Gaz50 @bearstaff, Happy Easter! Take it Easy and have a good one man. The Eagles – Silver Dagger Intro / , Back at ya , ✔ Have a good one ✔ (reblip)
EdCullen For the proud Texan among us, @JasperHale, also known as TheScarredSoutherner.
EdCullen @JacobWolfe Truth be told, I miss you. Truth be told, I'm LYING. (And I'll tell Bella you said so when I kiss her goodnight tonight.)
BORNBEAUTIFUL This is to all of my family, sort of.
EternalEsme The flight, while cuddled up with my love, has been almost relaxing.

Neil DiamondWe

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Ronnyle this one is one of my all time favorites. have a happy night...
JacobWolfe If this doesn't inspire you to get up and dance, there's no help for you tonight. (reblip)
EdCullen To make up for the song Jasper just blipped, this song is dedicated to my one and only Beloved Bella.


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T_DeBarros Big & Rich. Save A HORSE ride a COWBOY. ☼ oh yeah !!! ☼ GOOD MORNING TO "MY BLIP FAMILIA" ☼
djsurfer All good

De La Soul feat. Chaka Khan - All good

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Ronnyle and if I'm at the Twilight's soundtrack mood, here we go. one of my fav
Ronnyle @djsurfer I usully don't care much, and I'm kinda recless ;)

QueenKiller Queen

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Ronnyle one of my alltime Queen's song. If anyone will ever sing it to me, I'll marry him on spot!
Ronnyle Ok, let's party, Queen stayle. it's not my fault, I was raised in the 80's! ;)
Ronnyle shame on me. one of the most amazing songs ever...
EternalEsme This is for @thebadhousewife on her anniversary. She walked down the aisle to this song nine years ago today.
EternalEsme I need you all to know that @mabeswife has excellent taste in music. (reblip)


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Ronnyle lovely song. I allways miss nyc when I listen to it.
Gaz50 @Loesje, Hello - Goodbye :)

Hello Goodbye_Edit

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Ronnyle that's what my phone's ringing these days. makes me happy :)

Lily AllenNot Fair

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CanadianClassic DJ Khaled ft. Kanye west, consequence n John Legend-Grammy Family
Ronnyle I'm out for the night. have a good night q afternoon...
Ronnyle last one for tonight. now I'm really out. peacefull night!
Ambeaux Thanks to my friend Melanie for this. God, it makes me bawl!! ☂ Claire Danes at the prison gates... Bill Paxton clutching her hands. I'm vaclemped.
Ronnyle another one of my favs. great opening sceane @The movie.
Gaz50 @norrissyfm , Loesje, great that Twitter tune, Gonna make my own :) >>Help - Beatles


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Ronnyle good, rockin' morning to y'all

Joan Jett - I Love Rock`n`Roll (early version with the sex pi

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EdCullen I know I sent this a couple of days back, but I've had a request for a song for my southerners, and this is the best I know.
Ronnyle just heard this im my car on my way home. love


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organicsue Picture this - No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems
Ronnyle this one is for all the Johnny Cash fans
Ronnyle ok, early start tommrow. have a quite night!
gleegirlrock Aerosmith~Crazy.....he doesn't know how to make up properly,lol!


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Ronnyle OMG. best song at all times, ever!!!
Ronnyle I drive a lot, and I listen to the radio...
Ronnyle Hola!!! ;) it's almost summer!
Damocles66 If a large Mexican guy walks into your place with a guitar and plays this - just call your insurance agent and leave. (reblip)
TheScarredSoutherner Organizing paperwork. Reading. Wrestling with Emmett. The forest needed some thinning today.
EdCullen Good Morning, Twitter! We're bringing you back to the classics today.
Ronnyle guess were doing Simone & Garfunkel night?
Ronnyle I think I allready blip this one, but, hey, you know...
EternalEsme I sometimes have an itch for Paul and Art's jauntier tunes. Like this.
Ronnyle OMG, can't belive I forgut this one! love..
Gaz50 Tune only aimed at the women :))~ >> Dont stop wiggle wiggle- Outhere Brothers :)

the outhere brothers dont stop wiggle wiggle

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Gaz50 McFly- Five Colours In Her Hair
Gaz50 @organicsue, My all time fav Elton John tune >>Elton John – Your Song

Elton JohnYour Song

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Gaz50 My 2nd all time best Elton tune >> Elton John – Bennie and the Jets
DareToEatAPeach My friend Jeremy was listening to my stream when the #sexysongs I played came up and he recommended this track. Good choice, i think. @ladypn.
Ronnyle I am trying here! very hard!

Lily AllenSmile

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Ronnyle think the last one didn't work. my favorite things - choclate and summer!
Ronnyle Ok, now I found the real version
Ronnyle just heard this on a very emotional episode of Brothers and Sisters. Love this song.
organicsue Put yer boots on - Country - Line Dance Tush Push

Country - Line Dance Tush Push

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Ronnyle to remind myself that life's good
Ronnyle first time I heard this, I couldn't belive it, it was soooo good!
Ronnyle I actully melted when I saw this. Idol's not half as good as it was last season!
Ronnyle let me be 'litlle cheesy ;)
Ronnyle one of the best songs ever. let's make it a U2 night!
Ronnyle I hope it was a Beautiful day to you all. was ok for me...

U2Beautiful Day

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Ronnyle U2, live. do I need to say more??
djsurfer @Ronnyle Tomorrow will be a great day!!!
Ronnyle that's the song! being singing it for days now!
Ronnyle I did lived in Tx, with samone from Kansas so you can't blame me for loving country songs!
Ronnyle and the more cheesy version, but you know I love David Cook ;)
djsurfer C'mon people 5 de Mayo is just around the corner
EdCullen I can see clearly now, the rain is gone - it's gonna be a bright, bright, bright sunshiney day!
Ronnyle Ok, are y'all ready?? one of my all time fav! yay!
zen23 "Guess who? Did you miss me?" Good beat.

EminemWe Made You

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Ronnyle I heard that on the radio last night. amazing. didn't know he was on AI!
Ronnyle Happy Friday! Ray Charles is soo rock on!
Stay19 The Almost – Amazing Because It Is<><> Underoath lead singer. Cheers ! love. smile. alive.
Benneer heard on tv dancin dis morn

Ciara Ft. Justin Timberlake - Love Sex Magic (Produced by Justin Timberlake And Russ Castella)

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Gaz50 @Janetttt, TY loves this, of my all time fav songs.. @Gaz50 and your heart of gold..Ty (reblip)
Ronnyle Rock on!


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Ronnyle this song is perfection at it's best.
Ronnyle well, kinda good...;)

james brown - i feel good

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Ronnyle the most cover song there is, I think...
Ronnyle tnx y'all for props! ;) @giftdunkey I forgut you before, sorry
Ronnyle until later. I'm off for now. enjoy you friday afternoon!
T_DeBarros Santana & Steve Tyler~Steppin out.Going to Brunch and Fashion Show...Peach Mimosas! Thx I enjoyed My Blip Familia tunes!! HAVE A GOOD DAY !! ☺ ☺ ☺
Ronnyle I wish U2 came gave a concert here.


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Ronnyle Just in case someone missed this.
Ronnyle Monday's almost over, people! Rock on. Love this song!
Ronnyle I just love this song, suites my mood tonight
Ronnyle this version was on "American Dreams", that I loved
Ronnyle no need for me to say anything.
Ronnyle Im in a 60's mood today. enjoy
Ronnyle @vampiergal01@ amen sister. and I always loved the ones who came from behined...:)
Ronnyle peacefull sat morning. or noon, shell I say..
Ronnyle @tubilino this one for you dude, great song. enjoy your weekend ;)
Ronnyle If I could sing and I would have audition for AI, I would have sing this song.
Ronnyle perfect for a warm sunday eve. ;)
Ronnyle I listen to this when I'm about to leave for another road trip, or when I really miss travling, like I do right now...
Ronnyle happy. love and sun kinda song! :) Happy Saturday!

Pretty Flowers

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Ronnyle Can someone please get me some tickets to the Black Eye Peas' show???

Black Eye Peas: Boom Boom Paw

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Atomik soooo good (for you @HerrKirsch, I missed you by mere minutes! I want to go dancing tonight. Wish you were with me)
Ronnyle now, this is what I'm talking about! @Atomik - hope you heard them before!
Ronnyle and because I'm bored, you'll get to know a secreat passion of mine - opera! (not Winpery, though I like her too)
Ronnyle for all the single ladys out there...;)

Single LadiesBeyonce

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bearchay Why don't i ever hear this at the beach:D
Ronnyle this one is for me, for finishing my first - last final of the year! ;)
organicsue Billy Joel – New York State Of Mind
T_DeBarros Brad & Carrie...Oh Love.. ~all the colors that u r made of..the biggest truth...the biggest mystery...~ *hi @Nani1982 @CarolannB @Ronnyle
T_DeBarros I Told U So. ~~~oh my my !!! WOW !!! I was looking for Carrie Underwood and I find this newbie n she is AWESOME !!! Blew me away !! ☺

I Told You So Carrie Underwood Randy Travis

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Ronnyle and this a rap-up for my sat. enjoy the night...;)
Ronnyle have a piece of my heart, baby...
Ronnyle I bet you haven't heard this version yet.
Ronnyle Thanks for props! come on Beatles lovers, blip away...

The Beatles (1963-70)

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Ronnyle this song make me laugh every time I here it.

8. Lily AllenFuck You

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Everything-Lifehouse(with lyrics)

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Ronnyle Awesome version!

Glee- Rehab [HQ]

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Ronnyle we danced at work today with this song! :) yea I have a cool job!
Ronnyle and this is my #1 Ray Charles's song ever.
EternalEsme Shhhhh! I'm stealing a few moments with @CarlisleCullen.
Ronnyle yes, I'm. for what? good question...

MadconI'm Begging

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GrizzlybearEm /dancing around the porch, ipod on/ Sweep, sweep, sweep the porch! Sweep, sweep, sweep it all the time!
Ronnyle Trying to cheer myslef up.

Boom,shake,drop, Flo-Rida and Pitbull! full song!

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Ronnyle This one is for all the people that remmber the early 90's...;)

Mustang Sally

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Ronnyle You know a good music when you hear it.

Rock Me Baby-BB KIng/Eric Clapton/Buddy Guy/Jim Vaughn

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Ronnyle I don't know why, I just thought about this song.

HIlary DuffCome Clean

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Ronnyle Tonight gonna be a good good night...;) #musicmonday

Black Eyed Peas i Got A Feeling Official Music Video Full HD

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miguesme When Love Takes Over – David Guetta Feat. Kelly Rowland
Ronnyle If you haven't watched Glee yet - well, start watching.

GleeGold Digger (HQ)

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Ronnyle I think this song is a perfection.


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Ronnyle First time I hared this song, I thought it's Queen!!
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