ReverendSal Abso-fucking-lutely brilliant @ducks2007: "Mary Prankster – Mercy Fuck" (reblip)
ReverendSal "Yes, I was a comical priest ...With a joke for the flock and a hand up your fleece."
ReverendSal The company I choose

Fish-The Company.

| play
ReverendSal Dennis Miller intro @JimmyStagger @greentrees @last0fmykind @Cribs66 @dstorchan

Kings x-Black Flag.

| play
ReverendSal Please stand clear of the closing doors
ReverendSal "Face it one of these days - without you I'm another Dorian Gray..."

Liz Phair Hot White Cum

| play
ReverendSal "Joan Crawford has risen from the grave" - My personal favorite of the week
ReverendSal Iggy Pop Vs. Zombies! How frakkin' cool!@SquareBiz83: "hope you enjoy this song and vid!@Vacuum_Boots" (reblip)

Iggy Pop and Peaches "Kick It"

| play
ReverendSal been trying to blip this song for months - Thanks!@romanus: "Marillion :: Kayleigh" (reblip)


| play
ReverendSal last one RB good night @Sheribaby_SPH "hummm.... I never used it! opps stupid fingers took over brain again! Hello @twobit420: the best stripper song! (reblip)

Rory Gallagher I'm Not Awake Yet

| play
ReverendSal The pretty girls from the smallest towns get remembered like storms and droughts
ReverendSal @Cribs66: "rb@manosaur: "I love this video. I love this cover. Love it love it love it."" (reblip)
ReverendSal "Stay Away, She's the Devil!" Great Blip Find inspired by ~~>@Saltydog
ducks2007 Black Lips – Bad Kids

Black LipsBad Kids

| play
ReverendSal For absolutely no good reason ... Raven D & the Power Tool Girls


| play
ReverendSal I used to think it was all in my head ... then it escaped .... RB @DJEvilMom: @TropicsZ4 (reblip)
ReverendSal Singers' ages and outfits indicate a rockin' late 70's performance
ReverendSal Oooh -- oooh I'm going ape this cut RB / TY ~~~> @RatatatPat: "@Matericia -I think Mr. Davies would agree with your bongo-bongo sentiment." (reblip)

The KinksApeman 1970

| play
ReverendSal far out style, new listener@mrgiarc "This haunting song was by far the biggest hit by the Australian new wave band, although they've had a long career (reblip)
ReverendSal It's a circus game with you and me ...

Tight Rope / Leon Russell

| play
ReverendSal Cracker - Brides of Neptune "She said this is my movie ... so you do what I tell you..."

Brides of Neptune

| play
ReverendSal @Literati @Cribs66 @greentrees - Got to maintain the place (and a few dozen work emails) before the next round of leisurely indulgence ...C-ya soon!
ReverendSal Total lost fave, TY/RB! @Cribs66: "<Cracker – Take me Down to the Infirmary> that's it for me, dragging my butt to bed. Goodnight" (reblip)
ReverendSal This is great song, but this video is a one-man intervention
ReverendSal still global with the science gangsters @Lovochancho: (<~~ welcome new listener) @thedigitalbee54 @LordBling: @flinndc Carl Sagan A Glorious Dawn' (reblip)
ReverendSal @BostonMarriage <~~Cheers, new listener, I sing this to myself practically every afternoon/ complimentary buy back ~~>@scotlandlover @sir_edward_ross (reblip)
ReverendSal "I'm So Gone" (acoustic) Jackie Green -

Jackie Greene 20091219 Hopmonk Tavern, Sebastopol, I'm So Gone

| play
ReverendSal No excuses from the clouds today
ReverendSal Look for what seems out of place
ReverendSal That other song by Survivor - See you in a few rounds...

Poor man's son / HD

| play

Sunshine in a Bag/Clint Eastwood

| play
ReverendSal @naharuddin: <~~~ thanks for merging new listener/ drive by Rb ~~~> @daaditsu: "#ZOMG!! It's the "Interstate Love Song" video!! :-D #STP"" (reblip)
ReverendSal You like to beat your chest and make your sounds ... but not here man, this is sacred ground
ReverendSal Wow! This kind of blows my mind for a few reasons ... @IamWhoIamMe: "Nick Lowe – Whats So Funny About Peace Love & Understanding" (reblip)
ReverendSal Hail ... Hail ...

The gangs All Here Dropkick murphys

| play
ReverendSal Tech coach 3x a week (several schools) ... uh ... Genius 2x a week (my mind) @Cribs66

The Six Million Dollar Man intro theme

| play

Tom Waits On the Nickel OGWT 1978

| play
ReverendSal @Carmilla: "I want to dive in naked, lose myself in your depths..." (reblip)


| play
ReverendSal @greentrees: "rb @smilecin - never too early to RAWK!!!" (reblip)

Jack Oblivian "Honey, I'm Too Old For You"

| play
ReverendSal For no reason, one of my all time favorite cheesy heartache songs @Literati
ReverendSal Whoa Fishman!

Concrete Blonde- ...Long Time Ago

| play
katterfelto @itott61: "rbTY!@ellendiane: "@bytera: "• • •simply the best!! Jethro Tull - Bouree"" (reblip)

Jethro TullBourée

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ReverendSal That ain't a real Cadillac ... it's a Delta 88 spray painted black ...

Cracker: "Dr. Bernice"

| play
ReverendSal Occasionally, Phil Collins could transcend being Phil Collins ...


| play
ReverendSal " So let's praise Charlie Mops, the man who invented beer ..."@Cribs66


| play
ReverendSal Lost fave RB~~> @romanus: "LOL I never run baybee =) @fun4lilli: "RUN little boy!!! ☿ @romanus: LOL NEVAHHH! whispers: ☺ ☻ ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠ • ◘ ○ ◙ ♂ (reblip)
ReverendSal Another great band discovered (by me) through Blip and another great new listener who appreciates them too RB / TY ~~> @pumpkinsoup: (reblip)
ReverendSal Oh yes, it's all coming together ...
ReverendSal I want a neo-metal 80's video with a decapitated manniquan and skank in a tiger print unitard ... oh yeah, throw in prison bars...

Zebra-Tell Me What You Want

| play
ReverendSal here's a jazzy RB & TY to one of my favorite new listeners @trayvegas (reblip)
ReverendSal "..maybe I'll never get myself together, maybe it's the end of the line ... but you're never too small to hit the big time."

Webb Wilder and The Beatnecks-Big Time

| play

Cracker "Can I take my gun up to heaven"

| play

The Smithereens "Behind the Wall of Sleep"

| play
ReverendSal @ducks2007 - Hey man, I think these girls like you

Sex With Ducks: the Music Video by Garfunkel and Oates

| play
ReverendSal Wall of Sound - My Dad, He's a Fucking Porno Star ... (Happy Birthday @DeaconSoul)
ReverendSal "I can't always reach you, so I go through your son" (prime performance)
ReverendSal rb - original fave! @LuvGunn: "I know you'll find we aint gonna show no mercy!" (reblip)
ReverendSal RB- "The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?"@kenialexandra: "I can feel it in my bones.." (reblip)

Gimme Sympathy -Metric (Lyrics Included)

| play
ReverendSal I'm sorry for the things I can't even mention ....

Ray Davies I'm Not Like Everybody Else

| play
ReverendSal The lead singer comes off as between doo-whopper Dion and full-houser Bob Saget

God Save The Queen Sex Pistols studio version

| play
ReverendSal "Just been down ... New York town ... done my time in HELLLLLLL"
ReverendSal and we danced so close - we were teenage ghosts

Blur "Maggie May" Very Rare Rod Stewart Cover

| play

I'm The Wolfman- Round Robin

| play
ReverendSal Great way to wrap up a Saturday Morning! TY/RB ~~~> @HorseShitWally: "Batman Theme – Iggy Pop [LIVE] @SquareBiz83" (reblip)
ReverendSal RB Instantly~ @RatatatPat: "-before YouTube, this is the kind of degrading behavior we used to force our Rockstars into. Shamefull. @Mollykills" (reblip)
ReverendSal People are crazy and times are strange ... I used to care, but ....
ReverendSal Me, My Power Mullet & This Song - oh yeah! @BBlanca: "Ty rb @Muddgutt: "Twisted Sister – Burn in Hell"" (reblip)
ReverendSal Actually this is the Vitamin String Quartet with an all-string instrumental version - Both fun-N-classy @Cribs66
ReverendSal Here's a RB you can't refuse ~~~~ TY~~~ @SandroC: "vi@DjLx44: "vi@doowopjojo: "ULTIMATE GODFATHER""" (reblip)


| play
ReverendSal "Columbus Day" a.k.a. "Italian Heritage Day" to celebrate I am going to wear a track suit for all my non-athletic endeavors

The Sopranos theme song

| play
ReverendSal You're the boss ~~RB/TY~~> @akacarol: "No One Has To Know" When I say It's Off, Its Off"" (reblip)
ReverendSal Connect me, new listener TY/RB~~> @DavidL1313 {on hold ~~>} @ladypn "if you show me where you want it and I'll put it where I can"...innuendos?!" (reblip)
ReverendSal "Jesus, where did the time go?"
ReverendSal "I'm gonna tug at my tether. I'm gonna tear at my lead. I'm gonna test my knowledge in the field of deeds." (personal fave)
ReverendSal That's my middle name ... (cool cover) @Literati: "Okay, blip fun later...gotta go do the "life" stuff first :)" (reblip)
ReverendSal No promises, new listener ... but we keep pretty good company around here ~~(cool version) @angiece: Isn't there a white knight?" (reblip)
Alvaroxx Counting Crows – Round Here...
ReverendSal If you promise to keep that song on while we drive ~ RB/TY @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice: "Going my way? hehe" (reblip)
Pantagruella Which company first used the term civil service?

Tim RoseMorning Dew

| play
ReverendSal "And if I practiced and practiced ... one day I would have superpowers" Told over an Erasehead montage ...
ReverendSal The start of what promises to be a long weekend (but not in the good way) TY/RB ~~> @BBlanca: Ty rb @SabineWe "Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows. Merci (reblip)
ReverendSal One of my fave tracks from the Liz! TY/RB ~~> @fluffyboots: "mainstream press in US & UK pile of crap@Shanti_baba" (reblip)
ReverendSal RB --- @WFNY: ""Beautiful face and a wicked way" | The Black Keys – Next Girl" (reblip)
ReverendSal Squeeze me into your luggage, new listener ~~> @diamondgal: "a fav:) tysm! @Floethe: YES, I'm thinking somewhere nice in Europe@Koshka: "let's go! (reblip)
ReverendSal "The 2 most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity"(Harlan Ellison) ...@Shanti_baba @fluffyboots @ElDorkoPunkRetro @neo_akboy
BobTheMediaGuy Does anybody use this word anymore? @akacarol
ReverendSal ~RB~ @mark_till: "Sad. very nice, though ty @NubiaEsther Michael Penn – Walter Reed" (reblip)
ReverendSal Just the way that hair fell down around face

Dire Straits- Lady Writer Rockpalast 79

| play
ReverendSal (evoking new listener ~~~~>)@Lunaladee: "wonderful! rb (side channelling ~~> )@roberthaverly: "This song is a conjuration in itself. (reblip)
ReverendSal Call me 'Chico' 'cause my new listener is THE MAN! ~~> @Squashpants: "A really nice TeeVee theme....@slicedgeek, (reblip)
ReverendSal damn good version, damn tough question ~RB grumblegrumble ~ @Pantagruella: "Which mountain range in the USA is almost completely unexplored?" (reblip)
ReverendSal Nope, new one to me ... "I discovered a (bump-da-bump) right before my eyes .."@ElkoDunstable @DeaconSoul @the_night_manager
ReverendSal Always appreciate finding Marillion on Blip @scotlandlover: "rb vi @enricchi: "TY rb vi@minervapaulus: "Lavender..""" (reblip)


| play
ReverendSal Great Performance from 1989!

Wally Hustin with Dave Mason Band-World In Changes

| play
ReverendSal M.I.A. - Munster in Action (but where in the Winnipeg is @Cribs66 ?) "Surfin' Lungs – Munster Theme" (reblip)
ReverendSal I was so young when I was born ... My eyes could not yet see...
ReverendSal Homo-erotic Lincoln ~ not that there's anything wrong with that ~ (but my apologies for nearly making a joke about 'Mary Todd')
ReverendSal Great live version of a song ALWAYS good to hear RB/ TY @Lava_Lava (reblip)
ReverendSal and another one for the new shoes RB @nrayala: "ooone more time!!! :) @RACERJJJ: "Forget the soccer team @sassikassi & @lostndanet I found this today! (reblip)

Porn Star Dancing (Rock Version)

| play
ReverendSal I've seen lovers fly through the air at midnight ....


| play
ReverendSal Congrats (and nice cover) RB @Matericia: "My letter to the editor was published in the Philly Inquirer today ... The First Amendment Rocks!" (reblip)
ReverendSal sometimes reputations outlive their applications...

Sugarhigh-Coyote Shivers

| play
ReverendSal Going to use this one to start cleaning ~~~ @Cribs66: "Hey @knsrex" (reblip)

"Mad At The Dirt" by The Joans

| play
pulsar Good 1965 sounds! @mrs_daniel Hope you like! Cool vid too!

Pat Benatar- Don't Let it Show

| play
ReverendSal another unheeded warning - Damn! RB -@Literati: "<3 Video may be a *little* too sexy for the've been warned :)" (reblip)
kiddo84 Nouvelle Vague – Master & Servant (Depeche Mode Cover)
ReverendSal That IS some serious triangle...
pulsar Garage classic "I Can Only Give You Everything" in Italian. GREAT!

Facce Di Bronzo-E' Inutile (I Can Only Give You Everything).wmv

| play
ReverendSal I don't hear a word they're saying ... only the echoes of my mind....
ReverendSal Love this song, but a little pre-holiday grooming in on today's agenda ~~~ RB ~~~@fratchel: "maybe it's not haircut time, after all. that was close." (reblip)
TMA7 @JaneEyre: "@Honeywolf: @Squashpants: "Nothin' but one of the most glorious, bombastic R&B wails there ever was...diggit, churls! @anna_twee @Efemera (reblip)
JDS442 *still singin'* ... He was dressed like 1950's ... !!!


| play
Sheribaby_SPH Thanks! just a month, amazing! and I can't wait.... @dragonflytunes: one month from today is Christmas Eve!" ~for @me (reblip)
ReverendSal But I ... I work in his factory ...
cuezaireekaa Awesome!! that's what blips is for.. ;D @AprilJ: "been blippin tons of stuff i originally stole from you today :) @ cuezaireekaa" (reblip)
ReverendSal Great lost fav' of mine - TY~ @Flying_Roundhouse: "Split Enz – I Got You ("Fridays") ~ Inspired by my dearest @OrangeKrush" (reblip)
MissLalala YEP Just once!!! CARPE DIEM babe :D@patita: "The Strokes – You Only Live Once - yep!!!! :) no rehearsal!!! :)" (reblip)
spacespencer // Broken Bells - October

Broken BellsOctober

| play
TMA7 Wow, is this cool @thakoharris: " it is just really heavy, about to bury us in a 12" blanket" (reblip)

Nekromantix Jack The Stripper

| play

A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (1973 Promo Video)

| play
ReverendSal I want drugs, I want sex, I want affection - I want everyone in this room to look in my direction
ReverendSal Great opening scream and some groovy follow through -
ReverendSal "Policemen are hiding behind the skirts of little girls. Their eyes have turned the color of frozen meat ... Joan Crawford has risen from the grave"
ReverendSal G.I. Joes and karate matches in the back yard where everything's alright
ReverendSal No v.d. No cancer. On TV is the answer.

Pat Benatar- My Clone Sleeps Alone

| play

Dire Straits-Down to the waterline lyrics

| play
ReverendSal Does Anybody ... And I mean ANYBODY ... who remembers TOM, JUDY & ME?
ReverendSal Time keeps tapping my shoulder...
ReverendSal RB/Ty new listener ~~> @mooingkitten: "it's like a suave, sexy, 60's surf-abilly version of any of the most epic 'kill bill' fights. @knsrex: (reblip)
ReverendSal This is Captain America calling ... I helped you out when you were down on your knees, won't you catch me now I'm falling ...

Roger McGuinn-"King Of The Hill"-1991

| play
ReverendSal Effin' grew up on Avenue X - Cuccio's bakery still kicks ass! @JuanDeiko (reblip)
ReverendSal "Zoom, zoom, zoom - everybody's doing it" ~~~ WHERE ARE THESE KIDS NOW?

Zoom season 1 opening titles

| play
RatatatPat -frankly, and speaking as a Man with a Golden Glass, I cannot bring myself to believe that The Sweet ever even heard this song.
ReverendSal RB/CNN @Pantagruella Shanghai Police have now arrested four people after a blaze in a high-rise apartment killed at least 53 illegal Mexican aliens (reblip)
ReverendSal Time alone is good, I spend my days in the city. Dirty neighborhood, you know you'll never convince me.
ReverendSal ~metal orchestra fave~

MagnumSacred Hour

| play
tokool4u HI,TY,rb,:)@stormy: "Hello my friend..nice to C U, too.RB@tokool4u: "HI my friend nice to see you tonight,:):):)@stormy:" (reblip)
ReverendSal All-strings cover that manages to brings something new and urgent to one of the most covered songs ...
ReverendSal I know that bar, new listener-welcome!- @magie_noire I knew a woman from the 60's who used to work in a topless bar -stop me if you've heard it before (reblip)
ReverendSal See... that's how they get you with fear ... They don't want anyone thinking clear ..." @Cribs66 @JimmyStagger @MyCosmicRebellion @Slipdisc (reblip)

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers-Girl on LSD

| play
ReverendSal Doing the math with my new listener (yeah oops) @nicknickelby (reblip)
ReverendSal Anything ... but this.

Way down now

| play

Tom Waits "what's he building in there"

| play
ReverendSal magnificent impression from my new listener RB/TY ~~> @5uelen: "The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – The Impression That I Get" (reblip)
ReverendSal Dammit - everybody around me should sound like this now ... (reblip)
ReverendSal Ol' metal fave makes things good "Well who could be happy with what they've got ...When the signs in the street show them what they have not."
IamLezbionic rb@rxb45290: "i remember this song starting with someone speaking in japanese at the start but i guess they don't have the version on here" (reblip)
Flying_Roundhouse Bobby Darin – I'm Beginning To See The Light ~ Watched "Swingers" last night ;-)
Scanland a song originally by Bruce Springsteen. The character Tom Joad, comes from John Steinbeck's classic novel The Grapes of Wrath.
quorum Industrial :: 43 songs left :: The public is an old woman. Let her maunder and mumble. -- Thomas Carlyle
ReverendSal The Yayhoos - Baby, I Love You (just leave me the f-ck alone...)


| play
Unaturalsoul Happy Hollidays---->@Greengoblin: "Somethin to start the weekend with#" (reblip)
ladypn Aw.... I've not seen this before! Too sweet, thanks rb@jennyleepenny: "I can't blip this anymore, without this little video. Too, too, precious." (reblip)
PenelopeVintage @ElDorkoPunkRetro here's your hullabaloo present, I didn't spend a dime on it...enjoy ;D

Whiskey Daredevils- The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave

| play
GarrettTheK I've become a huge Scout Niblett fan in the last 15 minutes. I was a fan before, just found her. But this track has solidified it. So SPARE & good.
avivajazz Thank you all! RB @jeflev: "thanks both, @Coffeenuts: "afav,thx,rb @PetDogShop: Kasey Chambers + Shane Nicholson ~ Rattlin' Bones" | #folk (reblip)
tashanzac one of the most amazing, well written song i know. listen to it. all of it. every word. be changed by it. know what motivates you in life.
garbageman01 Or, let's keep dancing . . . from @Oculuris: @anatos: rb @zoja01 @SylverHawk (reblip)


| play
ReverendSal Vitamin String Quartet does their magic - classically reinterpreting rock
ReverendSal ... and the band played on ...
ReverendSal - asking the musical question - @Cribs66: "East River Pipe – What Does T.S. Eliot Know About You?" (reblip)
ReverendSal Lord, strike that poor boy down ....
ReverendSal Total lost fave!! @SandroC: "vi@BDGarp: "night in my veins . . ."" (reblip)

The Pretenders...Night In My Veins.

| play
ReverendSal A fun 45 spin for @Pantagruella who asked about the Maine horror scribe
ReverendSal ...the signs on the wall show a foreign land ...
ReverendSal back to cleaning ~

"Mad At The Dirt" by The Joans

| play
ReverendSal What do you know ...? rb @nrayala: "Puscifer – The Mission (feat. Milla Jovovich)" (reblip)
ReverendSal Stay up all night ... crash on the plane
ReverendSal not if this lighter decides to work again
ReverendSal ...Not everyone in New York would pay to see Andrew Lloyd Weber... (but hey, if you would sell me a Spider-Man ticket ...)
ReverendSal ...and isn't that what a vacation is really all about ...

The Offspring Gotta Get Away

| play
ReverendSal I've been trying to Blip this video forevAH ~~ @LacedRadio: "Dire Straits – Tunnel Of Love Official Music Video (c) 1980" (reblip)
ReverendSal Show me something that I don't already know
ReverendSal unrepentant lifetime fave

Strange Way by Firefall

| play
ReverendSal Oh no --- there goes Tokyo!
ReverendSal ...and the rumors of the orgies on his yacht...

Richard Cory Wings Live 1975

| play
ReverendSal I sense a runner in the garden ... although my judgement is known to fail @droolius
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Hilariously sexy!rb@neo_akira: "@Fred_Hunter @Haaz @Jukibee @gypsybug | I think we are onto something here! #go-go | betcha can't top these costumes!" (reblip)
ReverendSal I know what's on your mind, I know what you want to do ... but if you mess with her, I'm going mess with you..
lacarita I looooove this song, a must to rb@Dj_Edurock: "Travis - Writing to reach you" (reblip)
ReverendSal Here, here ... Good luck! @dstortion: "@ ReverendSal -- Here's to tomorrow..." (reblip)

Drive-By Truckers ~ "Hell No I Ain't Happy"

| play
ReverendSal "There's a ton of the twist ...But we're fresh out of shout"
growitall me too, tasted many rugs! @mairsplaylist: "ya know, I'm partial to "trippy"@Squashpants: "Soul music from a middle-aged white guy...very trippy..."" (reblip)
ReverendSal Not ...100%... certain @RockstarMom hey where you been :) @ ReverendSal:
ReverendSal And she never had dreams ... (but I do - Good night!)
ReverendSal "People say that I look weary, but that's just the company I keep ..."

Charlie Dore, Pilot of the Airwaves

| play
ReverendSal ... and she makes me laugh


| play
ReverendSal I feel like a child in a cold, cold war...
ReverendSal Houston can you hear me or have I lost my mind?
ReverendSal It's such a gamble when you get a face ... Blank RB @EarwaxOfSatan (reblip)

Richard Hell and the Voidoids: Blank Generation

| play
ReverendSal Any man can become the Maurice Gibb of his own mind / Pre-disco Bee-Gees inspired by @WithOutMakeUp
ReverendSal The more you suffer, the more it shows you really care ... right?
ReverendSal Well he never did smile, but always looked pleased
ReverendSal Hey, it's me again ...

Cheap TrickVoices

| play
bytera ▬ os·cu·late/ˈäskyəˌ lāt/Verb | 1. (of a curve or surface) Touch so as to have a common tangent at the point of contact | 2. Kiss |

Etta Jones Osculate Me Daddy

| play
ElDorkoPunkRetro rb@Sven777 - 999 - Emergency ...opp4u... (reblip)


| play
Sheribaby_SPH ThankYou FD2. As a kid back east I used to go to the local Shakeys Pizza the free hat was paper like...Like the crown from BurgerKing @FatDaddy2 (reblip)

Washington Square- The Village Stompers- 1963

| play
ReverendSal Two words: Hubba-Hubba


| play
ReverendSal oooh, bra-less Bonnie Franklin @Squashpants: "More TeeVee for youse..." (reblip)
ReverendSal Are you going to cry for your mama? Are you going to have a good time?


| play
ReverendSal If I was in your position, I put down all my ammunition ...
ReverendSal Now I'm in feeling a little Euro-centric...
ReverendSal Taking Italian --- (since you asked) @ShantiShanti How many London songs are there? @Tinkle @nattieb @rocket1206" (reblip)

Concrete Blonde ~ Walking In London, 1992

| play
mark_till But, it's medical marijuana, Ossifer! Cancel Afroman – Because I Got High
ReverendSal Domo RB @O_Afflicted: My son speaks Japanese ... this is a more interesting way to learn :) @FOGGIELOANER:"sure, the Nirvana version's fine, but- (reblip)
MrsASoprano Riding! @THEORDEROFEARTH: "U bet where we going? Good morning luv! @MrsASoprano: "Any Cowboys out there?"" (reblip)

Thin LizzyCowboy Song

| play
ReverendSal ...the only one who seems to understand

GT5 Satan is my motor.... by cake

| play
ReverendSal If you can't get behind your own life, get behind the driving wheel...
Flying_Roundhouse Belle & Sebastian ~ Step Into My Office, Baby ~ Pardon misspellings in this amateur video. It's cute. @Shonie1966 @Dragonface @CherryQueen_
ReverendSal In the space between our houses, some bones have been discovered...
sir_edward_ross 2 thumbs up @shiloh62: "You Simple Minded Prick : ) : ) : )"" (reblip)
ReverendSal Sweetness ... I was only joking
harmony60 Hi, Lol. Your to funny, but i like it! :-) Ty@iReignMusic: "nerding out on on my FB page.. LOL harmony60 ~ my cousin and i are gushing over Data :)" (reblip)
ReverendSal A year in the hole had taken it's toll...
ElDorkoPunkRetro ha & rb@radolo: "you're right, @muffinlab ! It's so silly to take yourself seriously! #audioporn to @ElDorkoPunkRetro" (reblip)
ReverendSal I've been laughing fast and slow...

REMLow + lyrics

| play
Bizius RB@InnerRhythm: "and I was voted, "most likely to brighten your day"@VaLeri: "all of u need to grow up and blow away@InnerRhythm:~ it's all good..." (reblip)
ReverendSal two thumbs turning around@westham999: "kinda sums it up! @blipstarz_ at 8pm EST and checkout "The English Beat" cool remixes and dance tracks (reblip)
aprildax these bandages cover more than scrapes..cuts and bruises from regrets and mistakes.
aprildax and you can tell from the state of my room that they let me out too soon and the pills that i ate came a couple years too late...
ReverendSal The only thing that keeps up together

Julie Brown singing Earth Girls Are Easy

| play
LiveHeart13 "Wow Ure Deceased_peTs eM iS Pretty SCrew'Ed,,I'm gOnna Pay Much Closer AttentiOn,,,@Lunaladee"

RamonesPet Semetary

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ReverendSal My coffee has little bubbles and a foamy head ... @SuperSpaceAngel: ♥ Black Flag ~ Black Coffee ♥ Oh just have some coffee and stick around!!! @ me ;D (reblip)
euripedeslott Ringo Star - Photograph @arrudamonica

Photograph / Ringo Star

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PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice I'm a bit chewed up but I haven't been spit out yet... @Tinkle
schellstation it was hard to hear, the band was playing loud and you were shouting something in my ear
ReverendSal Oh Hell Yeah ~ @IndieRash: "Art Brut – DC Comics And Chocolate Milkshake" (reblip)
ReverendSal Before I chase the weather ~ Greetings! @greentrees
RatatatPat -Hey! Who's that playing?

They Might Be Giants-The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)

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ReverendSal Once upon a time there was a tavern ...
Scanland Cuz when Sammy had to go ya better get outta the way. Dig it.
Awesome_Klara The Offspring – The Kids Aren't Alright
ReverendSal Poison Ivy said no ... because you just want to get in her plants ...

House party at Arkham Asylum

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PenelopeVintage And I'm currently addicted to this song thanx to you ;P ♥ it! rb@LastofmyKind: "(I know you do but I had to have an excuse to blip this song)@me" (reblip)

Hunx and his Punk- You Don't Like Rock 'n' Roll

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sweetserpentine ive seen the other side to being thin-roll us both down a mountiain and im sure the fat man would win!
MrsASoprano Hiya! @KWright: "Hey lady A!Xo@MrsASoprano: "Hobe? South Beach? Haulover? @TropicsZ4: "Where in Fla. is ?that Beach ? :) rb @Cheri_S@KWright@DeAnnGJ" (reblip)

Barbie's Nude Beach

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ReverendSal Me neither, new listener -- RB/TY -- @FiV3: "@isurfboardsi: "@makeihappen: █ ▄█▀ █ ▀█▀ █"" (reblip)
ReverendSal Taking an unconfirmed guess between the Pit and the Pendulum @Pantagruella
DJ_Wee Bring on the pepto :)


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BattLady Three Days Grace – I Hate Everything About You
ladycatlady and every breath felt like a funeral, baby, while you were packing up your car...
Squashpants She's outta control...keep her away from the beer...oh, this is gonna hurt...
MrThompsonR Italian Secret Service – Italian Melody
BattLady I see talent here LMAO RB @DamnTheMan: "@BattLady" (reblip)

Valentines day sucks hairy dick balls

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kimme23 "Oh what a beautiful morning...Oh what a beautiful day..."
pulsar 1967 craziness. A theremin Happy Valentine's Day!
garbageman01 Bunny's version . . . kinda spooky . . .
GlobalGlam @joesmithreally, I think @KevKelly is your long lost Irish brother. Check it: Manic Street Preachers – Me And Stephen Hawking (reblip)
ReverendSal Once built a steamboat in a meadow 'cause I'd forgotten how to sail...
RatatatPat This video would put the Bee in Brilliant were it not about a fly. It might, however, put the zing in amazing. I refuse to discuss this any further. (reblip)


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ReverendSal I'm a monster RB @ElDorkoPunkRetro: "Flamin' Groovies - Teenage Head" (reblip)
Tsauro Buffalo Tom - Guilty Girls (new track from their just released recording, Skins)
ReverendSal Thanks - They rock! @dstortion: "Here's the one we were listening to earlier ... @ (reblip)
ReverendSal Ka-Pow RB ~~ @Unaturalsoul: "Riddle Me This................@mkruzel5" (reblip)
serveauxx I've got a severe case of potty mouth today

PJ HarveyWho The Fuck

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ReverendSal I think about the implications

Roots of Blues -- Ma Rainey „Booze And Blues"

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