Sgtpepperslass @waugaman Oh no not King of the Road! lol I'll save the day with some Janis. ;)
Sgtpepperslass @waugaman I do know that one. And sticking with bands named after places... a little Asia. Haha :)


| play
Sgtpepperslass @MexyRexy I think you're right, we need to. :) What sounds better than steaks, beer and Zep? lol
compulsivo A música tema do filme O Senhor das Armas, interpretado pela banda Canadense Rush.
mmemaledicta I may not like metal, but I think Sabbath should be the exception for all people :) that, and Iron Maiden...
Hnomad putin pwns tiger:

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

| play
calamari @pairodimes Love it! Completely forgot to look for The Simpsons theme on blip. Here's the Spider Pig song from the Simpsons movie.
elsharnefarn @Sgtpepperslass: I won't post the youtube link to you singing this at karaoke, so no worries. ;)
elsharnefarn @Sgtpepperslass: *huuh* lol! Extended version?! As if the regular version wasn't too long already!
mammara rosso, rosso, rosso, bianco al mattino, sono dentro a un fosso

La CrusIl vino

| play
clarkowitz Billy's voice always used to piss me off. But he's grown on me. I can take it now. Age mellows f@#kers out. I know that, fer sure...
sarah__o oh, from 'permanent waves', i think it's my fave rush album... followed by 'test for echo', haha!


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clarkowitz I understand it. They called me heartbreaker in high school, but I've had mine broken a few times in the decade hence. Love's tough, but you live.
sarah__o carnaval-curitiba-2008. amigos queridos, máscaras bizarras e new order na cabeça. genial.

New OrderRegret

| play
elsharnefarn 11, same as ten. From 1985 but they weren't on Sub Pop for this song, they were on Blanco y Negro. ;)
elsharnefarn How's about another playlist? Song 1. ;)


| play
mammara everybody's talkin about the stormy weather
flaviochubes i don't believe in jesus, i don't believe in zimmerman
flaviochubes primeira à direita, segunda à esquerda, segue toda vida
flaviochubes não sei se a outra versão era com ele mesmo. mas continua bom

Jimi Hendrix - Fire

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calamari @willwrite4food @giudit @marissar For all the great Counting Crows blips this morning. I'm in listening heaven.
skiphubley @sheseesred I hate it when that happens. Thanks for the prop : )
kleverson Verdadeiramente carruagens de fogo.
fuzzygroove I want to be an astronaut when I grow up.
kleverson Uma das melhores músicas do Vangelis, tema do cigarro Advance,


| play
tomandandy tigers on vaseline (come on come on)

MotAce of Spades

| play
tomandandy @Shuree I like Iggy's better, but this is a nice second course...
francesco I've seen things you @6ft5 wouldn't believe.
mammara quello più strano di tutti
calamari @RedPen Thanks very much! All is well, thanks in large part to InDesign's brilliant auto-save feature
elsharnefarn Last song for now: Another one I can't wait to sing for Rock Band 2. :)
kleverson Versão clássica.

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra London - 2001 A Space Odyssey

| play
kleverson Outra versão.

Theme - 2001 A Space Odyssey

| play
francesco The most famous jazz standard.
elsharnefarn Can't resist this song. :)

The Allman Bros. - Jessica

| play
elsharnefarn One of my favorite acoustic guitar chord progressions. :)
elsharnefarn Thanks for the mention @12monkeys. Here's Slayer reworking some random Iggy. :)
Sgtpepperslass Someone told me there's a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair.
jeff @MissBella Ancient Japanese secret...
sarah__o a gentleman will walk, but never run /i really really like this song.
kleverson kunfu fighting

07 - Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas

| play
elsharnefarn One of the best beats sampled ever. EVER. The Beastie Boys had a great idea, I tell you. ;)
elsharnefarn @Sgtpepperslass: The only thing that does I shouldn't say here. ;)
elsharnefarn @Sgtpepperslass I was trying to place what it reminded me of. Now I know why i loathed it, lol. Ahhh Zep. :) We need to rock some Zep this weekend!
elsharnefarn I've heard some covers but not any I disliked as much as this. It's muzak to my ears. I need to stop before I go on a bashing spree.
clarkowitz Live! You will succeed!

Groove Is In The Heart (LIVE)

| play
elsharnefarn When I hear this it makes me think of random times and what I've gotten through. One of my theme songs in a way. :P
clarkowitz @mmemaledicta I missed you. I may need a vacation, soon, again. ;) Peace.
clarkowitz Warning!! Maxim Corner: Oscar Wilde Edition. omg, lol, etc... [in case of no time on your hands, press the arrow key] Peace!
Aluciel Good night, lovely people. Sweet dreams. ^_^
elsharnefarn @Sgtpepperslass: this reminds me of my brother. You gotta hear him sing it, lol. :P

Led Zepplin - Whole Lotta Lov

| play
elsharnefarn Another that gives me goosebumps everytime. :">
elsharnefarn @Sgtpepperslass: Dirty? You love it! Besides, all I have to post this song and mention New Year's at your place. ;)
elsharnefarn I can picture robots dancing to this.

The WhoBaba O'Riley

| play
Sgtpepperslass I'm picky about covers, but this one's not bad.
fuzzygroove miss this guy, where's his new stuff?
Sgtpepperslass Makes me wanna roller skate.

Cyndi Lauper - 80s music - Time After Time

| play
sarah__o pegando o disco novo, não sei se é tracklist oficial ou (o) demo, mas já rolam algumas BOAS músicas. que ótimo. ^^
elsharnefarn It's time for a double kick playlist. :D
Sgtpepperslass On the list of 111 Worst Songs I'm currently listening to.
flaviochubes êta, trem

The Clash - Train in Vain

| play
flaviochubes o melhor disco de todos os tempos
clarkowitz @threebears Great set! I'm still trying to hang on to a good feeling of my own. See ya round the world clock. Peace, yo...
flaviochubes thump, pá, thump, thump, thump, pá
flaviochubes provavelmente a música mais divertida que existe
clarkowitz @threebears Hey, yo! You ok? You just did a troika of Steely Dan. Congratulations! You got my 1000th blip. Peace!
Sgtpepperslass As always, a night of blipping isn't complete without Zeppelin.
RealtorLefebvre Marketing meets advertising meets jazz and they have drinks and smoke...Well worth a listen
skiphubley Best cover version ever. EVER!

Jimmi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower

| play
sarah__o my god, i want to sleep. why can't i?

BeckLost Cause

| play
sarah__o todd, only you can save me right now.
Sgtpepperslass Ah yes, Tool. If only it were tomorrow already. ;)


| play
flaviochubes @EvDJ you wouldn't want to hear what people play in "summer camps" here in Brazil. unfortunately, not this:
sarah__o oh, i LOVE this song, haha!
Sgtpepperslass Just watched End of the Century again. I could watch that everyday. :)
elsharnefarn 2: lala lala la lalala...
flaviochubes clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right
hartleymanages I said, wait a minute Chester...

The BandThe Weight

| play
sammysunshine Buddy Guy will be here at the HJB this year!
sammysunshine This band blew the roof off the place at last year's HJB, this was the only track I could find...
mammara is so cold in alaska (but not here, is too hot!)
RealtorLefebvre How FUN in this song? Even on the ten millionth time you've heard it? GET UP AND MOVE YA'LL!
RealtorLefebvre Dedicated to @bnix and all those lucky enough to live in this beautiful state.
RealtorLefebvre Keepin' with the Ray. Does anyone else think "Cosby Show" with this one? Or am I old? Or both?
RealtorLefebvre Getting away from Beatles and Stones for now. My little ones LOVE this song. Breakfast soundtrack!
RealtorLefebvre Something for both sides done by one of my favorite punk/reggae bands back in the day!
mmemaledicta yes @clarkowitz, the liebestraum might be one of the most beautiful songs ever. You got some props for that!
mmemaledicta here's the first answer I got...a flamenco fusion band redoing metal songs? that's out of the ordinary...
mmemaledicta for Hayes. We miss you. Hope Portland is a wonderland.
mmemaledicta Brian said this one was tied with the other for beauty. My dear departed grandma would agree, not a day goes by that I don't miss her. RIP 04/13/00
mmemaledicta need chill? look no further.
mmemaledicta Me to my dear friend Brian: What's the most beautiful song in the world? Answer: This one. our @Ludwig is out smoking a cigar in congrats 4 baby. :)
clarkowitz Spooky. Just got back from the diner, and the local NPR station is airing a discussion with Marvin Minsky regarding his consulting work on 2001. Peace
calamari @sh0kr0k Sorry I missed the Iron Maiden blipfest this afternoon. Work always gets in the way of the important stuff.
tesselove you thought, "what the hell?!", but still sang along
clarkowitz @daretoeatapeach How'd you miss this one, yo? It's as obvious as that Violent Femmes song you blipped earlier. Easy money! Peace ;)

Madonna - Madonna - Like a virgin

| play
Aluciel I can resist the urge to jump around. Can you??
mammara neil 3

Neil Young - Heart of Gold

| play
mammara David eugene ancora desertico
RealtorLefebvre Sunday Morning Mix (waking up a little...)
RealtorLefebvre Sunday Morning Mix (saw her on Sesame Street doing "Don't Know "Y" (the letter) Didn't Come")
francesco Hey!


| play
francesco Jazz is not dead. It just smells funny.
mammara come rendere affascinante una ciofeca di canzone
RealtorLefebvre My favorite S.O.B. (Son of Bob)
RealtorLefebvre Going "chill" for just one song...
RealtorLefebvre "I'm not sick, but I'm not well. And I'm so hot 'cause I'm in hell..."
RealtorLefebvre Can someone please tell me what the hell they're talking about???
RealtorLefebvre Yeah, I coulda played their bigger hit, but this one is nearly perfect, too. Dedicated to all the good girls listening...
RealtorLefebvre Rob grew up just north of Boston. Electronica meets Metal meets Horror Movie....gotta love it. Up to "11" please!!!
RealtorLefebvre There is a severe lack of The Cult (pre-Sonic Temple) on blip. How do we fix that? TURN THIS UP!!!
clarkowitz Tell 'em, Biohazard! Go Obama!
clarkowitz @davidwatts1978 Sucks about the rain, and, yeah: I know it's not irony, but it's beautiful here in Seattle. Sorry to gloat. I'm going your way soon.
sarah__o top 5 twisted, odd, naive, crazy (but still true) love songs.


| play
Aluciel Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto

Styx - Mr Roboto

| play
sarah__o top 5 twisted, odd, naive, crazy (but still true) love songs.
mammara oops, i've forgotten queen victoria
clarkowitz "For Your Love" is a 1965 single written by future 10cc member Graham Gouldman and performed by the British Invasion band the Yardbirds. For real.
mammara there ain't no cure for the summertime blues
calamari Madeleine Peyroux's voice sounds like Sunday morning to me.
sammysunshine Our rain is directly related to the huge storms off the Atlantic coast. Stopped now but, the air is still heavy with water...
sammysunshine we are anticipating 3 INCHES of rain today. Of course, it's my laundry day...
calamari Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, and I say it's all right.
ctod I hate to be redundant, but it's worth posting at least twice.
ctod I've included this in every list or mix I have posted.
ctod a beautiful song. I can't believe I found it here.
ctod for all of you Sean White snowboarding fans out there. what a cool song to listen to while moving FAST.
ctod The best *unknown* song in her collection. Nicely engineered.
ctod Talkabout a music writing work horse! However, it's a real hit & miss with him I have to say, even though I think he's great.

Frank BlackCzar

| play
ctod very cool cat with lots of attitude.
amberella I know I'm ready. Beer & video games time.


| play
amberella @StamperCat Love the Palisades Park, no caveat necessary. ;)
amberella This one goes out to my grandfather.

Patsy ClineCrazy

| play
Benedict It's the freakiest show :)
Benedict one of the really well done Verve remix - Astrud Gilberto with Thievery corporation
Benedict i'd rather be lonely than happy with someone else...
Benedict i have no idea why this pop into my head, since it did, i'll blip it :)
Benedict not the same as the original but just as good
Benedict i know i've heard them somewhere, makes me smile
calamari I tend to think of "Wonderful World" when I think of Louis Armstrong, but he has a lot of other great songs.
mammara oh, un concerto dei flaming lips me lo rivedrei molto ma molto volentieri
sammysunshine This is me...curlers...a mustache though. Thankfully!

Aerosmith - Dream On

| play
Sgtpepperslass Hey @MexyRexy... hurry up! ;)

Bring it on Home - Led Zeppelin

| play
clarkowitz Dream logic on the rampage.
Sgtpepperslass No worries, @clarkowitz. I'll only have to watch the first half alone. :)
clarkowitz Of course you do, @Sgtpepperslass. But, you shouldn't have to, yo. Peace. ;)
clarkowitz Dream logic taking hold... Cue Stan Kenton and his Orchestra covering Wagner: Ride of the Valkyries. Oh, and fuel up the helicopter!

Stan Kenton1

| play
Kasia get off of my cloud – The Rolling Stones
Kasia los lobos

Los Lobos Cancion del Mariachi (Morena De Mi Corazon) Los Lobos with Antonio Banderas Despera

| play
clarkowitz Sorry for this.. It's just way too real! Sign of the times. "Oh, my God! I like to drink massive quantities of vodka too, and take pictures of myself"
elsharnefarn perhaps they'll die - oh yeah - perhaps they'll die - oh yeah - perhaps they'll die - oh yeah - perhaps they'll die - oh yeahhh...
elsharnefarn One of Dee Dee's best later songs and some of Joey's best vocals EVER.
elsharnefarn Do you remember Rock n'Roll radio?


| play
sarah__o upei, minha favorita deles, tinha que estar aqui.
Rojopelo That I don't want to hear it/Know you're full of shit
RealtorLefebvre Signing off with this one friends. Alex and Eddie's Dad on joke! Thanks for all the props and to all my new listeners.
RealtorLefebvre Without him, there is no Billy Idol. Period. Not saying that's good or bad.
RealtorLefebvre "There's no telling what we'll do when we're free..."
RealtorLefebvre Thanks to @yael for finding this one! Song about your only brother being in a nasty car crash..."I can't stand to see your head caved in..."

PawSleeping Bag

| play
RealtorLefebvre This song is pretty close to perfect...and it includes a "two" reference

Ryan AdamsTwo

| play
RealtorLefebvre Ugly rock with big biceps and baritones.


| play
sarah__o eu 'acha' que o brasil periga não ir para a Copa. não importa, desde que eu parta daqui nos próximos meses... :)
sarah__o another sleepless confused night, thanks.
clarkowitz @bruno__ Seattle. Born and raised. Just got back from "happy hour" with @DRE. We were trying to miss the Mariners' traffic. Then it got weird. Peace.
Kasia Modjo - Lady

Modjo - Lady

| play
Kasia Bad Moon Rising – Creedence Clearwater Revival
Kasia i i wish i could swim. like dolphins like dolphins can swim.

David Bowie"Heroes"

| play
Kasia Every You Every Me – Placebo
Kasia Samba Pa Ti – Santana

SantanaSamba Pa Ti

| play
Kasia Eric Clapton – Layla

LaylaEric Clapton

| play
Kasia Daysleeper – R.E.M.


| play
Kasia What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
Kasia Southern Man – Neil Young
Kasia Turn The Page – Metallica
Kasia Alabama Song – The Doors
Kasia Angie – Rolling Stones

Rolling StonesAngie

| play
Kasia Wild Horses – Rolling Stones
clarkowitz @Ubqtous You have the Soul Power! Peace, yo.
clarkowitz It's great finding stuff in the Blip crates you didn't know you were looking for.
clarkowitz Long day of destroying walls at the hotel. Unlike rock stars, I get PAID to do it. Ha!!
elsharnefarn @Sgtpepperslass and @Divamatrix: The source of the random WZ songs being found? Yeh, that's me, lol. Oh and this is my favorite of J. Yuenger's riffs.
Sgtpepperslass @MexyRexy @Divamatrix Well of course YOU can find them. I couldn't find them! lol Thanks :)
tomandandy Amazing duet, in the truest sense of the word
calamari Thanks to @bitter_ for reminding me how much I love Pete Yorn.
clarkowitz @DRE let's hit the skids. Take it away, Jello!!!
sarah__o i love when they just show all their love for black sabbath. the versions are both very interesting and catchy.
jeff @daretoeatapeach well done on the Pigeon Detectives... Don't know why I'm blipping you back Ratatat, but enjoy!

RatatatLoud Pipes

| play
jeff How does he make his bass sound like this? I still don't get how these guys are a two-man band. Huge sound...
RealtorLefebvre I miss RATM...this is pretty cool though
RealtorLefebvre Classic. Simply classic. "Hey Mike! We've been noticing you've been having a lot of problems lately..."
RealtorLefebvre "And when she gets into your head, you know she's there to stay..." <great driving song>
clarkowitz @threebears Hate to hear it. But, I'm glad you're free. Next time, should there ever be one, break out. 0_x
BetteDillinger @Russellreno, merci beaucoup! Number don't matter though, cause I would do this regardless. Music is air for most of us! :)
RealtorLefebvre What's with these homies dissin' my girl? Why do they gotta front?

WeezerBuddy Holly

| play
kleverson Essa só achei na versão japonesa da peça. Boa noite @fabiofernades. Perdão amigo, só vi sua reply agora. Um abração.
milas Já blipei antes, mas essa versão traz um toque de modernidade...
milas to finish up diva´s day with great style

Macy GrayI Try

| play
milas @calamari. Thanks to remind me of this great singer. I love this song!
milas Pra fechar a noite, um pezinho em Minas, terra maravilhosa!
sarah__o good afternoon, blippers. lazy sunday, huh?


| play
elsharnefarn Fuckin' with the wrong nigga, hope you know what you doin'. :P

Busta Rhymes - Gimme Some More

| play
elsharnefarn It's just the Jigga Man, Kei-C and Beezy McB. :P


| play
calamari Tony Bennett was playing live in concert here yesterday. But tickets were too expensive for me -- over $100 dollars. :-(
clarkowitz RIP David Foster Wallace "One never knew, after all, now did one now did one now did one." You will be missed. ;-(
tomandandy My favorite Butthole Surfers sample


| play
kleverson Matando saudades da banda Black Rio.
hartleymanages worth turning waaaaaaaaaaay up.
kleverson Ainda a boa e velha Black Rio.
kleverson Em tempos de ciclovias e bicicletas de aluguel no Rio copiadas de modelo em Paris.
neechee lembrei dela quando tava voltando pra casa hoje. ficou no repeat mental
RealtorLefebvre "All across the nation people been catchin' honkypox" Yes, that's the actual lyric. First verse. As a white man, should I be offended?
neechee o Sea Change é meu disco predileto do Beck. tanto que eu torço pra ele se divorciar de novo e fazer outro album dor de cotovelo. (mal aê, Beck)

BeckLost Cause

| play
neechee "i don't know" é o que eu mais falo hoje em dia, @fabio. ;P
neechee boa, @bruno__! adoro os lalalalas de Billie! :) e adoro gritar Baby C'mooooooon! :D
clarkowitz Which is dumb, since I work in the trades. And I play the piano. Dumb. But it seemed like such a great idea at the time.
sarah__o música boa pra dançar junto. hahaha.
neechee já blipei essa mas amo tanto que @fabio lembrou e eu vou blipar de novo :B (e "legal" é POUCO! :P)