Richardisco The mack!! Awesome!!! Whoop Whoop when you run come around!!1
Richardisco Finding specific remixes is often tedious. Finding specific remixes is worth the trouble. This is just a little different than the BPM version.d-_-b
Richardisco I have been looking for this song for a while. I couldn't remember that it was a " Spiller " jam. That hindered my ability to be made happy by it.
Richardisco Livin' in my own skin!!!!!!!!!

Skin- Charlotte

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Richardisco what a remix!!! you have heard it. But not like this!!!! JAM JAM JAM
Richardisco Not the version I like. But WOW! What a picture of Jessica Alba!
Richardisco Yeah! Stoned in love! Great song!
Richardisco BPM. Hookin' up the knowledge of good house music.
Richardisco Last summer's music was good.
Richardisco I have the original song. It was by AVH. " You don't even know me" This is a good version though.
Richardisco Love this song. Evolution. What a novel concept. He is here.
Richardisco Heard it for the first time tonight on BPM.
Richardisco Behind my bedroom doors...That's just great stuff.
Richardisco there are better versions out there. Somewhere. This is great though!
Richardisco Oh SH!T!!!!!!!!!!! That's crazy good!!!!!!

geto boys unedited version damn it feels good to be a gangta

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Richardisco Heard a better version on BPM tonight. Can't find it yet. I will. Then you will hear it. This one is o.k. though.
Richardisco Now that's a f&*^ing disco! New school disco throwing down!
Richardisco I could take or leave this song. But it's not bad.

Kaci Battaglia "Crazy Obsessive" (Cahill Radio Mix)

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Richardisco Hottttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!! What you feel is heat!! This is hot as hell! Fresh! Dope! Pow!!!!!!
Richardisco I blip'd this once. but the first one is no longer available. Enjoy. Yes it is the sh!t.
Richardisco Booty house!


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Richardisco This is more like it. Tear it the fu^k up! ? STARLIGHT sucka!

superman lovers

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Richardisco There are better mixes out there.

AgnesRelease Me

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Richardisco Not the version i was looking for. " Stonebridge" remix is better.
Richardisco Old school track. New school vocal. I heard this track 1st without any vocals @ a rave in Cincinnati 11 years ago.
Richardisco Find the " Global factory" Rad promo for va-p... Remix. Youtube has it.
Richardisco The best versions of most of the songs I look up are not available. Mike Rizzo does the remix of this song better than anyone.
Richardisco I have this record. But the song has different lyrics.
Richardisco I heard this 1st on xm radio. 81 bpm !
Richardisco This is the best story on the subject that I have ever heard.

RehabWalk Away

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Richardisco Reageaish. Is that how you would spell that if it was a word?
Richardisco I have this record. Got it when it came out... I shit the 1st time I heard it in a mall in Atlanta.
Richardisco Parties were different when this was the jam. Crazy different.
Richardisco One-T...d-_-b

One-T Bein' a Star

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Richardisco Had this record 11 years ago!


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Richardisco Heard it on BPM 2 weeks ago. Love it!
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