RichardPrins Conjunto Cacique – Playing


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RichardPrins Winston Curtis - Be Thankful


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RichardPrins Felix Del Rosario - Agozar


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Bo Diddley - Pollution

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RichardPrins Ocote Soul Sounds - Cara de Yo No Fui (Ancient Astronauts remix)

12.Cara Ancient Astronauts Remix

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avard Whats up@bostonrandy: "Top shelf selection!! @rayzer1 Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit" (reblip)
RichardPrins Michel Nyman

The Cook,The Thief,His Wife and Her Lover OST.-Book Depository.

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Placebo-Burger Queen

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RichardPrins Wulomei - Kpabi


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RichardPrins Toto Guillaume - Elimbi na Ngomo

Elimbi na Ngomo

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The Divine Comedy - Sweden

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RichardPrins Perez Prado - Mambo No. 8


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RichardPrins Grupo El Mexicano - No Bailes De Caballito


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RichardPrins Perez Prado - Lupita (1980′s)


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RichardPrins Perez Prado - Lupita (1970′s)


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RichardPrins Perez Prado - Lupita (1960′s)


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RichardPrins Funky Sesame Street


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joe61 Rb @Thalo: Beck – Gamma Ray (Acoustic) (reblip)
palisadehills I don't feel like ending on a mellow song tonight. Good night all :o) || Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity

Jamiroquai- Virtual Insanity

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innoutwindows Once I had a love and it was a gas Soon turned out had a heart of glass...
4V4L0N Art Of Noise – Moments In Love♥
Lovebreath My Name is Mud - Primus *These are the South Park guys.. (video)" (reblip)
DjKirk90beta #SK: Sarah Vaughan ~ Chelsea Bridge #JazzMaster #TheDivine1 <-whn ur TheBest someX u dont need words : )

Sarah Vaughan Chelsea Bridge

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kimme23 Hey Teacher...I heard you missed us....we're back!!
RatatatPat Proof they made Awesome Music Videos before there was videotape.
RichardPrins Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Paul's Dance

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ladypn Which other song do you mean rb@demimatt?: ""i do quit on that other song it's just not havin it.""@ladypn " (reblip)
avard ""EARLY TO BED EARLY TO RISE"" (reblip)
RichardPrins Maskman and the Agents – My Wife, My Dog and My Cat #music

Joy Division "She's Lost Control" 12" Vinyl

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NIK73 @Alvaroxx: "New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle..." COOL :-) (reblip)

007 soundtrack - james bond theme song

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RichardPrins Something New from Africa (1959)

Solven Whistlers -Something n

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craigz @amsiebee: "craigz... sweet dreams my <3... (p.s. <3 <3 <3)" / now that's what i call sleep musics :) / night night (reblip)
RichardPrins Poly Rythmo Mix: Miles Cleret selects 85 minutes of his favourite tracks from the legendary Orchestre Poly Rythmo.


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ducks2007 well hello, O! rb @O_Afflicted: "this has the flavor of 'india' ; )... thanks again @Vanzetti: "hello to you LOL@O_Afflicted-Cabaret Voltaire-Yashar" (reblip)
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