." and "Mr. Rogers in a cum-stained sweater."
RevJArthurRank A little political, but still funny.

Clinton Got A Blowjob

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RevJArthurRank Love this song. It's from the movie "Orgazmo" and was also on South Park at least once.
RevJArthurRank Here's the sequel to Dick In A Box. Very good. :-D
RevJArthurRank I like Kevin "Bloody" Wilson.

Kevin bloody wilson-do ya fu*k on first dates

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RevJArthurRank "Fred's riding Fred, Fred's riding Fred, Fred's riding Fred..."
RevJArthurRank Pedophilia - Usually not a good thing, but I love this song...
RevJArthurRank I can agree with the lyrics of this song...

Blow JobBlink-182

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RevJArthurRank Loved this song on Youtube with the WoW characters playing the parts...
RevJArthurRank While I am not gay (I'm bisexual), this song is still good...

Avenue Q- If You Were Gay

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RevJArthurRank Cool song. :-) Wish I had gone to see Avenue Q when it was here.
RevJArthurRank Great song. :-D


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RevJArthurRank I like Richard Cheese better than the originals...

Richard Cheese-Closer (Nine Inch Nails Cover)

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RevJArthurRank Rusty Warren was a great songstress...
RevJArthurRank Another old song, but definitely worth it...

Bounce Your Boobies Rusty Warren

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RevJArthurRank Kind of weird, but not too shabby...
RevJArthurRank Butterfly with Lyrics video. :-)

Crazy Town- Butterfly LYRICS!!

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RevJArthurRank I thought I already blipped this, but I guess not...
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