DoctorMemory Not familiar with the original but ya can't go wrong with MSTRKRFT... (reblip)
DoctorMemory In your face old skool FUNK! Makes me say Gawd Dayum!
DoctorMemory Awesome! Gives Vampire Weekend that extra 80's sheen that they always wanted...
DoctorMemory This is such a dark song and yet they work in a mouth harp... Love this band...
DoctorMemory Lol! Didn't realize this song was The Go! Team... Heard it through Little Big Planet first. (reblip)
GR8FL @briangreene reblip time... fun song! (I know nothing about that BBC special, though) (reblip)
ekman Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa – Hot Chip & Peter Gabriel
GR8FL @ZachsMind [wanna see this song in an ep of LOST. They cut to Juliet. She smiles, "Selbstverständlich! Jetzt ist alles sinnvoll!"] LOL airs 21-Jan -0 (reblip)
GR8FL @Ladypn - play the piano now with them... this is very beautiful.
Boyacense2_0 ¡Tómala! ya golpeó una canción triste por descuidado. Y yo que me habia salvado de Something about us de Daft Punk :S
linnetwoods Andante - Vivaldi - Yo-Yo Ma & Bobby McFerrin

Andante - Vivaldi - Yo-Yo Ma & McFerrin

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greciadot video's so random, when are they not tho?
ssounds i have more than 50 reported issues to solve today... it will be a loooong day
SimonWpt modern cover of the old german science ficton series "Raumpatrouille Orion".
valbot Is this the place that I've been dreaming of? [anyone know if Keane's new album is any good?]
Ruadh This song was recommended by friends who i'm trying to get to blip!
Ruadh @angrybob 3 minutes to BATTLESTAR!!!!!!!
Ruadh All right, it's a Geico commercial, but it's a great remix!
GR8FL Chrissie Hynde was my main idol before Annie Lennox
belitcha @Vivica - prefiro este tema!

Jeff Goldsmith Gremlins Theme

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dalishni a rico mambo...let's groove!! back to the 80's baby!
GR8FL [Now you have no excuse: this shite is catchy.] @daretoeatapeach I'll overblip this one now. Thanks. (reblip)
Ruadh This is my favorite blues song! (reblip)
dalishni this song is so funny...and nice to dance too...feel free to blip this!
Anniepooh Roll with me Henry - If I had a dance partner , I'd be on the floor.
evablue flashy-flash! eastern canadian hip hop. haha! gotta go back to processing pics. toodle-eh-oh!
GR8FL [What a great cover! What comes to mind when you listen to this? Wow!] @ATG yes, wow! (reblip)
angrybob Lullaby again. Now I really must head on up. I love you til the end, kids. Esp. @Ruadh and the friend of his who's a friend of mine.
Ruadh @serendipitynz yeah, I love it too! I love this one too. Just found it. try it out.
Ruadh BLIP DISCLAIMER; you have to be in a certain mood to appreciate this.. sound. I happened to be in the mood thus the blip. You were warned.
Stay19 The Softest Kisses – July Skies<><>ambient
GR8FL [For GR8FL - take a listen to this and enjoy!] @Redessie Thank you. I had not heard this before... a good paranoia song. (reblip)
Ruadh Good night everyone. Sleep well.
GR8FL This song too is getting much airtime... lots of goodies on that station and blip
angrybob Goodnight Internets, from Trash City. Home to angry/dharmabob. Don't hurt anyone. Okay.
GR8FL I melt when I hear this, as I am sure you do too @gitargirl @patricia_coelho @santamistura @ladypn @KaLoBec @Cabl (beautiful pic) and @brabul
Joice adooooooooooooooooooro
angrybob Lullaby to give you strange clown dreams. Long day tomorrow. Goodnight, Internets. Everyone be good to everyone else. Or else.
serendipitynz @patricia_coelho much better, my Indian students been playing this in the computer labs 4 last 3 weeks, I just hear tinny sound of their earphones :-) (reblip)
Joice @Rick_Rocks que musga de FEUDO é essa??? huahuahauhauhauhua (reblip)
GR8FL Photograph, found it! Just a plain old audio blip without bells & whistles that everyone can hear :)


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aoibhneas @VayVay: (There's a Parov Stelar mix of this which is HOT but not on blip yet.) rb Yup.Love it.New tune4me XX (reblip)

waldeck make my day

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aoibhneas hey @StarlaFly woz checkin your tunes & found a mazzy song sample (Cry, cry).Couldn't find the full song but u inspired me to play this XX

Chemical Brothers with Mazzy Star -Asleep From Day

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aoibhneas @Mtii they have a few tunes on blip.The TristeeseGlobale is 1 of the nicest.This 1 is lovely 2.RIP i think it's called.4u X

~~ Toshiko & Owen ~~

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Ruadh Oh I sense a theme a-comin' on!

ButterfingersYa Mama

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Ruadh @aoibhneas: This song's magic! as my father in law would say, course he'd only say it about Steeley Dan. (reblip)
aoibhneas off into the sun ... this beautiful track goes out 2 everyone xx

4HeroLes Fleur

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mancho Dont look at me the way yo do
ambit Please.....don't arrange to have me sent to no ASYLUM! I'm just as strange as everyone! SUPERTRAMP!


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evablue injecting coffee into my bloodstream
Ruadh Nothing against outkast, just thought this was a great cover! Morning all!!
justamoochie God Lisa is sooo boring sorry about that.. Boom Boom Boom Pow...Black Eyed Peas
mickyblue @moniraq: one of my faves, makes me smile :) #soundsofmyyouth

new england kirsty maccoll

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GR8FL only available as YT & the video is incredibly stupid, but that's the breaks cos' I want to HEAR the audio.

JemFinally Woken

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GR8FL dedicated to my amazing sweetie :)

JemIt's Amazing

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Ruadh I think I found the reason for the otherwise inexplicable Indian tourism boom of the early 80's. I love it!
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